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Healing and Preventing Autism By Jenny McCarthy and Dr. Jerry Kartzinel

Healing and preventing jennys book Jenny McCarthy has teamed up with Dr. Jerry Kartzinel, the doctor who recovered her son, to write Healing and Preventing Autism.  Their new book provides all the necessary information about biomedical treatment from diagnosis, dietary interventions and environmental changes for the home, to advanced therapies that doctors use today.

Tune into The Early Show on CBS tomorrow morning (Thursday) to see Jenny. The rest of her media tour follows below.Go to Generation Rescue for updates. And set your TIVO to Larry King on Friday night. Jenny will be on with Jim Carrey, Dr. Kartzinel, JB Handley, Stan Kurtz and a family with a recovered child.

Spring is the season of hope, renewal and life. There's no better time to read Healing and Preventing Autism. Why not give a copy to your child's doctor and teachers too? Order your copies Barnes & Noble and AmazonIf you've read the book, please leave a review at B&N and Amazon.

Los Angeles
Friday, March 27
4:00 (Taping) ACCESS HOLLYWOOD (interview to air 4/1)

New York
Tuesday, March 31
9:00AM- 12:00PM - ABC RADIO TOUR

WRQX RADIO, Washington, DC
WPRO RADIO, Providence, RI New Bedford,
WLW RADIO, Cincinnati, OH
WTAM RADIO, Cleveland, OH
WIBC RADIO, Indianapolis, IN
KCMO RADIO, Kansas City, MO
KTRS RADIO, Saint Louis, MO

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

9 to 10AM HOUR - (Taping, air date TBA) FOX & FRIENDS WEEKEND

10:30 AM - REUTER TV     

Thursday, April 2, 2009
7:00 AM-11:30 AM  TV SATELLITE TOUR  (mulitple interviews - TBA) 

Los Angeles
Friday, April 3, 2009
1:15PM-2:30PM - Tape EXTRA (interview with Jenny and Dr. Kartzinel - air date: TBA)

6:00PM - LARRY KING LIVE  (interview with Jenny, Jim Carrey, Dr. Kartzinel and JB Handley)

Monday, April 13, 2009
(Taping) ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW (interview to air 4/14)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

4:00PM - (Tape) THE BONNIE HUNT SHOW (interview to air 4/16)                                   

Thursday, April 16, 2009
3:00PM-4:00PM - CHELSEA LATELY (interview)

Friday, April 17, 2009
9:00AM - (Taping) THE DOCTORS (interview with Jenny, Dr. Kartzinel, JB Handley, and Stan Kurtz, and a recovered family, air date: TBA) 

Lee Silsby logo 09 The treatment category is sponsored by Lee Silsby, the leader in quality compounded medications for autism.



For those who may be having limited results with the DAN protocol, check out kerri rivera adds some elements to the protocol that make it work faster. Blessings.

Dee Courtwright

Jenny rocks! What a sacrifice to provide the truth that was already in our minds to begin with, as our babies change right before our eyes. If autism is genetic, then the Dead Sea is made out of pepper!! We aren't anti-vaxxers, just anti-mercury. If it isn't in your lives, you need not comment, really. We are healing our lil' canary in a gold mine. :)

Autism Grandma


A year and ahalf ago I was channel surfing and heard the word "Vaccination" which stopped me in my tracks. It was Jenny McCarthy on the Larry King Live show describing Vaccine Induced Autism. AUTISM? It was that moment in time that Autism was revealed to me as my grandson's condition, a year prior to his official diagnosis. The month previous to this revelation, my grandson had received NINE vaccines given at once, although at that time my daughter was assured that the two injections contained only two vaccines. The doctor's excuse for this was that "he HAD to get caught up on his vaccines", even though my daughter had voiced her determination that her son only receive TWO. (Yes, the vaccines are produced in multiple dose vials, with 3-5 included) If she would have known that he was receiving NINE at once she would have RAN out of that doctor's office!!!

My grandson developed horrific reactions to these vaccines IMMEDIATELY: high fever, continual crying and screaming, thrashing from severe intestinal pain, acidic diarrhea that literally ate his skin away, refusal to drink his formula or eat food, jerking and muscle rigidity. He could no longer walk or maintain his balance. By the next day he was entirely covered with a severe rash and was exhausted from lack of sleep due to his continual pain and suffering. He turned into a "zombie", no longer any recognition or interaction with us, and then came the head banging, arm flapping, biting and hitting us instead of his previous hugs and kisses....

All of this continued as I was frantically researching online for solutions to "Vaccine Poisoning" because that was the obvious conclusion. I was continually praying for Divine Guidance when an Angel of Mercy named Jenny appeared to me on Larry King Live, a program that I have never watched before. The Message was delivered by her: Autism can be treated and even cured through the principals of the Defeat Autism Now protocols. My daughter was shocked when I said the word "Autism" and naturally didn't want to believe that; both of us had believed that the only reason that my grandson wasn't talking any more was simply because he was continually crying and screaming instead. But since I was certain that God had delivered this message to me, I focused my research on Defeat Autism Now and alternative Autism therapies. Since that beginning a year and ahalf ago, my grandson is "night and day" compared to his previous miserable condition.

