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Autism and Vaccines Around The World: Vaccine Schedules, Autism Rates and Under 5 Mortality

Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey, Dr. Kartzinel, JB Handley on Larry King Live Tonight

Remotes JB Handley is on the Larry King Blog right now. Please click HERE to read "Autism Is Preventable and Reversible" and leave a comment.  We've posted the piece below the jump here too.

Tune in to Larry King Live on CNN tonight to watch Jenny and company speak about autism, debate a doctor from mainstream medicine and introduce you to a family with a recovered child.

To hear more from Jenny, check her tour schedule at Generation Rescue. Her new book, Autism Healing and Prevention (written with Dr. Jerry Kartzinel) is available now.  Stayed tuned for a signed copy contest later in the month.

By J.B. Handley
Jenny McCarthy’s son Evan no longer has autism. This is a very hard concept for most people to grasp, because the popular understanding of autism is that it’s lifelong. Quietly, a revolution of tens of thousands of parents around the world are standing firmly behind Jenny and using the same treatments to heal their children that she used to heal Evan. Not a day goes by where I don’t hear a story from a parent of their child’s dramatic improvement or complete recovery from autism using what we call “biomedical intervention.” 

In the 1940s, Autism was supposed to be a placeholder diagnosis, used until we had a better understanding of the actual physical issues that would define autism as a disease. Yet even today, a child is diagnosed based entirely on behavioral observation - there is no blood test or other way to test for it. Unfortunately, this has led to a level of inertia and acceptance amongst the mainstream medical community that many parents find unhelpful, if not unacceptable. “Autism is something you can’t really change, just learn to accept it” – that’s the message so many of us hear from our medical authorities.
Imagine for a second being that parent of a child with autism and told that your child may never speak and that a lifetime of care is likely. You start to do your own research, and you happen upon our community, filled with hope, examples of recovery, and specific actions you can take to heal your child. What would you do? 
The vaccine issue has made autism one of the most polarizing topics on earth, which is too bad, because it keeps different communities within the autism world from working for the benefit of the only group that matters: our kids.
The number of children diagnosed with autism today is deeply alarming. The 1 in 150 number often used here in the U.S. is actually from 7 years ago, and we’re hearing more recent numbers well below 1 in 100 in states like Minnesota, New Jersey, and Oregon, to name just a few. Published studies in the 1970s showed an autism rate of 1 in 10,000, so autism has grown 100-fold, or 10,000%, numbers that are nearly impossible to imagine.
With autism cases growing this quickly, something in the environment has to be causing the rise. A “spontaneous genetic epidemic” is a scientific impossibility. It’s also likely that something relatively straightforward has to be behind the epidemic – it’s very unlikely that 100 different things all showed up sometime in the early 1990s and triggered the autism epidemic.
That’s where vaccines come in, and I think the case for them as a primary trigger is, unfortunately, very compelling. Firstly, the number of vaccines given to U.S. kids has expanded dramatically. Up until 1989, our kids received 10 total shots by their 5th birthday. Today, they receive 36. At their 2 month old appointment alone, most American children receive 6 separate vaccines in less than 15 minutes. Few other things on the planet that nearly all children receive have grown so dramatically during the exact time period when autism cases have exploded.
Secondly, and this is something most parents don’t realize, vaccines are known to cause brain injury in some kids. In fact, the US government has paid out over $1.8 billion in compensation for vaccine injury, most of it to children and much of that for brain injury. How exactly do vaccines cause brain injury? No one knows for sure, but if you check out the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program on the website of the Department of Health and Human Services, you can see for yourself that brain injury is a primary side effect (sometimes called “encephalopathy”) of many of our vaccines.
Finally, we have tens of thousands of case reports of parents reporting that their child developmentally regressed, stopped talking, and was later diagnosed with autism after a vaccine appointment. The number of vaccines have risen along with autism rates, vaccines are known to cause brain damage, and parents report regression and later autism after getting them. Is it really so hard to believe we think vaccines are a trigger?
