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Unlock Your Health with OSR, The Powerful Antioxidant From CTI Science

OSR_1_Box_Photo[1] By Kim Stagliano

Many of you have heard of Dr. Boyd Haley's revolutionary new fat-soluble antioxidant called "OSR" (Optimize, Strengthen, Rejuvenate). 

My three girls began taking OSR several months ago. OSR has been the only recent addition to their treatment. I can tell you that Gianna is now in two mainstream classes in school, Mia is telling me what day it is and what's on her schedule at school and Bella is.... well, Bella is cuter than ever and her receptive speech has improved to where she can follow directions and communicate with her PECS.  I've seen some minor sleep disruption that passed in two of the three girls.

Contact your doctor, dentist or chiropractor to let them know they can register to purchase OSR HERE

From the CTI Science website:

What Is OSR?
OSR#1TM is an antioxidant product that scavenges free radicals and helps maintain healthy glutathione levels.

Free Radicals
Free radicals are destructive molecules that can accumulate in people who do not eat a healthy diet. They can compromise the normal function of each cell in the body. This in part explains why a healthy diet is essential to good overall health.

Glutathione is a compound that is naturally made by each cell in the body. Its role is to help each cell repair itself using the body's own natural mechanisms. Glutathione is one of the most important tools the body has to maintain health. People who do not eat a healthy diet often have difficulty maintaining a healthy glutathione level.

OSR#1TM scavenges free radicals, meaning that it binds them, shuts them down, and discards them. Whereas the purpose of all antioxidants is to scavenge free radicals, OSR#1TM has been shown to be extremely proficient in its ability to do so. Because OSR#1TM scavenges free radicals with significant proficiency, it helps relieve glutathione of its responsibility to do so, thereby helping to maintain a healthy glutathione level.

Why OSR#1TM is different
OSR#1TM, unlike other antioxidants, is lipid-soluble, also known as fat-soluble. Other antioxidants are water-soluble. This is an important distinction, because lipid-soluble compounds like OSR#1TM pass easily through other lipids, whereas water-soluble compounds, like other antioxidants, do not. Because every cell of the body has a cell wall made of lipid (called the phospholipid membrane), this distinction becomes profoundly important. In other words, OSR#1TM, being lipid soluble, has the capacity and affinity for passing through cell membranes and can get inside of each cell where free radicals exist. Antioxidants that are water-soluble cannot get into the inside of each cell and therefore, even if they are competent scavengers, will not be given an opportunity to scavenge free radicals because they cannot get physically to the place the free radicals exist inside the cells.

Suggested retail cost is $60 per one month supply of 30, 100mg capsules. 

There's plenty of info to read about OSR at the CTI Science site HERE.  OSR is also available through our sponsor Lee Silsby.  Please go to the CTI Science site for full details.

I sprinkle the powder into Bella's morning juice and onto Mia and Gianna's gluten free waffle breakfast sandwich. We've seen some nice "Wows!" from OSR. In fact, just yesterday Gianna's teacher said to me, "...if Gianna were to take classes at a Community College..."  Everything got blurry at that point, my ears rang and my eyes. stung.  My child? College?

I hope you will see wow's too.

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism.

Lee Silsby logo 09 The treatment category is sponsored by Lee Silsby, the leader in quality compounded medications for autism.



If you watch this most excellent video MANY times, because there is so much here it will take MANY times, you will understand ABSOLUTELY why mercury is almost certainly a necessary if not sufficient condition for autism and Alzheimer's and MANY other "diseases" and how glutathione is REQUIRED to flush mercury from your body.

The first half of the video discusses Doctor Haley's OSR product.


Nick Stanton

I see the struggles people are having with these disorders and I don't see any reference in this thread to "Gut and Psychology Syndrome". It's the work of Natasha Campbell-McBride MD. Here is a link to a long lecture she gave in London http://vimeo.com/10507542 in 2010.
Good luck everyone. It's hard to sort through all these variable opinions.

Madeline R.

How does this help a child who just seems slow and is having a difficult time learning in itself? Also, I as an adult have ADD. Could this help me?

