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David Kirby In Huffington Post: The Discover Magazine Chris Mooney Article

Davidkirby Read and comment on David Kirby's Huffington Post piece HERE.

The following letter was sent to the editors at Discover Magazine last week, regarding a recent article on vaccines and autism. The magazine claimed that the debate is over, but ignored the fact that federal and private support of research into a possible association continues.

I have seen a number of online postings and comments from readers of Discover Magazine who are wondering why freelancer Chris Mooney did not interview doctors and scientists who believe that more vaccine-autism research is warranted in his recent article, "Why Does the Vaccine/Autism Controversy Live On?"

Chris contacted me in mid-March to ask if he could interview me for the piece. When I wrote back to say that was fine, I added that I hoped he would consider "doing an honest examination of this controversy..."


Autism Grandma

"Something Wicked This Way Comes"

Regarding this concept, we have converging forces at work here: A 650 Billion Dollar Pharmaceutical Industry with advertising / financial power over the media and journalists, financial support to the medical schools which enables brainwashing power over the doctors from medical school onward, and the American government which allows congressmen to accept "campaign donations" from the medical industry which enables them to get laws passed which cements their power into "written in stone". Add to this conglomeration, the American public which is working in survival mode to support their families and are not motivated to research the actual facts until one of their own children develops autism. The parents lack of education regarding this and their Blind Faith in doctors results in the majority of parents marching their children into the doctors offices for 48 doses of vaccines by age 6, having no clue regarding the risk to their children of all of these toxic exposures. The end result: "Sheep Being Led to the Slaughter".

The vaccine injured children are just the tip of the iceberg in comparison to the hundreds of thousands of people who die every year from drugs, chemotherapy, and medical "mistakes". The entire medical system is deluded by the power of the pharmaceutical industry, and thus performs their work according to their own indoctrination. The doctors should be responsible for opening their own minds and recognizing the extreme risks that they are propagating, but the vast majority are not willing to do any research in this direction even though people's lives are in their hands and the information is widely available online through research from their own medical literature.

However, since the majority of doctors, parents and journalists are not researching this goldmine of information, they end up just falling into line with the medical propaganda: "There is no link between vaccines and autism", "vaccines are safe" and "there is no cure for autism"---so much easier to just blindly accept these statements than to get the pick and shovel out and do some digging for the truth. In relation to vaccine toxicity and autism therapies, there are 600 research studies listed at the TACA website and Generation Rescue lists over 900 studies and citations in the science and medical literature. This alone should be enough to convince any intelligent person that "something wicked this way comes"...

As with doctors, journalists should also be responsible for their own research and investigation since both of these groups have extensive influence over the public. Obviously David Kirby went to great lengths to share extensive information with the author of this article, but this journalist apparently ignored all of this and did not chose to research and investigate further. Does this man simply have blinders on, or was he instructed to produce an article with the "desired outcome" that the vaccine industry dictates? This journalist was chosen to produce this article, but WHO selected him and WHY? As Dana Ullman commented, "Mooney is a known columnist for the 'Skeptical Inquirer', a magazine known for scientists who are fundamentalists and who are antagonistic to anything other than conventional medical and scientific points of view".

David Kirby is in the front lines leading this war against Big Pharma Propaganda, along with so many others who are "fighting the good fight". Although with Chris Mooney all of his efforts were negated, that doesn't change the fact that more and more parents, doctors, scientists and researchers as well as journalists like David Kirby are discovering that the facts support the truth and not the lies. And this united front is making headway and producing results in spite of the ignorance and outright EVIL. Highlights from the following survey demonstrate that the American Public is being awakened to the autism issues:

(83%) thought that finding a cure for autism should be a national priority.

(24%) respondents said that because vaccines may cause autism it was safer not to have children vaccinated at all.

First National Public Opinion Survey: American's Knowledge and Understanding of Autism, 2008
School of Psychology, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida


"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

"So much of the history of the struggle between good and evil can be explained by Edmund Burke's observation. Time and again those who profess to be good seem to clearly outnumber those who are evil, yet those who are evil seem to prevail far too often. Seldom is it the numbers that determine the outcome, but whether those who claim to be good men are willing to stand up and fight for what they know to be right." (Wayne Greeson)

Rolf Hazlehurst

Dear David,

With all due respect, you assertion that "Dr. Zimmerman also withdrew his name as a government witness in vaccine court" is incorrect. Dr. Zimmerman submitted two contradictory expert opinions. One in favor of Hanah Poling and one against every other child, who is autistic as a result of a vaccine injury.

ROLF HAZLEHURST (The second test case)

Media Scholar

Vaccines don't work and kill American infants and toddlers every single day.

Vaccines are fraudulantly reinforced by junk science being cut and pasted by mercenary quacks.

Give me a gal with working num-nums and I'll show you all the immunity American infants and toddlers need.


Peter, get a grip.

If this was solely from behavioural standpoint, and not scientific, why did the article say that science has proven no link blah blah blah. Any objective article would either not mention that side of "science" at all, or would have at least attempted to give both sides of the story.

Sue M.

Peter Syms,

You have one thing correct... The article has *nothing* to do with the science behind the controversy. The first sentence in the subtitle of the article is:

"Research has soundly disproved the alleged connection, yet fears about vaccines continue to be a major risk to public health".

LOL! about research soundly disproving the alleged connection. What a crock.

Teresa Conrick

peter syms-

You are missing the point and defending a long standing issue of ignoring relevant research on the medical issues of autism.

It does not appear to be an innocent decision but a blatant bias by not using facts and opinions from both sides. It is not honest journalism and perpetuates the myths of autism -- that it is solely genetic with some case being "idiopathic" -- ie "puzzles", that there are no treatments nor hope for recovery. These are archaic and untrue.


I read the article. It took the biased consensus about the subject and approached it from a financially conflicted stand-point, looking at those who profit from the vaccine industry, not those injured by it.

peter syms

I read the article. It took the scientific consensus about the subject and approached it from a human behavioral stand-point, looking at why these beliefs take hold, not the science behind it.

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