Few parents appreciate that American kids are the most vaccinated on the planet. Generation Rescue just released a study called “Autism and Vaccines Around the World” which will surprise many. We looked at the vaccine schedules of 30 other first world countries to compare how many doses of vaccines children receive. What did we find? Compared to our 36, the average for the rest of the first world is 18, or half of the U.S. schedule. Perhaps more shocking, we looked at countries with the lowest rates of mortality for children under 5 (the U.S. ranks a disappointing 34th, behind Cuba and Slovenia). How many vaccines do the 5 countries with the lowest under 5 mortality rates give? Well, Iceland, Sweden, Singapore, Japan, and Norway give 11, 11, 13, 11, and 13 vaccines respectively – all less than 1/3 the number of vaccines the U.S. mandates!
How do autism rates compare in some of these other countries? Iceland’s rate is 1 in 1,000, Finland’s 1 in 700, and Sweden’s 1 in 800. These countries give 1/3 the vaccines we do and have autism rates that are as little as one-tenth of ours? Something isn’t right.
Parents just want a simple answer: “What do I do for my child? I want to give vaccines, but I don’t want autism.” There is no perfect answer as our kids are so different. But, perhaps you could start by considering the US vaccine schedule in 1989, which is a schedule many countries still use today. In 1989, we gave the following vaccines (and doses): DTP (5), Polio (4), MMR (1). For reference, today we give the following vaccines and doses: DTP (5), Polio (4), MMR (2), Hepatitis B (3), Hib (4), Varicella (2), Rotavirus (3), PCV (4), Flu (7), Hepatitis A (2).
Prevent deadly disease while preventing autism, why can’t the two co-exist?
To date, our health authorities have been unwilling to meet us halfway on vaccines. There appears to be no room for moderation, and we hear the American Academy of Pediatrics state that American children should simply get all their shots. Yet, looking at 30 other first world countries, we found that only 3 others had added Varicella to their schedules, and only 2 others had added Rotavirus to their schedules, as two examples of low rates of adoption by other countries, despite the fact that both of these vaccines have now been on the market for over a decade. What do these other countries know that we don’t? Would it surprise you to learn that the patent holder for Rotavirus sat on the government panel that adds vaccines to our schedule?
Our health authorities are also quick to assert that “the science shows vaccines don’t cause autism.” It’s disappointing to hear false statements like this from people many of us inherently trust. Having read every study these experts put forward, I can tell you with conviction that any doctor making this claim is either lying or has never read the studies for themselves. In fact, we were so frustrated by this mantra about “the science” that we created a website to analyze all the studies, which you can now find at and see for yourself. In a nutshell, if you never look at unvaccinated kids and if you only ever study one vaccine (the MMR) which accounts for 2 of the 36 vaccines our kids get, its easy to craft studies to get the answers you want.
The debate over the causes of autism will not end anytime soon. Parents trying to do the right thing for their children are being put in the middle. I’m grateful for people like Jenny McCarthy who are willing to share their own stories and help as many parents as possible prevent and reverse autism. Through her courage alone, thousands of kids today are facing a far brighter future.



Classy, aspiesmom, classy. "Trot [Evan] out"? Like a circus animal? Jenny McCarthy has spent enough time detailing the doctors' opinions of Evan and showing his progress on video (not just in the clips on LKL, but on *Entertainment Tonight* and various other shows). She doesn't need to do anything else.

The proof that biomedical interventions work is all around: in all the lives of the kids in Jenny's previous book (Mother Warriors), in the video *Autism Yesterday,* and in every kid who has experienced some improvement in his health and potential, thanks to DAN! doctors or clinics like Thoughtful House in Texas. You want video? Order *Autism Yesterday.* Watch Charlie Hoover's videos on YouTube. Order a tape of Jenny's appearance on *Entertainment Tonight.*

Happy Easter.


I challenge JEnny and Jim. You want people to buy your book, follow your path - you lead them on with tales of your son's success. Prove it. Prove he's no longer autistic. Prove that an fMRI will no longer show an autistic brain. Trot him out. Or get an independent autism expert to test him. Prove to all these poor souls who are clinging to this hope that they aren't just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

And yes, I have some experience in this. I have an autistic child. He's made magnificent strides in his coping skills over the years but he is still and will always be autistic. I'd never want him any other way. He is simply wired differently, thinks differently. However, he's not broken, not diseased. He needs no fix or cure. He is a happy young man.

