Autism: When Enough is Too Much
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cia parker

I dispute that even two vaccines and one ingredient were tested. They tested the MMR and found it didn't cause autism? They tested thimerosal and found it didn't cause autism? Let's call in Dr. Wakefield, Mark Blaxill, and Dan Olmsted and ask their opinion on whether even there is even a shred of "proof" of their safety.

Benedetta Stilwell

Gina, I am so sorry. Are your triplets young? I saw Jenny McCarthy's book in Wal Mart last summer. I thumbed through it and it looked like she had the newest/good advice on how to deal with autism. I did not buy it however, my son is now 23 and well I've been through the speech, schools, dumb doctors, epliepsy, but no diets except the doctor's conventional diet of low fat. Maybe reading her book would help you. The little autistic kids always seem to be sick with a virus or something. My whole family is starting on the Atkins diet this coming Monday after 20 years of a low fat diet, we are going to try the low carb diet Atkins and low gylcemic index diet (all about the same)- It was in the "Epileptic Advocate" magazine. Good luck.

Gina Coreas

I have set of triplet boys which all three have been diagnose with Autism I find any information helpfull

Billy Doherty

My name is Billy Doherty my wife and I watched the Oprah show in regards to Autism and I truly believe that Upper Cervical care can help children who suffer from autism. Upper Cervical care is a specialty within the chiropractic field that solely focuses on the first two bones in your neck, called the Atlas and Axis. If there is a misalignment in the upper neck (Atlas & Axis), it can prevent the brain from effectively communicating with the rest of the body. The part of the body that cannot effectively communicate with the brain will begin to develop symptoms and health problems. These health problems will grow worse until the misalignment (bottleneck) is corrected and effective brain to body communication is restored. Our Upper Cervical doctors have had tremendous success with helping children who suffer from autism.

I am not a doctor, just a person who has witnessed the miraculous results from an Upper Cervical Correction. There is no drugs or surgery involved, just an Upper Cervical correction to restore brain to body communication. We recently hosted a Patient appreciation dinner and one of our patients stood up and gave a testimonial about her son who suffers with autism. Her name is Robin Helms - (704) 882-6175. Her son, Dillon, went under upper cervical care two weeks before his 4th birthday. He is now 5 years old and is going great!!! I spoke with Robin last night and we both saw the story on Oprah. She also posted some information on the Oprah message board but because of the overwhelming response and postings, I thought this may be a way to ensure you and Holly get this message.

I do not want this to sound like a sales pitch because it is not. I truly believe that Upper Cervical care can help children with autism. Please contact my friend and upper cervical doctor, Ray Drury at 704-361-1680. You can also visit our website at to learn more about Upper Cervical care.

Thank you for taking the time to read my email and please let us help!!!!!

Billy Doherty

Robin Helms (her son is Dillon)
(704) 882-6175


Okay. Let's say for the sake of argument that only two vaccines have been looked at (which I don't for a second accept as fact at this time.) Well, number one, why haven't ANTI-VACCINE DOCTORS looked at all the other vaccines, instead of complaining about it? Has the doctor in the audience looked at other vaccines, or convinced anyone else to look at more? That's a simple case of the pot calling the kettle black. He should put his money where his mouth is.

Number two, so many people are convinced that vaccines are the only possible cause of autism that they are totally ruling out ANY OTHER POSSIBLE CAUSE! That's utterly and completely irresponsible of all anti-vaxxers, don't you think?

And number three. Well, I'm sorry, but I absolutely refuse to take my medical advice from someone whose only claim to fame is that she took her clothes off 15 years ago and is occasionally funny.

Number 4: If vaccines cause autism, and every child gets vaccines, then why is it that boys get autism at a rate 4 TIMES HIGHER than girls do? Why don't they get it at roughly the same rate? And why are there so many different levels of autism across a broad spectrum? Ah, I know what some of you are thinking: Because boys are different from girls, and vaccines affect children differently.

But basically what you've just argued is that everyone is different - everyone has different genes. And that's the same as saying certain people are more genetically inclined to get any given disease, from cancer to heart disease to Parkinson's to autism. Why then aren't you arguing that autism is genetic? Conversely, why aren't you arguing that vaccines cause any other diseases or disorders to manifest in children?

Disclosure: I have 5-year-old fraternal twin boys. One of them has autism. It's not gender. They're both boys. It's not the environment - twins, growing up in literally the same environment all the time. It's not the vaccines - they got vaccinated at exactly the same time. The only way they could be more genetically similar is if they had been identical twins.

That's just it, though. They're not identical. So one has autism, and one doesn't. Know what that tells me? That all other things being equal, genes are the only thing that could have caused autism. And in my opinion, saying vaccines cause autism is like saying Medicare causes Alzheimer's.


Quick synopsis for those who don't have time to watch: two medical doctors on stage, confronted by real science and statistics on autism.

Part 1 = Doctor on stage,"Waaah! Waah! Why are you making me feel bad?! You're making me feel bad! I can't hear anything you're saying or think about the science, because you're antagonizing me! I can't think about the million or so kids with autism that might be caused by vaccines, because you don't sound respectful enough to me!" GOD!

Part 2 = Doctors on stage, "We already told you; we've looked at vaccines and they've been proven safe! Yeah, sure we only looked at 2 of the 36 vaccines we give our kids, and we've only looked at 1 ingredient of the 35 or so in each vaccine. But we KNOW vaccines are safe! Maybe something else is responsible! You guys think you know more than us (even tho' some of you are doctors too)! That's NOT very nice! Screw the science; let's meet somewhere in the middle and have a CORDIAL discussion! That's what's important! Sure, there are a million kids with autism, and more and more being DX'd every day, but what we really need is to maintain our inside-voices!" SCREAM!

I really couldn't believe they would even show this on TV. It made the doctors look so ridiculous! If these are our "men of science," no wonder we're having trouble reaching the majority of the medical profession!


So the "weight of evidence" that the CDC claims exonerates vaccines amounts to studies on only 2 vaccines. Thanks JB for bringing this out.

BTW, not impressed with Dr. Scrubs but at least the two sides are starting to talk which is postive.


"Regardless, I've had it with single folks speaking for and working with my kid. Most of them will never "get it" until they have their own."

AL that's genius!


I wish I had been able to see this show. I wish it was rebroadcast at night. I did finally see the excerpts on the show's web site. To me that doctor in scrubs did not even seem sincere. He seemed to decide that "the best defense is a good offense" and so just launched into an explosive pre-emptive attack. Like Jen said, thus he avoided actually discussing the issues. A bunch of hot air. "We just want to treat the children!" Oh, really? Well stop throwing a tantrum and listen to what JB and Dr. Jerry and Jenny and Stan have to say, and maybe that would give you a bit of a start on learning how to treat these kids!

