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Peaceful Rally to Demand Dissolution of Parliament Led by Autism Mom

WEDNESDAY 20th MAY. 12 Noon till 2PM

By Allison Edwards 
Britain is currently experiencing a crisis. The pride we once held in our British Parliamentary system has been tarnished by greed as tax payers witness the abhorrent behaviour of MP’s making ludicrous expenses claims. The Daily Telegraph Newspaper, under the Freedom of Information act, has thrown up the massive exploitation of a system MP’s initially set up and regulated themselves. They have found a way of avoiding paying certain taxes and invented fiddles that have netted them thousands of crispy notes to slam in their back pockets, no questions asked. A trust has been broken as the sheer scale of the ridiculous items purchased comes to light. Horse manure! Not a cry, but what an MP claimed for. Another well-heeled Landed Gent even had his moat cleaned courtesy of this hardworking nation.  From trouser presses, sparkly toilet seats, and the latest flat screen TV’s right down to tea bags, tampons and Pampers…..and that point is where, I’m afraid, I erupted.

You see I have been virtually screaming for the past five years for help through our National Health Service to provide my poor, speechless, doubly incontinent autistic son with the right amount and type of pads. When he turned 5 years of age I was allowed 3 free per day that figure never budged. He is now 12 years old and uses 8 per day. I have to supplement the extras out of my own pocket. In fact he wouldn’t wear the hot and uncomfortable, rustly yellow polybacked type he was provided with and frequently ripped them and ate the contents causing major distress. How I have dreamt of an MP’s face in front of me when clearing up those night-time messes!

At first I wrote to them, then I fixed up some rare care support to be able to have leap  up at given opportunities in-front of our previous Prime Minister, Tony Blair to tell him of my plight, and also confronting Gordon Brown who at the time was Chancellor of The Exchequer (in charge of the money), all to no avail. Eventually, I had to resort to a, so far, 2 year legal action to be taken seriously, and it HAS taken it’s toll, and a great deal of my time and expense. Here I am two years on, still waiting.

I was so incensed by the recent newspaper headlines, I have decided not to beat my fist on the kitchen table any longer, shouting at the TV is no answer. I have applied to the London Police, and been granted permission to hold a demonstration outside of Parliament on Wednesday next, 20th May for 2 hours, from midday until 2pm, whilst the House of Parliament is fully attended for Prime Minister’s Questions. A half hour slot where the PM, Gordon Brown is invited to answer questions from the electorate via their MP’s. It’s a sorry sight witnessing the man this nation has not voted for droning on, avoiding gazes as he tries to deal with matters too enormously bad to counter – yet the excuses from the House keep coming, they blame ‘the system’. 

My aim is to join as many citizens as I can muster in a very short time, outside, on a weekday when the rest of the country is at work trying to earn the money to pay for this sorry shower. MP’s should see our faces and hear our voices as we peaceably tell them we have ‘no confidence’. The trust is gone. Only the Queen can dissolve (shut down) Parliament. I want to express people power, let her see how the nation feels at being taken for mugs. 

My son is my inspiration, he has no idea of the anger I harbour at what I have been forced to endure since the day his MMR left him unable to control his bowels. Not to mention the other battles for services and therapies, the list of refusals is a familiar one to anyone caring for an autistic or disabled child. All we can do it watch as our young morph into adults before our eyes. Yet our claims to assist the most vulnerable with their most basic needs, go unheard.               
WEDNESDAY 20th MAY. 12 Noon till 2PM

Mrs Allison Edwards a housewife from Telford, Shropshire, mother of a severely autistic 12 year old son, furious about the battles for resources she has endured for years, has decided to act. She has been granted permission by police to hold a demonstration outside the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday 20th May, from 12-2pm during PMQ's to call for Parliament to be dissolved.
"We need a public demonstration declaring 'no confidence' in this Parliament, the present politicians will never recognise the true impact the behaviour of some MP's over expenses has had upon us all”.                                     
The trust is gone!

All are welcome to join in a peaceful demonstration of people power.
Contact : Mrs Allison Edwards 07788 502154
Email address: "Allison Edwards" alz7776@hotmail.com


John Stone

I doubt whether Allison wants your condolences or your ignorant opinion. You didn't see what happened to her boy and there you are pontificating.

I refer you to my article:


There isn't any body of science that strongly supports you, only clever public relations.


Dennis -
It's too bad you believe those oft-repeated untruths. Some autism is caused by the MMR. There is a a very real and significant increase in autism.





I'm for you with the dissolution of parliament but totally put off by the idea of supporting the idea that there is any MMR link to autism. It has been proven by scientific studies that there is no link. The rise in autism is due to better awareness so that it is recognised and diagnosed more often.
My condolences with respect to your son. I support your push for better care and wish you all the best.


Allison, If you remember, a few years back I corresponded with you about possible sources of information and help and I'm appalled to hear that STILL you haven't managed to get through to the bureaucrats the reality of your existence with your son. I can't imagine how you've managed to fight for so long.

For family reasons I'm not able to be in London this week but I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. Good luck.

