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We're Aware Already... It's Autism Epidemic Action Month

This shit By Kim Stagliano

So here it is, April 1st. The kickoff of "Autism Awareness" month. I'm going to do my best to never refer to these 30 days as being about awareness.  If I am "aware" that a child is drowning in my pool and do nothing I'm off to jail for negligence, right?

Welcome to "Autism Epidemic Action Month."  

Pick up copy of Jenny McCarthy and Dr. Jerry Kartzinel's new book HEALING AND PREVENTING AUTISM and give it to someone who has a child with autism but who does not yet know autism is treatable.  Call a friend who has a child on the spectrum and tell her you're coming over for two hours to watch her child while she goes out for coffee or tea or simply crawls into bed.  Send a few bucks to to help a family pay for biomed treatments.  Pop into school and offer to laminate PECS for a few hours. 

We're doers - not do-gooders. There's a difference. Awareness is no longer enough. It never was.

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism.


Lynne M. George

Yes, Autism Can Be Reversed Naturally!
Brandon's Window-- A Grandmother's Documentary of Reversing Autism Naturally
My name is Lynne George. As the title of my book suggests, my grandson Brandon's autism is being reversed though natural supplements, natural diet, and detoxification through lifestyle changes. Additionally, early intervention is a key to our success.
I have learned through Dr. Chris Greene and Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride that most autistic children have inflamed guts which lead to inflamed brains. The inflammation causes compromised immune systems; therefore, if you quell the inflamation in the gut, this leads to the brain healing, a connection then begins to process understanding. This child or adult can be teachable. The real problem is that this inflammation causes individuals to become sick--sick inside of their bodies. Although recently scrutinized by many, I believe that vaccines save lives. We cannot rid vaccines from society. However, life choices and lifestyles have to change.
In the 1950's, '60's and a portion of the 70's, very few diseases were noted, such as high blood bressure, diabetes, cancer, etc. Families retrieved food from their lands. Unfortunately, in this new era, we have resorted to processed, microwave society. the foods we intake are extremely unhealthy which may compromise our immune system.
Dr, Campbell Mc-Bride's Gut and Psychology Syndrome contains a Recommended Foods/Foods to Avoid list(s) that might be worth reviewing. This is not the gluten-free casien free diet. This diet allows eggs, and natural cheeses, coconut milk, butter, and ghee which is vital nourishment for the brain. It is our family's reference tool for Brandon's diet. I certainly believe that her suggested foods played an important role with my grandson's recovery. We have created a healthy pizza, breakfast juice, lemonade, and cookies from her Foods Recommended List.
Dr. Chris Greene is instrumental guiding us with his knowledge of natural nutrition, whole food supplementation, and his expertise of infoceutical scans.
Early I was invited to share Brandon's story(two-segments) on the most comprehensive and cutting-edge health show on radio today--To Your Health with dr. Chris Greene[WGUN] in Atlanta--regarding "Autism". (featuring Laurie Ledbetter/Representative for Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride--Gut and Psychology Syndrome and Stuart Tomc/National Educator and Spokesperson for Nordic Naturals). We discussed in detail my ongoing documentary. The documentary depicted the end result of a four-month culmination of reversing Brandon's autism naturally.
Dr. Natasha allowed me to reference her book. Gut and Psychology Syndrome--Natural Treatment for Autism, A.D.D, A.D.H.D, Dsylexia, Dyspraxia, Depression, and Schizophrenia. Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride has been reversing autism and other neurological diseases in the United Kingdom for years. Not only is she a doctor, she is the mother of an autistic child. Dr. Natasha holds a degree in Medicine and Postgraduate degrees in both Neurology and Human Nutrition. In her Cambridge clinic, she specializes in Nutrition for Children and Adults with Behavioural and Learning Disabilities, and Adults with Digestive and Immune Systems Disorders. (See correlating videos on youtube by typing in the subject line Gut and Psychology).
Yes, I can truly say that when a door closes, God opens a window. Brandon's window of opportunity opened the second week of April 2008 when his detox symptoms manifested. "Brandon's Window" documents the steps and programs that were implemented to help him though his journey from autism.
Seeing is believing!! Go to and get direct links to over 70 correlating videos on youtube of Brandon's amazing progress (Aug. 08, 4 months)(Oct. 08, 6 months) (Nov. 08, 7 months) and (Mar-Apr. 09, 11months) (April 09, 12 months) of reversing from autism using natural methods. (More videos to posted in the future)
God Bless,
Lynne M. George


um I think we are aware.