Thank you so much, JB, Jenny, Dr. Kartzinel, and Stan for appearing on this show. Another breakthrough for sure. Four amazing people with so much to say.


Dr. Stork is a complete flake. He just used deflection and emotion to "deal" with the tough questions. What a wimp. They need to get someone on the show who at least actually knows something about the issue.


My wife and I, parents of a beautiful boy with autism, watched the recorded show yesterday. Frankly, I was disappointed in Dr. Stork's reaction to JB's simple facts. Did any of you catch this!?...the other doctor host calling immunizations "a miracle". Am I the only one who caught that? It gave me chills. "And, for my next exercise, I'll split the Red Sea!" Give me a break. Without getting into the details, I have the background and work experience to know what the cause is. Dr. Stork, and others like him are not helping our children. These guys need to man-up and admit they may have been mistaken. Our kids are worth more than these doctors' "feelings".


After Doc Hollywood's performance, I get the sneaking suspicion he's more of the "civil union" type. ;)

Regardless, I've had it with single folks speaking for and working with my kid. Most of them will never "get it" until they have their own.

To me, this renders their opinions a few notches below useless when it comes to these matters. Not all of them mind you, just most.

I had to say it point blank to our early intervention coordinator. "Stop sending me kids. They don't know the difference between autism and just plain bratty behavior. I've watched my son do both, and they can't tell the difference. Send me moms and dads, leave the kids on the playground please."

I don't think it's much different with single, kidless doctors. They can't really begin to fathom what these kids are going through. They don't understand what the parents are going through. All they know is what they've learned in school, from reading med pubs, and from the 15 minutes they've spent with each child, every few months.

Experience, there is no substitute.

Travis the closet queen just has no clue. Get out the hook and send in the clown.


For Angie

For Angie, Doc Hollywood is not married. I suspect narcissistic personality disorder, because, really, who else would stoop to appearing in this kind of dreck:


J.B., If you're reading this. NICE job.

My chest was pounding because I was so mad. The guy refused to acknowledge that only 2 vaccines have been tested. I hope everyone else saw that. It was as if they were trying to glaze over it. I thought the sissy little punk was going to cry in order to further distract people from what you were saying.

June is next month! When is the 2nd annual GOV rally?!?!?!?



Like you, I fully vaccinated my child. When he was diagnosed with autism, I denied it was the vaccines for 2 years. Then, when he was only getting marginally better, I just started to "try on" the idea it could be from toxic exposure. I finally read the studies and realized, OMG, it is the vaccines.

My child has made HUGE leaps since biomed treatment began about a year ago. I only wish I had done it sooner.

If you are committed to fully vaccinating your child, that is your perogative. Your child is still very young, so you have time to read the studies before you further vaccinate him. For his sake, please take an hour and do so.

I hope and pray you do not end up in the same "autism club" as me. I don't wish it on anyone. But if, after being fully educated, you decide to vaccinate your child, and if God forbid, he develops autism (or adhd, allergies or asthma as they are all related), just remember you have a huge support group that you can turn to. We will still be blazing the trail and fighting the fight. Because for us, it really IS about the kids.


GREAT Job guys! Wonderful show!
I think it was HYSTERICAL how in an UPROAR that ER Doctor got..I mean, seriously..

GREAT job JB! He seriously was about to cry! LOL! I wish they would have let you guys get more 'out' about the point of the conversation, instead of letting mr high horse er doc yell and scream...

oh well, at least we all got a GREAT laugh out of it..and he made himself look like an idiot!

I think it was CRAZY though how he 'whispered' under his breath after he said "Well lets just move on here" (then whispered) "because vaccines have already been tested..."...or something very similar...Seriously, he HAD to get the last word, no matter HOW silly/stupid/ignorant he looked.

Is he married? If so, I fear for his wife because, as another poster mentioned, he really did the typical violent harasser reaction...and flew off of the handle so quickly, he looked dangerous..

I really wanted to say that I havent been able to STAND watching that show...last fall, I had heard a radio preview for the show saying 'finally we are debating the vaccine/autism link'..or something similar.... I believe there was even a call to watch on here...then it was pulled from the air, and never aired again...
I went to the message boards and asked 'what happened'...

...someone from the show's office ( a 'moderator') posted to me (and one other who asked) "where did you hear this ad?"..and other things to make us feel that they were 'looking into it, and didnt know where/why we heard that ad"...
...then when I asked other questions, and even discussed this topic/debate on their message boards...
..the "mod" kept erasing, yes, fully erasing my posts...and when I would post asking 'hey, where did my post go'..those would be erased too..

..I kept screen shots of my posts being there, timestamped, then the 'logon screen' on the site would show the times which id logged on..well, the 'mod' kept logging on literally within minutes of my posts, then my posts would be deleted!
Seriously, little old was sad and seriously childs play...after a few of those posts, I was done with seriously irked me..and I wasnt even being 'confrontational' to anyone...that is seriously sad!

Anyway, I really enjoyed the show, I really needed that good laugh! thanks guys!
Mom to Ethan, Alex, and Megan


sOrry in my earlier post I meant "Very well stated forjudesmom"

I am not in agreement with JudesMum.

Angela Warner

So.... overall I thought the show was great. As usual, Dr. K, Jenny, JB, and Stan did a fantastic job!

JB in no way attacked Dr. Dork. The problem was that Dr. Dork took it personally because he couldn't answer JB's question, and Dr. Dork felt like an ass, and rightfully so. Dr. Dork DID personally attack JB, and JB you handled the situation beautifully! I honestly thought the doc was gonna cry. It's difficult to attach any amount of validity to a medical professional who would act in such a manner.

As for the rest of the show, I think it sent a really positive message that our kids can get better and recover. Especially closing with Ethan's story. Thank you Stan for putting your family out there. And Ethan I am so thrilled for you that you are no longer "in autism"!!!

If I was a new parent who knew nothing, yesterday's show would make me want to know more and research all of this, and that was the whole idea right?

Our community makes me so proud, and yesterday's show was a perfect example of why!

For JudesMum

Yes, diseases can kill, just as the vaccines meant to prevent those diseases can. Another condsideration is when these diseases were killing people en mass, sanitation was low, as was the availability of antibiotics. Many times when these diseases kill, it is not the actual disease, but a secondary infection.

As the mother of four who vaccinated her first three (the older two were more vaccinated) and had all three of them sustain a vaccine injury - for two of which led to autism, my youngest daughter is two and a half and has never been vaccinated. Seeing and knowing what happened to the older three, it would be completely insane of me to consider vaccinating her. Ironically, she is the heathiest of all my children. Did you know that it is not normal like so many say, for our children to have chronic ear infections? Yep it's true.

