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Olmsted on Autism: Healy Hit's 'Em With 'Heavy Duty' Hep B!


Kelli Ann Davis -- To Doc Coram -- Heart Attack After Medicine

"I am asking that families who have experienced medical errors to please contact me and share your stories."

Doc Coram,

I experienced a heart attack on Jan. 15 of this year (the day the airliner landed in the NY river and I can honestly say I was probably the only person in the US who didn’t know about it for two days); it was about 20 minutes after my third dose of Meclizine (25mg) that I passed out after experiencing extreme tightness in the middle of my chest. (Thank God I was on my bed at the time.)

When I regained consciousness, I had all the classic symptoms of a heart attack plus the unique female symptoms as well. I have no doubt I had a heart attack (even though I never went to the hospital) and I KNEW it was a result of that medicine!

After I looked up heart attack symptoms and researched Meclizine 3 weeks later (I was busy and finally got around to it) I realized it lowers blood pressure. I already have extremely low blood pressure (the doctor always brings it up whenever I have my blood pressure taken) and wouldn't ya know -- low blood pressure can trigger a heart attack.

Needless to say, I will NEVER take another pharmaceutical again unless I'm dying. It's a miracle I'm alive now. (I was by myself when my heart attack occurred and I just watched a show the other night that said only 10% of heart attack victims survive who didn’t experience some sort of intervention, CPR, etc.)

Bottom Line: I figure God still wants me to hang around for a while cuz after all, we’ve got important work to do, no? ;-)

Now, off to Easter festivities with my family!!!!

candace passino

as dr.healy stated we have the 5,000 kids as a sub group of children they have met the indications of a damaged group of children.I like her, have wondered why the CDC, IOM, AAP have completely ignored this subset of children..but I guess if you dont wont have to do anything..a big thanks to jenny, jim, HB, and dr. Karztinel and Dr.healey..for being voices of reason and hope, your noble actions made me weep. candace mom of justin 11..recovering..

Dr. Charles Coram

My family experienced two major medical errors in 2005. The first was my
newborn daughter Olivia. A nurse at Ottumwa Regional Health Center asked my
wife and I if we wanted our newborn daughter to receive the Hepatitis B
Vaccine. We both replied "NO" and signed a refusal document. Two hours
after Olivia was born the nurse gave our daughter the vaccine. We were told by Dr. Bittner
that there was "Zero" risk to our daughter. Two weeks later Olivia stopped
breathing and was taken to the ER. She was in respiratory acidosis which is
caused from bronchial spasms. These spasms can be caused from asthma; she
is not asthmatic. Also, these spasms can occur within weeks of vaccines
caused by serium sickness. Our daughter had a severe reaction to the
Hepatitis B vaccine and almost died. The hospital fought the case and we
were unable to get legal help due to the small nature of the "payoff".
Since Olivia lived and has no indication of damage it is difficult to get
law firms interested.
Seven months after Olivia's experience my 36 year old sister (Heather) died
from Fentanyl Toxicity. Fentanyl is a pain medicine that was reported
months before my sister died to be killing people due to doctors misusing
it. The FDA warned doctors and hospitals in July of 2005 that it was
killing patients. She was given the highest dose of the medication and died
20 hours after a minor surgery. As of March 2008 the drug has been
I am asking that families who have experienced medical errors to please
contact me and share your stories. We have to fight back because it is only
getting worse.
Dr. Charles Coram
P.S. This information has been sent to the Ottumwa Courier many times, but they are refusing to publish it. The couriers efforts to protect the local medical community is at the heart of the problem. The truth should be shared and allow the American people to evaluated the facts.