Show us. Dan Marino did. It failed but he kept a brave face - I just felt really bad for his son.

So what's it gonna' be?


People who believe the allopathic vaccine paradigm haven't a clue about the nature of health and illnesses... nor the critical thinking ability to intelligently analyze research. The connection between vaccine hazards and a rise in neurological, digestive, and immune system dysfunctions is both documented and quite logical if you understand the processes involved. Most doctors, however, are trained by an industrial cult that seeks to create impaired, dependent customers (patients). They are programmed to believe that certain practices will benefit health when these practices are actually inclined to promote long-term illness - most doctors mean well and they must be deceived to carry out the agenda of the industrial cult, made to believe they are helping people when they are actually impairing people. It's hard for most people to admit they have been duped into harming others so it's typical for people to remain in denial and use all kinds of twisted logic to convince themselves and others of various falsehoods.


I am happy to report that the title of the transcipt for this show has been changed from "No Scientific Link Between Autism and Vaccinations" to "Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey Discuss Autism; Medical Experts Weigh In".

But, the descriptions of the participants remain unchanged.

Erica in Alabama

Larry King Live was great. My many thanks to the panel - Jenny, Jim, Dr. Kartzinel and Dr. Healy.
After watching I have to ask would the people on the opposing side be on the opposing side if they had a child with Autism?
I will forever be thankful to these Autism communities - Generation Rescue, AOA, etc. My son wouldn't be where he is today without them.


I just went looking for the transcript of this show and found it here .

The title given to the show is "No Scientific Link Between Autism and Vaccinations". Unbelievable -- that was not the conclusion to be drawn from this show at all!

The first time each person's name there is a brief description. For Jenny it says "JENNY MCCARTHY, FORMER PLAYMATE". How about author, mother, & autism activist?

For Dr. K it says "DR. JERRY KARTZINEL, 'HEALING AND PREVENTING AUTISM'". How about pediatrician?

For Dr. Healy it said, "DR. BERNADINE HEALEY, FMR. PRESIDENT, AMERICAN RED CROSS". Isn't former director of the NIH more relevant?

But for Dr. W they get it right "DR. MAX WIZNITZER, PEDIATRIC NEUROLOGIST".

Maureen O

This discussion is almost absurd. Why are we still discussing that autism is on the rise and that the health of ALL children is on the decline. Whole industries are not created out of a nonexistent need. Just casual observation tells you there is a HUGE problem.
I believe the future of americas decline will not come from outside forces, but from within. If a government and corporation destroys its children for profit there is no hope for that country.
Moms everywhere must take our power back!!! We know what is best for our children. Don't tell us your vaccination damage is a coincidence.
I am just so thankful jenny and dr kartzinel have written this book about prevention. Because god help us when the kids i see in college now ( live on adderal, red bull, alcohol, drugs, toxic relationships, etc) have children!

Autism Grandma

Regarding Bernie Beckerman's Statement:

"Ms. Davis, you do a disservice to the health of your children and your community by trying to convince people that vaccines are the cause of all your ills. I'm sure you'd feel quite diffferent if your son or daughter were to devolop polio or typhus." I am sure that Bernie Beckerman would feel quite different if his son or daughter were to develop autism" after witnessing with his own eyes that this occurred in direct relation to vaccines. Bernie is in that large "Ya gotta see it to believe it" camp, who will believe the medical propaganda until the very day that this occurs in his own family, his own child or grandchild perhaps. And the ACTUAL statistics of 1 in 67 are in his favor that the chances of this occurring in his own family is ever increasing, as long as he simply complies with the mandated vaccine schedule of 48 doses by age 6.

