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Dr. Bob Sears Reports Merck to Bring Back Separate M/M/R

Uncle Looks like Merck is listening to parents who demanded the return of monovalent M/M/R vaccines. Including those of us at AGE OF AUTISM. Dr.
Bob Sears reports:

I received official word from a Merck representative that the company plans to resume production of the separate M-M-R component vaccines. They anticipate these becoming available in 2011 (no actual month specified). Read more HERE.


Cherry Sperlin Misra

Yes, Kathleen, perhaps enough rich people and also doctors pestered them for separate vaccines(Not just for patients- for their OWN children). Perhaps they dont want the latest comment from a UK health official (that MMR is unsafe) to get more attention. Perhaps they realized that when people went on the net to research the MMR they also read about mercury, aluminum, and DPT deaths. Maybe there is something coming down the road that they want to blame on the combined MMR or conversely, attribute the medical solution to the separate MMR.
So, be happy- Sufficient unto the day are the crumbs thereof.

Julie C

According to Merck's website on 10-26-09, they have decided NOT to resume production of Attenuvax, Mumpsvax and Meruvax (the single Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccines). Follow the link to the PDF below, it is a status update for available vaccines, there is a footnote at the bottom stating what I mentioned above. I don't think any amount of letter writing will cause them to reverse this decision which they say is "science based." The bottom line is cost: money talks and bull-poopie walks. Most parents are content to do whatever their doctor tells them and don't ask questions, either out of ignorance or intimidation (how could WE as parents know more than these DOCTORS who see our kids for 15 minutes??!!??) so I am guessing they would not make enough money to justify the extra cost of mass producing monovalents. I personally think all the multivalent vaccines (some of them have 5 or more antigens!) are scary because if there is a reaction there is no way of telling what caused it!

Terri M

I came across this page today after getting my child the last Mumpsvax our practice had. They were out of the Attenuvax. It's interesting because our reason for not doing the Rubella is due to the use of aborted fetuses in the research and the cell-lines--somewhere between 60 and 100 aborted fetuses were obtained--about 40 of them during a Rubella epidemic from infected mothers for the purpose of culturing the Rubella virus and the rest for the purposes of creating the cell line itself. (One should note that the culture sample RA273 means they took the 3rd sample of the 27th fetus. Gotta wonder if the other 26 before her were healthy.... ) This is one reason for the complaints over discontinuing the monovalents from other groups who, while concerned about safety as well, are more concerned about the ability to refuse individual components while obtaining the others.

If the new monovalents are the same as their last run, they should be thimerosal free, single doses vials sold in a 10-pack. That makes them a bit hard to come by since small practices don't seem to go through an entire 10-pack before they expire, but larger practices and pharmacies might carry them.

Cynthia Cournoyer

If MMR was "safe and effective" all these years, why do we need to separate them? Merck is simply using this as a public relations effort, not a scientific strategy. After a few years of giving them separately, they will use that as "proof" vaccines don't cause autism. Meanwhile, still no studies of vaccinated compared to unvaccinated.
Cynthia Cournoyer

Jay Gordon

Separating the MMR improves nothing.

There are places in the world where the risks and benefits of this vaccine can be weighed and may fall in favor of using the MMR. America is not one of those places.

I, for one, have absolutely no interest in waiting for randomized, double-blind controlled studies showing that the MMR causes huge problems far exceeding any benefits. Don't let your child get that vaccine or any of the three components of that vaccine.



Will these separate vaccines be in preservative-free, aluminum-free, single-dose syringes, one wonders? Or will they be in thimerosal-laden multi-dose vials? Will they be actually doing something to encourage uptake, or use it as another excuse to talk about the crazy vaccine deniers?


I don't think the date is any evil delay. It takes a long time for pharma to do anything. It takes a very long time just to decide on and print a label for crying out loud. My bet would be it won't even happen in 2011 because these companies are too big and inept, not because of part of a larger conspiracy.

In fact if FDA, etc. didn't make change in a product so hard we'd probably have a lot better vaccines years ago. They focus on the wrong stuff really and we're left injecting known poisons for decades rather come up with new preservatives becuase FDA makes this big hand-waving show of toughness that really has nothing ultimately to do with real and meaningful product safety.

I think this is a sign that they finally recognize market demand is changing and they are responding to it. They are recognizing that people are questioning and so they are providing something the market clearly wants.

Wendy Callahan

Both my kids just had measles. IT WAS NOTHING!!! Why risk the side effects of this vaccine for such a benign childhood disease? Separated or not! If you are trying to avoid disease don't inject pieces of it inside you!


I am not getting my hopes up. Merck is merging with Schering Plough. Who knows if Schering will want to do this. It affects Schering's bottom line, not Merck's. That could explain the 2011 date--the merger will probably be complete by then.

Sue M.

2011? Plenty of time for them to come up with a reason why this can't happen... Or, they'll add 2 more combo vaccines to be given with the single measles vaccine... They'll come up with something, I'm sure. I am no longer able to give the benefit of the doubt here. I will believe it when I see it and when I see the recommended schedule of what is suggested to be given with the 'single' vaccine.