K Jones

I have mercury poisoning and extreme electrosensitivity. I have been chelating for over three years and getting better inch by inch. All chelation methods moved the mercury around while taking some out.I just started taking OSR about 4 month ago.I was so sensitive I could only take a "fairy dusting" of OSR at a time when I first started. It took me over 3 months to go through a 30 day supply. Now I am up to a 1/2 capsule per night (night works best for me but not for everybody) I can tell this stuff works about three times as fast as Cal Edta chelation and even DMPS. It makes me dream a lot, just as DMPS did.

Lise Matutina

To TracyR,
I hope you see this. I just came across this and wanted to answer what to do about a medically involved child with seizures. My daughter was so sick, had seizures, headaches, stomach pains, screamed all the time and no medication stopped the pain and this happened 24/7. She has been on IVIG for almost a year and she is seizure free and getting so much better. She still has a long way to go. I also felt like therapy was useless because we couldn't get passed the illness, but she is progressing. We do alot of other stuff too, but the IVIG is helping her medically. LiseM

Benedetta Stilwell

This Feb. the magazine "Epilepsy Advocate" said that the John Hopkins University found the Atkins Diet allowing only 15 grams of carbohydrates a day or the low glycemic diet that would allow (30 or 40 grams of carbohydrates) is showing great promise. You know that starvation was once the only treatement for epileptics untill the 1920s, it could actually cure 20% of the patients and improved 50% of the other patients. Then in 1920 medical researchers discovered that a diet of high fats mimic stavation. They discovered there were two metabollic pathways in digesting food. One was sugar (glucose) and the other required fat to be changed in the liver to ketones then used for energy. The ketogenic diet was created from this discovery. The cure rate was 38% with nearly a 60% improvement rate for the other patients. The ketogenic diet was very difficult to follow so I was very excited about a much easier Atkins and Low glycemic diet could also work. The only thing is I made friends nearly 15 years ago over the internet with a mother in Cinn. Ohio. She discovered her child had seizures after eating candy bars. She finally gave the candy bar right in front of a doctor to finally convince him. They finally decided he was allergic to corn syrup. She was so excited - she told us all on the internet and sent us all recipes that was corn syrup free.


If you are still reading this thread, a gluten free diet might help with the seizures. My cousin (who is not ASD) began having grand mal seizures once a month in her twenties. She went on like that for 6 years, then went gluten free and hasn't had one in almost ten years. GF/CF is also handy for autism, as you know. My cousin's neurologist said he'd "give her the Nobel Prize" if her seizures were linked to her diet. Ignoramus.


For Twin Mom:
Concerning seizures...check out Glen Doman's program at the INSTITUTE OF HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, in Philadelphia.

Susan O'Hale

I have read that some parents are giving OSR with cod liver oil or some other oil. Did you as well? Does it matter if you don't?



That's wonderful news!! Your story brought tears of joy to my eyes too.

I'm so encouraged by the many success stories that have been reported recently.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

PS I love your twitter comment about Caillou having the flu. There actually was an episode of Clifford where Emily Elizabeth had chicken pox.

Avery's mom

response to Sonja,

I've heard of anxiety and addiction coming in spectrum families a lot- I even attended Al-Anon for awhile and it struck me how these were clearly all biomed families. Anxiety and addiction can easily mean Histadelia, which has to do with impaired methylation (which causes histamine to build up in the blood). This can be treated well. Both of my kids (one ASD and one NT) and I have it and we are doing much better one year into controlling it. You can google it to find out more. HTH


Thanks Sylvia and Lisa appreciate directing me to those resources. i will spend some time there.

Two sets of twins was rather a surprise to both myself and my husband, I had to talk him into one, along come 4 in 4 years. While the news of the second set was a little traumatic it has been great for my older autistic twin and her sister.

What is interesting to me is that one of my younger set appeared to be heading down the same exact road as Jewel but I stopped giving them vaccinations after 2 and only twice went on antibiotics. They have had 4 vaccinations compared to my older twins who have had close to 30. They have none of the gut issues or food alergies that both my older twins have autistic and not. i worry about not vaccinating but for now just can't.

Glad I landed on this site.


If only it wasn't so pricey. -sigh-

Sylvia Cruz

Does the child have to be GF/CF to have results with this? I don't have a DAN but I'm interested in trying this for my 12 year old son.

Alison MacNeil

For Tracey R- don't forget the rescue angels, go to the Generation Rescue site- free bio med help from moms further on the journey.