John Kirton

Well this is just our second "Awareness" month that we have known about. We too are full of awareness and are looking for some ACTION.

The only way that parents of children with Autism are going to get any traction is when the President appoints the "Autism Czar" he promised in his campaign. Then the rest of the country and the world will take notice.

Ignore the 'homemade' studio and find out who is needed to fill this critical position. Watch this video:

Kub Marshman

Most of the folks who read AoA are all too "aware" of what autism is and its many forms. Personally, I'm not caught up in the name of what we call this month. I will however continue to look after my corner of the world. If that means better educating my CIO what my wife and I go through raising a son with autism, consider it done (that happened today). If it means I need to educate an old man who becomes annoyed my son is opening and closing the freezer doors at Target, consider it done. If it means educating the guy who brings back the grocery carts from the parking lot, consider it done. It's a hell of a lot easier to recognize a drowning child than one with autism when you're not living it every day.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Robin Nemath, Keep going and doing what you do. We're all behind you .

At the end of 09 lets give a few more prizes for things like MOST HATED WORDS (Awareness for example) and BEST MISLEADING EUPHEMISM - My favourite for that is the new public health favourite- "Uptick in autism cases" - as in Uptick instead of epidemic. Oh dear, I just realized- Even epidemic is practically a euphemism in todays Age of Autism.

Pam Long

In favor of Autism Action month, I wanted to let the readers know about Train 4 Autism. It's a non-profit that lets individuals and teams run in the race of their choice and raise money for the autism organization of their choice. I ran a 1/2 marathon in Texas last weekend, and raised almost $2000 for biomedical treatment financial aid for affected kids in central Texas seeking care at Thoughtful House.
Check out:
and/or led by Dr. Bryan Jepson, author of "Changing the Course of Autism."

My son started treatment at age 2 1/2, and at age 5 is well on his way to recovery ( In 2007, I founded a group called "Moose Moms" in central Texas as an autism action group, in contrast to the existing awareness group in my region. We help each other with implementing the diet, treatment, and testing. Now, we are speaking to support groups all over the region who are hearing about autism treatment for the first time.

Part of the healing process for parents involves helping others. Go rescue some families!

Thank you, Age of Autism for your action in helping families get information.

Now, I have to get back to "Healing and Preventing Autism." So good!

Pam Long


To Lori Ghiringhelli -

My God told me that my child needed lab tests and biomedical treatments.

God helps those who help themselves... and help the vulnerable children who count on their parents to leave no stone unturned in their search for health and happiness.

Julie Swenson


Jenny is not talking about a cure. She is talking about prevention and recovery. There is a big difference between recovery and cure. The problem is that most doctors will attempt to turn parents away from the possibility that there is hope to recover. Yes, of course genetics are involved- I have always been a proponent of genetics contributing to vaccine-injury. AoA has long taken that view as well, as do most doctors and researchers of autism.

What is the point of being aware of a condition that has valid, biomedical treatments if parents are not allowed to think that it could help their child? Ok, we're what? If only I had known about the DAN method right after my child was diagnosed, instead of 2 years later. How might his life have been different.

Matthew Gilbert

Wow, Kim - We must be psychologically linked because, as I was sitting here thinking of what to write on my blog to recognize "World Autism Awareness Day," I kept thinking how much I hate the word "awareness" and how much I prefer words that communicate action.

It's the same way I hate when people say "so and so is a VICTIM of X disease" instead of saying "so and so is FIGHTHING X disease."

Words have power and using a word that communicates passively accumulating information (awareness) seems to almost encourage people to witness something without acting out in response to it.

I for one can't stand sitting and doing nothing: my goal is to always be "that" parent that doesn't take no for an answer and keeps asking questions when people tell me something that doesn't make sense.

So let's here it for Autism Action Month!

