Reps. Maloney, Smith Reintroduce Bill to Ban Mercury from Vaccines
UK Compulsory Vaccination Imminent

Bankrupt Chicago Tribune Tells Autism Families to "Go To Zell!"

Golden gag By Anne Dachel

It seems that the Chicago Tribune can't say enough about the dangerous and far-reaching effect of those in the autism community trying to sound an alarm over the horrific toll this disorder is taking on families everywhere.  Doctors using biomedical treatments and diet were repeatedly slammed along with the Autism One Conference held in Chicago last week.  SEE: 'Miracle drug' called junk science (HERE) Chicago Tribune and from the Los Angeles Times (HERE).

Jenny McCarthy is a specific target in the sights of the Tribune right now.  They had to tell us twice on both May 27 and a few hours later on May 28 on Google News that Oprah is crossing the line in letting McCarthy air her views on TV.
The two pieces are both by Maureen Ryan, THE WATCHER.  
Oprah's influence is vast and enters a controversial realm Chicago Tribune May 27
Far-reaching 'Oprah Effect' examined in documentary Chicago Tribune May 28
They're almost identical, except that the first one on the 27th had these two paragraphs at the end:

But Oprah is, after all, one of the most influential people in America, and the mere fact that she has given McCarthy a bigger platform, including a blog on, has some observers concerned. An "open letter" posted May 11 by science graduate student Shirley Wu asking that Winfrey reconsider the McCarthy connection got hundreds of comments, thanks to its wide circulation online. On the Internet, the topic of vaccines and autism seems to function as an invective magnet, but Wu's essay is remarkably gentle and temperate.

"Oprah, I hope you take my letter, and the well-intentioned if sometimes harsh criticisms from many others in the blogosphere, to heart," Wu wrote. "Because even though I still don't watch your show, others do, and they listen to you."

You won't find those paragraphs in the second posting. 
I don't know how others may feel, but what the Chicago Tribune is saying here sounds a lot like advocating for censorship.  The Trib tells us that some observers are "concerned" because Oprah is giving McCarthy "a bigger platform."  I thought that was called freedom of speech and for a national news outlet like the Chicago Tribune to warn us that certain Americans shouldn't be heard because some people don't like their message should have lots of people very concerned.
Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


Fighting Dreamer

Anyone with any sense knows that anything "Sam Zell" is involved in is usually crap anyway. His way of doing business makes Rupert Murdoch look like an angel. You ought to ask anyone who's worked for the L.A. Times about him (note I put worked in the past tence, as most good writers have been given the golden boot lately). Just be ready for a whole lot of cussing. Evidentally, there aren't names or insults vulgar enough to truly desribe Sam Zell or his allies, from what I've learned!!..........While attending a Japanese Anime Convention in Downtown Los Angeles last year. I got into a spirited conversation with a fellow. Who was attempting to drink his sorrows away. Several hours earlier had been forced to take a company buyout or be layed-off with no severence. Myself fully dressed as "Naruto" at the time(bright orange jacket & pants, ninja village headband, and shurikens). Was trying to console the poor man and proceeded to buy round after round of Cognac for him and myself.....Some of things he told me about Zell's "version of Journalism" would make even the most apathetic person rise up in anger!!

Benedetta Stilwell

To autism grandma; The Brits have socialized medicine and they still have just as much trouble getting help for their autistic children. Not that I am for either system of medicine - free enterprise or social medicine. I keep hoping for something better than both.

Autism Grandma

The only problem with appealing to the advertisers of the Chicago Tribune or any other newspaper or television news media is that Big Pharma is their largest single advertising budget. And Big Pharma is obviously behind this kind of "journalism" to begin with. Congress needs to repeal the law that allows drug advertising in the media and then maybe we will get some FACTUAL news reporting on the autism and vaccine issues. The USA is the only country that allows drug advertising to begin with, thanks to all of the Big Pharma financial "contributions" to congressmen and now they own this country entirely. We are the only country with "free enterprise" health care instead of socialized medicine.

We continally hear the same propaganda that "America has the best health care system in the world" and yet we have 50 million people without health care coverage, we are 34th in infant mortality and we lead the world in cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, AUTISM...and on and on ad nauseum. What's wrong with this picture???!!!

LJ Goes

Please consider contacting advertisers at the Trib...

Dear Advertiser,

I am writing to inform you about unethical reporting practices employed by the Chicago Tribune. Many of us are canceling our subscriptions to the nearly defunct paper.

This action is in response to several articles written by the Chicago Tribune in criticism of the autism community and those seeking answers and treatment for a painful and debilitating disease that destroys lives and erodes families. “One is every 64 children could have autism,” according to Cambridge researchers. This was reported by medical editor, Rebecca Smith, at the, where ethical reporting practices and the free press are still in tact. In contrast, the Chicago Tribune is actively participating in a smear campaign against those who are trying to bring the truth to the American public, about this western epidemic.

