Dr. Steven Novella, why is this so hard to understand?
A of A Contest: Danson: The Extraordinary Discovery of an Autistic Child’s Innermost Thoughts and Feelings

Yes, Man! Jim Carrey on HuffPo "The Judgement on Vaccines is In?"

Jim carrey shor hair Read and comment on Jim Carrey's HuffPo piece, "The Judgement on Vaccines is In?" HERE.

Recently, I was amazed to hear a commentary by CNN's Campbell Brown on the controversial vaccine issue. After a ruling by the 'special vaccine court' saying the Measles, Mumps, Rubella shot wasn't found to be responsible for the plaintiffs' autism, she and others in the media began making assertions that the judgment was in, and vaccines had been proven safe. No one would be more relieved than Jenny and I if that were true. But with all due respect to Ms. Brown, a ruling against causation in three cases out of more than 5000 hardly proves that other children won't be adversely affected by the MMR, let alone that all vaccines are safe. This is a huge leap of logic by anyone's standards. Not everyone gets cancer from smoking, but cigarettes do cause cancer. After 100 years and many rulings in favor of the tobacco companies, we finally figured that out.

The truth is that no one without a vested interest in the profitability of vaccines has studied all 36 of them in depth...



Jenny McCarthy is going to be playing the role of samantha on the new CBS remake sitcom bewitched. I guess they should cast betty white as aunt clara.


Is it just me or am I missing Tho J? No really. I haven't seen any comments from the loser but now all of the sudden jacko88 shows up and they are a scientist? Really? I guess I've been banned because I can't leave a comment at all. Nothing. Guess I'll come back as jacko89 or something.
Over 6500!!!! WOW! I guess this whole vaccine issue is NOT over is it?

Kathy Blanco

Anybody shop over to Discover Magazines piece on how Jim Carrey loves diseases? My gosh, where are these nasty people living? Behind a computer probably, without a care in the world, without autism in their lives. If you want to see the real devils behind this, go there, and speak your mind. You may waste your breath, they breathe a lot of hot air and quote misquoted junk science...

By the way, I love having a kid get measles, when they are supported by VIT A levels that are adequate CLO, Selenium, Glutathione, with great mothering, and good nutrition. I love the chickenpox, too, it's fun. And so on and so forth, and as to polio, what polio? Pesticide polio or Lyme Polio? Vaccinated polio/ME? Give me a break....so. yeah, I love diseases, because the kid gets rid of toxins, and a jump in IQ is known to occur. God made these things so that our bodies would be excercized properly, learn to detox, learn to deal with pathogens on a normal level, not the current stuck TH1 and TH2 humoral response that is so screwed up now, our kids can't recognize self and non self anymore. Not the kind that shoots up known neurotoxins, mind you, the most toxic known to man, in their BLOOSTREAM>

He as in GOD, never intended this wrong sided aproach that man has forced on his people, a people who are now toxic dump yards for every pharma drug imaginable. Mother nature, is surely, rocking in her..grave? Or, she's somewhere, not here.. she moved away a long time ago, as soon as we started to think that pollutions have no affect on mankind....

Nut cases on HuffPo

There is some idiot over there that can't seem to understand that our kids' immune systems are incapable of "taking" vaccines and that our fully vaccinated kids are whooping with the pertussis off and on. This brilliant mind says it must be the flu, or RSV or a genetic potential to wheeze. Like we are incapable of recognizing a whoop when we hear one. Also has anyone ever heard of a genetic potential to wheeze in 10 year olds? I have heard old men in their 80s and 90s wheeze because they are old. I don't recall anyone wheezing right from birth because of genetics.

I vote we petition them to close comments because this is downright insulting to our children. They deserve better. As does Jim Carrey.

Kelli Ann Davis -- Jim And Jenny Are "Bewitched" and Kathleen Siedel's Back

The latest and greatest from "blue meanie":

"I have read about new research showing that an allergy to barley can produce autism-like symptoms. Perhaps that is something to further explore.

In the meantime, changing the subject just for a moment, I would like to suggest a future project for Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy. Why not do, together, a remake of "Bewitched," either as a TV series or a movie?

(I know a remake was done not long ago, but that should not stop you. I am sure your version would be much better. Go for it! You are a perfect fit!)"

My response:

Well, Golly Gee. Stop the presses. Barley. One study.

But let's just conveniently overlook the myriads of studies showing the toxicity of mercury and the damage it does to the brain and the fact that it"s NEVER been proven safe to inject into individuals (let alone infants!) at ANY LEVEL.

It seems "blue meanie" classifies anyone who points people to the REAL science (and facts) as "betwitching" whereas, I"d say anyone who looks at one barley study as a possible cause of autism while ignoring the obvious neurotoxicity of mercury and the fact that our children were injected with it via vaccines, is performing the ultimate "spell" in trying to divert attention away from the most obvious place to look.

