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Has Dr. Healy “Let Slip the Dogs of War?”

Dogs_war By Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

In her column of April 14, 2009 for U.S. News and World Report (“The Vaccines-Autism War: Détente Needed”) Dr. Bernadine Healy sets forth a view that’s at odds with most of the medical profession, but in-sync with most reasonable people, namely that vaccine side-effects, including autism, should be studied.  “This work is long overdue; shockingly, so is a study comparing groups of vaccinated and unvaccinated children.”

Amazingly, she also goes after Dr. Paul Offit, who has famously “said on more than one occasion that the infant’s immune system can handle 10,000 vaccines.”  Dr. Healy notes that the science on vaccine side-effects is still “skimpy” and notes a Canadian study from last year that “found that delaying the diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis vaccination just a few months decreased by 50 percent the risk that a child develops asthma.”

Many members of the bio-medical community are celebrating that this pillar of the medical world is expressing her belief that the “science” on the vaccine-autism question simply has not been done.  If this opinion is coming from a woman who was head of the National Institute of Health and the American Red Cross, who can convincingly argue that the needed research has been done?

However, I do part ways with Dr. Healy and her belief that “détente” is what’s needed now in this fight.  For those who were not interested in world affairs at the time, “détente” was the policy initiated by President Nixon and Henry Kissinger between the United States and the Soviet Union.  The idea was that tensions would be lowered between the two superpowers, but in truth it was a little like paying off pirates and not protesting too loudly when they took over your ships.  In reality each superpower had competing visions of the world.  Somebody had to win and somebody had to lose.

When Reagan became President he drove the Soviets crazy by quoting the communists’ own words against them, as well as initiating a military build-up.  While the military build-up was impressive (and probably too costly), the critical factor was his honesty as to what the Soviets were really about.  They denied the essential freedom of humanity in pursuit of their Socialist paradise.  When people cannot freely choose their leaders, worship the god of their choice, or make their own decisions, there is nothing else to call that system but evil.

Healy strikes me as a Gorbachev-like figure who truly believes that if she can just get the medical establishment to open up a little and get people to talk to each other that it’s all going to turn out fine and dandy.  She’s probably too much of a well-respected figure to be openly attacked like Dr. Andrew Wakefield, but the knives will be out for her.  The truth of the matter is that with more than a million children stricken with autism and the medical authorities avoiding this issue for years, there’s little hope that this will end well for them.  Not only are their professional reputations at stake, but billions of dollars in vaccine revenue.  It's difficult to see how any true "detente" is possible.

At the end of the Soviet Union Gorbachev seemed befuddled by the changes he had brought about.  He thought that a little “glasnost” (openness) and “perestroika” (restructuring) were the only changes Marxism-Leninism needed.  But the mighty river of human freedom wouldn’t be satisfied with those tiny cracks in the dam.

I do not foresee a good end for the medical authorities who have turned their back on our children.  I see future studies which support the assertions made by parents for many years.  I see congressional committees demanding answers.  I see the ruin of many careers, and shame which lasts for generations.  “Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!” was Shakespeare's rallying cry in his play “Julius Caesar”.  I think this is what Dr. Healy has done with her column, and with what seems to be the beginning of a very public advocacy on our part.  When asked how he saw the Cold War ending, Reagan quipped, "We win, they lose." 

In our own conflict the battle-lines are similarly stark.  If we're right it means that the pharmaceutical companies and government health authorities will have to completely overhaul the vaccine schedule and lose billions of dollars in revenue.  Forgive me for a somewhat pessimistic view of human nature, but I don't think the medical establishment and the pharmaceutical companies will easily give up their long-held beliefs and the money that comes with the current system. 

Detente is not possible when the sides have radically different ideas of what should happen. 

But change will come, heralded by brave individuals like Dr. Healy, who are setting mighty forces in motion. 

Kent Heckenlively is Legal Editor of Age of Autism


John Fryer


Bernadine Healy was head of NIH and as such MUST command respect for all time.

The fact that people discredit her, means they discredit themselves.