Samantha has been sick three times in her life (including when she had the chicken pox). She and her older sister had them in March and April, and yes I intentionally exposed them. The only thing I was afraid of through this is my recovering son regressing from being exposed to chickenpox because the varicella vaccine alone, was the final trigger pushing him into the abyss of autism.

My three older children were all vaccinated (and up to date) for pertussis, yet they all got it in 2005. I was vaccinated for the measles and got them when I was 14.

Ya want to know what scares me? It scares me that we now have doctors who do not know what some of these diseases look like. My daughter almost ended up in the hospital with the pertussis because they refused to believe that the vaccine could have failed, and on top of that, her primary I later found out by questioning him directly, had never seen a case before.

There are no easy answers for anyone. I am not anti-vaccine. I believe that there are some vaccines that do have value and a place, but the schedule as it is is garbage. If you are really looking for an alternative schedule, check out Generation Rescue's website. I believe there are three or so alternative schedules.

And last, something you hardly ever hear... (and I know as I was applying to midwifery college when my younger son was diagnosed with autism)... An infants immune system is not fully able to generate an immune response until they are somewhere between four and six months of age. This is why breastfeeding is so vitally important. Think about how many shots your child received by the time they were six months old. What in the world does this do to their immune system??? We have no idea because there are so many studies that have not been done.

I hope everyone's comments help you make sense of this all. And I hope your child is one of the lucky ones.


Very well stated, judesmom.

For judesmom

"As a concerned parent of a one year old (who just got all his shots) i want to know what you guys think the alternative to vaccinations is?"

As once bitten and several times shy, I have found that the best way to get natural immunity from illnesses is to have a strong and robust immune system that will have the natural and innate ability to fight all disease. Vaccinations as a method to ward off disease is considered by alternative medicine as a very unsophisticated and crude method of getting the job done.

In the susceptible (and this is the pivot that is so contentious in this debate since the CDC and the AAP have no idea who the susceptible are, or are too greedy for profit and won't tell the general public the truth) vaccinations can shock the immune system and set off chronic disease. Here's the other thing about mainstream medicine - they cannot treat chronic disease because they are not taught this in medical school.

In a way, these debates will get you nowhere because mainstream medicine has no answer. It does not recognize diet as playing a role in the state of your health because they are not taught this. Mainstream medicine can only subject you to shock through vaccines and revitalize you in case you are dying of a heart attack for instance, again by another shock. Take a drug and again it will shock your system into performing. The ones who can't stand the shock die, and its marked down as side effects.

The deal breaker for us is, no more shocks. Not to us and not to our kids. The thing is, nobody reacts like us until they have been subjected to the shock treatment and suffered from it. It is then that you open your eyes and see reality. Until that occurs, its what only happens to "other" people.

Cynthia Cournoyer

When I was a kid, we all had measles, and no vaccine for it. It was a time when measles had declined. Before the vaccine, measles was not the killer it once was. This is true of many other diseases also. Then after the vaccine, there were outbreaks, and instead of wondering whether it was a lie when they said one shot for life and you won't get measles, they said lets add boosters. The question isn't whether there is an alternative, the question is whether the science behind it is flawed. When people choose not to vaccinate, it is because vaccination poses risks and there is no guarantee of effectiveness. Children who have been vaccinated are also showing up in the measles cases. When a mother sees something that has harmed her child, of course she will change course. Until the studies are done, until the science is perfect, the alternative IS no vaccines.
Cynthia Cournoyer

Kathy Blanco

Judes mom-

There is actually disease modifying types of diets and supplements you can be on, and forego vaccines for life. For instance, the measles virus loves people who have low VIT A. Once infected, it zaps all the VIT A out of your body and destroys lymphocyte action (one of the strong arms of yoru immune system) for a year. It is possible that vaccines can add gasoline to a fire in our kids who may have immunoincompetence, low vitamin status, and less ability to handle pathogens in a timely effective manner.

If a child came down with measles, my first mothering skill I would employ is high mega doses of VIT A, CLO (Cod Live Oil). This can be done for three days (25,000iu's a day). This is the same thing theory and practice they do for children who are vaccinated in Africa...(which makes me wonder, why not do that at time of vaccination here in US with our poor SAD diets, if your going to vaccinte?). IF they did not do this, I guarantee the measles vaccine campaigns in Africa would actually be killing children (if not already). I do not fear diseases. I fear what man can do to mess this up. If you give your child a healthy whole food diet, no MSG/GMO, no milk (because that would make measles fulminate), and possibly even avoiding glutenous grains, even corn and soy, I guarantee, your children will survive anything thrown them and will actually be better for it. Children who mount a natural immune response to these rites of passage diseases, often come up or out of it with a jump in IQ, and as meant in nature, purges toxins out of the body from ever cell. So now, we have kids holding in toxins, and harboring persistent viruses in their CNS and Gut.

What I fear actually is YOUR VACCINATED children, who shed their unnatural viruses on my children? I would also supplement with biological response modifiers, such as transfer factors, breast feeding longer, if feeling sickly, ultra violet blood irradiation (a very simple procedure that doesn't harm and was used before the age of antibiotics and antivirals) etc. I would not give my kids IRON supplements, which feed pathogens. If given the fortuitious mother who thinks on this line of thought....I guarantee, that child may be free from the modern ailments of our time, ADHD, Minimal Brain Dysfunction, Personality Disorders, Autism, Aspergers, Allergies, Diabetis, Obesity, ASthma, Arthritis, you name it. But, this also means the parents are just as healthy, for they are the incubators and have in like fashion employed healthy lifestyle for at least three or four years before baby.

Why the disease mongering in our pharmaceutical companies? Why the suppression of these ideas? Because they fear that we will find out, we are our own best doctors. They fear, we won't take part in their pharmaceutical candy shops, and they fear money and prestige will be lost in informed mothers who march themselves not to pediatricians, but ND's and natural holistic approaches to mothering. This is their biggest fear.

So to your question...I don't fear the measles, I don't fear any virus or bacteria, IF the host, or my body, or my babies body has learned to detox well, is not plugged up with toxins, and has sunshine and love. My grandbabies have followed this program...and coming from a family with TWO with autism, a mother (myself), equally as sick with three autoimmune conditions, you would think, this "so called genetic epidemic" disease would hit the BOY grandchidlren way...not if I am still living and breathing....and because of that...they are free from this affliction, and are free to live their lives in harmony with nature. They have not been sick for more than one day with any cold or flu, and have NEVER had ear infections, NEVER. They are high in IQ, they talk, they play, they socialize normally. Their mothers prepared. They fixed anything that was off (infections, detoxed, made sure they were not mercury toxic), they made sure they were not toxic in other ways (what foods they ate etc), they birthed correctly, and never vaccinated. I would say, that those kids will have the opportunity to live to century ages, because we learned the hard way. My daughters didn't want more autism...they feared having they don't...because they know what can cause it.