Kelli Ann Davis
D. C. Political Liaison
Generation Rescue


The Huff Po comment list is already past 4000 comments and growing. I think it's on its path to break records. Do your duty controlling some of those nasty commenters.


Thanks Jim!

From an autism Mom in Manitoba!

Everyone remember to go comment on Huff Po, it's a quick and easy process to sign in.

I just read that Jennifer Lopez will need to go on my personal boycott list, which isn't really a problem AT ALL because she sucks it huge anyway! PS - what career, Jennifer?

Her and Amanda Peet should get together to write a thesis or something. Ha!!!



Thank you Jim!

So well written! Who knew a "funny guy" could be so profound.
Thank you GR, Jenny, JB et al
those of us in the fight for safer vaccines appreciate your voice.

mom to Baxter


The three recent autism omnibus decisions were so discouraging. Then the Bailey Banks decision was released, showing that some Special Masters are capable of sense. Articles such as the recent one in the L.A. Times are so discouraging. But voices such as Dr. Jay Gordon and Dr. Bernardine Healy and Jim Carrey keep saying what needs to be said. Thanks so much to all who are persevering and putting information out there for the world to see.

And JB, the Lincoln Memorial site is great. It's great to see so much info together in one place, including the speeches such as that by RFK.

Tanners Dad

10:30 Central Time 179,256 Views | 3789 Comments 9 pending Help keep the world informed... We have staying power yes we do... They are losers through and through! Go Team. Ok I was not a cheerleader but This fight is one to watch. I know we have more skin in the game than they ever dreamed of putting in. The end result of stealing money to take advantage of children is usually suicide, jail, or Hell. I hope our current leaders will eventually feel the heat!

Jenny and Jim Fan

As a mom of a recovered child, I'd like to say thanks, Jim, for getting our message out there. You are saving lives.

This so much reminds me of Horton Hears a Who - you are Horton, we are the Whos. We can scream our message "We are here!" at the top of our lungs, but ultimately it takes a giant, perceptive and tenacious hero to finally have that message heard.

Thanks Horton!

Teresa Conrick

Wowie! I loved this article and all the truth and honesty it shows.

Thanks again, Jim! This has opened up more eyes and for an old timer like me in the trenches, it gives a renewed sense of hope.


Thank you, Jim Carrey. There will always be some people for whom reason is unreasonable.

My late mother-in-law was often unwilling to confront uncomfortable topics. She'd say, "I don' wanna tink about it." That phrase springs to mind whenever I read comments from people who can't comprehend this failure of our public health bureaucracy to manage a safe vaccine program for everyone.

Think FEMA. Think Katrina. Think of a Superdome full of cold, wet, dehydrated, hungry children and adults and seniors sleeping in chairs and overfilling clogged toilets while bureaucrats turn away truckloads of water and other donations. Then remember that unsafe vaccines are not confined to low-lying coastal regions.

Suddenly vaccine safety concerns become very, very personal.

Angela Warner

This was my comment - when I started to type there were 3099 comments and 22 pending.


"I am quite disheartened by a couple things; that people are not willing to use their real names - especially those opposing Jim and what he has to share, and that there are so many people who commented who can't or refuse to understand that vaccines can cause autism just as being un-vaccinated can lead to disease. On top of this you can still have vaccination, with autism, and develop disease.

My older son began showing symptoms of autism after one Hep B vaccine at 10 months of age. Everything was perfect until then. My younger son after his varicella vaccine at age 3 - completely gone. At that point I made the decision to no longer vaccinate because I saw it with my own eyes. One single vaccine for each of them and they're gone. The boys and their sister were all up to date on their vaccines and all got pertussis. My younger son had it the worst. Our doc's attitude? Not pertussis - it should be gone thanks to vaccines.

I have not vaccinated my youngest at all. Funny thing - she's the healthiest child. No chronic ear infections and months of antibiotics. Both girls just had the chicken pox. They did beautiful. And they have permanent immunity.

The problem is that vaccines are not used judiciously. All other medicines rx'ed by a doc is rx'ed judiciously, but not vaccines. One size does not fit all."


Amen. Thank you for your concise, informed input! Jim and Jenny are such beacons for parents in the trenches. Thank you!!


I'm not that surprised that Jim wrote such a masterpiece. To be as talented as he is requires an intellect nothing short of genius. It would require an awareness on different dimensions but with the logical reasoning to piece it all together. And then put it into our language wether it be laughing or deep thought. What other explanation could take you from one extreme to the other.
I believe that God gave us all a gift and a purpose. And when those two meet you will find your calling. I believe this is Jim's calling. He is resonating and everyone is witnessing it.
The smoke is in the air over at Huff Post, there's a good battle being fought. Why don't all of us head over there and support Jim. You know the other side is calling in reinforcements as we speak.
Thanks Jim from the parent of an aspie.

