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Autism: the 64 billion dollar a year question for Simon Baron-Cohen, Ben Goldacre, Fiona Fox and Autism Speaks UK.



Here's an excellent recent (3/25/09) article from the L.A. Times -- "What's ailing Big Pharma",0,961390.story

A couple of excerpts:
"the central problem facing the companies will remain: Why doesn't Pharma produce better drugs?

"One reason is that, since deregulation in the early 1980s, drug companies have transformed themselves from science enterprises into consumer goods companies, behemoths that see their principal mission not as developing new and better drugs but as developing new ways to sell drugs..."

"One way out might be through enlightened medical and scientific leadership, but the same forces that transformed pharmaceutical companies -- Wall Street's demand for higher profits, competition from generics and pressure to discount -- also transformed their executive suites. Pfizer is now run by a lawyer. Other giants are run by marketing whizzes and career functionaries."

Why do the L.A. Times & N.Y. Times print articles critical of pharmacy companies in regard to prescription drugs, yet act as if when it comes to vaccines pharma is above reproach?

Insert On-Line Personae Here

All parents might be well served to accept that Offit has maternal antibody envy. He heeps them.

Those who have liberty in law should always beware of those taking liberties by law.

paula p proffit merckelos

bully parents, who does this guy think he is
*Immunosciences Lab, Incorporated, Beverly Hills, California. Center for Immune, Environmental & Toxic Disorders 25010 Oakhurst, Suite 200, Spring, Texas 77386;
Tel: 281-364-1013 Fax: 281-364-0492.

Abstract Purpose: The causal involvement of adverse hepatitis B vaccines in cerebral palsy and epilepsy, remains controversial. In this study, we report a case report of a 21 month-old white female patient who presented with recurrent seizures and manifested all characteristic features of cerebral palsy as a result of hepatitis B vaccines.

Methods: neuroimmunologic techniques, family history, and previous medical records were used to evaluate, correlate and ascertain whether cerebral palsy and epilepsy were a consequence of hepatitis B vaccines adverse effects.

Results: Abnormal EEG showed bilateral cerebral hemispheric disturbances with abnormal rhythmic and irregular delta wave activity was present suggesting an underlying cortical rhythms, less evident in the area of involvement. Furthermore, there was 4 Hz, paroxysmal bilaterally synchronous generalized focal theta activity suggesting damage to a non-specific thalmo-cortical region. Also, multiple theta wave discharges were seen independently arising from different regions of the hemispheres suggesting several potentially epileptogenic foci. The immunologic evaluation showed multiple antibody abnormalities including T helper/suppressor ratio and immune complexe! s. Certain abnormal antibodies found in epilepsy (IgG, IgA) were present in all the patients. There was an elevation of Mg2+ ions receptor function probably, as a result of autoimmune dysfunction.

Conclusions: Since there were no known family history of individuals with developmental problems, mental retardation, or seizure disorders, it then meant that her health condition was related to after birth events. Hence, those abnormalities that are associated with neurological dysfunctions, and characteristics that are found in cerebral palsy and epilepsy, are most likely associated with hepatitis B vaccines adverse effects.

Craig Willoughby

Dr. Gordon, your article had many good points, and I agree with most of what you say. However, I have to disagree with you about Dr. Paully prOffit. He is VERY much biased and dishonest. He doesn't want to think of the possibility of vaccines being associated with autism, which is indeed bad science (science should be open and willing to accept such a possibility). His paycheck is dependent upon him NOT understanding that there could be a connection. His antagonism toward parents who are extremely dissatisfied with the complete lack of any assistance that they receive from mainstream science and his condemnation of Doctors who are actually doing something and care for our children shows that he is not honest, and is indeed, lower than the lowest scum of the earth. If he was indeed a caring and understanding doctor, then he should be happy that many parents are recovering their children and encourage mainstream science to look into how and why they are being recovered. He is not doing so, because if he were to do so, then the line of research would point to his pimps (pHARMa) as the culprit.

Kathy Blanco

Can vaccines have any value?

Jay Gordon

Media Scholar: Yes, I attempted to incorporate moderate and conciliatory statements into my response. Scare tactics don't belong on either side of the argument. Facts do.

We all know that reason there's no proof is that proper research has not been done, data have not been sufficiently analyzed and the courts are "fixed" against us.

Dr. Tayloe is not evil--as far as I know--and I think there's always the possibility of a fresh start with the AAP. I won't stop trying because the AAP controls a lot of the information pipeline and, as long as there's a shred of hope, I'd like to try to bring them closer to the middle in this discussion of our kids' health. Dr. Offit actually is an honest researcher. He just should be more clearly revealed to be an unbalanced source of information instead of being quoted as an unbiased expert every day or two.

Ego? ME????


Media Scholar

This looks a lot like one side attempting to control both sides of the argument again.

Just look at this...

"and also moved beyond trying to frighten parents into believing that every child getting a vaccine might end up with autism."

"There is no proof that vaccines can cause autism...."

"The industry sponsors our speakers, spends millions on advertising in our official journals and pays for our lunches and dinners."

"Dr. David Tayloe, the AAP President, is a good man..."

"He [Offit]and his book are cited here and often elsewhere as unbiased sources for information."

"Dr. Offit is an honest researcher..."

"Again, the proof's not there against vaccines..."

I think our vaccine injured children deserve better than maudlin MD ego clashes. These doctors need to have IFF bolted to their noggins.


It was really upsetting to read this article. I can't believe the L.A. Times Health section printed this garbage. I'm so glad that Dr. Gordon responded.


My thanks to Dr. Jay Gordon for pointing out the depths to which some "medical professionals" will sink to avoid confronting the issue of children paradoxically damaged by vaccines.

Yeah, Kathleen Seidel and Ken Reibel are over there on HP waggling their bony fingers, attempting to redirect the column's focus. No wonder AutismDeadBeat squeals "anti-vaccine!!!" at every opportunity; he has a very broad definition of the term. It even includes doctors who recommend and administer vaccines. How can anyone take these two creatures seriously?

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