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A Lethal Mixture: Swine and Bird Flu. Can We Trust Baxter, GSK and the WHO?

Question authority By John Stone

The most recent paroxysm in the swine flu saga begs some interesting questions  which scarcely ought to be swept aside. Last week veteran Australian  scientist,  Adrian Gibbs, author of 250 peer review studies raised the issue whether H1N1 virus could have been created in a lab error. Of course, denials were rapid. ABC News reported (HERE.)

“"Technically it's plausible but not likely," (said) Christopher Ohl, an associate professor of medicine at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, and a specialist in infectious diseases.

“"In this case I'm not concerned that this virus represents anything other than a naturally occurring mixture of viruses happening in nature," concluded Dr. Julie Gerberding, an infectious disease expert and the former director of the CDC...

“Regardless of the validity of Gibb's claims, he and several experts say that just bringing the idea of laboratory security to the public's attention is important.

“ "There are lives at risk," Gibbs said. "The sooner this idea gets out, the better."

“In 2001, foot-and-mouth disease led to the slaughter of more than 6 million animals, all after a vial went missing from a research laboratory in the United Kingdom.

“Since then, however, experts said lab security and regulations have been getting tighter and better.

“"Laboratories have a lot of security from having this happen, and it's very unlikely," Ohl said of the new theory about swine flu's origin.”

But have things improved since 2001? Probably the scariest story this year has so far been overlooked by the media at large. On  February 27 an article appeared in the Toronto Sun  by Helen Branwell, ‘Baxter: Product contained live bird flu virus’ (HERE.)

“The company that released contaminated flu virus material from a plant in Austria confirmed Friday that the experimental product contained live H5N1 avian flu viruses.
“And an official of the World Health Organization’s European operation said the body is closely monitoring the investigation into the events that took place at Baxter International’s research facility in Orth-Donau, Austria.

““At this juncture we are confident in saying that public health and occupational risk is minimal at present,” medical officer Roberta Andraghetti said from Copenhagen, Denmark.

““But what remains unanswered are the circumstances surrounding the incident in the Baxter facility in Orth-Donau.”

“The contaminated product, a mix of H3N2 seasonal flu viruses and unlabelled H5N1 viruses, was supplied to an Austrian research company. The Austrian firm, Avir Green Hills Biotechnology, then sent portions of it to sub-contractors in the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Germany.

“The contamination incident, which is being investigated by the four European countries, came to light when the subcontractor in the Czech Republic inoculated ferrets with the product and they died. Ferrets shouldn’t die from exposure to human H3N2 flu viruses...”
According to science columnist Mark Henderson writing in the London Times on May 4, the real danger from the new swine flu virus H1N1 would be if it combined with the previous big viral scare, avian flu H5N1:

"The biggest worry would be if a person or a pig became infected with both swine flu and H5N1 avian flu at the same time. As the former is highly transmissible but does not appear to be particularly lethal, while the latter is highly virulent but does not spread easily, a reassortment between the two could generate a very dangerous strain."

Of course, it would not be wise on its own to take anything Henderson says too seriously, bearing in mind his boss is a director of pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (HERE) and he is associated with the pharmaceutical lobby organisation Sense About Science (HERE.)  However, bearing in mind  the Toronto Sun story of February it is not exactly encouraging that WHO and the CDC have chosen Baxter as well as GlaxoSmithKline to develop a vaccine against H1N1 (HERE.)

So many aspects of these stories are not re-assuring. There have been no further reports on the Baxter bird flu fiasco since February, which at best sounds like criminal negligence of a high order – meanwhile the WHO and CDC remain silent. Health officials have failed to deny that the swine flu virus could have been created in a laboratory, but merely claim that such a security lapse is unlikely, when we know a much worse one occurred within the last 3 months. And Julie Gerberding, out-going director of CDC, fails to deny that swine flu is man-made but only tells us that she is “not concerned”.

John Stone, based in London, is a Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.


Harvard MD

Thanks for reposting , John!

Preponderance of evidence suggest deliberate government or lab created infectious agents;

-Research Lime disease and Plum Island;
-Polio epidemic of 1912 (I believe) deadly "polio" virus in Manhattan, 25% mortality rate, nothing like the 0.1% historical rate. Coincidence, epidemic broke out next to Rockefeller labs...(Dissolving Illusions, Dr. Humphries et al.)

dlshad cordya

VERY INPORTANT this is talks with the ex-minister of health of finland about swine flu VERY INPORTANT

John Stone



The patent holders of the OspA Lyme Disease vaccine knew that one third of the population had a halotype incompatable with their vaccine. No testing was done for halotype on test subjects or patients. There is, to my knowledge, no oversight in the production of vaccines. We are left with vaccines that are produced on the honor system. An Osp A Lyme test, is impossible. It will never work. An OspA vaccine based on an unverified test is dangerous and ruined a lot of people. Be very aware of what you put in your body because all they care about is the God Almighty Amero.


