Part 4 David Kirby's Autism One Presentation: Metals, Myelin & Mitochondria Pathways to Autism?
Part 2 David Kirby's Autism One Presentation: Metals, Myelin, Mitochondria Pathways To Autism?

Part 3 David Kirby's Autism One Presentation: Metals, Myelin & Mitochondria Pathways to Autism?

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Part 4

By David Kirby
Presented at Autism One

Now, few people know this, but there is a Hep B Omnibus Proceeding – or a demyelinating disease Omnibus Proceeding - in Vaccine Court. At least 65 cases have been filed and they’re starting to get paid out, and they’re starting to win. This is just one case that was recently paid out. This was an adult woman. She ended up dying from her vaccine. And the court ruled she got MS from her Hepatitis B vaccine, and that that vaccine damaged her myelin. And they’ve ruled this in other cases, as well.

Well, now we have MMR in Bailey Banks’ case damaging myelin, probably because of the live measles virus. And I forgot to point that out. About 1 in 1,000 kids who get live-type measles virus will develop ADEM. Now we don’t know the rate for vaccines because they haven’t been studied as extensively, but measles virus can cause ADEM; and there is measles virus in the MMR vaccine.

But this is Hep B – a completely different vaccine, and yet this also managed to damage the myelin in these patients. And not just MS; it caused several demyelinating diseases. Well, you can read the list yourself. My point here is that, if Hep B vaccine can damage myelin in an adult, what is it doing in a one-day-old baby? And shouldn’t we find out? And is it so outrageous to ask what might be happening?

Now, speaking of babies, HepB vaccine actually can damage myelin in infants, as well. And particularly in Glaxo-Smith-Kline’s brand Engerix. In general, Hep-B was associated with increased risk for inflammatory demyelination – a 50% increase, and Glaxo’s was a 74% increase. And for kids who already had MS, demyelinization was increased 177%. And, the authors wrote, “The Engerix B vaccine appears to increase this risk, particularly for confirmed multiple sclerosis in the longer term.”

So Hep-B in some people -- and we don’t know why -- can cause myelin damage. And we believe that some kids with autism have had, at some point, myelin damage. Bailey Banks had myelin damage. There seems to be at least a loose association in some people with some as-yet-unidentified genetic predisposition between vaccination, myelin damage, and brain damage - and eventually autism spectrum disorder.

Finally, I mentioned the antibodies. We know that about 90% of the ASD children have antibodies to myelin basic protein. I just found this in the Journal of Child Neurology: Anti-myelin associated glycoprotein positivity was found in 62.5%. And I need one of the real scientists to explain what the difference is between this particular anti-myelin glycoprotein and myelin basic protein antibodies. They seem to be two different things. But as you can see, this is a risk factor for demyelination, and kids with autism seem to have it.

And, a family history of autoimmunity was 5 times more common in ASD children than controls. We talk about trying to find risk factors - who’s going to have a bad reaction to a vaccine? Well, maybe that’s one factor we should take into account – autoimmune history in the family. Another factor is if the child is sick, if the child has a fever, if the child has an infection, if the child is on antibiotics, you’re not supposed to vaccinate. It says so right on the label: “Do not give this vaccine to a sick child.” But if your child is sick, and you take them to the doctor, the doctor might say, “Well, the kid’s here, let’s give him some vaccines.”

I wonder what would happen if we just stopped that. Because that’s a risk factor, as far as I’m concerned. So what would happen if we waited until little Johnny got better, and brought him back a month later and gave him his vaccine? Will we see a difference in outcomes?

But anyway, this report said “autism could in part be one of the pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders.

And now we’re getting to mitochondria – and Hannah Poling, I know her parents are here today. She got nine vaccines at once, even though she was developing perfectly normally. In fact she was a little precocious.

At nine months, she was mimicking sounds and crawling. At twelve months, she was saying “mom” and “dad.” She was doing great. On July 19, when she was 19 months of age, her mom brought her in for her well-baby visit. She had missed a couple of vaccines and had to play catch-up. The doctor noticed that she spoke well, she was alert, she was active.