Kevin Barry

You do NOT need a prescription for OSR. From the CTI Science website:

"OSR#1TM is not a prescription product and may be sold to the general public. However, CTI Science has chosen to sell OSR#1TM only to doctors at this time . This decision was made in part because CTI Science cannot at present keep up with the current demand for OSR#1TM and because CTI Science feels that during this time, medical professionals will make OSR#1TM available to the people who may benefit the most. In the future, CTI Science may make OSR#1TM available directly to the general public."


Anne Dachel

Oh Kim!...Such great news!
We need to have limitless hope!
We need to hear stories of reaching new goals.
Wow Gianna!
Anne Dachel

Julie Swenson

This sounds GREAT! How awesome that you are getting such good results, Kim. Going to talk to our DAN about it. We have seen (and continue to see) such great improvements with Enhansa and this may be a good companion to it.


Why is a prescription required for this?
It is very encouraging to hear the great positives.


We have had positive results with OSR as well. Positive means:
- no negative response
- no additional yeast overgrowth or changes
- metals being pulled (more than other chelators)
- with cognitive gains


Trace--This may be an inappropriate place for me to post this, but:

Get on chelatingkids2 and autismweb. There are parents in the same boat.

And don't feel ashamed for just starting. You can still make wonderful progress.

Two sets of twins, and one with autism? You have been a little busy.


Hi new here, I have 4 girls, 2 sets of twins. One of my older twins who is 7 is a non-verbal autistic, i am ashamed to say I only started biomed over a year ago. My biggest problem with Jewel at present is her health. Hard to work on her therapy when she is sick all the time. She has everything asmtha, allergies, and seizures none of which are mild and only seem to be becoming increasingly worse. I have just been told to put her on seizure medication which is breaking my heart. I will try OSR but is there anything that anyone knows of that would help control her seizures?


Laura Sauls

Great news, Kim! I'll have to ask our dr. about this!

College - funny how before autism it was just assumed our kids would go. Now, it's, "We'll see." We do have college funds for both boys, just in case...


I started the OSR with my daughter about 3 months ago. I, too, started seeing some nice things... more available, developed some sarcasm, a sense of humor, better eye contact, increased desire to interact. As far as labs go, her glutathione levels have gone from the low 500's to the over 1100 (lab Corp) and her porphryns for mercury have gone from the 90's (range 0-49 - LabCorp) to 37 on her last one 2 weeks ago. Initially, her bm's were horrific smelling and there was an odd odor emanating from her (probably the sulfur) but three months in that has all but disappeared. She has a sulfur intolerance as well but has not had any real problems with the OSR...perhaps the two+ years of Yasko have given her a healthier overall status to better tolerate the sulfur. I am very happy with what I am seeing thus far.

Maureen O

Read this interview with Dr boyd haley at bottom of post below. I have wondered if the first other A that proceeded with autism along with ADD is addiction. My oldest son is NT due to the fact he was born in 1988 instead of 1994 like his spectrum brother. (Their detox profiles were identical) has dealt with issues of anxiety and addiction. Anyone else see this in the older siblings? and does it have something to do with damage to brain centers that control impulse control etc
I Hope Boyd haley is on the front of Time magazine along with dr andrew wakefield as those who were willing to put their professional and financial futures on the line because they feel the truth should never be silenced.


Erik Nanstiel

FAIR Autism Media interviewed Dr. Haley when he was in early testing with this... back then we was calling it "CT01" However, we were asked not to publish the interview shortly after filming it so as not to complicate getting the product approved and on the market. Now that it's out and available, we should be publishing his amazing interview, shortly.

I'll be asking my DAN Doc to consider using this for my daughter, who still has mercury and aluminum issues...


Of course she's going to college!! Oh yeah, don't forget -- start saving for college on top of all of this. ;-)

Mito mom

"Has anyone with mito issues/dysfunction/disease/etc. used OSR with good results?"

Not yet. We have compromised sulfur pathways.

Kent Heckenlively


I am so happy to read this article. Best to you and your three girls. May this darkness soon pass for all of us.


Cathy Jameson

Has anyone with mito issues/dysfunction/disease/etc. used OSR with good results?


So glad it's working over there. (And yes, Gianna will go to college!)

Thanks for the timely piece. I'm off to the DAN today.

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