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Autism Grandma

All of the messages on here regarding the faith and determination of Autism Moms is so inspiring. Here is a quote from another autism mom that I have printed out in big letters and have this posted on my kitchen cabinet so that I can read this every single day:

“I will fight for my child, I will not abandon her to this sickness. She will be healed and I will do the work required to see it. Children are being healed every day and leaving the spectrum. My child will be one of them. I will not give up in laziness and just let the so called experts handle it. Who, by the way can’t cure it but they can teach your child a few tricks. I will educate myself, I will be my child’s advocate, I will not just except everything that is handed to me in my life and I will not curl up in the fetal position dwelling on how unfortunate I am.”

Sarah, Mother of Sophie


Autism Grandma

Guilt and Sadness on Mother's Day?

I finally convinced my daughter to bring her son over here yesterday so that she could enjoy Mother's Day by going out for shopping or dinner or whatever she might enjoy doing. But she didn't want to do this because she has always felt that she should be with her son whenever she is off work. She is able to manage only 3 days of going into her place of business due to being self employed, but she is still non-stop working when she is at home running her business from there and taking care of her precious son.

When she arrived here yesterday my daughter was really depressed and sat here crying before she left. She said that "Mothers are supposed to feel happy on Mothers Day", but I could see that all she was feeling was sadness. She blames herself for allowing the doctors to threaten her into giving the her son the vaccines, but as I told her: Number one the hospital staff doctors threatened to remove custody and would not release him from the hospital into her custody until she signed the paper allowing the vaccines. And number two, because she was objecting to the vaccines based on his previous two doctors diagnosis, they LIED to her in telling her that he was only getting two vaccines, when in reality the vaccine record showed that they were giving him NINE each time, which she had no idea. (Each injection had multiple vaccines) And number three, to begin with the hospital doctors gave her son NINE vaccines when he was in a very weakened state due to severe anemia which THEY caused by duplicating blood work. So how is all of this HER fault? IT IS NOT HER FAULT.

But I have read so many articles written by parents of autistic children who are blaming themselves for trusting their doctors and their child developing autism due to vaccines. There is so much suffering involved with autism, the brain damage and all of the intestinal and other damages due to massive poisoning---all of these families are suffering so much already--- to be living with guilt on top of it is ridiculous considering that it's the doctors and medical system that are at fault, NOT the parents.

The latest statistics are showing that 70% of parents witnessed autism result as a direct reaction to vaccines, so that is 1,500,000 x 70% = 1,050,000 in USA alone. [Based on current accurate records and not the old statistic of 1 in 150 from 1994] So then we have over a million parents blaming themselves for trusting the doctors that the "vaccines are safe"??? Yes these parents do primarily blame the medical system, but they should be allocating 100% of the blame on the guilty parties instead of carrying around ANY guilt themselves. But that is how parents are, they always end up with GUILT when something goes wrong with their children even if it is not really their own fault!!!

I said to my daughter before she left last night that all we can do is to "Live in the Solution instead of the Problem". All I can do is help my daughter with her son, research continually and pray, and so far this has produced a lot of answers for my grandson, thanks to all of these wonderful parents and doctors who are sharing information online, and thanks to God's direction in leading us on the right path.

My daughter is spending every dime she can get her hands on to recover her son from autism, and keeping him on his diet, nutritional therapies, doctor visits and medical testing is all very expensive. She is also very patient with her child and has to spend every waking minute working with his many issues---his diet and nutrition program alone is a major effort. She also has no financial support or any kind of help from her son's father who has no interest in his welfare. I don't know why she can't give herself credit for all of this because being the single parent of any child is a major challenge, so what she is doing with her autistic son is MONUMENTAL. She deserves a Medal of Honor for Bravery and Courage Above and Beyond the Call of Duty, as do all mothers of children with autism!!!!!

I am sitting here crying today in thinking of how bad my daughter is feeling, but the last thing I said to her before she left last night is: "We just have to KEEP GOING"....

Amanda Blinn

Thank you Age of Autism for all you do for us moms. :-)

Benedetta Stilwell

OPPPs I just posted the pervious post on the wrong one sorry

Benedetta Stilwell

In Kentucky if the insurance company turns us down, - and they did, our son had epilepsy and we saw no reason to add the information that he was also autistic - the state of Kentucky offers insurance. We will however be still paying - well a lot, and I am not sure we can afford it! My husband had a good job but he just this past Jan had to take disability(his illness was brought on by a tetantus shot when he was 34 he is 53 now- he has worked a lot of years sick) right now we have two years before the company's insurance runs out. we have applied for SSI I am not sure our son will get it. But Kentucky does have this insurance for people that no other insurance company will take.


Searching the archives on a autism related group Trudy Steurnagel (Sky Walker's Mom) actively commented on at one time I noticed her signature she used.

I thought I'd share:

"It is the job of mothers to never give up, to leave no stone unturned.
Mothers must believe well beyond all else, must hope all things and endure
all things. Must show the kind of faith that moves mountains."
-- Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona, author Coyote Medicine

I'm very sad for Sky and Trudy today.

Deb in IL

"A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path." .....Agatha Christie


Happy Mother's Day to all the autism moms out there. I feel peace today even if it is only short lived...lol. I feel that all the hard work we do is appreciated today. Now I have to go! My husband is cooking me a late breakfast and my oldest son just brought me a steaming cup of coffee. I got the most beautiful pink roses too!!
Have a wonderful day moms. Take a breather and a hot Epsom Salts bath!!


I am so unbelievably grateful to not only my dedicated and devoted wife but to all the other mothers who see their children as a garden full of potential and beauty, tending to it with gentleness and patience, weeding, feeding, nurturing each and every inch. Without her and all the others tending these buds taking root, the garden would be a patch of earth over run with the vines of every-which-away stunting and ruining what God has blessed us all with.

Each of you are truly the life of our kids.


Happy Mother's Day all you wonderful autism moms! :-)

Kub Marshman

Happy Mother's Day to my wife. Without her my son, Nana, and I would be totally lost.

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