An “Open Letter” from Generation Rescue to the Institute of Medicine (IOM)
The London Rally - But Home is Where the DVD Is

The Autism File Campaign: California Moms

Autism File Magazine is running a campaign featuring strong, beautiful women also known as Autism Mothers. Here's a group from California, including Autism One's Teri Arranga. Eat your heart out Dove soap with the women in their undies. We are Autism Moms! Click
HERE to see a video (in .wmv format) from the California Moms.

To join the campaign, send your photo to Autism File Moms California

Christina Adams:   "I wish we had thought of this campaign years ago. Moms like us were just trying to survive and hoping government would help solve the problems. Now we know it's all up to us."

Deborah Portnoy:  "I am excited about supporting this campaign that will encourage other moms that they are not alone, that they can make positive changes for their children and others, and that they can have the strength and support to move forward for another day!  Keep fighting, keep trying.  Know that it takes a village and that we're all here for one another."

Kristin Selby Gonzalez: "Mothers can do this! How many of us remember getting the diagnosis of our child and feeling all alone and not wanting to get out of bed? Some of you have completely recovered your children, while others of us are still directly on the frontlines fighting every day to bring our children back. We as women and moms of our special children are here to encourage those moms who we once were. Other mothers way before us laid the groundwork for all to follow, that is why our children are getting better."

Christy Crider:  "I truly feel that this campaign really will hit a nerve with moms and dads and parents, in general, all across America!  After spending the last 8 years in this journey, I have learned through so many heartbreaking stories and experiences of my own that in order to really make things happen, many times, you must be fierce and brave and cannot take "no" for an answer.  We are fighting for our children’s lives.  Remember that, as a parent, you know your child better than anyone!  We must not be pushed aside and told to wait in the wings while a generation of children are silenced.  Our children do not have the time for that any longer.  The time is now!

Teri Arranga:  "Our children need help now, not 20 or 30 years from now.  Mothers and fathers have educated themselves in all things science and other areas, as well, becoming virtual doctors, nurses, nutritionists, sensory integration therapists, speech therapists, teachers, lawyers, and much more.  The obstructionism of government and mainstream medicine has forced parents to become all of these things.  This is a highly educated group of parents, motivated not by money but by love.  We are experts on our own children to be respected and listened to.  I was proud to share this day with inspirational California mothers who are representative of moms and dads worldwide."

Photo credit:
Photography by Myra Vides



ooh I love the calendar idea!!!


They are looking tough - the original line on the cover of AutismFile was something like "delivering where gov't has failed". Not pissed or resentful but TOUGH! I just saw a great youtube of a bunch of other recreations of this pic from around the world...

Autism Grandma

There are two other comments here regarding boxing gloves...EXACTLY!!! I love this concept, but it would add another "statement" if some of the moms would put on some black sweat suits with boxing gloves. Great Idea!!!


Angela ... I'm with you girl .. give me a black pair of boxing gloves and the IOM in the same room ... and I'll crack a smile and a pose.


I'd join, but I'm an Autism mutha. It would be like Donald Rumsfeld lecturing at a Gray Panthers' meeting.

Does that make any sense? Good.

Stuff Asperger People Like

They are hot! Giggity, giggity goo!


I salute all these moms, who look healthy and strong and beautiful and smart. As KS pointed out recently, the longer that moms stay alive and vibrant, the more they can help their children.

Regarding public image marketing, the truth is that people want to look at pretty things. And nowadays self-marketing is essential. Decades ago dairy farmers didn't see the need to market their product until carbonated beverages had taken a significant share of the market. Eventually they collectivized and strategized. It worked. (Except, of course, for those who need GF/CF diets.)


Excellent! I can't wait to buy the calendar! (just a thought)

Keep up the great work ladies! You look fantastic.

K Fuller Yuba city

No matter what you think of the pose... These women don't look crazed, they don't look angry,they don't look desperate or delusional, they don't look like conspiracy theorists. The world needs to see that people just like them have children with Autism. I just got my first issue of Autism File and I am finding it really informative.

Say cheese please

Did the CA moms do another shot where they might be smiling? Ok, I know our lives suck and that's how we look 24/7, but for heavens sake, at least make an attempt to crack a smile!

Teresa Conrick

I think the point is that we are not refrigerator mothers, nor are we hysterical, desperate, crazed, "genetically impaired", bitter, and litigious females.

Autism has been historically screwed in many ways and a biggie has been the treatment of the whole family, including dear old dad but more specifically targeted at the mother. Showing strength, beauty, brains, and passion is an accurate portrayal but was not always allowed and often was ignored and replaced by more Bettleheim-ish descriptions. There are many who want to keep that alive, with added bonuses of bad genes, bad weather, bad sperm, bad brains....etc.

We are assertive families who know the facts and are not going to take anymore bullshit -- plain and simple.


My wife hasn't been able to visit a salon in 2 years. That takes strength!

She did put on a black dress the other day to see if it still fit. She was thinking about selling it on ebay so she could buy Ben some Thomas the Train characters for his birthday.


Angela Redden

I like the idea but not the picture.

Who care's if we are beautiful or sexy? Show us the way we are because we're just as beautiful in track pants and a t-shirt, or at an IEP meeting, or DAN conference.

Moms of autism are extraordinary. They are the toughest, most loyal, loving, and fierce fighting mothers I've ever met and I'm proud to stand in their ranks.

I don't need a black dress. I need a pair of boxing gloves!


Excellent job CA moms!

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