The London Rally - But Home is Where the DVD Is
Parents United Against Autism Appeal: The Somali MN Autism Epidemic



This was amazing. Thanks for sharing the video. GO UK FRIENDS!

John Stone

Hi Gatagorra

The speaker you mentioned is David Thrower. David was the first person to compile statistics on the issue of the rise of autism in the UK ten years ago, writing for information to every health authority and education department in the land. The information he gathered was presented to parliament and ceremoniously ignored.

Also author of 'MMR Vaccination, Thimerosal and Regressive or Late Onset Autism ("Autistic Enterocolitis") - Review of Evidence for a Link Between Regressive Autism and Vaccination' last updated March 2006 - a huge document:


Wow, incredible.

British parents are so passionate, so well spoken. You couldn't hear them and not be convinced. I was ready to take to the streets after listening to these people speak-- just give me a rally to attend, I'm going.

One person said that autism could prove to be the greatest health disaster the world has ever seen, but I think it already is.


One of the speakers mentions that in the US some of the court cases have been paid out, and there is a media blackout on that news in the UK.
There is a media blackout on that news here in the US too. Age of Autism is one of the very few printing that information.

Julie Obradovic

That was stunning, remarkable, inspiring...I am crying my eyes out for all of us. The emotion the poured over me while watching the street fill with families and loved ones of those affected brought me right back to our rally last summer in DC.

We are with you, UK. We will open the eyes of the world. We have to!

Warrior parents of the world, unite!

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