When the accusation is logical and the denial instant, you know they've hit on the truth.

John Stone

Bacterial infections are something else.

It may well be than in healthy population virus H5N1 is not much more dangerous than H1N1


but clearly the competence and integrity of agencies and the labs leave a great deal to be desired.

Some of the most important advice in this episode has come from Dr Tom Jefferson of Cochrane Library:-

"Citing a review of 51 studies examining different ways to contain respiratory virus epidemics, Tom Jefferson of the Cochrane Library said encouraging children to do simple things like wash their hands is most effective.

""I don't really understand why some governments are obsessed with popping pills and giving injections," Jefferson, who led the review, said in a telephone interview.

""The evidence is clear," he added. "Hand washing offers protection against a lot of things, not just respiratory viruses."

"The review of published studies from around the world suggested that frequent hand washing, using gloves, gowns and masks with filtration, and isolating people believed to be sick help reduce transmission of viral respiratory diseases.

"It also found that the greatest potential for preventing disease from spread came from focusing on children, not adults, Jefferson said."

"The main thing is if you teach children to wash their hands in schools, that is the biggest benefit to the whole of society," he said.



Here's an interestng article about antibiotic resistant Superbugs that was published in the New Yorker...the gist is we're doomed


Brian Falconer

Did anyone read this article about the guy that was caught at the U.S. border with vials of viruses?

How many don't get caught?


D.D. Carlson

The text "Non-target Effects of Live Vaccines", (Karger) enthusiastically discusses the use of avian influenza virus as a vector in vaccines to carry attenuated viruses throughout the body. (Remember, a dead virus doesn't provoke a lot of immune action hence chem stimulators and vectors are required.) More of us should have a copy of this handbook for insiders (amazon.com) but it costs over $350. It also discusses oncogenic mutations likely with vaccines. Notice the package inserts always state no testing for carcinogenic effect is EVER performed. I suspected the fake bird-flu pandemic blitz in 2006 was perhaps to cover up unexpected, disastrous effects of this vector science. Could still be. But they'll never tell and unsuspecting Americans will never find out - typical.

Teresa Conrick

Really good research, John.

The almighty dollar sign is being worshipped at the expense of human lives -- again --

where oh where is the humanity and the sanity when it comes to human health?

Mark Struthers

Who said the swine wouldn't fly?


"The Department of Health announced the deal, signed between Health Secretary Alan Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline and Baxter, which will allow production of pre-pandemic vaccine to begin as soon as possible."

Who said the pigs wouldn't make a killing?


''The germ is nothing, the terrain is everything'' Antoine Bechamp


What about the fact that Sarkosy was signing a deal on march 9 with Mexico and Aventis to buuild a 100 millions$ vaccine plant... for flu vaccine ??
Pasteur was a fraud, vaccines are a total fraud. It is a rape of the sanctity of the human temple. An assault on the immune system. Yes biowarfare, and big business for the ruling Elite!
''The germ is nothing, the terrain is verything.. Antoine Bechamp

Mark Struthers

Who can we trust? The world is experiencing a crisis of trust and the crisis is profound.

Alli Edwards

Sorry my previous post should read 'threat' not 'treat',

Alli Edwards

There's far too much corruption, it flourishes unhindered like the treat and fear of disease.

Excellent research.




Thank you, John.

I think a sort of "viral reassortment" happened when Donald Rumsfeld of Gilead Sciences became Secretary of Defense in 2001.

As most know, Gilead (not Roche) holds the patent for Tamiflu. The patent for Tamiflu runs out in 2016 and 2017. Lots of lab accidents can happen in the mean time.


oops - that link about the school for autistic kids was from 4/28. I think that school re-opened.


That accidental release of the avian flu was insanely stupid. It will be interesting to see if there is more evidence to support Gibbs theory and to inspire new security and safety efforts in the lab.


“A second Queens school was closed today after dozens of autistic students came down with suspected swine flu.”


This is the last thing these kids need. Hope they all getter soon.

I think a mandatory vaccination program seems very likely in the fall. Who can we write to to push for a preservative free version?

Benedetta Stilwell

My son is obsessed ... any of you familiar of just how they can become obsessed. He is obsessed on all things involving "Resident Evil". If you are not familiar with "Resident Evil" it is about a pharmcuetical company(I need a spell check)that accidently releases a virus, or maybe they released it on purpose on a town. I hear the music from it up there in his room right now. This article sort of suggest real life imitating art. I am obsessed too, I have spent the whole day reading age of autism's archives, even the science stuff. All good stuff. Blaylock's article was really good.

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