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A of A Contest: Angela Moore Autism Awareness Silk Neck Tie

Angela Moore Tie Congrats to Fran Katz - she won the bracelet from last week.

Our friends at Angela Moore have generously donated four items from their Autism Awareness Collection to Age of Autism.  We'll be giving away one item each week in April! The Angela Moore "Autism Awareness" collection was created to help increase awareness in the treatment and understanding of autism.  15% of the proceeds from this collection are donated to the Autism Society of America including The Rimland Center.

Dress to impress with this Angela Moore hand screened 100% silk tie featuring puzzle pieces in a rainbow of colors. Leave a comment to enter. (If you've any trouble commenting email [email protected])


Michele Sullivan

We'd love to have this tie for my husband! We say it loud and proud how much we love our son!!!!

Laura Kozlowski

I love the tie and I know my husband will wear it.

Stagmom for Dolores

Dolores, go to Try later, the site seems to be down. I keep trying and I can't get in. KIM



where can I buy one of these ties? my husband want it...

Harry Hofherr

Please enter me. I promise to wear it at some of the corporate meetings I often need to attend.

Robin Nemeth

I spoke to the late Bernard Rimland on the telephone fifteen years ago, when my daughter was four. When I asked him why the traditional medical establishment didn’t advocate using megadose B6 supplements, he said to me “I don’t know. It seems to me as if they don’t want to cause to be known.” (And then when I asked him who ‘they’ were he said “There are a lot of people who are getting government money to do their research.”) He seemed just a little bit puzzled as to why that might be. I doubt he would be puzzled, now.

I’m no marketing expert, but isn’t it time to lose the puzzle pieces?

Gabriella True

oooh we need this tie!!! It is really fabulous.

Kelly Langston

I love this tie! Please enter me!


i think the comment about the lady,s husband who wrote he would wear this tie with his tie pin should win reason we need all help in order to make more autism awareness to reah all we can as for me i would have to wear it & of course i defenatly would! cause my hubby is not a tie mat either, thanks for doing this contest.

Carrie Elsass

My husband is about to start doing corporate fitness for a pharmaceutical co. (albeit one that does not produce vaccines)- oh irony of ironies! I would LOVE for him to wear this to work:) LOL

Erica in Alabama

Another great contest. Count me in!!

Stephanie Weiss

Count me in on this one. The vice principal at my son's school is very supportive of the autism program. This will make a great gift for him! Thanks

Maria M.

Ohhh, sign me up too. My husband would wear it proudly. :)

Maria Durci

Sign me up. Its a far better looking tie than most my husband would choose and it has a message we all need to share.

Valerie Carlson

Awesome tie, would love one for my husband.
Do they come in kids sizes?
I'm thinking of a certain 9-year old Asperger's child
that would look so cute in one!

Lisa Clark

Great tie !!!


What do I have to do to win something......
you're killin me~

Michelle Wandrack

Classy tie, it would make a great birthday present for Noah's dad. Plus, it would be a first for me, I've never given Tom a tie in 12 years of marriage. :)

Alaina Jensen

Awesome Tie! I love it, and so will my Husband!

David Troutman

IF i win this tie I SWEAR I.ll wear it everyday at the Autismone conf. in Chicago. My wife and myself volunteer for the whole conf.

Barbara Bucknam

Love it, love it, love it and know my husband will wear it proudly!

Leslie Phillips

Love the tie!

K Fuller Yuba city

My husband would so wear that tie! And he would put his puzzle piece tie tac on with it as well!
Thanks for the opportunity




Love the tie! Pick me Pick me!


The only time my husband ever wears a tie is when he is doing his autism pro bono cases. This tie would be perfect and would stand out more than his lapel pin!


What a great tie! Please enter me. Thank you.

Leigh Ann

My husband is a Biology professor at a local university. This might be the only tie I would ever be able to get him to wear :)

Diane Frioni

Stylish tie. It would make a great gift for dad.

Leann Henkel

Cool Tie

Cathleen Reilly

I'd like to enter.


Wow, I would love to give that to hubby for Father's Day.


Nice tie, enter me (for the husband)!

Kimberly Linderman

Love the tie, would look great on hubbies neck.

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