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Captain Kirk Suffers Vaccine Adverse Event!

By Commander Kim Stagliano (Dan is Captain.)

Hold onto your Tribble and set your phasers to stun!  I just got an email from AofA contributor Jim Donnelly. It seems that in the new Star Trek flick, Captain James T. Kirk's hands swell in reaction to a vaccination.  What's this?  Vaccine adverse events in the land of Spock? Highly illogical!  Watch the trailer, just because it's fun. The "VAE" isn't in it, it's just a good trailer. May the force be with you.  Oops, wrong movie.


Kevin D

Even funnier - or not so - was that for every adverse reaction, the good doctor had another shot for it!

Pharma making more money in the future for the adverse affects of their own vaccinations!

Will the money circle ever stop?

BTW, I loved the movie!

Mister Spock

I think you need to be more sensitive that were lost on planet Vulcan, NOT the land of Spock.
Oh, and Kirk didn't get autism. Get a life. Or maybe an M.D. so you'll actually be qualified to talk about autism & vaccines.
You don't realize how important vaccines are. Would you rather have autistic child, or a dead child from measles, mumps, whooping cough, rubella, INFLUENZA...all of the diseases that vaccines can prevent?

nuff said

"It seems that in the new Star Trek flick, Captain James T. Kirk's hands swell in reaction to a vaccination. What's this?"

This portrays the very public realization that vaccines can be injurious to your health.

Lila White

The vaccine incident is priceless! Could not believe my eyes. My recovered 18 y.o. commented on it too. What was I wearing that night? My "Green our Vaccines" T-shirt with "Too Many Too Soon" on the back.


I also saw this movie with my husband yesterday evening. I found it wonderful (funny and lightning paced) from beginning to end. The VAE scene was really enjoyable -- seeing young Kirk's hands and tongue swell like sausages. Why was that scene enjoyable to watch, you ask? For one, Bones immediately recognized the sudden, severe, and frightening symptoms for what they were -- an adverse reaction to vaccination-- and he did not casually dismiss them as "merely coincidental." Denial is very much en vogue these days.

Even Offit is now proclaiming that the Guillain Barre many suffered following their 1976 swine flu shots was likely not causally related to the swine flu vaccinations after all. All those other doctors who connected the dots, and found causality, were mistaken! History is being re-written even as I type these words, it appears.


My husband and I were talking about this movie. I've never been a "space junkie" but it sounds like it might be a good movie. (He thinks it would be a good "date night" movie) what he doesn't realize is that if momma sees something that momma wants to see, then daddy is more apt to be happier at the end of the evening...***wink***


Saw this movie with my hubby yesterday. First time we've been to the movies alone in... well, I don't even remember if that says anything to you.

Anyway, the dude in the seat next to me must have thought I had escaped the loony bin because when the VAE occurred I whispered, "Are you f'ing kidding me?"


Real men don't set their phasers to stun.

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