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Congratulations to Autism Votes for Getting CT Insurance Passed in Senate

Ct Looks like we're a giant step closer to insurance coverage for autism here in Connecticut. Thank you to the folks at Autism Votes for their hard work.
Help for kids with autism advances (HERE)
By Ken Dixon
The Connecticut Post
Updated: 05/15/2009 04:12:04 PM EDT

HARTFORD -- Health-insurance companies would be required to cover the costs of diagnosis and critical therapies for children with the spectrum of autism than affects one in 115 kids in Connecticut, under legislation that was approved Friday afternoon in the Senate.

The bill, which passed 35-0 after about 45 minutes of debate, next moves to the House. If it becomes law, Connecticut would become the 10th state to mandate insurance coverage, including board-certified behavioral analysis and treatment for autism spectrum disorders.

The legislation would cost about $1.2 million in additional insurance premiums a year, but could save the state that much money per autistic person over the years between age 3 and 55.

"There are times when children don't have a chance to get up at bat and it's extremely painful for our families," said Sen. Joseph J. Crisco Jr., D-Woodbridge. "I personally feel that the parents and grandparents and loved ones of these children are the true heroes, 24 hours a day and all they're asking for is an opportunity, an opportunity to live a better life."



Cynthia Singleton

If it passes, CT would become the 12th state. Montana was the 10th, and Colorado was the 11th.

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