Jenny McCarthy Inspires at Autism One

MB12 on a Stick! revitaPOP

Wow. I am sucking on a new revitaPOP MB12 lollipop and I kid you not... I feel a definite kick of energy. Created by Stan Kurtz, revitaPOP supports Generation Rescue. Check it out. Thanks. Dave! KIM

(I am sooo taking these home with me.)MB12 on a Stick! revitaPOP



Just received my bag and I love them. Unfortunately they are all gone due to the fact I had them delivered to my office.


So $35 for 30 days... how many mcg?
I can get methylcobalamin, 1041 mcg, liquid form, no weird additives or sugar, 84 servings, for under $19.00 (that's almost 3 months!
Will you post that?!


Just ordered mine. Thanks.


They are currently on back order. Here is the nutritional information.

I tried one at Autism One -- very yummy!!!


What do they use to sweeten them? I would want to buy some as long as they don't feed yeast. Is there a website to buy them?

A. F.

Can anyone tell me how you purchase the lollipops?


I was so excited about these but was sad when I visited the website to order (two days ago) and saw the message they were out of stock. I'll keep checking back, these little beauties will benefit everyone in my family! We're all dragging most days! :-)


If it doesn't taste exactly like a pineapple dumdum - it ain't gonna work here LOL - just kidding. WISH the kiddo liked lollipops. Might be great for momma on those sleep deprivation days!!


I tried one of those last year- pretty good. So glad they got it out on the market.


Ok so who's the cutie with the sucker in his hand? Does he come with the pop? Hotcha Hotcha!!!
By the way Stan...fantastic idea!! My Riley loves his suckers and we've been buying the Yummy Earth kind for a long time. Can't wait to place my order!

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