As of yet, we do not have the financial ability to cover the expenses of a D.A.N. physician, but we are using the basic principals as our guide, addressing the intestinal issues first: Casein Free / Gluten Free diet, Probiotics (Garden of Life Primal Defense for Kids, and CocoBiotic), and enzymes (including Vitalzym). From the beginning we gave him "IntraKid" ( and "Synbiofood" ( organic whole food liquid nutrition because they cover the nutrient bases without requirement of digestive actions to be absorbed. We started with an aloe vera concentrate to soothe the intestinal inflammation (MPS Gold), then added Slippery Elm (Nature's Sunshine) and finally CapraColostrum before finally he slept through the night for the first time in 6 months. (YES!!!) Now we are also adding "SeaCure" to his intestinal healing program, which resulted in his eating his food again instead of throwing it on the floor. He thus regained his lost weight and resumed his growth pattern. We have also been giving him "Aqua Min" Cal/Mag with ocean minerals for increased absorption (, "Alive" Whole Food Complex Vitamin C, Perfect Food Berry (Garden of Life) organic soy lecithin to increase fat absorption and assist digestion, "Supercritical
EFA's" (, cod liver oil (Garden of Life), organic coconut milk (Whole Foods "365" brand), and organic carrot juice. (more nutrients and enzymes if made fresh in a juicer). "Sweet Leaf Liquid Stevia, Vanilla Creme" is great for sweetening nutritional concoctions without the use of sugar.

We have also used many essential oils all along, which I call the "Emergency Room in a bottle", especially "Gentle Baby", "Peace and Calming", "Tranquil" and "Lavender". ( This was the only way that my grandson got any sleep at all during the first six months after the vaccine injuries, and we still use these continually for additional support. We also had used "Breath Again" and "RC" for his previous asthma issues. (Essential Oils Desk Reference by Essential Science Publishing) We have not required any antibiotics whatsoever due to using essential oils and angstrom "Cil-ver" (

In the last six months we also added B-12 Transdermal Cream and Glutathione Plus Transdermal Cream (, and this further improved his neurological issues and enabled him to walk normally and keep his balance again, happily allowing us to wash his face and hands, and he keeps his hat and shoes on now due to the myelin sheath restoration. To a person who is new to autism therapies, all of this may seem like "alot", but it takes a lot of "bullets to hit the target" regarding nutritional therapies for autism recovery, and all of this ammunition is contributing to winning the war, even though we are still fighting the battles. And we feel that all of this is necessary before attempting any state funded ABA or speech therapies because how can he really benefit from these therapies unless his intestinal, nutritional and neurological issues are not addressed first.

It is such a wonderful blessing that my daughter's son hugs and kisses us and laughs and plays with us again!!! He looks us in the eye and understands what we are saying and doing, and allows his mother to leave for work without extreme separation anxiety and panic attacks. He runs around chasing the ball in the back yard without falling down. He no longer bangs his head, and what a relief no more constant SCREAMING. We are so thankful for every piece of the puzzle slowly but surely coming together to produce a hopeful and beautiful picture.

My precious grandson now happily "jibberjabbers" and although he has only regained some of his original words, he is telling us that he is trying to talk. We just got his heavy metals test results which show the Aluminum level off the charts at 1,260 (100 being the normal range), so we will now proceed with "chelation" therapy by utilizing natural Zeolite because he developed liver jaundice from the traditional DMSA drug "Chemet". By my ongoing research and prayers I am confident that he will continually improve as he has thus far, as we progress on the path of Defeat Autism Now and natural therapies. If he does not regain his speech capacity with the Zeolite removing the aluminum we will just KEEP GOING.

We are also going to try "Stem Enhance" which by the science appears to increase stem cell production in the bone marrow. (So many interesting possibilities to discover, and what the heck, as long as it's safe we are going to try it.)
Hyperbaric oxygen is also on the list and although we don't have this kind of money, we will sell off everything we own if that is what it takes. (Garage sales, Ebay, and Craig's List here we come)

As Martin Luther King said, "I have been to the mountaintop.... and I have seen the Promised Land"....And I have seen "Jehovah Jireh" (Hebrew translation: GOD PROVIDES)

autism is mercury poisoning

The book is awesome. Our former pediatrician needed it like yesterday and so do the school nurses and all of the school's "behavior specialists"!

Dr. Jerry has saved concerned health care providers so much time. Everything they need to know is in this book. No more excuses!