I only hope you listen to this with an open heart as intended and written.


I sent this to the show.... it made me very mad to watch

I Don't have a question but I think it is highly irresponsible for any doctor, to say that vaccines have been highly studied when the only vaccine to be studied has been the MMR shot and the vaccine ingredient thimerosal.
What has not been studied.
-Hepatitis B
-Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis
-Haemophilus influenzae type b
-Inactivated Poliovirus
-Hepatitis A

Where are the studies? there have not been any, ok so what about
the ingredients?

Monophosphoryl lipid A (MPL)
-Freund's (FCA)
-Sodium borate
-2-phenoxyethanol (2-PE)
-Polymyxin B
-Mercury (extremly dangerous in high doses, aka thimerosal)

In my opinion Dr. Stark should lose his license as a doctor, the Hippocratic oath "do no harm" is very much ignored by him. Yes he is quite the hypocrite. He has not read any of the vaccine studies nor does he care to. If he did he would realize what a bunch of junk they are. He would also realize that no actual research has been done. Please take him and Dr. Sears off of the air as I will no longer watch your show.
Andrea Withrow

kristin bushey

JB---You did a wonderful job showing that they do not have science behind their claims. Hopefully this episode will make a lot of people do some of their own research into the facts. It really is scary when you see how little these docs actually know about this subject. I think maybe Dr Stork didn't realize how little he knew or how he has been misled about studies before your conversation. Hopefully he will do some research as well. Great job!


"Why is he in scrubs?" That's pretty damn funny. Meanwhile $7.00 an hour orderlies wear the same outfit, don't they? Perhaps next week he wear his med school diploma on a large hat?


Why is he in scrubs anyway? Did he come straight from a shift?

I'm glad Dr. Jerry doesn't have to wear a costume to make people believe his is important and all-knowing.

Mr. C

The AAP was not represented as they would not conceed to a live / unedited show.

Would anyone from the AAP agree to take some of the groups of 6 or 9 vaccine shots "on the same day" that they have given to our children ???

I would think not.

Thank you to the Doctor's for providing the show. I am sure JB was not trying to attack anyone on the stage.


He almost did (did you hear the "catch" in his voice?) so are you going to give up chocolate for 6 months? I won't hold you to it and I won't tell anyone if you cheat!
What got me was as soon as JB said "NO, only 2 vaccines and 1 ingredient have been studied." Boom, Doc Hollywood shut up real quick. He made a fool out of himself yesterday and I'm surprised Dr S would even allow that to be "aired" unless he truly feels like he was attacked and wanted the world to see what sort of terrible people the safer vax/anti vax people truly are...JB, how dare you belittle a God? He's the all knowing "medical community" spokesman that just wants to help.
I tell ya what Doc Hollywood, you come "help" my kid...ya jerk. I'll teach you everything you never learned in mean Medical School.


What kind of message does it send?? It sends a a message that says we deserve studies to prove that the current schedule is safe. There could be some weeding out of less concerning things, like Hep B and Varicella. You are not correct in thinking that the whole crowd of folks with vaccine injured children are anti-vaccine. We are in our shoes because we did vaccinate. Is it not unreasonable to expect safety? Proven safety??? Why does everyone have to act like it is all or nothing? Oh yeah, because exemptions do not afford you to choose against the flu shot, Hep B, and then vaccinate for diptheria... etc...and still maintain your exemption. Many families in general can appreciate not wanting widespread disease,and to be accused of asking for it is ridiculous. What I am asking for is a safe proven schedule. That is not too much to ask.
Is it every 3 seconds, or every 20 seconds that a child is diagnosed with autism? Either way, that is off the charts of acceptable. Even if one does not believe that the increase is from vaccines we should be afforded the old schedule while the "culprit" is discovered. That would be at least reasonable, and offer back some respect of the medical community for families that are already suffering enough.

Diane Farr

Jude's mom. It's actually not very easy when you jump to this side of the fence. You owe it to your child to do your own independent research. It's out there. The sad thing is when the AAP and the CDC look like complete idiots and you feel like an idiot for worshipping and doing everything your pediatrican told you to do. It's gut and heart wrenching. You do get some liberation when you have a 2nd chance and this child never has an ear infection or autism.

Maurine Meleck

I'd have given up chocolate for a year to have seen JB make Dr. Scrubs cry yesterday.
He was that close. Great show JB, Jenny Dr. Jerry, Stan and everyone. Thanks for making my day.


to Judes mum:

do yourself a favour and do some research.

find independent reliable statistics on the percentage of (healthy and well-nurished - CRUCIAL) children who catch the wild measles virus and then actually die from it or suffer permanent damage.

then try your best to find independent reliable statistic on the percentage of healthy well nourished children who are given measles-virus containing vaccine and then die following vaccination, or suffer permanent damage.

you will be surprised.


"Team Stork" - Must be one of those vapid people who use stupid sports terms like "moving the goal posts" when discussing sick kids --
This disgusting terminology needs to stop. Everyone should be on "Team Anti-Autism"

Kimberly Mahurin

Thank you. I cried watching because I thought there would NEVER be a day I heard this much detailed correct information being discussed on autism on TV. Its been 8 years since my boy was diagnosed. We really are making progress. Thank you so much for having the energy. All those years people looked at me like I was nuts. Well look at my son now. For such a nutty mom he sure is thriving!

Media Scholar

Controlling both sides of the argument again. Pro-vaccine people simply do not appeal to the sensibilities of the American people.

You'd have to be a blithering idiot to see your own child melt away into Autism and defiantly maintain such an ungodly pro-vaccine mentality.

Anybody can see what twenty years of mass vaccination has done to America.

Twenty years of mass vaccination and anybody can tell how health care is a stainless steel industry in these tough times.

Don't these stooges know one of the symptoms of Meningitis is a stiff neck?

Don't these stooges know just a few years ago some stooges claimed they could diagnose Autism in small infants by the stiffness of their necks and bodies?

Don't these stooges know that Meningitis is frequently induced by vaccination?

Don't these stooges know that they can see 110 cases of vaccine-induced Meningitis caused by MMR, 71 cases caused by Varicella vaccine, 333 cases caused by Haemophilus B vaccine(HIBV)?

Does the one stooge know that Haemophilus B vaccine has over 34,261 recorded adverse events associated with it dating back to the early 1990s, including 1207 deaths?