Teresa Conrick

Lori Ghiringhelli -

Thank God Jenny has broken through the black hole of crap media to show that her son is healing (recovery can be a loaded word)and that many kids can heal.

You are welcome to your opinion but her book is not saying you have to do a, b, or c. There are parents with young children who deserve to know there are options --diet, supps, hbot, detoxification, etc.

Awareness is not necessary. It is known. Early intervention is a nice phrase for speech, ABA, and OT as they were the only game in town until the biomedical aspects started to unfold.

My daughter and most with asd do not have a genetic disorder. Do not try to insinuate that nor try to say that biomed treatments should be abandoned because they don't cause a miracle or one thing works and another does not. If that were the case, my sixteen-year-old would still be in diapers.

You can glorify your "unbroken child" like a china doll but the reality is that most of our children have a myriad of symptoms as a result of illness---immune disorders
-sensory disorders --toxins/metals -GI disorders(food allergies/intolerances/excitotoxins
-mitochondria dysfunction/disorders -microglia/inflammation etc....that all cause the behaviors we call autism.

Doing years of early intervention with a leaky and inflamed gut, inflammation in the brain,seizures,excema, strep and clostridia bacteria, yeast, high viral titres, high/abnormal metals --lead, aluminum, mercury, not what heals autism.

We are talking medical issues that need to be addressed so all other interventions can take root.

Aspies are cool but only when they figure out that broken and medically ill are not the same.

Maria Durci

Kim - Great ideas. We need to be doing not just talking. So I am going to do my part starting here.

You don't have to be rich to implement basic biomedical treatments. I was able to deal with my son's treatment with very little support from anyone. We started GF/CF and eliminated preservatives, dyes and additives. I used what supplements I could afford and did my best to be sure they were as free of unneccessary ingredients as possible. I found an allergist who would listen and treat his allergies which was mostly covered by insurance and of course we did a year of early intervention (because he was not diagnosed until age 4). I do wish that could have been sooner. He improved dramatically in days of starting biomedical before the early intervention started. And within years he had improved phenominally within a couple of years. Now at age 10 it takes most people a while to see his quirks, but his gifts are evident to more people than just me.

If your child is not physically at their best, they cannot be behaviorally at their best and their learning will not progress as well as it could. Not every child will reach the point that they are no longer able to be declared free of all signs of Autism but many, as my son will, can reach the point that they can succeed in life free of gut issues, without agressive behaviors, intersted in their peers, able to express their thoughts, feelings and dreams. My son is riding the rainbow to red and no one is going to stop him.

Other families can learn to take some basic steps and try biomedical interventions. I for one, will support the families I meet and encourage them to try regardless of income.


Lori Ghiringhelli

I am of the proponent that genetics plays a huge part here, biomed treatments do not work for every child, if that were the case we would have a cure and we clearly DO NOT at this time. Does thimersol play a part in Autism absolutely. That is not my point. I am a huge fan of Jenny but lets not confuse parents even more by telling them that Autism can be cured and if they do not do a,b and c their child will not be cured. Jenny can afford the best of the best for her child most of us cannot... Awareness is key, sorry if that gets folks angry but it is what it is. I wish I was aware of the signs to look for in my son when he was a toddler. Early Diagnosis and intervention is the key, ABA therapy, OT, etc.....There has to be a balance of awareness, intervention and finding a cure. My son is not broken he is a gift from GOD.

Diane Frioni

Autism Epidemic Action Month is what we need!

Every April for years I've dreaded "Autism Awareness Month", but this year is different. We have Jenny on her national media book tour making people AWARE of the TRUTH; that "autism" is caused by toxins and is treatable. Rock on, Jenny, rock on.

Alison MacNeil

Frankly, if I were any more aware of Autism I'd be dead.

Terri Lewis

How about Autism Prevention Month?

Maybe it would plant the seed of an idea for people who are still clueless: the disease process of autism can be prevented.

Terri Lewis

You go, Robin! Be a thorn in their nasty little sides. There are a lot of ways to bring about change, and this is one of them.


Hey Kim,
Great ideas... and you hit the nail on the head!! It is time to just rename it Autism Action Month...