A.K. Hard

I am very proud of Jenny McCarthy for standing up to our corrupt and twisted medical system. Most people have no idea how corrupt it really is. AMA is so tied into the drug companies that doctors are trained in a way that makes drug companies profit. It is all about getting people hooked on drugs. Doctors are in bed with the drug dealers. And many doctors are too brainwashed to see how the system is using them. Most of the drugs are very poisonous to our system. Including vaccinations. Vaccinations contain MERCURY a known POISON. Why is this happening? Follow the money. It is profitable to keep people sick. The drug companies are that powerful. Yes, vaccinations contribute to Autism AND many other issues. My guess is they “powers that be” rationalize keeping people sick because if the entire planet was healthy, it would not last another 50 years. Can't argue with that. I found out about the corruption after researching my own health issues. I cured my depression and anxiety naturally. I got rid of dental problems including cavities, naturally. I lost weight naturally, etc. Alternative natural therapies are amazing and do work. There is a great backlash against them. Who is behind the backlash? The drug companies and medical community. I will never set foot in a doctor's office again if I can help it. All they did was make me sicker. In fact, I was healthy before I ever set foot in a doctor’s office. Yes, they can do good, but they can also do very, very bad. Research. Find out the truth.


I co-wrote a book about how Lyme disease may cause autism: if anyone is interested. My co-writer was Tami Duncan, founder and president of the LIA (Lyme-Induced Autism) Foundation.



Go Jenny! We LOVE you!
I just ordered 12 books today, one for each of my family members and some of my son's therapists as well.

Amazon has an audio book for this already. I just ordered it today, only $13.57

I had never done audio books before Jenny's books, and let me tell you it makes it so much easier. I know a small number of crazy people who read and drive, but anyone can listen and drive. -AL

Kathy Blanco

I love the fact that she is writing about prevention to autism. Over ten years ago, I called for researchers to do this, and tried to awaken these certain facts to DAN doctors...why, oh why, are you not telling moms how to prevent it? For one,the number one intervention is that mother is not vaccinating her children AT ALL. Second, never PRESUME your child is able to handle toxic insults or viruses or bacteria. This means that thep arents are very aware of their "status" of THEIR infections, from SV-40, to Lyme disease, to HHV6, to CMV, to EBV, etc etc. Mothers with amalgams, bad. Mothers with autoimmunity, a sign of something to come, and having your children the lotus birth way with no immediate cord clamping. At last and not least, being less toxic, no GMO, NO MSG, no vinyle flooring (that's anew one today, as in phalates), no use of plastics for baby or you, and that you know your glutathione is up to par, etc. Of course, no STD's, no this no that...the list goes on and other words, as the world gets increasingly more toxic, regulating agents let toxic things get into products, there will essentially be over one hundred causes of autism. That's why we have an epidemic, and that's why they can't detect THE GENE, but rather it is affecting all our genes, and or vaCCINES BY GENERATIONS HAVE AFFECTED AND MUTATED OUR GENeS, AND OR chemo drugs THAT IS IN OUR WATERS. (THANKS jIM FOR THAT INFO). Fluoride, another disaster...they are all adding up to accumulative toxins in mothers and fathers, passed to children, and further exposures on from there....

This is why Jenny may not be "saying it" but I think she gets the fact that all vaccinesare unsafe in such children, and to be honest, how many kids can handle this much...not even your predisposition will give to a is a system wide toxic mass poisoning going on, starting with our TRUST and non questioning compliance (just what fluoride does folks).


Are any of the autism groups selling the book direct to help support their group? Didn't look at ARI yet.

Dana C. Sturdivant

Just had an appointment with Dr. Jerry Kartzinel, I must say after 2.5 years of biomedical treatment's and DAN doctor's he was past impressive and treat's your child on individulized basis, doesn't just give your child a glance actually check's vital's and feel's his organ's...My other DAN's just gave him a quick eyeball glance and was like he's just like the rest of them. Anyway, I am eager to purchase their book, today...


Not presumptious at all. In fact it is quite simple (but of course challenging in our vaccine agressive and fast food society)--AVOID TOXINS (especially mercury and aluminum) and avoid overwhelming the immune system as much possible (especially while pregnant and in infants and young chilren).

I am excited to check out this book.

Another book due out today is "Sacred Spark" by Rev. Lisa Sykes. "Sacred Spark is the compelling true story of a child affected by mercury-poisoning and his minister-mother’s decade-long battle to restore the light in his eyes." (Sacredspark homepage)

She also galvanized the United Methodist Church to pass the first global resolution advocating the elimination of mercury from medicine.


NOW!!! "Just Released!" Kim



When does the book hit stores?

Michelle Kaporis

I just picked up my copy at Borders and already started reading it!! Great resources too.

Thank you Jenny!!


"Preventing Autism" - it sounds very presumptious. The only way to prevent having a child with autism is by not getting pregnant at all.


I came across this article today and thought maybe some of you could share your wisdom and experience. (Read the comment section).


Nice media tour list! Looking forward to seeing/hearing the interviews.

Ordered my book. :-)

Go Jenny!

K Fuller Yuba city

Ha! I had just ordered it from Amazon! Had to get my oldest to order something with me. I gotta have the free shipping. There are already 2 reviews on Amazon.

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