Doesn't the one stooge know that oral polio virus vaccine has 24,236 adverse events associated with it, including 904 deaths and 150 cases of Meningitis?

Do you think for a minute the stooge who saw all the Meningitis is smart enough to think maybe vaccination caused all the Meningitis he was looking?


Eeesh. I was a domestic violence advocate for about five years and Dr. Stork was a little reminiscent. What he did was something we advocates used to call the "bouncer trick"-- a favorite of batterers when defending themselves and reversing blame to police and the social context (driving police to arrest often badly injured victims). Some bar bouncers, when they encounter a patron that they'd like to punch and toss out but don't have the legal grounds to do it, will come on loud and threateningly to engage the patron in a verbal altercation. If the patron takes the bait and yells back and if the patron gesticulates, the bouncer will move in close and move a body part quickly in the path of the patron's gesticulating hands in order to be able to say, "Yes officer, the patron physically assaulted me and only then did I defend myself by hitting him". In the case of domestic violence, abusers will do this even when no other witness is present, seemingly to give weight to their own lie in their own minds. It's one of those things you hear repeated so often you wonder if there's an asshole school somewhere turning out a lot of graduates.

If you watch carefully, JB, never, at any moment, actually shouted. He's blessed with that kind of voice that he can be heard quite well while merely being adamant. He was confrontational in saying that *what Dr. Stork said* was bogus-- focusing on Dr. Stork's statement, not Dr. Stork himself. Then JB generalized saying that he was "so sick of doctors" falsely reassuring parents (that the studies of the two vaccines and one vaccine ingredient exonerated all vaccines). Dr. Stork was the first one to shout, humorously enough, in order to accuse JB of "yelling". Dr. Stork's own accusations-- not JB's behavior-- then gave Dr. Stork (in his own mind) the excuse to shut down the discussion on the basis that JB was "attacking" him "personally", that JB stood for proof of the unreasonable hostility of the safer-vaccines movement. This was how Dr. Stork seemed to rationalize censoring more damning evidence from being presented by the guests.

He hit me first, officer, yeah, yeah, that's the ticket. Bouncer trick.

The interesting part of seeing the domestic violence legal cases play out as an advocate was watching the defendents in court, suddenly unable to use bully tactics to win the struggle. They would try to keep from imploding but the masks would tend to fall and the jury would see glimpses of the real deal. Members of the jury then, seeing an inappropriate, irrational display of eye-popping rage, have to ask themselves what the individual might be capable of doing when NOT in a public setting-- though this only served as illustration. What actually won the cases I saw which made it before a jury was the evidence which couldn't be stifled.

It gives you an idea of how badly some pediatricians-- and maybe Dr. Stork (personally)-- want to ensure that vaccine injury cases never go before a real court with a real jury and face real justice. The facts are not their friends and the usual self-exculpatory tricks used to intimidate parents and mischaracterize victims from a bully pulpit wouldn't work in open court-- and when you boil it down, they have nothing else.


Yes, only two vacancies have been tested. Those would be the vacancy in the office at the FDA that is supposed to test the vaccines for safety, and the vacancy at the CDC in the office that is supposed to investigate adverse events and find out what caused them. Other than that, everything is hunky dory.


The doctor on the right--“vaccines are really the one thing we have looked at.” JB—“Bogus!” So then, the doctor trys the “divert everyone from the truth” approach and yells “All you do, when you yell at me on my stage, is anger me.”

Then the doctor on the left softly repeats the lie--“Of all the things that it [autism] could be, vaccines have been looked at so carefully over the last few years.” JB—“two of thirty six shots, you have to be honest about the science.” Finally, the doctor on the right desperately concludes--“let’s have an open discussion.”

Obviously the doctors are clueless because they have not done their homework. And yet they are shameless in making unfounded statements about the research with such grandiosity.

J.B. and Jenny, you are an inspiration! You busted flat the good doctor’s lies.


Because it's all about YOU, Dr! I wish I had been on the show, I'd make that Stork CRY.

Dawn Loughborough

I watched clips from The Doctors on Autism today. The pediatrician in scrubs was utterly inappropriate with JB from Generation Rescue. JB handled the demonization really well and countered with thoughtful research points. There is such a disconnect between the pediatricians and families; much to the discredit of the pediatricians such as those on The Doctors, Dr. Sears and Dr. Stork. Our pediatrician said "sorry" and sent the report to the CDC - end of story. The specialist from UC All Children's Hospital asked me if I believed in God and that was that. I stopped there with traditional medicine and found answers with a chiropratic neurologist, and then later with herbal yeast treatments from a biomedical developmental pediatrician in Maryland. Cranial sacral helped a ton. RDI is great. Allopathic medicine is a betrayal.


You can tell when we're beginning to have some impact when the opposition begins to steadily bring their "attention" to this site. Interesting development. You are all welcome here. Let's continue this "so called" debate. This was a net gain for our cause tonight.


As a concerned parent of a one year old (who just got all his shots) i want to know what you guys think the alternative to vaccinations is? Aren't you worried about bringing about measles outbreaks that can kill our children because parents are too scared to vaccinate their kids because they are being told be Jenny et al that vaccinations are bad? Measles can kill. I just don't get it. And don't say you are not anti-vaccinations. I have heard/seen quotes saying that if Jenny had another kid she wouldn't vaccinate because of the risk of autism - what message does that send?

MadDad's wife

Clearly Dr. Stork has been getting his flu shots every year - as a mom of a kid on the spectrum, I recognize mercury poisoning tantrums when I see them.

DR. STORK - all we ask is this: PLEASE READ THE ACTUAL STUDIES. Not a synopsis, or an article in a medical journal - THE STUDY ITSELF. Then ask yourself some questions:

-have all vaccines, IN COMBO been studied for safety?

Even more basic than that: Forget your emergency medical training for a minute and remember basic college, or even junior high, science 101 -

-in these studies "proving" no link to autism, just where the hell is a proper control group of an unvaccinated population?

They are out there waiting to be studied - siblings of kids on the spectrum, home schoolers, the amish, and a whole group of them in the midwest.

If you want to be a doctor who makes history get your photogenic mug off TV and GO STUDY THOSE KIDS!

Yet, overall this was the most open mainstream show I've seen to date. They even promoted Jenny/Dr. K's book.

I thought Jenny was poised and yet- her eyes seemed to be flashing with all she wanted to say! JB DID say those things, (although probably not with the gritty honesty and "flare" Jenny could have) and got the message across effectively and directly. Dr. K and Stan Kurtz were composed and a credit to the cause. How wonderful to have Mr. Kurtz's son on the show. What a ray of hope!