"On February 8, 2007 the CDC released 'New Data on Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD's) from Multiple Communities in the United States' (1) Since then, most people and the press have been under the impression that in the United States, the 'new' CDC- reported ASD prevalence rate of 1 in 150 was a recent discovery that was current for 2007 when indeed it was not at all. The study did not document a prevalence of 1 in 150 among children born now or five years ago. The study revealed that among U.S. children born in 1994, THIRTEEN YEARS AGO, 1 in 150 on average had a spectral disorder." Please read: "When 1 in 150 is really 1 in 67" here:

Although this is just one single incident of many devious devices which have been continually utilized by the pharmaceutical and medical industry, should not anyone consider asking themselves, WHY the Deception? What is the purpose of this "official" statistic being so reduced when the information proving the 1 in 67 statistic is readily available? (2007)

Regardless of the accumulating evidence which directly verifies vaccine induced autism, the Bernie camp will continue to ignore the obvious evidence in favor of manipulated statistics and so called "scientific evidence" propagated by the pharmaceutical money machine ($650 Billion annually). Although obviously the more vaccines they produce, the more money they make, with no legal liability for damages due to their government influence which produced the Vaccine Court, it is amazing how many people continue to ignore the obvious conflict of interest. As with many other Big Business Entities, Injuries and Death are simply figured into the Risk to Benefit Ratio with the Profit Margin being the bottom line. (Although the difference being that when any other manufacturer produces a dangerous product, they are legally liable for the damages.)

However, even though Big Pharma has paid out billions for their dangerous drug case liabilities, it doesn't stop them from producing more dangerous and deadly drugs because they are still making a huge profit in spite of the legal settlement payouts. (Vioxx being one example of many: after 40,000 people were permanently injured and 60,000 died of Vioxx induced heart failure, they still continued covering up the evidence in order to keep that big profit margin in tact.) With a conservative statistic of over 100,000 people dying every year from pharmaceutical drugs, why does the general public still wish to believe that these death mongers can be trusted with their lives? How is it conceivable to suppose that the vaccine track record is any different than the drug track record? Why don't people do online research regarding drugs instead of falling for the drug advertisements and swallowing down whatever drugs the doctors prescribe without determining the risk factors? Why do people continue to drag their children into the doctor's office for all these vaccines without even simply learning about the many toxic ingredients in them? Please read "Vaccines, adjuvants and potential toxicity" here:

WHY? It is a matter of a Belief System whereby the public has been systematically indoctrinated to BELIEVE the medical gods. Traumatic and life changing personal experiences like autism can influence human perceptions regarding their beliefs, but apparently the obvious facts and evidence don't stand much of a chance against brainwashing. History has shown us that people will fight and die for their religious beliefs or political beliefs, and this includes Nazism and Communism, which of course most Americans have not been indoctrinated into. What Americans have been indoctrinated into is Medicinism as a religious "god" and a powerful "political party". Indoctrinated Belief Systems always interfere with Logical Reasoning.

But that doesn't change the fact that we all still have our God given freedom of choice to open our minds in order to expand our educational horizons. In the case of autism, the factual evidence is reaching more and more people due to the many dedicated people involved in sharing this information online and in books, videos, television interviews etc. Although the television news regarding autism and vaccines has been manipulated and influenced by the pharmaceutical drug ads,financial influence and control, more and more people are seeing through the propaganda broadcasting, as more and more people know a friend, relative, or neighbor who has personally witnessed their child's autism as a direct result of vaccines. With more and more people giving their own Eye Witness Testimony, more and more people are seeing the truth because "The Eyes Don't Lie".

Cynthia Cournoyer

Thank you for all you do to educate people. Glad to see you all on Larry King tonight. Not glad that the established medical community is so immovable on this subject. However, in 30 years, I've never seen so many numbers affected by autism, or so many people aware of a vaccine controversy. Back in the 1980's we dreamed of such main-stream media coverage because it was rarer than rare. We all must continue to speak out. J.B. Handley's article above states that Iceland's autism rate is 1 in 1,000 and that they vaccinate 1/10 the rate we do. Autism used to be 1 in 10,000. If we use Iceland to say that we are vaccinating too much in the U.S., then we could also say that Iceland is vaccinating too much because they are at 11 vaccines, when in the 1960's there were 4. Maybe vaccinating is the problem. We have far more chronic diseases in the world than EVER before. Far more vaccines anywhere in the world than EVER before. Are we trading one set of illnesses for another? Like Jenny likes to say, give me measles over autism any day. One of the best points she made tonight was to ask what happened in 1989 so disastrous that we suddenly had to add so many more vaccines? The answer is nothing.
Cynthia Cournoyer


The Bernie Beckermans of the world can only handle simplistic either/or dichotomies. For them, there's no room for actually reading parents' post-vaccine regression reports and considering that their sick children have lab tests ordered by trained and licensed physicians. No time to read VAERS reports or NVICP case rulings.

