Autism and Testosterone
Review of Selective Hearing: Brian Deer and the GMC



Something has to be done regarding this autism. Why so many boys are turning non verbal autistics. What is going on?


I was there and had the pleasure of meeting your daughter (and John) and, it turns out, that I dont live far from her college! I am also glad to hear that Alison may finally get the help she long deserves.

John Stone

Actually, Brown's response on examination was clueless:

Walking away with bland, mealy mouthed assurances as usual. In the UK we are not so dependent on medical insurance as the US - we are just in endless battle with the state to provide the services we need. In the interview Brown narrows it to a benefits issue, but this about the state walking away from the consequences of its actions, and simply failing forever to acknowledge need. Any benefit entitlements are, of course, derisory compared to the actual cost of bearing the burden.

Brooke Potthast

Have to brag a bit that my daughter who is a student in London shows up in the clip saying the situation is "preposterous"! I sent her the AOA story about Allison and she went over to show support.

She knows the drill--she was 13 years old when she watched her little brother regress into autism.

So glad to hear that Allison got something from this although I agree it doesn't make up for the last 12 years.


John Stone


I had a blue coat and I was shown waving and pointing at the banner just before the end.

However, much more important is that Gordon Brown has just given Allison an assurance in a TV interview that her case will be dealt with. It won't make restitution for twelve years of cynical neglect and ideological doublespeak over support for disability, but it is a start. I will forward the clip as soon as I can get hold of it.


Was the chap in the blue shirt John Stone?
Or the chap that followed him?

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