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Micro-Lending for Autism Treatment Lend4Health.org Needs Your Vote!

Vote Managing Editor's Note: This is from our friend and Mother Warrior Tori Tuncan of Lend4Health.

Please Vote!

The biomedical treatment micro-lending site Lend4Health has been selected by a panel of five judges to be one of 10 finalists in the "Designing for Better Health" competition sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and hosted by Ashoka's Changemakers website. Online, public voting is currently open through 6pm May 28, 2009. The top three entries with the most votes will each win $5,000. Winners will be announced on June 1.

There were 281 entries to this competition, from 29 countries. The fact that Lend4Health was one of the 10 finalists chosen is quite exciting!

To vote, you must first register on the Changemakers website. The link to register and vote is: http://www.changemakers.com/en-us/node/14381/finalists. You will be required to vote for a total of three entries. Make sure Lend4Health is one of them!

Lend4Health founder Tori Tuncan, a mother of two including a son diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, hopes to use the prize money for operational and growth costs of the site.

Lend4Health facilitates community-funded, interest-free micro-loans as a creative funding option for individuals and groups seeking optimal health. Currently, Lend4Health is facilitating loans for the "biomedical" treatment of children and adults with autism spectrum and related disorders. Other health issues may be included on Lend4Health in the future. To date, approximately $24,000 in micro-loans has been facilitated by Lend4Health for 40 families pursuing biomedical treatments for their children. Fifteen of those loans have been fully repaid, with money going back to the original lenders and made available for re-lending to subsequent families.

Thank you.

Tori Tuncan
Founder, Lend4HealthCommunity-based, interest-free microloans for health . . . make a loan!
web: http://www.lend4health.org
email: lend4health@gmail.com
twitter: @lend4health
skype: lend4health
facebook: lend4health (cause)



I've spoken to parents, medical professionals, read about the research, etc.
I believe in the treatment. The problem is I cannot afford it and can't take a loan as I'm in debt to my ears with my own health problems, Lupus sle, etc. I'm currently trying to raise funds in order to take my 5 y/o Autistic son for Biomedical & HBOT Treatments. For video of what some parents experience with autism visit:


I encourage you to visit www.specterforthecure.com to see how together, we can unstrangle the cure and medical innovation with Sen. Arlen Specter’s help. I hope that we can soon bridge the gap from medical breakthroughs to the bedside of ailing Americans.


I clicked on the link, clicked on "Vote Now," clicked on "Finalists," then clicked on Lend4Health in the "Vote" column.

In response there was no "thanks for voting" window -- just that the heading text became a button that reads "Change my vote." Which I didn't!


As both a lender and loan recipient on Lend4Health, I can vouch that Tori is the real deal. Through her efforts many families and their children with ASDs have been helped. One has only to visit the site to see the fruits of her labor (those sweet little faces!).

Please vote for L4H by 5/28 so that Tori has a chance to build her organization and help even more families!

Charlie's Mom

David Taylor

Letter to the Trib Hack:

Hello, Reporter Tsouderos:

Just wondering how many emails it will take from parents like me before your reconsider writing a statement like:

>In the absence of definitive answers, there has been a proliferation of unproven >treatments, including diets that eliminate wheat and dairy, chelation drugs that >leach metals out of the body and treatment in hyperbaric oxygen chambers similar >to those used for scuba divers with "the bends."

There are tens of thousands of us all over America with the same story:

1. Our child was diagnosed by a pediatric neurologist and by a psychologist with "classic autism" at around age 2.5 years.

2. Our child underwent the biomedical treatments you describe above.

3. Our child was retested (as he has been every two years) and had his autism label removed last year. He no longer qualifies or receives special education services.

You want an affidavit for this from his doctors and parents?

Have you looked at any of the growing list of web-based links providing compelling evidence of children recovering from neurodevelopmental disorders ("NDs") through biomedical treatment?

1. Autism Research Institute: Recovered Autistic Children Videos

2. "Hope After Diagnosis" Video from TACA

3. Recovery Videos From Stan Kurtz

4. FAIR Autism Media: Parents Stories

5. Recovered Children Featured by Dr. Neubrander

6. Finding the Words

You are supposedly an unbiased reporter who is open to examine evidence and facts. I am now confronting you with video evidence of hundreds of different children from all over America treated by a variety of certified, qualified physicians.

What is your reaction to such evidence?

BTW--you have heard, haven't you, that not only does Warren Buffett say he wouldn’t buy a paper at any price but Mort Zuckerman, who owns one, warns away from them?

Guess it has something to do with trust in the reporting. You think?

David Taylor

The sign in and register to vote link is:


And while you are at it, the atrocious Chicago Tribune article by Trine Tsouderos is now on the LA Times site:


that includes this monstrosity:

"In the absence of definitive answers, there has been a proliferation of unproven treatments, including diets that eliminate wheat and dairy, chelation drugs that leach metals out of the body and treatment in hyperbaric oxygen chambers similar to those used for scuba divers with 'the bends.'"

Please take a moment to tell this hack your truth about biomedical treatments.


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