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Salmonella By Kim Stagliano

The New York Times reports HERE that food companies can not guarantee that the food you buy is safe and not infected with pathogens. Next time you sit down to a calorie laden chicken pot-of-crap pie, think of this article.  My niece had salmonella poisoning as a toddler. It almost killed her.

Don't worry, ConAgra is teaching the American consumer how to be a food safety engineer. Meanwhile the media had to teach people how to wash their hands during the Swine flu outbreak (you remember that?) Preparation instructions on food boxes now have to say, "Open box. Remove product. Throw box in trashcan...."

How different is pharma, I wonder, when it comes to safety?

The pie maker, ConAgra Foods, began spot-checking the vegetables for pathogens, but could not find the culprit. It also tried cooking the vegetables at high temperatures, a strategy the industry calls a “kill step,” to wipe out any lingering microbes. But the vegetables turned to mush in the process.

So ConAgra — which sold more than 100 million pot pies last year under its popular Banquet label — decided to make the consumer responsible for the kill step. The “food safety” instructions and four-step diagram on the 69-cent pies offer this guidance: “Internal temperature needs to reach 165° F as measured by a food thermometer in several spots.”

Increasingly, the corporations that supply Americans with processed foods are unable to guarantee the safety of their ingredients. In this case, ConAgra could not pinpoint which of the more than 25 ingredients in its pies was carrying salmonella. Other companies do not even know who is supplying their ingredients, let alone if those suppliers are screening the items for microbes and other potential dangers, interviews and documents show.

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor for Age of Autism. She thinks the little black dress she's wearing at the Autism One auction for SafeMinds will be a bit loose.


Cherry Sperlin Misra

Remember, Kim, Your little toddler niece probably had an immune system that was in rotten shape as a result of the mercury she got in her vaccines. Dont go picking on poor little salmonella bacteria who are just doing their job.

Kathy Blanco

Wish I could forward on this little box pictures of my friends adventure to milk product land. She has a very powerful electron microscope at work. Took randome samples from different milk suppliers. Eggs and Parasites in all the milk. Got milk? I hope to god not.... The initiator of autism too? Maybe. They were compared to parasites which initiate "sloppy stool syndrome" in animals, They are THE SAME. UGH....

Julie Swenson

Here's the perfect new ingredient for Con-Agra: Thimerosal! No more pathogens...

I stopped buying the pre-bought garbage over a year ago, especially anything with a store brand on it, and both my husband and I feel a million times better. Our moms and grandmothers had it right: homemade, from scratch, organic meals.



WHO exactly is monitoring the manufacturing process of the vaccine plant?

How do we know (since "batches" are dispersed to various areas to "avoid" detection of problems) that all these children suffering from neuro problems, death, asthma, etc., are not just victims of a "bad batch" i.e., too much mercury, too much antigen, bacteria invasion, etc.?

THE BIG PROBLEM: As consumers, we are not allowed to sue Pharma but have to go through vaccine court. since attorneys will not take a VICP case if it is not a "typical one" on the table injury or one that has a doc has saying it was the vaccine and it is biologically plausible, contamination or factory error is a completely unmonitored area.

VICP is not allowed to have depositions, therefore there are no rights to internal documents or quality assurance records of the exact lot number for the vaccine(s) in question. This is a MAJOR problem because this allows pharma to cover up what they know could be a huge problem. This should scare even those congressional people who are on the side of pharma---

If the Supreme Court decides consumers cannot sue pharma, the cost/benefit analysis goes down the drain and there will be no motivation whatsoever to make sure that safety measures are taken with the employees in charge of the actual manufacuring of the products. Since this is injected into our little babies, this si scary stuff. Add food to the mix and we could all go stark raving mad!

We need to worry about our food sure. All infant formulas sold ins stores (and some pharmacies) are made with high fructose corn syrup. That is bad enough but add the mercury that has been found in it to make it even worse. Add the casein from China (which likely had melamine) think Kraft macaroni and cheese....We shampoo our babies hair with Johnson and Johnson cancer causing chemicals...why?

Go ahead. Think about not being able to breast feed your child for some reason. Now, go find a formula that does not have crap in it which is controverisal (at best). And we wonder what is wrong with our kiddies.


Here's some instructions.

Lift Banquet pot pie box from freezer shelf. Smirk at ingredients and elaborate cooking instructions. Place box back on freezer shelf. Continue on to fresh produce section of supermarket. Make your own pot pie.

Thanks for the report. Confirms what we've suspected for a while now.

Harry H.

Kim, this is not the least bit surprising. Often when production levels increase, quality control gets diluted in spite of the best efforts of the production and the QC personel. Add to that the diminished FDA oversight and we have the perfect recipe for food poisoning on an ever increasing scale.


I can't tell you how many pot pies I ate as a kid.

I came from a home where my mom cooked all the time. But, it was a treat on a Saturday night to eat a Banquet Pot Pie when my parents were going out.

Was food safety always this much of a problem and we just didn't know it? Kind of like autism?

Anyways, after watching Poisoned Waters on PBS, reading the corn with vaccines added article, and now this. Do we know how safe and whats in the things we are eating and drinking? Really?

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