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Sweet Dreams From Autism One

By Kim Stagliano

Of course I'm kidding. What autism Mom could afford all those goodies from the hotel mini-bar? I will enjoy the Westin's "Heavenly Bed." I'll be live blogging from Autism One in Chicago through Saturday. Good night!

KimSweet Dreams From Autism One


Michelle, the GF/CF SoccerMom

lol we made the same mistake, we thought we could remove the minibar items and use the fridge for our stuff, we pulled everything out and wondered what the heck those little sensors were for on the bottom, then went OH CRAP!!!!!


Oh I had to partake of the mini bar, too tired to hit the ONLY resturant in the entire hotel. Too tired to take a cab to the wonderful "eats" in Chicago.
Decided to take a long relaxing bath - only to find tons of mold wrapped around the
soap dish in the tub.

The bed was a delight. So much that I thought I was at home, because in the next
room, on the other side of the wall I heard
someone snoring loudly enough to remind me
how my husband snores and I was at peace that they allowed me to enjoy the comforts
of home.
Now wondering how many calories those
honey roasted peanuts were , already toss
the can away. I am sure well over priced!

Wished I could have stayed longer to hear
more for the wonderful speakers.


Twyla that was wonderful! And yes, I was charged $109 for the mini-bar items. I just showed the front desk the photo and they removed the charge.



“Goodnight Moon” – new revised updated version

In the great Westin O’Hare room
There was a telephone
And a Heavenly Bed®
And a picture of—

A lovely landscape or some such thing,

And there were six little bottles, sitting on a bed

And two cold beers and a pack of M&Ms

And an expanded work desk with High Speed Internet Access

And a comb and a brush and a bag full of conference stuff

And Kim Stagliano whispering “I’m bushed!”

Goodnight room

Goodnight moon

Goodnight little bottles and M&Ms

Goodnight beers, goodnight chairs

Goodnight clocks and goodnight socks

Goodnight comb and goodnight brush

And goodnight to the lady who works so hard for us

Goodnight stars of the autism world, and

Goodnight readers everywhere.

chantal Sicile-Kira

I am stuck at hoe in San Diego because Jeremy hurt his eye - went to emergency room instead of the airport to go to Chicago. I was sooo looking forward to my heavenly bed and room service (besides seeing everyone). Sorry I had to cancel my session on adolescence - feel free to email me questions - sicilekira@mac.com.


Speaking of the over priced Westin Restaurant AND the Heavenly Bed, I thought I would mention that I have been stuck in my Heavenly Bed, PRAYING to the Heavens because I had a bad piece of melon that gave me food poisoning on weds morning, and have missed MUCH of the conference! I am finally feeling better today, the rest of hte family is just fine, thankfully, and the only things I ate on weds were breakfast and dinner both at the restaurant...and the only thing 'questionable' was a piece of honeydew, which , my fault, while chewing I thought "yuck, what is wrong with this, I should spit it out or I will be sorry'..next thing you know, my 4 yr old is trying to escape the table, so down it went....whoops! I simply mentioned to the waiter that he 'might want to check out the honeydew bowl because it was really quite icky'...he went to over to look, brought it back, and then came back and said 'ohhhhh we are sooo sorry, I showed it to the manager and he wanted to tell you your whole breakfast is on us"....I was shocked, and said "for a piece of fruit, seriously, I didnt say it to 'complain' I said it because I wanted you to take a look so no one else had anything icky..thats all'...then he said 'no charge'..at that point I didnt want to argue, it was so overpriced anyway, and we barely ate anything...

then weds morning, hit me like a ton of bricks!....I have been able to peek my head out here and there for parts of the conference, but only about 10% of what I needed/wanted to see....how terrible is that!

Luckily they have Heavenly Beds that are comfy!

Mom to Ethan, Alex, and Megan

PS...the mini-bar....I asked upon check-in, and 3 times after for them to LOCK our mini bar, knowing the kids (and hubby) might raid it, and the kids might just move things around, causing all sorts of charges....it has not been locked, even after a total of 5 or 6 askings...and get this...it locks "automatically"...they just press a button somewhere to lock it, they dont have to physically come and lock it...and guess what...well, my baby girl, within 1.3 seconds, while I was in the bathroom and andy was at the pool with the boys, she grabbed and opened the gummy bears, havent seen the bill yet, but they are probably like $30...and then later than night, hubby grabs the Mand M's..probably another $30! LOL!

I will pay for the m and m's because it was an adult who did it..but the gummy bears NO WAY!...I consider that THEIR own fault for not locking it, after 5-6 requests...they asked for it if you ask me! LOL!
If you see us around, you will see me (looking pretty ragged, and my dear hubby running around looking like he is hearding cats if we have the 3 kids with us...)lol!

hope to see you all around! cant wait to put names/faces together!


M&Ms and booze?!!! You'll only be a wide-awake drunk, my dear. Hmmmm, I know, save them for the next NIMH research meeting or a legislative forum so you can be just as obnoxious as they are. :-)


Good night, Kim!


I encourage you to visit www.specterforthecure.com to see how together, we can unstrangle the cure and medical innovation with Sen. Arlen Specter’s help. I hope that we can soon bridge the gap from medical breakthroughs to the bedside of ailing Americans.

K Fuller Yuba City

One of the small bottles and the M&M's should do the trick.


I hope you didn't take that picture, lol.

Once you take it out of a Westin fridge, you bought it. Their fridges have sensors in them. At least in Boston and Atlanta they do.

That's a $75 spread at the Westin!

Have fun at the conference, and keep us updated!

(oh, and just complain at checkout, they'll take it off the bill)

Deb in IL

Say the word, Kim, and I'll bring a bottle of your favorite libation. Whiskey is my poison.

Name it and it's yours. It would be an honor for me to buy you a drunk.

Harry H.

Kim, bury the cost for all the goodies in your expense account. :)

Julie Swenson

Kim, that's nearly a whole Enhansa treatment sitting right there (the large size)! ;) Hope there's a cheap liquor store nearby.


Thanks in advance for your reports! Lookin' forward to them.

The other day I read about someone who stayed at a Westin and thought the bottle of wine set out in his room was complimentary. He complained about the charge and got half the cost knocked off his bill. Not that I'd advise our ethical autism parents to try that....

Teresa Conrick


Just saw you post this! Welcome to Chicago--great weather, eh? Those m&m's look mighty tempting ....rest up and see ya soon!

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