The Bernie Beckermans of the world think that smug, scaremongering warnings about diseases that everyone already knows about will cause parents to disbelieve their own eyes and labs. The plan is to keep injecting the product and put no effort into post-marketing surveillance and quality control.

The Bernie Beckermans of the world don't realize that families of children with vaccine-induced autism not only have to deal with that disorder, they also have to fend off:
1. life-threatening diseases,
2. unresponsive physicians, and
3. ignorant proselytizers.

Life is simple for the simple.


Great segment on Larry King. A cable news report that tells BOTH sides of this issue. How rare!! I even liked the neurologist. Even though I don't agree with him on vaccines I can tell that he concerned about autistics and is willing to treat them, which is rare. The AAP representative was par for the course: obstuse.

Julie Obradovic

Bernie Beckman,

I've been waiting for the "we just save the fetuses that would have died" argument. Under that logic, you argue we should be proud of ourselves that we can get them out of the womb, we just can't keep them alive. Great!

Furthermore, the #1 country in the world for lowest infant mortality rate (and this is before age 5) is Iceland. They have a socialized health care system that is only rivaled by Sweden (in Europe) for care. This includes prenatal care. Additionally, they are a very modernized country that also goes to great lengths to save at risk babies. The US isn't the only country doing so.

At the same time, Iceland gives less than half of the vaccines to children that we do in the US. They have a lower Autism and Infant Mortality rate. That is significant.

Somehow they are making it so their "unviable fetuses" not only make it out of the womb, but that they live as well....with less Autism....and less vaccines. Those are the facts.


We looked at under 5 mortality, not infant. Pls call the show tonite.

Teresa Conrick -For Paul --"The Sock Puppet again!"

Re Orac--Here's a rerun Paul, just for you, since you mentioned him. Lancing boils may be in his near future.....
Ironically, I was just reading about alternative cancer treatments and a familar theme came about with a very familiar character:

March 22, 2009
---DCA: Is this the cure for cancer?

So on doing a little digging for more information, I find this site with a deja vu analysis:

2 February 2007

"Get this from Orac (a.k.a. DH Gorski) at Respectful Insolence. Here’s a cutter/researcher who makes a living from cancer. A respectable number of research papers in chemotherapy and radiation bear his name and he’s a surgeon. He is, in other words, a fully vested member in the multi-billion dollar cancer treatment industry. If there’s a big breakthrough cure for cancer that consists of a $2 teaspoonful of a common chemical in a glass of water the good Doctor Gorski becomes like unto a horse drawn carriage maker when Ford started mass producing automobiles. He’ll be reduced to lancing boils for a living.....He’s wasting what seems an inordinate amount of time campaigning against DCA....."

"You’re certainly entitled to whatever opinion you want of Gorski but mine continues to be that he’s a supercilious bag of hot air who couldn’t make it as a surgeon and is now a sock puppet for moneyed interests in the cancer therapy industry."

So there you have it. There is a parallel matrix and some avatars are playing dual roles.....


Craig actually has a very interesting point. Considering that the GR study looked at the top industrial nations in the world and compares their vaccination rates, autism rates, and infant mortality rates, the data should show, if we were to believe Dr. Offit and the vaccine defenders, that the United States would have a much better infant mortality rate. As it stands, the US is below many 3rd world countries when it comes to infant deaths. On top of that, we are at the top of the charts when it comes to Autism and neurological disorders. This certainly bears more study.

Craig Willoughby

You'd figure the (end sarcasm) line at the end of my post would have given them a clue that I was mocking the vaccine-gestapo.