They should have the single shots for those that want them. We're done, thanks, but removing the choice was a guarantee that more kids would be seriously injured. It at least provides-- if not a guarantee of no adverse events and if not fodder for a vaxed/unvaxed population comparison (which we can access through Homefirst's kind offer of their database)-- triple-jabbed and single-jabbed populations which can be compared for rates of autism.


I want to know when will us parents be notified of active and inactive ingredients on required information sheet. Also next to nothing information is provided for drug interactions. Who will let us know.


Thank you to all of those who wrote in and called. When I wrote a piece in January about this it was not because I personally needed that choice, but that those I cared about and mother's getting in touch with me through GR wanting the choice. This is about each one of us being allowed the decision to lie in our hands rather than in the hands of the drug companies and the government. Protecting our rights is the most important thing we have to fight for. Kudos to all of you who participated!
Allison Chapman

Louise Kuo Habakus

A controversial shot within an increasingly controversial childhood vaccination program. They say you can't push a system faster than it is able to move. HA!

We wrote a letter and asked you to do the same.
Thousands of us wrote in to Merck. Too many parents have been scouring the countryside, calling pharmacies and children's hospitals from Baltimore to San Francisco and everywhere in between. It seems someone has been listening.

Thank you to Bob Krakow for posting the letter writing campaign on capwiz and to H. Downing for the amazing work she does to support our community.

We keep going.



Kathy Blanco

I agree with your comment. Why this generation, big question to ask. It may not be "just" the vaccines. It is also our food supply, our fluoride waters, our more toxic world. The way we birth has also changed (ICC and birth drugs). So, maybe, just maybe, we have a perfect storm here-interject large ho hum here, but the truth of the matter is....our children are becoming canary birds. In that child is going to go unscathed. Just because you don't get autism, doesn't mean you don't get a vaccine injury. MBD, ADHD, OCD, Personality problems, Asthma, Initiation of Childhood Brain Tumours, Obesity, Asthma, Food Allergies, Diabetis, and all the you name it diseases...all modern hellish ills. I challenge any mother who has a child with autism, to not question the apple doesn't fall from, as in immune function, toxin levels, etc. Do yourself a favor, do the like tests your child gets, genetic SNPS and you will see the "pressure cooker" genes, which, if stressed enough, don't function...and don't handle vaccines or toxins. So if we are going to say genetic, let's make sure we say EPIGENETIC, in other words, our genes are not catching up to the modern wind and chaff of our world.

Teachers are noting dumbing down of curriculums, sensitive training as to not hurt children's feelings (overly sensitive children, aka hallmark vaccine injury). My daughter who is a first grade teacher identified FOUR children on the spectrum IN HER CLASSROOM in one year. All varying shades of autism. Something is going on. Are we, or should we take this anymore? What kind of mind numbing society do we live in, if we think this is acceptible?

To me, the Seperation of MMR is just another ploy. Another ploy to make sure all the vaccines are injected by kindergarten and beyond. Which still interact with one another if you have innoculated one at a time and spaced out. I have FRIENDS, close one, who saw a child disintegrate right before her eyes, after ONE measles vaccine at the age of three. NO THANKS marketing people. The buck stopped here, and stopped in my grown NT girls, who have NORMAL children, because they did not vaccinate, pollute their bodies (god help them if they can), and so forth.

The striking emotion I get is bittersweet, as I see my normal devloping grandchildren (ALL BOYS), achieve what my son and daughter should have, would have, could have. It actually makes me sick to think that I followed the pied pipers of health. NO MORE. We have a sick health care system, and it is the number one killer of all americans, drugs, vaccines, mistakes. Shouldn't we question this as we stand in line for a pharmaceutical/healthcare nightmare about to happen? SSI will be depleted in a couple of years...are we going to sit back and watch the holocaust happen? To me, a little small less intense vaccine is a pharma lie. Dr Sears can go suck it.

Kathy Blanco

Single vaccines still cause autism, enough said..


If something was working and safe, why change it? Oh, maybe it is a recommendation from marketing division, America's first "Green Vaccine" to hit the market, could be worth BILLIONS.

Or maybe they know something about the existing product will be uncovered shortly.

Will insurance cover the more expensive separate vaccines? Will doctors recommend them? Will there be posters in pediatrician offices across America promoting the new product, little green sticky note pads with the product logo, payola, I mean educational junkets to spas and resorts to encourage the pediatricians to switch over?

I'll hold my breath.


Ooohh, so it finally sunk in, no MMR separate for the masses also meant no MMR separate for the rich, or those "in-the-know" and omgoodness they weren't able to safely vaccinate THEIR child. It reminds me of the doctor who stated at the Simpsonwood meeting when he said that after what he heard there that day his grandchildren would not be getting vaccinated. And I think of Donald Trump stating that they would follow a slower safer schedule. Bet there is no question about his child needing an exemption to enter school.
I'm sounding rude, but this on the heels of another nephew diagnosed and being told it is genetic in my family. What the f&^%, if it is genetic, then why in the heck is it only THIS generation?
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