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Autism and Seizures - Will Gene Research Save the Day?

Nothing Could Be Swiner... David Kirby on HuffPo

NC BBQ Click HERE to read David Kirby's latest post on Swine Flu in Huffington Post.

In researching my upcoming book on factory farming for St. Martins Press, I have come across many warnings from our past about the looming threat of pandemic influenza emerging from large-scale hog operations.

It now appears that six of the eight genetic components in the currently circulating virus are direct descendants of a swine flu virus that first emerged in North Carolina a decade ago. That bug was discovered in August 1998, at a 2,400-head breeding facility in Newton Grove, NC, where all the sows suddenly came down with a phlegmatic cough. Pregnant animals spontaneously aborted their litters...



Every mention of David Kirby's pending book reminds me that I need to start practicing being a vegan before it gets released and I'm forced to do it all at once.

Janet Keith

I wonder if anyone is considering the possibility that our scientists have actually caused the problem by tinkering with viruses and injecting viruses into people and animals...it seems we have messed with "mother nature" believing we know better how to improve immunity. We have increased autism, ADHD, asthma, juvenile diabetes, and childhood cancers...whose to say we have not also created new flu strains with our tinkering. Janet


The common missing ingredient is zero dead pigs in Mexico.

When CDC reports that 36,000 Americans die each year from the flu and the media provides international mortality numbers on the average of 375,000 what exactly is 20 deaths? Five thousandths of one percent.


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