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Time Magazine Interviews Jenny McCarthy

Jenny and Jerry The Early Show Click HERE to read an interview with Jenny McCarthy in Time Magazine.  The book referred to in the article is Healing and Preventing Autism, written with Dr. Jerry Kartzinel (available at Amazon HERE.) Don't forget to Buzz up the article and post it to your fb pages. In the photo, Jenny is seated with Dr. Kartzinel and has a new methylB12 ReVitaPop in her mouth on the set of The Early Show - which airs tomorrow.

From the Time article:

You write in your book that when your son began to emerge from the worst of his autism he said that having the condition felt like being buried alive. What's the most important thing a parent can do to help draw a child out?

Just remember that there is a very alert, bright, loving sweet child in there who simply looks like he doesn't care and can't hear you. They very much know what's going on. Evan has repeated things to me that I said to him when he was three and in his worst state.



Aluminium sulphate was poured into the water supply of the small Cornish town of Camelford in 1988.

20 people have died.

Psychiatrists said there was nothing wrong with anybody, and that they were just imagining their symptoms because they were anxious.



I would like to thank everyone for their positive comments regarding my post. I can't tell you how much it meant to me to have my opinion validated.....so again, thank you all!!


methyl B12 hard candy here: http://www.organicdirect.com/methyl-lozenges-p-7692.html



That's great information, and I LOVE this statement:
"God knows what he is doing.....our Gov't on the other hand...well, don't get me started."
That should be turned into a T-shirt! :)

And while I agree with other posters that mercury can cause brain damage and should not be injected into anyone, I also agree with Autism Grandma that the effects of aluminum can be devastating and should not be overlooked. Both mercury AND aluminum have been found to cause apoptosis.

I also agree with her that everyone should read the aluminum in drinking water article:

Aluminum in Water, Bad. In Syringe, OK.

Also, here's a study that found that aluminum "seriously worsened" learning ability AND led to "diminished cholinergic activity, which is a characteristic of Alzheimer's disease"
"aluminium compounds seriously worsened the learning ability, and the aluminium content of the brain was elevated. Acetylcholinesterase activity increased and choline-acetyltransferase activity decreased, resulting in a diminished cholinergic activity, which is a characteristic of Alzheimer's disease."

The finding that aluminum decreases cholinergic activity is very interesting since you said Citicoline has produced amazing results. Citicoline (as you probably already know) is a form of Choline.

And according to this article, citicoline helps protect neuronal membranes:

"Citicoline is another fatty compound that has a positive effect on
brain power.17 It is synthesized from choline in the body and helps
maintain the structural integrity and ability of neuronal membranes."

autism is mercury poisoning

I think there is a "Louder Than Words" documentary. I saw a clip from it on one of the news shows months ago. Jenny and Evan are sitting in a swing discussing how much they love each other.

According to Jenny's new book, the MB12 pops can be found at www.mb12pop.com, but I'm not having any luck with that URL.

Autism Grandma

From this article:

"McCarthy goes soft when she starts exploring the causes of autism, making the usual charges against the usual suspects, including nutrition, environmental toxins and, as always, vaccines."

When have we ever heard passionate and outspoken Jenny McCarthy going "soft" on this subject??!! Jenny always gives it to 'em with both barrels. (Including a few swear words for emphasis, but hey that's Jenny alright.) She is also very articulate and determined, and she doesn't allow the so called "medical experts" to get away with any of their Bull Shit (as she accurately terms it).

We all need to somehow convince Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carey to create a documentary / movie comparative to Michael Moore's "Sicko" perhaps, that could bring this issue to the forefront of the general public.

"We don't believe it's only the mercury. Aluminum and other toxins also play a role. The viruses in the vaccines themselves can be causing it, too."

My autistic grandson's heavy metal test demonstrates 1,260 "very elevated level" (With 100 as the normal level, the correct terminology for this would actually be "off the charts")

Is Aluminum the New Thimerosal?


Aluminum Toxicity Medical Research and Studies:

Over 7,000 reference articles on aluminum toxicity existed in various data bases as of 1936, (Today, there are more than a million) all recognizing the toxicity.

Aluminum and Vaccine Ingredients:


Aluminum in our vaccines: Is it safe?


Aluminum in Water, Bad. In Syringe, OK.


Vaccines, adjuvants and potential toxicity



It is sad, but somewhat telling, that the "science editor" at Time is unaware that the outbreak of polio in the Amish community actually was from the polio vaccine.


