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Kim Stagliano on HuffPo: Conducting Autism Research like it's 1994

New HuffPost: Jenny McCarthy's Autism Crusade

Healing and preventing jennys book Click HERE to read and comment on a new HuffPost by Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald.  Dr. Fitzgerald is referring to Jenny McCarthy and Dr. Kartzinels' NYT best selling book, Healing and Preventing Autism

Dr. Snyderman, what was that you were saying to Matt Lauer, "There is no controversy?" Why do so many doctors, skeptics and even autism parents think healing or preventing autism is a BAD thing?  



Hi Mary,
That's wonderful! Praise God! I am so happy for you! I pray you'll continue to see such great progress.


I read this book cover to cover in two days. Reading some of the comments at HuffPost left me questioning something I hear repeated over and over. False Hope? Is there such a thing? Can someone have false love, false aspirations, false faith etc...? Either one has hope or they do not, right? Over the last year I have struggled with depression. While reading this book I realized my depression was caused by the absence of hope regarding my son's future. At 12 months old the word Autism was first heard in our pediatrician's office, he's now 2 1/2 years old. I have struggle mourning the loss of my dreams for my son's future. This book helped me see how wrong I was. Without knowing it I was treating his "autism" label like a death sentence. I am so very grateful for the "false hope" this book opened my eyes too. My son is a wonderful, smart, loving boy who's future will be glorious and filled with happiness. And I am very happy to say that after following the protocol recommend for only 3 weeks I heard my son's talking voice for the very first time yesterday. As I finished reading his favorite book to him and closed the back cover he looked me in the eye and said "the end".

Ann Fritz

You can help by putting comments in Dr. Fitzgerald's Huff Post article sharing the truth. Your stories can help!

M in AZ

Dr. Fitzgerald's post was very well written. Like the previous poster stated, those comments at the end of her post are so disheartening to read and literally make me ill. How can so many people be so delusional and make statements like "Autism" is the new diagnosis du jour....are you effing kidding me?????

Katie Kelley

It's like a bad accident. I can't stop looking at all the absurd posts over there. The best they can come up with is that Jenny's son never had autism in the first place.

Katie Kelley

Please don't ask me to go back to Huffpost anymore today. I can't read another post by some someone who knows NOTHING about autism, vaccines, or recovery.


It's rather frightening to read some of the comments to Dr. Fitzgerald's post. I'm also amazed to see that some people don't even believe autism exists as a true diagnosis!

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