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The T-Shirts Are Here!

AOAF Congratulations to KelliAnn Davis who sent us the winning tagline for our t-shirts. "The Bull Stops Here!" There are two ways to get an A of A shirt.

1) We are going to give one shirt away each week to our "commenter of the week" - make sure you use your proper email address on your comment so I can contact you. I was thinking of what to give to our "commenter of the weak" (the comments we moderate out.)  Any ideas?  ;)

2) Taking a page from public television, we'll happily send you a t-shirt as our thank you for making a donation to A of A via our PayPal donate button.  You choose the donation amount. OK?

Please tell us if you want an adult large or x-large and include your address in the comments box at PayPal. 

Click past the jump to see the back of the t-shirt.



Holly Faust

Hi I love the shirt anychance of getting it in larger sizes and possibly black or grey white will last about 2 whole minutes in my house but I need a 2x at least. Love AoA and everything you guys do.. We need to keep the truth spreading


Andrea, yes. I'll be ordering M and XXL. Although I will say the XL runs quite large. John Stone in England called it, "Spacious!"



Any chance of getting these in 2XL in the future?

Jan Randall

The idea from Amy of a bull kicking a syringe is absolutely priceless! I love it!
Love the shirt too!

Isaac's Grandma

I would love to have this shirt to wear! It would be so nice for me to show the world that there are a "crapload" of us here that are not falling for a bunch of "BULL@#$$%

Amy Rhodes

Love the shirt!! Should've put a picture of a bull kicking(bucking) a syringe ( full of vaccines)though!!!
AoA rocks!!! Keep up the good work!


I hope they come in bigger sizes soon! I so want one!!

Janet Presson, R.N., M.Ed.

For the commenter of the weak: a roll of toilet paper since they are full of s**t!


Can the tees come in any larger sizes? Not all of us are tiny!


I am a dokter from Sweden originally from Holland and I left Holland because of the better future for my oldest autistic son...
How can I order such T shirts??in Sweden(Europe)..
And by the way....my son was fully vaccinated....didn't know then...and yes hyperplasia and lymfnodules, still in his neck, and yes diarrhea....and so on...
Life changed completely......so NO one tells me their is NO relation...their is....
Greetings Dr.Jansen från sweden

Deborah A Delp

Does it come in dark colors? White doesn't work in my house.



I would be very willingly to donate to the "commentor of the weak" one of my son's well-endowed, slightly used pull-ups. Full of his own special brew. :)


My first thought for sending commenter of the weak was also poop. There are websites that can do this for you. If you send Offit poop, I will donate to that cause.

Holly Austin

Kim- I can collect and send you a big ole pile of Maine Bull Moose Poop- for the commenter of the weak! Let me know and I'll start filling a bucket! ;)

My son's current woe

For the "commenter of the weak," a full size image of a hyper-inflamed GI tract.

PS: I am sure Dr. Wakefield and/ or Dr. Krigsman will have several good ones to pick from.



Why plastic?

Give them real poo lit on fire in a brown paper bag delivered to their front door.

"this stinks almost as bad as your comment on AOA"


Send them a stinky diaper from one of our GI kids. Poopy surpise inside.


The shirt rocks!


For the commenter of the weak: plastic poo

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