We respectfully request you cease spending valuable advertising dollars with a dying institution that is no longer interested in reporting the facts, but rather, printing spoon-fed establishment agendas in a desperate attempt to stay relevant.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Your name here


I had a ped endo want to put Mia on Lupron to reverse her puberty. He was unable to tell me what the drug would do to her seizure disorder. Or her autism. I declined. I didn't know about Dr. Geier. If I had, I'd have called him and asked about Lupron as it relates to the biochem of a person with autism. I'd have shared Mia's blood tests. I'd haved gotten answers. It's unlikely I'd have used the Lupron on Mia - somehow tricking her body out of puberty via chemicals just wasn't up my alley.

I just re-read her med records. Dr. Nathan of UH in Cleveland - where are you now and do you have any better understanding of people with autism and their medical needs? I sure hope so.

Also, I saw a comment on another blog from an anon behaviorist recommending Lupron to chemically castrate a 19 year old living in a group home to alleviate masturbation issues. Just like that, "Use Lupron."


When Endocrinologist and other specialists actually start treating autistic individuals instead of sending them away en mass as they do now, I will start taking what they have to say on autism treatments seriously. As it is now they are not looking inside the bodies of autistics to see what's happening therein so any commentary they have to give right now is arm chair, as far as I'm concerned.


It's Chicago.. Who takes anything happening there seriously??? Nobody should...........


I will say it again: Chicago is a scary place to be if you're a parent using biomedical interventions for autism. Thanks for keeping the spotlight on this.

I have another family court hearing next week involving the public guardian's office, still fighting claims that my choices to use dietary intervention and enzymes for autism are evidence that I'm disturbed.

Ironically, our PG has the same name as Anne included in her title... I thought from the title that this post was actually about the member of the Public Guardian's office who goes after biomedical parents! I wish that it was. That's another expose that needs to be written, but I'll have to wait until our case is closed to contribute.


Here's what the Tribune actually says: "Four of the world's top pediatric endocrinologists told the Tribune that the Lupron protocol is baseless, supported only by junk science. More than two dozen prominent endocrinologists dismissed the treatment earlier this year"

Sounds like scientists, not this one newspaper, are the ones this blog should be going after.


I just went through an old Vanity Fair issue in which Oprah was rubbing elbows with Bill Gates and other global vaccine-touting mega power-brokers. In the 22, obviously very careful years that it took Oprah to open the forum to vaccine safety issues, she's had to weigh the risks of criticism and even career-fatal attacks from much bigger fish than a failing Midwestern newspaper and a grad student named Shirley Wu, who may or may not be the daughter of an AAP member or someone making a buck in viral marketing.


It is a free country. We are certainly allowed to speak our peace.....or piece, given the media hype surrounding autism.
My one caveat is the concern regarding celebrity sanctions.....any celebrity sanctions.
It's vaccine injury today...what's tomorrow?


What is unfortunate is that the very sensible information provided by Jenny McCarthy does not have an even bigger platform. All the scientists who research autism and doctors who treat autism and parents of children with autism and people with autism who are able to understand -- all should be aware and educated about everything in Jenny & Dr. Jerry's new book "Healing and Preventing Autism" and also Dr. Bryan Jepson's book "Changing the Course of Autism", and Dr. Jaquelyn McCandless' book "Children with Starving Brains".

People make fun of Jenny for being a model, not an "expert", and criticize those such as Oprah and Larry King who give her TV time and blog space and publicity. But this is not about celebrities vs. science. She has worked hard to get doors opened so that she can speak on behalf of parents, doctors, and scientists who have been ignored by the media.

It's so obvious that vaccines can cause autism, asthma, allergies and diabetes. The information is there. These children need treatment. Some are benefiting tremendously from "alternative" treatments. Our vaccine program has serious problems. Everything Jenny has to say needs to be heard far and wide.

As Jim said, she (and others with her) are not the problem. The problem is the problem. Yet reporters such as those at the L.A. Times, N.Y. Times, NPR news, and Chicago Tribune keep focussing on everything but the real problems.


The worship of science as a religion has gotten to a serious level. But more importantly, the general media such as newspapers, TV all gain great revenue in the USA especially from pharmaceutical companies.
So here we have the protectionism of the cash cow, no matter how illogical. Luckily, Oprah does not run to that drummer.

Benedetta Stilwell

Me and Ms. Wu had something in common, I don't watch Oprah either --- But I think that is a goin to change, and I am a going to start watching Oprah.

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