A big thank you to those who continue to go out and represent our families battles and hopes. Every time you do a major show like this, it gives us that much more credibility to our own extended families and communities.

Dan, tx

There is a post on the Doctor's message board that says there is an exchange between JB and doctors that was not aired which occured right before the doctor got upset. JB asked both doctors how many of the 36 vaccines had been studied in relation to autism. The answer is one, but both doctors could not answer the question. This is what lead to the doctor getting upset. They obviously could not air the exchange where the doctors looked like idiots.


I can not believe that these "studies" are still being used to uphold the argument that vaccines do not cause Autism. The statement that it has been looked at over and over again makes me CRINGE!!!!! These doctors need to look beyond the fact that numerous studies were done, stop just counting, and ACTUALLY START READING them. Isn't that what we ALL have had to do??? Whether or not your child's Autism is vaccine related (mine were!) I think you are obliged to read the studies and make an informed decision for yourself about whether or not you think the current research will suffice in your case. In our case, IT DOES NOT AND NEVER WILL. I am someone who believes that doctors wanting to speak at all on vaccines are not exempt from the late night reading that I had to do to figure out where I stood. If they felt that the research was credible, why wasn't that addressed? It's nice that they wanted to talk about GFCF and helping the kids, but this IS Autism doc, and helping the kids means taking a hard core look at EVERYTHING related to the potential causes as well as the treatments. This isn't a buffet and there isn't a debate until everyone is informed. Parents and docs need to read the studies NOW!


All I can say is I'm so glad I have yet to immunize my 15 month old son. You've got to be active in searching out information beyond what doctors tell you and trust your gut. I wish more people would be open to the idea that the CDC and pediatricians don't know everything!
I used to like The Doctors, but now I can't look at Dr. Stork the same. What a big baby.

Heidi N

Well, I was pretty upset myself, listening to the "Doctors" say vaccines have been thoroughly researched. No wonder I don't use mainstreatm doctors anymore. They just repeat what they are told without looking into if what they were told is is true or not. The problem appears to be that the ones telling the docs things are biased organizations, thus they are not getting truth told to them. Doctors have told me that they are too busy to learn anything on their own and have to rely on what they have been taught, which they admit to me at least, is very lacking.


1. Travis is not a pediatrician so don't worry, he will never be your childs doctor.

2. Don't vaccinate. No problem. But who are you going to blame if your child gets one of those other illnesses?

3. Everyone should chill out and make the decision that is best for them, and only them. You don't need to give an explanation why, nor do you have to justify your actions to anyone.

Katie Wright

JB, Jenny and Stan- THANK YOU!

It is so interesting that doctors frequently accuse parents of "being emotional and not knowing the facts."

I am so tired of arrogant doctors who have not done their homework, speaking in broad, dated, condescending generalizations about autism. JB called Stork on his emabrassingly paltry autism knowledge and instead of listening and thinking it through, Stork took it all personally (as if this was all about him), became inappropriately emotional and then portrayed himself as the victim!

Grow up Dr. Stork. If it bothers you so much that you cannot counter JB's argument invite him back for a debate.

Amy in Idaho

Zoey - I'm happy for you that you are proud of the person you are and can communicate your ideas, your feelings and your opinions. Those of us that seek to improve the health of our children do so because they CANNOT speak. They CANNOT assert themselves (not counting maladaptive behaviors) and live independently. We accept who they are but we want them to be healthy. The right to clean food, clean water and informed consent is something we should all be able to agree upon.

Even though I don't agree with your assertion that the autism-vaccine theory is crap, I'm happy that you have the ability to communicate and participate in this discussion.

Jessica F.

My favorite line from Dr. Stork, "Why would you DO that?" to JB, said in his big, whiney egotistical ignorant voice.


I have noticed a pattern. Anytime you get out-debated, look like a fool, just start screaming about being "attacked" and then say "I just want to help CHILDREN" a few dozen times. All is well.

JB, you rock.


WOW, a Doctor who would love to help our kids but just can't get past all these nasty personal attacks against him because he doesn't know his @$it. Dr. Dork, please let me know where I can send my apology card so that you can get back to all the fine work you are doing to help solve the riddle of autism. Also, you might want to actually try and answer a question or respond to an argument rather than tandrum about non-existent personal attacks. That is how an "open and honest" debate actually works. Somebody tell me this guy is not really a doctor but only plays one on TV.


I watched The Doctors today for the first and probably last time. I turned it on because J.B's parents had told me that he was going to appear, and, since I have a grandson newly diagnosed with PDD-NOS, I am very interested in autism. I'm really glad that I taped the show because it allowed me to look back to see what on earth had caused that very childish temper tantrum thrown by the physician. All I can say is, "Physician, heal thyself!" I actually thought he was going to cry...I certainly would not want him as my child's pediatrician! And, furthermore, he never responded to either the questions or statements made by J.B. and I find that particularly damning!

Cynthia Cournoyer

Can you imagine being a doctor and waking up one day to find that YOU caused autism? Wow, talk about frightening. No one ever wants to look at themselves. They will turn every other stone imaginable before they look in the mirror. The reason nothing gets studied is simply, they don't want to know that answers.
Cynthia Cournoyer

Elizabeth Miller

I watched the show today and the debate, and my personal opinion is that you can do everything right, and everything a doctor tells you to do and something can still go wrong. Its not something that can be prevented, or figured out, it just happens and theres sometimes nothing you can do. People get cancer and sicknesses and diseases from doing nothing wrong. The thing is there could have just been something in the air or in the water for maybe 1 year that can cause a disease and now it might be gone, and no one will ever findn out about it. There are so many things in this world that you cannot protect yourself from and somethings you can. I dont think so many vaccines should be required because the more you treat people with them the more people's bodies aren't going to be immune to anything, so when they do get sick, their body will not be able to fight it off as strong. The debate was good, and there should be more like it, I have a lot of respect for doctors and how much they know, they saved me many times and I'm grateful,but the more you worry about the little things you are told to stay away from, or be careful with the more you're going to waste away precious time you have to spend, life is short live it to it's fullest!!!


Thanks for the show. I want to bring up the comment that the AAP was asked NOT to be there by Jenny? JB? Okay. Correct me if I am wrong. Is the offer for a LIVE debate vs a taped show so that the post editing does not affect the honesty of the debate without the "delete" button? I took the quiet exchange as a protection to the truth. Is that correct? So many times I have been hopeful for an honest discussion and end up with over-editing to the point that the debate was over, or seemingly never begun, by the time the show is aired.