For Lorraine,

FYI, The word excrete is used to express the detoxification of metals, etc. from the human body.

Chelation typically is used to express the process of introducing a chelating agent into the body to grab, moleculary bond with a heavy metal to help with removing it.

Despite the fact that uninformed individuals are doing their best to make chelation somthing scary, the human body depends on the process of chelation to get nutrients from one part of the body to the other each and every day.

The vaccine industry depends on chelation to remove the Thimerosal still being used at untold quantities in the back room.

You should know your theories are very interesting. One of the expert toxicology witnesses in vaccine court described cases of ASD as a "mercury eflux disorder" suggesting individuals do not all equally have the ability to detoxify heavy metals such as mercury.

Alzheimer's may very well be mercury-related. The University of Calgary some years ago when evaluating the relationship between Alzheimer's and dental amalgam tooth fillings presented a video of low concentrations of mercury molecules disesembling brain neuron structure.

The video is available here:

I am certain that you are on the right track in your thinking. Mercury toxicity is relative to ASD and a variety of mysterious disorders or syndromes.

The video mentions that 86% of Alzheimer's victims have tangled neurofibrils. Perhaps the difference you are seeing between the old folks and infants and toddlers is micromercurialism vs. macromecurialism?

You may find this blog entry interesting?


Terri Lewis


You've got the Alzheimer's/autism connection 100% completely right.

God, indeed, knows what He's doing, as do autism parents with love for their kids.

The Pharma whores and the evil government bureaucrats (and I don't use that term lightly), well. . .let's just say I believe in some kind of ultimate, Biblical type justice.

Let God sort it out.

My job is to love my family and do right by them.

Hope to see you here again!




ITA, and I think part of the spike in Alzheimer's has to do with the big push to vaccinate the elderly every year for the flu.

Lorraine Marabello

Here is my theory.... We already know our children cannot chelate the mercury or other toxins from their bodies as the rest of the world does. I have always suspected that there is a link between Autism and Alzheimer's --- I believe, after 6 years of research that people with Alzheimer's are born with the same condition as children with Autism (the inability to chelate)however, because they did not receive the vaccinations the kids receive today they develop Alzheimer's after a lifetime of inhaling/being exposed to every day toxins, unfortunately our children received a lifetime of toxins before the age of 2, resulting in Autism. I think this is how they keep claiming that it is genetic. The genetic factor would be a poor chelation system which would only result in Autism if you pump them full of toxins. Does this make sense to anyone? I have started my son on Citicoline which has been given to Alzheimer's patients with amazing results, and I have to say, I see a big difference, his sentences are longer, he can recall more, he is using more words in the right context, he is 7 and I can truly say, the best thing that ever happened to me......God knows what he is doing.....our Gov't on the other hand...well, don't get me started.

Fielding J. Hurst

Were the methylB12 ReVitaPop's an April Fool's thing? No sign of them via google.


Well, the article could be better, but at least it is publicity for their book!


Where can you get the methyl b12 ReVitaPops? I'm intrigued. And for once, Google didn't get me anywhere!

Amanda Blinn

They're doing everything they can--subtly--to discredit her...but still, this makes me wonder if they've realized that neither Jenny nor we are actually going to "go away." I feel hopeful. I bought the book on Amazon last night and can't wait to read it!


What struck me was how much effort went into debunking the vaccine connection! The article is surrounded by links to other articles in Times, all of which, I'm sure, say "it isn't the vaccines." The rest of what she had to say was treated courteously, but not the vaccine connection. That was obviously "bs" and not to be taken seriously. After all, they too out the thimerosal, what more do we f**king want?


I f___ing love Jenny, but I wonder if she realizes how her language issues might turn people off -- like all my relatives in the midwest. They have a thing about "bad words." I wonder if Time made a point to include those particular quotes, just to paint her that way...

Kelli Ann Davis -- Vitapop to Calm the Nerves

"MethylB12 Vitapop" -- Stan Kurtz's name is written all over that thing!

I was sucking on one of those puppies shortly after the DC Rally last June and shortly before we were getting ready to go into some pretty heavy meetings. I was totally *wired* (imagine that) and he wouldn't let me eat my salad until I finished it. It has a calming effect.

(It was good but my salad was better cuz I was hungry and a Vitapop didn't quite cut it ;-)

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