To "Not an MD" and anyone who may want to respond with the same sentiment as your note,

I invite you to re-read my blog post and find where I clearly expressed my opinions about immunizations. You won't find my philosophies, because I didn't share them.

The purpose of my reply to Craig was to point out his logical fallacy of making such sweeping conclusions based on a lack of information and knowledge of how infant mortality was calculated, and the MANY global factors affecting it (as also discussed by "Bernie B.").

Don't suggest I have "blinders" on just because I challenge people to think through things before making such broad, uneducated statements. Parties on both sides of this argument are guilty of this.

Chew on this

From Bernie Beckerman -

"Ms. Davis, you do a disservice to the health of your children and your community by trying to convince people that vaccines are the cause of all your ills. I'm sure you'd feel quite diffferent if your son or daughter were to devolop polio or typhus."

Actually Bernie, you see, we know its the vaccines because autism is the ONLY disease out there where everyone (meaning the CDC, AAP, the pediatricians) are busy looking at EVERYTHING ELSE but the kids who are sick. "We don't do that" the CDC told CBS News. What? Are you kidding me? Now, if that doesn't point to the vaccines as culprit, I don't know what does!!

Think about it, you are sick and the doctors don't want to examine you to find out what is ailing you. The mainstream media refuses to interview the DAN! doctors who actually treat the children to find out what's ailing them. Each time they quote Offit who can't see beyond his own asshole. As for the senators, don't even get me started on that. So - either everyone out there is really stupid, or its the vaccines. Guess what, I'm picking the vaccines. Ever heard of vaccinosis? Do some research before you come here and showcase your profound ignorance.

Craig Willoughby

Paul and Bernie,

Please read my comment again and take into consideration a concept called satire. It involves mocking and humor. And then re-read the post again, after you learn to read of course (Hooked on Phonics works for me!), and take into account the following line:

"The US, the country with the most vaccines, has an almost 50% higher infant mortality rate **than any of the other countries studied.**"

Bernie, it was me who said that, not Kelli. She's usually much nicer when responding to the burning hypocrisy of Orac and the rest of the mindless and infinitely stupid vaccine-gestapo. The fact that you can't even get who you are responding to correct is proof of that.

Stagmom for Paul and Bernie Take a quick peek - just log in and out. Now tell me to worry about Chicken Pox and mumps.

Our children are not disposable trade offs for childhood disease prevention.


Not an MD

To Paul:
In Craig's defense, I have to tell you that I have stood next to parents at rallies who lost their babies to vaccine injury the same day, or a few days after they were given their "well baby" vaccinations. Have you read the story of sweet little Ian Gromowski who died a horrific death from his birth Hep B shot? The AOA article on Ian has some great pictures of human suffering, leading to his agonizing infant death. I don't need exact mortality figures, or fancy explanations, to understand with my own eyes what is happening to some of the babies in our country due to the vaccines they are given. If you want to wear blinders, go ahead, but don't expect me to do the same.


Craig Willoughby, you should check your raw facts before coming to such sweeping conclusions.

Based on the United Nations Population Division, the United States is listed as #163 of 195 for infant mortality, and that's behind many many nations which are far less vaccinated than the United States. There are far more causes of infant mortality than vaccine-preventable illness. Abroad, poor maternal nutrition and resultant low birth weight are big factors, while in the U.S. prematurity is still a large contributing factor to infant mortality. That's not to say vaccine-preventable illness doesn't take an incredible toll in poorly vaccinated, 3rd world countries without herd immunity ... it does.

No one on either side of this argument can make a case with your data --- FROM YOUR DATA, I can't claim that vaccines make a big difference in infant mortality, but you certainly cannot infer that vaccines are ineffective at reducing infant mortality.

And I think you COULD pose your query to Orac-- at least his blog freely posts comments with dissenting opinions.

I'm interested to watch the Larry King interview.

Bernie Beckerman

In response to Kelli Ann Davis in a previous post, your misinformation is staggering. I'm assuming you're actually just ignorant of how infant mortality is calculated and not just trying to forward some misconceived agenda.