JB is correct. Two vaccines and one ingrediant. Although all the headlines I see are misleading. The headlines usually read like, "No link between autism and vaccines..." When only MMR was looked at, and not well at that.
Try and find a study,google, Patrick, that should make for a long and fruitless effort:) But it should prove something to you, we are all being lied to as parents and endedd up putting our children at risk.


I just watched again to make sure JB really didn't
"attack" Dr. Stork. He was as calm as a cucumber, but firm in his assertions. I guess any counter opinion is perceived as an attack and maybe that's the problem (talk about thin skins and out of control egos). I liked how the Dr. rambled on like an emotional little girl about the need to investigate other "causes" and toxins in the environment. Someone should have reminded him many of these toxins are also vaccine ingredients, which end up having a much more direct and impacting exposure route (injection into the blood stream).


as someone with Asperger's a form of Autism I am disgraced by JB Handley's narrow minded view on the causes of Autism on the Doctors. In fact as someone with Autism I proud of who I am these people are sending Autism rights back to the dark ages, when sure its good to be open to what is the causes of Autism & move on for all of us to get rights & being against discrimination for governments to help us rather suing over VAX THEORY crap. Thanks for listening....


I am not a fan of The Doctors, and did not quite understand the tantrum of Dr. Stork...except that I'm sure he feels like he is hitting his head against a brick wall trying to speak truthfully and logically about the science can get maddening to continually here the data stretched and misinterpreted...or out right misrespented. I didn't hear anything new from JB that would give any credibility to his argument...but of course, I am aware of the flaws in the 'data' he tried to report.

Lori Aldrich

I applaud the Doctor's for airing this episode. I'm glad the doctor got mad, I want him to really ripping mad so he'll do more in depth research into the subject and see how wrong he is.
This epidemic needs a hero, come on Doc step up to the plate and be a hero.
When parents say their child was normal then DIRECTLY after a vaccine they changed! come on! MAJOR clue here.
Some kids can handle too many vaccines and some can't, end of story.


Stork was a hot, quavery mess.


Yes, Dr. Snyderman to Matt Lauer, "THERE IS NO CONTROVERSY!!!" And I'll bet Alison Singer and Paul Offit threw a few syringes into a dartboard with Jenny's face on it today too.

Meg N

OH MY GOSH!!! Have you ever seen anything like that tantrum in your ENTIRE life??? Oh yeah, what am I thinking??? We've seen a lot worse, haven't we?
Still, all I could think of was my Jayden jumping up and down, stamping his feet, and pursing his lips a la Mick Jagger...sheesh what a baby Dr. Handsome is!!!
J.B., what I would have given to be in that audience so that I could stand up and "Whoo! WHoo! Whoo!" you, Arsenio Hall Show style! That was so FREAKING AWESOME!!


JB, you are a PRO!! Thank you for your calm and persistence.

I sometimes watch "The Doctors" and will call Travis "Drama Queen" from now on.


The medical community says all vacancies have been tested. However, JB said one or two have been tested. Who is correct?



Dr. Stork's behavior was pretty embarassing. He didn't come close to winning the argument. JB put him in his place and I thought Dr. Stork was going to have a complete meltdown on the stage. He looked like an out-of-control fool. Who would take their kid to him after that little exhibition? Overall he looked stupid and uninformed and extremely emotional for a professional- a docotr no less.

His message seemed to be - if we want doctors to help our kids we better not piss them off, and antagonize them by what we say to them, and how we say it to them, and please don't argue the facts with them or they'll shut down and stomp away.

With all the other sh*t we have to put up with- now we need to worry about how we talk to our kids' doctors and worry not to hurt their feelings.

Good Lord.

carol hoernlein


It only took ONE mention of only 2 vaccines being tested and only one ingredient, to regress that cocky ignorant doctor to about the behavior of a 5 year old.

Who would want to take their kid to that dude?


Jenny, JB, Stan, Jerry, FINE JOB!!! You know, I can't believe that doctor pretty boy actually said he just wanted to help the kids, like all the doctors in the AAP. Really??? Not one doctor has done ANYTHING to help my son besides our DAN doctor. Not the pediatrician, not the pediatric gastroenterologist, not the pediatric allergist, not the pediatric neurolgist. So I have to say, really???

I'm grateful that this show gave us a platform. After seeing Ethan's story and seeing his beautiful face, how could any parent of a child with autism not try biomedical intervention.


Oooh poor little baby Travis got his feelings hurt. He obviously didn't know what to say so he attacked and cried like a total wimp who had his ego bumped down a notch. It's sad that these supposed "Doctors" would rather spend their time talking about the female orgasm than truly helping children.


I don't usually watch "DOCTORS" but I did catch one show the other morning the swine flu and just happen to see the commercial for this showing. I'm very glad I did.

I have to give a HUGE hand to that show for even having the gall to touch the Autism "debate". I'm very pleased they did but also very disappointed with some of the doctors responses.

Was I the only one who actually felt embarrassed for Stork??? What a completely uncalled for reaction; as if he was attacking him. I guess he doesn't like to be proved wrong, truth hurts! He needs to suck it up and learn a thing or two.


And what did YOU expect popping into Age of Autism, twice...?


The show is called The DOCTORS. What did you all expect?


Angela, I'm in Washington too and have to wait, arrgh! I'm looking forward to it!


"Sorry, I am on team Stork for this one."


I was embarrassed for him. What a sorry, unprofessional display.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Pity the poor doctors who claim that they wish to help the poor dear autistic kids, when they know nothing about autism. Interesting that they say not a word about PREVENTING autism. Pity all those highly educated doctors who have absolutely NO IDEA what causes autism when even Aunt Dawn, the dealer in a Nevada casino knows what causes autism. When are pediatricians of America going to realize that they have been conned and mislead? Yeah, so some doctor saw babies in a hospital sick with meningitis? Of course they had meningitis! Somebody had given them 3-4 doses of DPT with enough mercury to knock out their immune systems and no doubt doctors had discouraged their moms from breastfeeding- so no antibodies for them in breastmilk. Wake up pediatricians of America. Do you need a new medical think tank? You need SOMETHING .


RE: "Team Stork"
Dear PR Flack,
This is not about teams. This is not stupid "Team Angelina/Team Jennifer" t-shirts on sale at Kitson. This is not even about "Team Jenny/Team Amanda" or "Team Burbacher/Team Offit". This is about more than 1 in 150 of our children being poisoned. There shouldn't be ANY teams when it comes to finding the cause or cure for autism. No stone should be left unturned, even if that stone is as big and heavy as the US Vaccine schedule. Anyone who looks at the evidence can plainly see that the issue has NOT been addressed. The question has been asked, and asked, and asked, and asked again until we are blue in the face. It has NOT been answered.

autism mom

Due credit needs to go to the show for airing the vaccine autism connection. I think they did great for the first time. Barring the ruffled ego piece.