And then she got 9 vaccines at once. Diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, measles, mumps, rubella, Hib, chicken pox and polio - all at once. And almost immediately she had a response: Spiking fevers; she was lethargic, irritable. She cried for long periods of time. And within a day, she was showing discrete decreased response to stimuli.

You can read this for yourself. You can just see the spiraling downward, as Hannah gets sicker and sicker -- and you can just imagine how frantic her parents must have been. And as you can see, by September 26, now she’s pulling at her left ear.

By December, she’s not responsive, she’s losing language. By February, she has autism. And her autism was reconfirmed.

Her parents filed a claim in court. But before it could go to trial, this was supposed to be one of the three test cases for Thimerosal, and all of a sudden the government conceded it. And they said, “Well, we’re going to pay out this case.” They conceded it twice. This is actually the second concession. The second concession dealt with epilepsy. Hannah has a severe seizure disorder, and that didn’t start for six years after the date of vaccination, and yet the government said that the vaccines caused this. But if you just read this, this is from her physician, the cause – and in the government papers – “the cause for regressive encephalopathy at age 19 months is underlying mitochondrial dysfunction exacerbated by vaccine-induced fever and immune stimulation that exceeded metabolic reserves.”

And the short version of that is, in my own words, “Hannah’s autism was caused by a vaccine-induced exacerbation of her underlying mitochondrial dysfunction.” Now mitochondria are the little batteries that convert food and oxygen into energy. Hannah had low cellular energy. Her immune system was challenged; she was pushed over her ability to respond, her metabolic reserves were taxed, and according to the government, that’s what caused her autistic regression.

Even Dr. Gerberding admitted on CNN that it’s plausible, it’s possible, and that children can develop symptoms of autism if they have mitochondrial dysfunction, following a stressful event caused by a vaccine.

Mitochondrial dysfunction in autism is more common than anybody ever realized. The low estimate is about 7% of all kids. It could be as high as 10, 20, 30% of all kids with autism have some of the similar markers that Hannah Poling has for mitochondrial dysfunction. In regressive autism it could be as high as 50%.




"Well, now we have MMR in Bailey Banks’ case damaging myelin, probably because of the live measles virus."
This may or may not be true. But please be aware of another factor: the measles virus in the MMR vax is cultured on chick embryo cells. They can be contaminated with MBP; thus causing an autoimmune response to the child's OWN MBP (the immune system reacting to all the ingredients of the inflammatory agent, the vax). And with the measles virus in the damaged gut of the child diagnosed with ASD (in association with antibodies to MBP), it can then travel to the brain, and pass through the damaged myelin sheathing, and wreak its own damage. But the chances of antibodies to MBP being present are logically higher with the vaccine measles virus than with the wild virus. THIS is what they should test for; not just the presence of the measles vax virus per se. Or else the Powers That Be will try to say, 'Things will be worse if there is more measles around because parents are boycotting the vaccine'. Give them an inch, they'll take a mile.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Valerie Foley, Please be careful with homeopathy. I have heard of two cases in India where people got arsenic poisoning from using a lot of homeopathic medicine. Further, my friend who studied homeopathy for many years at an institute in Delhi informs me that to remove mercury from the body,homeopaths believe that you give mercury to the person. Apparently the idea is that the mercury medicine will catch onto the mercury in the body and take it out. Actually neither giving arsenic nor mercury to an autistic child sounds like a good idea.

Heidi N

Personally, I think they gave the Polings the money because they didn't want the case to go to a higher court, being the parents are a doctor and lawyer.

Benedetta Stilwell

Well this is the best piece of the three piecies I have read so far. I can even agree to all the stuff in this third sstuff. Good job -- here!

Valerie Foley

Thank you so much for this presentation. I'm in Australia, and have a son with autism.
He had major adverse reaction after the MMR, then developed Transverse Myelitis after a homeopathic immune system detox.
I've been trying to convince his drs there's a link between the three things, and have been stonewalled (no surprises there) constantly.
Your presentation has given me some leads for testing which could help fill in the picture. We're a fair bit behind over here.
Thanks again.


Thank you, thank you, thank you David Kirby and AoA!!! What would we do without you!?!?

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