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Have a (Dr.) Berger. And (the AAP) Fries.

Makes sense Check out this  11 minute interview with pediatrician David Berger in Florida on Tampa's 10 Connects CBS TV.  He breaks down the vaccine safety issue logically. For instance, pediatricians counsel parents to introduce solid foods one by one, so Mom and Dad can determine if there's any allergic or adverse reaction. And yet, they jab several shots at once into their tiniest patients. Send this to your pregnant friends. Thank you, Dr. Berger and Tampa 10.

CLICK HERE. (Sorry the embed code turned the site into frozen molasses so I removed it.)



Thank you Dr. David

Cynthia Cournoyer

I am glad that some physicians are at least questioning. We have to start somewhere. But I am always struck by how people hang on to the idea of vaccinating no matter what. Thimerosal was bad so we took it out. Wait, when it was in, they told us vaccines were safe and good. The DPT was improved to the DTaP, but wait, they said the DPT was safe and good. The MMR used to be one shot for life, but then boosters were needed. But, how's come they told us before, that ONE was enough? Strange isn't it? Chickenpox used to be an inconvenience but wait, uh oh, now it's really really bad. DPT used to be for children and flu used to be for adults, but now, we live in a topsy turvy world where these get reversed, or maybe the vaccines are SO good that they need to be for everybody no matter what. I think we just keep trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Sometimes we just need to STOP for awhile and sort it all out. If changes continue ad infinitum, it is simply a clear indictment of the imperfect vaccine industry.
Cynthia Cournoyer


Bravo for that doctor! It's refreshing to see a doctor advocating for some friggin common sense instead of robotically repeating the AAP's damage control press releases. Dr. Berger reminds us of what Jim said "The problem is the problem"
And I'm just going to hope the interviewer was playing devil's advocate when she asked about how it would be hard/difficult to keep track of alternative schedules. Berger's response was perfect.

Kathy Blanco

THe only thing I know you can die of as far a food allergy is peanuts (which you can desensitize yourself with small amounts by the way-recent news report), but this is nothing in comparison to the misery of just one vaccine, I witnessed, slink a kid into autism. So, this thing about one vaccine and your safe and good to go, is a least in my experience. It is ridiculous to have this many things into our kids at once...I agree, but with vaccines, can you guarantee on sight, any vaccine is safe? Monovalent, slow schedule, what is that, conforming still? I think it's high time we think for ourselves. If you want to go that route, THAT IS YOUR ROUTE, and my route, is, no thank you, I don't one one shot in my kids, and my grandkids.

In a predisposed kid, it is a russian roulette game, if they have enough autoimmunity in the family, battled any infections or toxins in utero or when a wee babe, was using multitudes of antibiotics, and are exposed to mercury in any forms, geez, one vaccine can do it. One immune event, even a bad cold which goes nasty can cause autism (I have seen that one too). So, let's get off this merry go round, and get to thinking like this one poster did months ago, which I will quote...

"....Dr. Mayer Eisenstein ("Holistic MD Has 30,000 Patients – Zero With ASD, All Unvaccinated”)..."

Oh dearie me, is that right? No vaccines and no autism? Mainstream media should be all over this strange phenomenon. The vaccine court might want to investigate and save the taxpayers some money. You think? End quote...

I just think the reason they over vaccinate is the conpsiracy they have worked to tell a lie that herd immunity is based on vaccinated populations (which it wasn't, it was based on the REAL disease), and, that they have conspired to make sure you don't know just how crappy they are by telling lies over and over, junk science, etc.

With this many kids with fully loaded guns, Hyper IgE, Secretory IgA deficiencies, Complement deficiencies (high in our kids), glutathione block, bad birth experiences asphyxiated, pitocented, etc etc, it truly seems as this is a giant social eugenics experiment, to see how many people will willingly sacrifice their beloved children for the name of good for all.


Wow! That was great. My favorite part was when the interviewer said, if they knew this back in 1999, why in 2009 is it [thimerosal] still in vaccines?

Nancy Naylor

Wow!! Someone like this may be able to renew my confidence in the medical system. Go DR. Berger!!


Wow, what a great interview.

Please keep us posted as to how the legislation moves along.


LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! Great Video, Great Bills! Thanks, Dr. David


Three days before Christmas in 2000, we sat in Dr. Berger's office with a very sick two year old boy wondering what the future would bring. We had been told by others, including the Dan Marino Center for Autism, that there was no known cause or cure for autism. Our HMO Pediatrician was livid when we informed her we were taking our son to see Dr. David, "he'll only take your money and when your broke he'll have nothing to do with you".

Well it's been eight years now. My son has recovered. In fact, two weeks ago he was earned his black belt in Taekwondo!

We Love Dr. David!

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