I wonder whether they came away thinking how much they don't know and how much needs to be said. Hopefully there will be more shows, in fact, series of shows in the future. Its time our community gets to talk on mainstream TV to the populace at large.

PS: The AAP disclaimer was insincere and non-apologetic, kind of like their take on autism. I think they really hurt themselves with that. It would have been better to say nothing. This way, you come off looking like a clown.

Sue M.

"Sorry, I am on team Stork for this one".

I haven't watched the show yet but 'team Stork'? Just curious, why? Has Stork done a lot of research on vaccines? Does Dr. Stork treat children with autism for their medical conditions?

Maybe it will all be cleared up after I watch the show...

Jenna Smith

JB was excellent. Crisp, articulate, compelling. As already stated, no one even came close to responding to his precise arguments-they just attacked him (as attacking them). Very Offit-esque. Maybe next time JB could just keep politely asking them respond to the content of what he is saying.


Sorry, I am on team Stork for this one. And I was a concerned parent myself WRT vaccinating.

Angela Warner

Kevin - Thanks for the teaser (the links)... It's not on here until 3:00. The waiting is absolute agony.


Wow...just wow! everyone needs to watch this. Jenny, Dr. Jerry, JB and Stan were wonderful!

Credit must be given to the "The Doctors" show for airing this. It was so informative.
Since Dr. Phil McGraw is executive producer- credit should go to him and his son Jay who is a producer as well.

Two points JB and Jenny did a great job of hitting home when the "doctors" kept insisting vaccines have been thoroughly looked at. That only 2 vaccines have been looked at out of 36 and only one ingredient from all of the vaccines. That is a huge take home message people... are not going to forget. Funny, the doctors didn't even know if they should acknowledge that statement. They just kept talking right over it like JB and Jenny never stated it.

Also, JB's points about other industrialized countries vaccines schedules being so much smaller than ours (11-13 total) and even though there are vaccines that have been available for 15 years they are still resisting adding them. There autism rates- 1 in 1,000, or 1,500, or 2,000- another great take home message.

You guys were fantastic. So much good information.

The doctors so badly want to blame the environment or the foods our kids are eating that is the cause of making them sick or worsing their autism. They want so badly not to be at fault.

First, don't you need to look at what would make a child so vulnerable to their environment or their diet? Shouldn't we be studying the kids that are getting sick?

Why can't they see so many vaccines given so quickly in life - as being the toxic tipping point?

Lisa Mazzuca

When Travis had his blow up it seemed like he just wanted to take up time in the show and run out the clock. I turned to my husband and said, "He's taking a knee right now."

They've already stopped talking about the shots (I'm watching it on DVR now) and when they would really start getting into details the doctors would stop them and say, "See, that's why we wanted to have you on here to have an open debate." which stops them from elaborating on what they were talking about.

The fact that our under 5 mortality rate is so high compared to other countries is such a crazy deal breaker for me and the doctors had NOTHING to say in response to it.

Kevin Barry

Good stuff!

jackie sebell

Awesome job guys!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

C  J

go JB & Jenny !

I hope someone can DVD the show and post it in a proper location.

It needs to be seen by a few hundred million people.



People watch the videos, look in the website.
Not just the preview. There is a childish doctor saying he is so frustrated for being attacked by parents when what they want is to help, buhh buhh...por guy, his feelings were hurt ...

Desiree Rinehart

Thank God for JB and Jenny...How many more KIDS and paresnt have to suffer before DOCTORS start listening????


I've already written to the show. I have to DVR it because I have an appt I have to be at but I can't wait to see this.
****************************My letter*****
I just watched the promo to Wednesdays show. I will say that I am already appalled at the (Hollywood)doctors behavior. He is getting extremely defensive with the fact that JB Handley has called him to the mat about the fourteen studies that show a link to autism. I have seen this particular doctor discredit and dismiss real concerns about vaccines on numerous occasions. Has he spent the time to sit down and actually read these studies like JB has done? I highly doubt it. Main stream medicine only reads the facts that the government and the pharmaceutical industry gives them. There is no such thing as INDEPENDENT studies done by either of these entities.
I do believe this doctor, I don't know his name and truly do not care too, needs to do a bit more research. Perhaps vaccines may not be as safe as the CDC and drug companies would like us to believe. Would either one of these admit that they have been wrong, so wrong to continue to increase the vaccine schedule by 680% in the last 20 yrs alone? NO and where does this increase stop? Who actually calls the "shots" when it comes to TOO MANY, TOO SOON? If we can not trust our own government to protect our children we need to depend on our doctors to understand EVERY SIDE of this debate. That means not just reading the canned script of the government or the tv producer. Like I said previously, I've seen him dismiss concerns and get defensive when really truly questioned about vaccines and their effects on children.
I just watched him get STOMPING mad because someone questioned his authority.People in an honest debate make things personal when they have nothing constructive left to help them win. It's a major flag of defeat.
I just recently found out the guys name is Stork and he's an ER doc. I have only watched the show 4 maybe 5 times and the only one I even knew was Doc Sears. I didn't like the show because it was too pharma driven so I just turned the channel.
So this Dr Hollywood has SO much experience with vaccines, autism and vaccine injuries? He's probably treated a hand full of kids with autism in the ER...but I'm sure he's treated thousands with vaccine injuries and never even considered they were just that....vaccine injuries. What a blow hard he is.

Morgan Woods

What a great show! I am so proud of Jenny McCarthy for being so poised! I was on the edge of my seat screaming at Travis for his blatent ignorance on this topic during his "debate". Both of my sons have autism. Both of them were doing well (babblying, making eye-contact, playing "normally") until they received their round of shots at 2 years of age. Then, immediately - things changed. In the case of my younger son, we didn't hear another word out of him for one solid year - he only held his hands over his ears & hummed. If these cases (& others like them) are not proof of a direct correlation between the shots and autism then I don't know what is (even if this is not the way 100% of vaccinated childred respond). What's most frustrating is not being able to get the doctors (or the school system) to listen. I shouldn't have to choose between my sons being able to attend school on the one hand, or being capable of doing school work on the other. I find myself inspired this morning after watching Jenny in her plight & I want to applaud and thank her for her courage.


JB Handley, you are my hero!


Wow - quite a preview! Can't wait to watch the show.

David Taylor

Don't know if you guys have heard about this:

"Merck Published Fake Medical Journal"

Would love to see Jenny and J.B. go off on this after some research.


Aaah, JB Handley,

THANK YOU for honestly helping our children. The preview of the show makes me want to scream...

Looking forward to it.
Thank you both for your endless efforts!

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