Kelli Ann Davis -- Where's Jim's Piece on "Most Popular?"

So, check this out. I was over on HuffPost totally flabbergasted by the amount of comments on Jim's piece (over 3,000) so I scrolled down on the "Most Popular on Huffington Post" (on the HOME PAGE and the right side of the website) to see how many VIEWS his piece had and lo and behold -- it's not there.

The Fiengold piece was on the top with 1530 comments and 306,078 views but Jim's piece isn't even listed anymore.

So, what's up with that?? I've double checked but it's GONE (it was there earlier in the day.)

Bottom Line: I would LOVE to know how many VIEWS his piece got today.

Lisa in Texas

If almost 9000 could show up and support Jenny and Jim last summer in DC, how many of us can post comments on his article about our kids on the block.
Wow, that could be eye opening.


way to go Jim. Thanks for advocating!!!!

Curtis J

Thank you again Jim. Very well written.

You could probably even write a movie about the subject... hmmmmm

Tanners Dad

Another Banner day for AOA and our community. I think Jim Really shook them up this time. Every time they post something stupid they look more stupid for bringing it in such a stodgy way. Go Jim. One day my child will have a voice. One day the children of the future will thank us. One day Pharma will pay. Payment from the ashes of the 2009 gas chambers will be due in here on earth And their future in Hell.


I just wanted to post a thank you to Mr. Carrey for his Huffington Post article. That "Lincoln Memorial comment" was golden, and it re-ignited my feelings of disgust for the AAP in general (for their outright contemptuous, arrogant, and ignorant neglect of our ASD children). Mr. Carrey's logic is unimpeachable --as unimpeachable as Dr. Bernadine Healy's credentials-- much to the angst of the pharmaceutical, and the vast majority of the AAP, community. So, thank you so very much, Mr. Carrey. And please, oh please, make us another funny movie soon!

Julie Penny

WoW and double-Wow, Jim! Go get 'em! You've got them on the run!


Jim's article was just mentioned on E!'s the Daily 10.

Kub Marshman

I've only been reading AoA and Huffington Post coming up on a year, but I don't recall any article on either site having over 2500 comments. Wow. To all those who continue to point out that Jim Carrey isn't "qualified" to give an opinion on autism: Parents such as Jenny McCarthy and the hundreds who comment here that non-traditional treatments not only helped their children but in fact reversed their child’s autism diagnosis are not making these claims up. Why would they lie about such a thing? What would be Jim Carrey’s motivation to lie about Jenny’s son? Who are you to question parents who know the exact day their talking/walking/normally developing child changed? I truly don’t understand you. I sometimes think I am the only parent on AoA who can’t remember their son “being normal.” My knowing wasn’t preceded by anything. I just knew something was different. How dare you people just comment without putting any work into coming up with an informed opinion or by not living autism every day. I don’t give a damn if Jim Carrey is an actor or Jenny McCarthy is a former playmate (as CNN’s transcript of Larry King Live on 4/3/09 thought both those revelations were relevant). Here are 2 people who have taken an active role and have stated on more than one occasion they are not anti-vaccine. Neither am I. Make an informed opinion or please shut your pie hole.


To Not The Problem,
There are four on my block.


Thanks Jim

Not the problem

Great article! My two favorite quotes on LKL were Jim's
"We are not the problem, the problem is the problem"


"There is an autistic kid on every block"

You are sadly so right. Mine is the one on my block.

Mark Blaxill

What a fascinating interaction over on the HuffPo comment section. It's a great tribute to the power of open journalism. There's a lot of back and forth, but the placement of Jim's piece and the intense interest (2000+ comments and rising) are testimony to the power of this argument and our community.

Many thanks to Jim Carrey for standing up for what's right.


Thank you, Jim, well done! I hope you're reading the comments over here, I just couldn't bear to leave a comment on HuffPo after reading through some of them and experiencing the subsequent blood pressure rise.

Good job GR!

Holy Cow - check out the Lincoln Memorial link.


David Taylor

Yes, Jim's post is one of the best "citizen statements" on this issue that I've ever read. What he wrote reflects a very common sense position:

1. Vaccines do NOT cause "autism." Put another way: Vaccines alone do not cause "autism."

Various symptoms of autism spectrum disorders seem to be of an epigenetic origin: a combination of individual genetic susceptibility and environmental triggers, one of which can be vaccines for some children.

2. Vaccines help prevent disease and are an important public health advance that should be supported. As a parent of child injured by vaccines at his 18-month-old well baby visit when he received 5 vaccines in 5 minutes, I still support a nationwide vaccine program.

