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Now "Tweeting" at "FromAgeofAutism"

Twitter You can click over there on the left sidebar to follow Tweets from the Editors and Contributing Editors at Twitter.  Our official name is www.twitter.com/FromAgeofAutism. Come follow us and learn when Kim is having her fifteenth cup of coffee, when Kent is enjoying the California sun or when Jake is late to class! 

We're also on FaceBook as a group called, Age of Autism.  Thanks to Cathy Jameson for setting up a great looking fb page for us. We hope you'll become a fan.



Dear 1920 Underwood,

I, who used an IBM Selectric and a Wang Word Processor, feel your pain. We kind of liked having that little message "perch" for a quick message rather than a whole post. We'd been talking about that since our launch, and Twitter lets us have our perch. FaceBook? Yeah, I know. Another time drainer. Keep your parchment paper (as will I, it never hurts to be prepared for a power outage) and feel free to read us where ever your heart desires.

Kim :)

Message sent from my trusty 1920 Underwood typewriter!!!

I know that the vast majority of autism parents are extremely intelligent folks but maybe AOA could’ve explained what the hell Twitter is for some of us older folks? Sure we’ve heard of it, but what’s the advantage of joining Twitter and Facebook? (Just because it's supposed to be the latest and greatest herd mentality thing to do?)

Do just the moderators post messages or can anyone? Will we be plagued with private friend requests from perverted old high school boyfriends/girlfriends and nosy ex-in-laws? I’ll take a pass on the social networking for now. You all have fun!!


Do NOT use this childish ND joke site:

BTW, they're following:
- Anne Dachel
- Dr. Jay Gordon
- Lin Wessels
- Alison MacNeil
- JB Handley
- Wayne Rohde
- Harold Doherty
- Peter Bell

You may wish to block those Twits....

Arianne from To Think Is To Create

This is great guys, glad to see you venturing out into social media land more!

Twitter is very much about the "conversation", so it's a good idea to follow people back and @ people (i.e. reply to their tweets) now and then so it doesn't just look like you're talking and not listening. ;)

@tothink on Twitter


Just a quick recommendation as an internet marketer by day - make sure to follow your WORTHY followers, too. Not everyone is worthy - there are a lot of spammers on Twitter. Twitter is not about broadcasting - it's about a conversation - so make sure to build a community as you grow.

Thanks for expanding your reach to Twitter!

Managing Editor for Susan

Hi, Susan. Twitter is just quick messages. But you can subscribe to A of A via a feed or as email. Scroll down the left sidebar and you'll see the button. Thanks.


Susan Bishop

Am I understanding correctly that copies of "The Age of Autism" is available if someone leaves a comment? I'm a Special Ed teacher who retired last June. I sub at my previous school for my Special Ed teacher friends since I want to keep up with the latest advancements in my field. In the summers I also work at a camp for children with autism. Although it is stressful at times, the children are learning to have fun together. This is a time also to implement social skills and collaboration with other children who do not have autism. With April being the month of Autism Awareness, our church has encouraged the congregation to especially lift up in prayers those specific families. I'm anxious to read your book!


Right after I added FromAgeofAutism, then creepy AgeofAustism tried to follow me, so I had to block him.

Craig Willoughby


Today was our son's 1st DAN doctor appointment (Dr. Kotsanis is AWESOME), so what little money I have is being channeled there. I SO wish I could go to the Autism One conference, but finding the money to get from Dallas to Chicago on such a tight budget is sadly not possible. Now, if you guys were to host it in Dallas, we could talk about that picture. Until then.....

Gale E. Prol

I searched the Groups on Facebook for Age of Autism and it is not showing as a group. Am I too early? Lemme know.

Kelli Ann Davis -- To Craig

Guess what Craig??!! I was the "official" 2nd fan (Kim doesn't count) so la-de-da ;-)

BTW, I have a more important, pressing question for you: Are you going to Autism One? Cuz if so, get ready for a pic...with a purse...and a Jimmy Buffet, fancy-smancy, umbrella drink (that's the bribe part folks curtsey a-al-Randy) so I can give it to Kim to plaster on the internet.

(Hey, maybe I'll succeed in getting "scary-smart guy" to drink enough so I can get a pic of him holding my purse too since he had absolutely no problem delegating it to the trash can lid and the floor! Bottom Line: It's payback time boys ;-)

Craig Willoughby


You got a fan!!

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