Review of Selective Hearing: Brian Deer and the GMC
Flu Vaccine Triples Child Hospitalizations, but Won’t Turn Them into Horned, Hairy Apes, say Experts!

New UK Film Selective Hearing: Brian Deer and the GMC

Deer Managing Editor's Note: From our friends in the UK at Cry Shame.
Selective Hearing: Brian Deer and the GMC

In bringing the case against Dr Andrew Wakefield, Professor Simon Murch and Professor John Walker-Smith, the General Medical Council in the UK listened to the Sunday Times journalist Brian Deer and excluded the views of  hundreds of parents of vaccine damaged children. Who is Brian Deer: vigilante for truth or front man for Big Pharma?’ Selective Hearing’ introduces Deer’s part in the heartbreaking betrayal of vaccine damaged children by the British government.

View the complete film at Here is the trailer.



We are getting closer to the day when truth reveals itself.I know the GMC,big Pharma,
Brian Deer,Orac got together to protect the vaccine policy.Why? Because vaccine sales are declining,because the trust is lost,because the lies had been understood.
They wanted to send out the message to other scientist.I hope Brian Deer,you and your friends like Dr. Offitt one day you will rot in hell.

Joan Campbell

It is about time the public knows exactly what type of man Deer is.

He's nasty and a time waster as far as I'm concerned. He has caused untold stress for all families who have vaccine damaged children. He has stopped proper research into vaccine damage by his dealings with the GMC and his made up stories in the Sunday Times and also his dealings with an MP Evan Harris who is another bad apple.

I'm the woman shouting in Brian Deers ear about our children having seizures and behavioural problems. He makes me sick.

debt reduction

Great video. Thanks for posting this, it is a good movie.


Deer's obsession with Dr. Wakefield is something for one of the old style psychoanalysts to dissect. He's acting like one of those deranged fans who stalk celebrities. I can't feel sorry for him even if he's mentally ill because of his shameful behavior toward the parents. Find someone your own size to pick on, loser.


as the cheapshot with the camera I can tell you that the picture shown to deer was that of Josh Edwards, the full uncut cam footage can be seen at and the picture from the film selective hearing of josh can clearly be seen 11m.22sec of the uncut.

the full uncut footage has been put in the public domain so there can be no arguing over the editing ,,,
please let me know if you have any other points i can clear up

Media Scholar

Pathological [path-uh-loj-i-kuhl]– adjective

1.of or pertaining to pathology.
2.caused by or involving disease; morbid.
3.caused by or evidencing a mentally disturbed condition: a pathological liar.

plagiarism - [pley-juh-riz-uhm, -jee-uh-riz-]–noun

1.the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work.


Richie, you are a television director but your name doesn't come up on google or wikipedia. Uh-huh.

sign lady

Maybe you should be specific about your allegation(s), Richie. I did not view anything in that film that appeared to be deceptive editing. If you have followed the Brian Deer story prior to this film, then you know about Deer's lack of ethical standards.

Richie Vanderhandle,

My wife drew this video to my attention because we have a 6yrs autistic daughter, and my wife has looked at your website.

I am a television director and know well the craft. It seems to me really quite obvious that you have edited together clips of material to make it appear as though this man Deere is denying something that he is not denying. Then you make him look like a liar. Any cheapshot with a camera can do this. There are laws against it, and you had better hope he does not see it. Its really very obvious, probably to anyone that he was talking about things going on in the medical committee trial, and you have intercut it to make it look as though he was saying something about kid on a poster, which he probably never even saw.

This is a fit-up that the most junior researcher could make and would be instantly fired for. If I remember right, I think the queen had something like this done to her, making it look like she was storming out of a dinnerby switching the clips.

I believe in free speech, but if this is what Age of Autism is about then our family will have none of it.

Bad apple

Heather Edwards words are particularly haunting to me. "Not crohn's disease, not colitis..."

My husband had an ileostomy a few years ago. These were virtually the exact same words his Doctor told us. He didn't know if he should call it crohn's or colitis. That my husband's condition showed features of both.

Thank God for the internet.

sign lady

I'm sick. This is very disturbing. Please watch it, if you can stomach it. And forward it. It's an incredibly important film...history in the making.


I never did figure out what Deer's definition of "bowel disease" is. Kids don't get colostomy bags for fun. I felt a little sorry for him, like he didn't actually get a good squint at the photo, but his subsequent email response to the kid's mom made me think that he's a bit deranged. Or maybe he just likes to answer email under the influence.


Brian Deer is an absolutely shameful person. With all the double speak and back stepping he was doing in the video, it wouldn't surprise me if in a few years he runs as a politian. What a horrible human being he is.

Jake Crosby

That's a great video, Brian Deer is a sham journalist.


Absolutely brilliant! Well done to everyone involved with the film.

In the past after reading BD's articles, I used to think he was just a pharma shilling wanker but after seeing this film I get the serious impression that he has some mental health issues (as demonstrated by his e-mail reply to the parents who showed him the photo of their son) and so will refrain from commenting about his character.

I do wonder though, has the UK government taken advantage of his mental state to use him as a puppet only to discard him later as a scapegoat? I'd almost feel pity for the poor bastard except that in the end, like many other children, my child suffered from bowel issues after his 12 month MMR and then regressed after his 18 month second MMR given with Polio, Hib and DTaP.

Katie Kelley

I am speechless at to how one uninformed, uneducated reporter could hold such weight to the GMC. The pay-offs run deep there don't they. I will forward this movie to every person I know. It was well done! I also marked on my calender August 9th.

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