The rates of infant mortality in the US are significantly lower than in other countries where vaccines are not routinely available. The slightly higher infant mortality you see in comparison to other developed countries had to do with the great lengths that the US health care system will go to deliver, revive, and try to keep alive newborns that are probably not viable. Babies are routinely delivered at 22-25 weeks which is low gestational age and carries a great risk of death. These births and subsequent deaths are counted as part of the infant mortatality rate and exist only because of the advanced medical care available.

Ms. Davis, you do a disservice to the health of your children and your community by trying to convince people that vaccines are the cause of all your ills. I'm sure you'd feel quite diffferent if your son or daughter were to devolop polio or typhus.

Sue M.

This should be great!

I hope they don't bump it...


wow, can't wait to watch. Just got back from trying to display my ARI puzzle pieces at a few neighborhood businesses. I got into an interesting discussion with a lady at the bank. "Isn't there a genetic component to it," she asked almost hopefully. I said I really didn't think that explained much of the incidence of autism, other than boys seem to be a little more at risk. Also, if it's "genetic" then why are so many children recovering? I don't think that's what she wanted to hear but her daughter or daughter in law didn't allow their grandson to be given a flu shot when they went for theirs. I will go door to door to sell the pieces and I'm sure there will be more interesting discussions.
Go generation rescue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelli Ann Davis -- JB ROCKS (As Always ;-)

My comment on JB's piece on LKL's blog:

It is because of the courage of JB Handley, Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey, Stan Kurtz and others that millions of Americans are hearing the message -- autism is treatable and preventable -- and hope is being restored.

I am honored to be affiliated with this awesome organization and the individuals that lead it and we will never, ever stop proclaiming our message.

Right now, a bill is being introduced by Senators Durbin, Casey and Menendez which continues to classify and focus on autism as a behavioral disorder rather than a whole-body, biological condition which responds to treatments and leads individuals on a road to recovery and a better life.

Unfortunately, until this paradigm shift is recognized and embraced by members of Congress, federal health officials, medical professionals and the media, I fear we will continue to see ineffective legislation, dangerous public health policies, useless medical “treatments” and biased reporting continue; it will be up to organizations like Generation Rescue (and Larry King Live) to continue to get the message of hope and recovery out to Americans.

Thank you Larry for your courage in allowing the truth to be heard so lives can be changed!

Kelli Ann Davis
D.C. Political Liaison
Generation Rescue

Craig Willoughby

Wow...the link he provided to Fourteen Studies is simply brilliant!

What struck me as particularly poignant was the reference to the GR study in different countries associated with the number of vaccines given. The US, the country with the most vaccines, has an almost 50% higher infant mortality rate than any of the other countries studied.

But wait, how can that be? To follow the Church of the Immaculate Vaccination's brainless mantra "But vaccines SAVE LIVES!" Really? Then why does the most vaccinated country in the world have one of the highest infant mortality rates? Since vaccines "SAVE LIVES!!" shouldn't our mortality rate be lower?

I must run to Orac and the Vaccine Gestapo and ask for guidance now! Maybe Paully prOffit can re-brainwash me so that I will drink their Kool-aid blindly!!

(end sarcasm)

Julie Swenson

Added mine!

"We are currently recovering my son from his vaccine-induced autism (eight shots at his 12-month check up and two weeks later the baby he was had disappeared) by using the methods outlined in Generation Rescue. Thank God for that site. I would never have known where to turn for advice and help and my son would still be floundering in his therapy-only treatment plan outlined for us by his neurologist. I find that the people who often decry the biomed way of recovery have not only never tried it, they don’t even have a child with autism. Until you have been through it and seen the amazing results, you can never understand what the DAN approach can and has done for so many children. Those who throw around the term ‘pseudo-science’ simply enjoy using buzzwords that have no real meaning."

Hope it gets posted. I foresee a huge backlash from the ND crowd. Bring it on.

Give CBC's Strauss 10 000 vaccines at once

Awesome! That's appointment TV.

And I'm also going to try to watch last night's autism/vaccine debate on CNN with Holly Robinson Peete. I only saw the tail end but she did really well on the part I saw. That AAP Doctor she was debating actually lied by stating that they have done safety testing on the cumulative vaccine schedule! Holly called him out, but how many will believe the lies?

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