Here in Pittsburgh, it seems to be "Let's Scare the Parents into Vacc'ing" month. The media is full of reports of a father and two children coming down with measles (FROM WHICH THEY ARE RECOVERING WITH NO COMPLICATIONS), seen here:

Note that the automatic conclusion is, "Health officials hope the cases will persuade more parents to have children vaccinated."

If this campaign is successful, I wonder if we'll see a spike in autism diagnoses in Pittsburgh...

Robin Nemeth

‘Awareness is not enough.’ I like that.

There is a large autism organization that is going to have a big benefit shindig here in Cleveland, at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at the end of the month. I’ve written to Ms. Porrazzo, of the Cleveland office, regarding this, as I had a few questions for her. She is walkathon manager and the contact person listed on the Rock Til it Stops benefit website. I tried leaving a message on her phone answering machine but after a week or ten days or so went by and she didn’t get back to me, I sent her an email. That was yesterday. If I don’t hear back from her in the next few weeks I expect I might be attending the benefit, only sans tickets and on the public sidewalk in front of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. With a large sign.

I don’t believe that answers to these questions are too much to ask.

1. Why is Monica Robins, the WKYC health reporter and noon anchor, being honored? What has she done other than promote your walkathons by having Ms. Goldberg, your co-chair, on her afternoon program, thus raising awareness and money? So many of us are sick of awareness, already. I would not expect that Ms. Robins would have the same interest as I and many in the vaccine link. But when I wrote her last fall asking her why there’s been nothing on WKYC regarding the vaccine issue, she emailed me back and told me she’s done stories about the vaccine/autism link. I can’t find them archived anywhere. When I ask her to please help me out and tell me where and when her stories have been aired or published, I get no reply. Again, I don’t believe that it’s too much to expect an answer to this question. She’s made the claim that she’s covered this issue. Where? When?

2. I can somewhat understand the choice of Dr. Healy as honoree, although I frankly think that she’s spoken publicly in support of those who believe vaccines could pose harm much too late. But she did what I believe to be the right thing, eventually. I would like, however, to know if Dr. Healy intends to address the issue of thimerosal in flu shots. In an interview with Don Imus, which can be found on your organization’s website, Dr. Healy tells listeners that the flu shots given to children no longer contain thimerosal. And yet, based on the information that I find here

on the FDA’s website, this is untrue. There is still, to this day, a toxic level (25 micrograms) of thimerosal in flu shots which are now routinely being advised for pregnant women, babies, and children. I have written Dr. Healy to bring this matter to her attention. As there are a great many people who have concerns about thimerosal in flu shots, is it right to let this bit of misinformation go uncorrected? Will she commit to correcting, publicly, this misperception at the Rock Til it Stops benefit event at which she is to be honored?

3. Ronn Richard, CEO of the Cleveland Foundation, and newly appointed by Ohio Governor Strickland as Infrastructure Czar (this means he will help decide how stimulus money is to be spent), is quoted as having said “I give money away for a living and figure out who to say yes and no to”, and “The most important thing is donor intent—what the funds are for.” I have a question which I passed on to him via the Cleveland Foundation and it is this. Just what do you think the intent is of the many thousands of people who have walked outside of Jacob’s field over the years in support of this organization that is honoring you? Up until very recently it has been the perception of many that the largest autism support organizations don’t speak for the families of those struggling with autism. I myself was threatened with arrest, and then lied to and about, two years ago by Ms. Goldberg, simply for politely asking people on a public sidewalk if they’d like information about vaccine safety. Do you think that it’s the intent of those contributing their time and money to this organization that those who would like to raise awareness of vaccines as a suspect cause should be silenced?

4. It’s been the impression of many that the leadership of this organization is more interested in going to gala parties and hobnobbing with stars than in actually helping children and families. Why should I believe that any of this has changed?

I courtesy copied the letter I wrote to Ms. Porrazzo to the above named individuals—Ms. Robins, Dr. Healy, Ronn Richard via the Cleveland Foundation, and also Karen Farkas of the Cleveland Plain Dealer who wrote the story where I got my information about Mr. Richard. I’m really hoping somebody will get back to me but I’m not holding my breath.