Do I think we can make it safer for susceptible children? Yes.

Would I do vaccinations completely differently for our Davey today? Do bears go poopy in the woods?

3. Vaccines can injure some children. It even says so on the waiver that parents sign and is the reason for the vaccine adverse events reporting system and the vaccine court of claims.

4. As the number of vaccines given has increased and the number of children receiving those vaccines has increased, there has been a corresponding increase in adverse events reporting and injury claims. See above for numbers: VAERS and VICP.

5. The total cumulative effect of all the vaccines in the current schedule has never been studied as vaccines have been added over the last two decades. It needs to be studied.

What is so remarkable on HuffPost is that the medical and pharmaceutical industries have so successfully hijacked the comments there but the same attacks we saw on the last Larry King show:

Do not address the issues. Raise the dark spectre of childhood diseases once vaccines are no longer given. I'm still looking for anyone with an IQ higher than their number of teeth who advocates the abolition of vaccines.

Can intelligent people see past the ruse at to the common sense of Jim Carrey?

Go to any Tea Parties last week?

To the poster here who is "saddened" by the many people on HuffPost who seemed duped:

Divide by half and then half again: that's the likely number of real people posting those negative comments.

The rest are paid trolls working in the boiler room basements of PR firms all over this great nation.


I read some of the comments. All I can say is that pharma must have declared "all hands on deck." They are REALLY afraid of Jim Carrey. Many pharma responses - they all use the same phrases. Must be in the training manual. Those are not real comments from real people just pharma trolls. Go Jenny and Jim, you are getting to them. ha ha

Kelli Ann Davis -- JIM CARREY ROCKS

Hey Jim,

The Congressional report citing the violation of the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) in regards to Offit's seat on ACIP seems to be the "tip of the iceberg" when it comes to these committees.

Recently, (as you probably know) the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) pulled some "surprise moves" in regards to the deletion of two vaccine studies that were voted into the strategic plan at a previous meeting. This of course was the last "hurrah" to a buildup of FACA violations that had accumulated over the previous two years " here"s one example which I wrote about on Age of Autism last August:


Now, it seems the IOM"s NEW Committee to Review Adverse Effects of Vaccines (which HRSA " the agency in charge of Vaccine Court"is funding) may also be in violation of FACA and they only had their first "official" meeting on Monday!


Bottom Line: A lot of hanky-panky going on which needs to be challenged and brought to light; especially given the high-stake outcomes.

Thanks Jim for standing shoulder to shoulder with us. You are the best!

Kelli Ann Davis
D.C. Political Liaison
Generation Rescue

PS...Loved the "scotch tape" scene in Yes Man but I thought guys were into duct tape?

Joanne Antonetti

Right on Jim. Thank you. So many closed-minded sheeple to educate with the truth, so little time...



I just read through many of the Huffington Post comment linked to this article. The responses sadden me. The reality is, so many people are simply buying into what the "medical community" tells them. They honestly think we are a bunch of conspiracy theorists. I will continue fighting and I thank God for Jim Carrey, but I just wonder what it will take for people to honestly consider vaccines as a link autism...1 in 20 kids???

Kathy Blanco

Jim and Jenny rock. I don't agree you can green a vaccine, but I am so glad they are putting "thoughts" into parents hearts and minds. Thanks for your advocacy.


As a friend of mine told me this morning ''Reality is becoming his greatest movie''. Thanks for who you are. We needed more than an prfoundly amazing comedian and you are delivering the true spirit of a great human being. We are blessed.
''Love you more than all the stars in the sky''.

When is the GR team coming to Montreal ?
We have some Offit's clones (Trombonne and Moron, oups... Fombonne and Mottron) to send to the freezer before spring is over!

Erik Nanstiel

It's a brilliant Article, Mr. Carrey (if you read these comments...)

I forwarded it around and linked it to my Facebook profile. Probably will include it as a link on AutismMedia.org.

Erik Nanstiel
FAIR Autism Media


Excellent article! Right on, Jim Carrey!


Thank you, Jim!!


Thank you, Jim for using your voice for our community. This is a great article with clear points that I hope will resinate with mainstream America.

Kevin Barry

Jim Carrey: "There's no evidence of the Lincoln Memorial if you look the other way and refuse to turn around."

There is a mountain of anecdotal evidence of a Lincoln Memorial. The reports also suggest a temporal association with visits to Washington DC.

However, people with labcoats say 100% of the reports were made by people looking for something to blame.



Rache Ford

This is a very insightful and wonderfully written article. Thank you Jim! You are another great voice for our community.

candace passino

brillant article jim, we are so lucky to have a sensible voice like yours and jenny ..thanks for speaking out..candace

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