Rachel Rae

I admire your stance - but due to being ill myself i cannot accompany you physically. Are there any other ways people can support you?

My own worry re the dissolution of parliament is that the Tory party will get in and they will give even LESS money to the NHS etc. This is the worrying aspect for me. Maybe we need to demand a bit more - e.g. constitutional reform. Since the war this nation has been a two party state and that has not done much good for our country.
Other countries have a much more aggressive and representative democracy. I hope some people at the demo address this too - re voting reform etc.

Replacing one bunch of crooks with another is useless.
There is a brilliant book called the Political Elite written by Peter Oborne of the Mail - he says that the TOry party and Labour are actually pulling the wool over our eyes and are one and the same and are run by huge banking interests. They agree on most things and they want us, the electorate, to believe there is a difference when there really is not.

How do people suggest we address this problem? I would be most interested.

I just want to say too that I am appalled at the treatment your son has received it is shocking.



Very interesting information on the whistleblowers. It's not clear whether they were financially or politically conflicted, but it doesn't exactly matter what the motives were if the information is true.

Apparently some of the MPs never did use the houses they bought. Some seemed to have "house flipping" ventures set up. They'd purchase and deck out several homes at taxpayers' expense, then sell them, pocketing the profits.


Just a note of support and appreciation to you, Allison, for saying, loud and clear, and for all to see, that you're mad as hell and you're not going to take it anymore.

They rely on the parents of kids with ASD being too busy with their care to mount any sort of 'sufficient' demonstration, to be the squeaky wheel that gets the oil. But it's getting so bad that that situation may change. And you will have done your best to make that happen. Good on you.

I'm too far away - up in the north of Scotland - to support you physically on this. But I certainly support you in spirit.

It's time - and past - for a major change in awareness, on the part of the government, about this tragedy. The lot of them SHOULD be tossed out on their ear. To say to them, irrefutably: the party's over.

John Stone


It was the Speaker of the House of Commons, Michael Martin, who is not technically a member of the government, and is supposed to be above party politics, if not above claiming expenses for a house he didn't use. Anyway, he is "meat" now.


Information about the leakers has emerged in the last couple of hours:



My husband was reading an article on this in another room yesterday, then burst into the kitchen waving the magazine and said, "The worst part of it isn't how much the MP's stole. The worst part of it is that when the news hit the press, the government demanded an investigation to bust the whistleblower!" I couldn't find the precise report online but it was mentioned in the Times, ironically enough.


The only aspect of this which isn't like the Wakefield debacle-- in which government directed outrage at the bearer of bad news rather than aiming it at the source of actual harm-- is that whoever the whistleblower was in the MP expense case may have tooted the whistle for profit and Dr. Wakefield did not.

I admire how quickly vaccine injury activists mobilize in the UK. I wish with all my heart that I could be there for that demonstration to show support.

Joan Campbell

Thus is a brave and courageous thing that Mrs Allison Edwards has had to resort to. I fully support her cause and I'm very proud to know her. Our children/tennagers/adults have been ignored for too long.

How long have these politicians been frauding the system. It is outragious behaviour and I'm so glad it is out in the open. To see them waving their cheques about apologising, as if that is alright!!

Kathy Blanco

It's called disengage...propoganda, materialism, cooperatism, "world order, or should I say, disorder"....thinking somewhere where freedom still exist? When you find it, get back to me....Stop looking at that big box in the family room, read to your kids, take them out of school, homeschool them, grow a garden, learn what real health is...get out of the track housing, out in nature...away from pesticides and municipal fluoridated water if you can help it..

I use to love my country, now I disdain what it has done to my children, your children, and future generations. Evil begets evil, money is the root of all evil, and yes, folks, there is an agenda about. Think the war in heaven is over? Think again..

Welcome to my rabbit hole....or should I say, OUR rabbit holes...


Allison, this is one instance that misery does NOT love company. Here in America, we have seen a change from "for the people" to "anyone BUT the people". Very sad indeed and without and end in sight. The world is quickly becoming more corrupt than my mind can believe. Our children are but one example.
Good luck with your rally, I will contact the few friends I have in England and see what they will be doing:)

Mark Struthers

A prominent MP was reported yesterday in The Independent as saying, "they want to see dead politicians hanging from lamp posts". Diane Abbott is right.


Allison I have such admiration for your determination to change this pitiful country in which we now live. It is so easy to understand your sense of outrage at the hand your son has been dealt, and how you have to cope financially with all his condition entails.
Meanwhile one MP spent £600 on hanging baskets for Pete's sake, and refuses to repay the stolen money! That is minor compared to what some MPs have spent.
Good luck with your demonstration Allison.

John Stone

People around the world should understand that British political life is in the melting pot as never before. While it is quite certain that the next government will be Conservative (Tory) there is now a fear and expectation that a fascist party will gain seats in the European Parliament on 4 June. The present New Labour government was elected in May 2004 on only 22% of the popular vote, but the other main parties were even less popular - now the situation in relation to the popular base of our political represention is much worse even than then.

Of course autism and disability is just one area in which our politicians are completely out of touch but we must do our best to be heard as the ship of state begins to sink beneath the waterline.

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