It was really great to see this show again. Just phenomenal.

kati stein

i have four sons who are 4 ,3,2,almost three months my first three childern have autism it to soon to know about our fourth but im not holding my breath my oldest son is named samual when he was born he was premature after he was released to come home everything was fine all his devolpment was fine he was happy talking on time playing with others eye contact was normal he was a normal child after his 18 month shots about 2-3 weeks later i noticed he changed he stop talking he was very spacy eye contact was gone and he wouldn't play with others when my husband and i gave birth to our second child we decided to get the shots still in denial same thing happened when our third child was born we refused to get his 18 months afraid of the same result because we refused social service's were called and they in there own way said that he had to get his shots or they would consider it neglet to his health and we could lose our childern now he also has autism i believe that they are the cause for my childerns autism and also believe that it is the parents right to say yes or no to the shots

Grandmother Joan Aikey

Have you heard of Halo - RPM teaching
Austin, TX

Finally after 7 years of paying for therapy
expert programs for autism, my daughter found RPM - Halo. This child can spell, tell how he feels, can do math and he even
wrote/spelled out a story.

Cincinnati, Ohio area (childrens hospital)
Mason, Ohio school district are in the process of having this system incorporated
into the schools.


For Dr. Fisher,

What about the 2 HIB deaths where the children WERE vaccinated? It seems like this method of trying to vaccinate against individual diseases is really a losing battle.

What about focusing on measures that strengthen the overall immune system, like gamma globulin shots which provide immunity against MANY diseases including measles, rubella and chickenpox?

In fact, before the measles vaccine was created, people who were exposed to someone with the measles were given gamma globulin shots to prevent them from catching the disease.

The benefits of these shots only last for 3 months, but still, one shot every three months is better than the 6 shots (HIB, Hep B, Rotavirus, PCV, IPV, and DTaP) infants receive on one day at 2, 4, and 6 months.

With the current schedule, children receive 16 shots by the time they turn 6 months old. (17 if they get the flu shot). If gamma globulin shots were given instead, the babies could have one at birth, one at 3 months, and one at 6 months. So 3 total shots instead of 17, AND GG shots would help prevent other illnesses too like colds etc. (the mercury would need to be removed from the GG shots first of course.)

If the issue is really about protecting the children, and not about making a profit, wouldn't it be better to provide more protection and with less toxins?


That woman doctor is Meg Fisher - President Elect of the NJ Chapter of the Ammerican Academy of Pediatrics.

As soon as I laid eyes on her- she reminded me of my mother- in-law. I don't care for my mother-in-law much.

Below is the part of the LKL transcript that she got me laughing out loud. Most pediatricians don't listen to the parents. Especially parents of kids with autism and all the fun health problems that go with it. They haven't listened, they aren't listening and they probably won't listen in the future. Business as usual at the AAP-

Against Autism Parents

KING: Dr. Fisher, isn't Dr. Healey right when she says listen to the parents?

FISHER: Absolutely. I couldn't have agreed with her more. Every pediatrician knows that if you want to find out what's the matter with the children, you have to talk to the parents. They're the ones who are living with them. They're the ones who are with them all the time.

KING: So when all these parents say too many vaccines, we have added too many vaccines -- there used to be three and now there's 30 -- they associate that with the cause. Shouldn't your organization or the association listen to them?

FISHER: The organization does listen to them. And we also listen to all of the other parents who are asking us to protect their children with vaccines. In Pennsylvania right now, there is an outbreak, a resurgence of Homofluous influenza disease. Those three deaths that have occurred already this year are in children who were not immunized. There are lots of parents who want to know about the vaccines, who want to know how to protect their children against infectious disease.

If you want to read the transcript in full. It's here:


I loved the show besides it being so short.

Jim's input is so valuable. We have a very powerful movement on our side. To see someone so funny become so serious and care so much without even being a direct parent gives me hope.

And I wish we could have a battle between Mr. Handley and the big pharma. Let them sit side by side and ask any questions he feels. His intensity is real and felt right through the TV screen. I share his anger and applaud his effort for not only his son but all families out there being choked by this unnessecary man made evil.

I also think Larry King would be smart to be the first to address the growing needs of unheard autistic families. There is a demand for more shows on autism that's why we hang on every word.

Thanks to everyone involved. My son is getting better every month thanks to you guys.

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