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Meet Dustin Nunn, Author, Cartoonist, Adult with Autism

Dustin and book We're happy to introduce you to Dustin Nunn, a twenty year old author and cartoonist in Marietta, Ohio who also happens to be an adult with autism.  A loyal A of A reader (shout out to AK!) sent us a link to Dustin's site. We hope you'll buy a copy of his book HEREYou see, at Age of Autism, "awareness" didn't end on April 30th, nor does support within our community.

Here's what Dustin says about himself, "When I was born, not only was I born with a talented gift of drawing, I was born with autism and I am a slow learner at things. I like playing video games, surf around on YouTube, and spend time with family and friends. I don’t play video games as much because I like to stick with my artwork."

Check out his site Dustin and Darling here.  There's a news clip video below where you can see Dustin and his wonderful, supportive parents.

An amusing pack of comic strips, Dustin and his dog, Darling, will bring us flashes of laughter and fun as they introduce more exciting and lovable characters that would surely amuse us with their unique characteristics.

Let us meet some of them now like Speed Phreak, the speedy superhero who can run as fast as the speed of sound. He has an evil twin brother, Evil Phreak, who will later escape from cartoon world to the real world. Will he be sent back to his sketchbook world?

Buy your copy HERE.


jim d wear

hi dustin its your uncle jim. i miss you and your mom and dad. and you i love your book and i think your doing so good.hope your new book will be out real soon.... love uncle jim


I had chills throughout most of the assembly. The pain you still feel is obviously evident and I my eyes welled up more than once. Yet, I was also awestruck by your courage and honesty. I never met anyone so gracious and generous regarding so personal an issue. Then it struck me towards the end of your talk that you truly honor your son but what you and Larry are doing.


donna nunn

Thankyou Julie and everyone, especially the kind folks here at AgeofAutism for doing this story about Dustin. We really do appreciate everybody's support and encouragement. Thank you all and God Bless.
The Nunn Family,
Donna Randy and Dustin

Susan Riefe

Hi Dustin. You don't know me but I'm a cousin on the Music side of the family. My Mom is sister's with Barbara Nunn, married to your Uncle Ron. Anyway, I just wanted to say that it takes alot of courage as well as talent to follow your dreams. I just want to congratulate you on your accomplishments since this is what you've wanted to do for a long time. You keep going and I wish you all the best.


Go Dustin! How talented and cool you are!
Never stop dreaming because of Young Men like you more people will see just how special people with Autism can be..

Lots of Love Julie!!
your grandpa Nunn's Step Daughter


Great work, Dustin!

Teresa Conrick

Go Dustin! How talented amd cool you are!


Thank you Kim and the Age of Autism for letting us know about Dustin and reminding us about all the new adults with autism we will be hearing about.

You're right Kim. The adults with autism will be coming soon. And in droves.

I wish my son had a talent like Dustin does. Sadly he does not. I'm just trying to make him as functional within our household as possible. He will always need to live with someone. So, the more he can do around the house the better.

I hope people watched the news clip about Dustin. He and his parents are amazing.

I wish you luck Dustin with your comic book. You are a gifted young man with amazingly supportive parents.


Hi, Donna! As soon as I heard about your family, and Dustin's hard work, I knew we had to showcase Dustin and Darling. Our kids are growing older and soon there will be tens of thousands of adults with autism. The more we can support each other the better. Yes?



donna nunn

Hi! This is Donna Nunn, mother of Dustin. I just want to thank AgeofAutism.com and everybody that has taken the time to check out or order his book. It has meant a great deal to Dustin and to us.Yes. We are so very proud of him. He has wanted to be an author for such a long time and now thanks to a lot of sweet people, his dream is finally a reality. God Bless All of You!!
Donna Nunn

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