I’ve got the sign sketched out on paper. See/hear/speak no evil monkeys again, only this time in party clothes. I was going to have the syringe with the words ‘CDC poisons people’ on the other side, but I am thinking maybe I will put ‘Awareness isn’t enough’ there instead. Or maybe ‘Awareness (and parties) aren’t enough.’ If it turns out that I end up going.

No, I don’t quite know what I would hope to accomplish by doing this. When I was outside of the House of Blues benefit two years ago, handing out flyers and being accused of ‘harrassing and threatening guests’ and then threatened with arrest, I spoke briefly with one of the women who’d help organize the event. It may have been Ms. Goldberg but I’m unsure. She said to me “Will you please just leave? We’re trying to have a night out, and you’re spoiling our evening.”

I can understand these sentiments. Even without children on the spectrum, I can understand the need to get away once in awhile. But at the same time, there are questions which I feel need to be considered, if the intention of these benefits is really to help those afflicted with ASDs. Maybe I’m just thinking that if my sign causes a few of the people there at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to think a little bit about them, it will have been worth spoiling their evening a little bit. And I have been trying very hard not to be too terribly snarky. But they do make it difficult.

I’ve been asked to keep speaking out about this issue, so I intend to do so.


Fantastic Kim!

What great ideas!
Id love someone to offer to come over and clean my house...or cook a whole bunch of GFCF food and pop it in my freezer.

- Heather


The phrase "autism awareness" is so passive; as you illustrate, it's simply words without action. Thanks, Kim, for putting some useful action verbs back into the concept.

"Breast cancer awareness" makes people think it could happen to them (yeah, guys get it too), but "autism awareness" hints ag a mystery that happens to other people's kids.

People also forget that simple things like phone calls or a card in the mail can make a huge difference to a socially isolated child or family.


Well said, Kim, and those are great suggestions. And I especially like your line at the end - awareness was never enough.

Glad those days are over...almost

I wish you'd led with CALL A FRIEND ...
When my son was first diagnosed, I had a zillion friends calling me with that genuine tone of concern, then they'd ask when we could get together, then they'd drift into one of their stories. If someone wasn't on death's door (and sometimes, depending on the age of that someone, even that wasn't important to me)I didn't want to listen. Rome was burning and people would call me and fiddle.

After a while I just stopped talking to people, family included, and found new friends and "family" who understood.

Harsh, I know, but if you want to help a friend with Autism, let her get some sleep, or let her get out, alone. She doesn't need to "get her mind off it", it's not a break up with a boyfriend. Her mind is on it, 24/7 and she needs some time to just breathe.

Laura Sauls

Thanks for reminding me of helpful things to do! I'm off to lend4health, as well! I'll be doing something nice for myself, too. I think a trip to the bookstore to pick up Jenny's book, and something a bit more fluffy is in my future!


Great post here Kim!

You're so right about all of it.

When I received an e-mail from a major autism orginzation telling me the "7 ways to celebrate autism awareness month" I see a problem. A very big problem.

Who is celebrating a serious brain disorder that has manifested as a severe disability in our family members?

Are you kidding me...celebrate?

Seeing the word celebrate and autism in the same sentence truly infuriates me. This is awareness gone awry.

Celebrate doesn't conger up the right mindset about the serious need for urgency in dealing with the autism epidemic.

Sounds like we're all having a big party over autism. I'm not - are any of you?

K Fuller Yuba city

It may need to be *Care about Autism month*.
Everyone around us should be aware, and if they aren't we make them so.
I sound cynical, but until it happens within your family, and you have to deal with it everyday, there is no worry.

Tori Tuncan

Kim, thank you for mentioning Lend4Health in this post as a way to take action! What a great way to start April! :)

Tori Tuncan
Founder, Lend4Health

Jenny Webster


How more "Aware" could we all be?
We need Autism Treatment Awareness Month.

Dana Read

Couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks for being a voice for thousands of families. And I'm not April Foolin'!

Barbara Fischkin

Kim these are wonderful suggestions.I know that some parents sometimes want company at IEP meeetings, too. It sometimes helps to walk in with an entourage. Going over to click on lend4health myself today, too! Thank you for this.


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