I have several professional qualifications as a chemist. They last for life, along with your knowledge, often hard won and for me with 90 per cent of it IN FAVOUR of vaccines at any price.

Like Bernadine Healy, with the LUXURY of plenty of FREE time, you realise while vaccines are an essential part of our health system they are also NOW part of our INCREASING ILL HEALTH system.

AIDS, diabetes, cancer, epilepsy, asthma can all have some association with early vaccines.

Some people talk of a link with vaccines and autism.

Is this the FINAL STRAW?

It is such a pity that in our modern world we don't know the cause of AIDS, diabetes, cancer, epilepsy, asthma and above all we dont have a clue about the cause of autism.

That is if you ignore the death of babies like Harry Clark who died 6 hours after several vaccines with toxic chemicals and pathogenic organisms in them.

One has to say with past 'wars' over harm from nuclear contamination, harm from lead, harm from pesticides that the TRUTH will come out NEVER unless it suits.

Harm also from GMO is being IGNORED too.

In France, Jose Bovey and his ecologic friends uprooted OGM plants and got put in, prison for a long term but got 1 per cent of the votes to be PRESIDENT of FRANCE. The new president vowed NO OGM but now France has been BEATEN into accepting them.

It seems DESTRUCTION of LIFE is fine for the


And that is acknowledged FACT.

One day I will come out of my 'dream' and SCIENCE will return and MONEY and POWER will take second place again. But I wont HOLD my BREATH.

anonymous antivaccinationist

She's already been character assassinated. Those that try to re-convey her point on a parental level are shoved out of the room because they don't use correct terminology, or can't possibly have any education to shape their views - and they certainly don't compare with *more* educated people that simply fall into line and accept the shoddy science supporting the current schedule. They are ignorant, and couldn't possibly understand anything about biology or immunology because they are questioning vaccine ideology and just parrot antivaccination talking points. Even if those "talking points" have YET to be addressed in more than 20 years, it's not new to "skeptics". After all, the capacity of the human immune system couldn't possibly NOT handle those pure, little, old antigens in vaccines. We don't have any actual evidence to support that (you know, those questions that must be tested and applied, and controlled for in order to equate to evidence?), we just say so... after all, if you can't see the damage, it ain't happenin.


When we look at the big picture, it isn't just vaccines. The entire structure of how drugs are produced and marketed guarantees that the health and safety of the consumer will be ignored. Profits have to come first. And second. And probably third, fourth, fifth and sixth. We are facing huge structural problems that run from top to bottom of the government, the medical establishment and the legal drug pushers. I don't think Dr. Healy, or even many parents of vaccine damaged children are quite ready to face how bad things are and how difficult change is going to be.


Obviously this Dr Healy person is just some crank. Has she had death threats against her? No, therefore her words can't matter as much as Dr Paul Offit, MD and hero to himself.

How long until we start to see takedown articles and sites attacking Dr Healy?

BTW, a quick review of Merck's 2008 10k filed with the SEC on 2/27/09 shows that vaccines went from $3,560,500,000 in sales in 2006 (15.73% of total sales) to $6,424,600,000 (26.94% of sales) in 2008. These numbers do not--do not-- include Merck's income from the joint ventur with Sanofi Pasteur, which is how a large segment of the company's vaccines are marketed in Europe.

BTW, Gardasil in 2008 had sales of $1,402,800,000 and Pro Quad had sales of $1,268,500,000 (5.88% and 5.32% respectively). Poor little Dr. Mengle, pardon me I meant Dr Offit, only had his baby come in at $664,500,000 in sales for 2008, or 2.79% of sales. How do you people expect Paully to hold his head up high at junkets if he can't top the billion dollar mark in sales? Come on people, jab away, help Herr Doktor get his billion. Remember, you can go up to 10,000 with no problems.


Oh they have already villainized Dr. Healy for her truth statements. On the message boards they call her a "washed out cardiologist"
When you can't argue with someone's words, you have to attack them with name-calling.


"You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail, at least let our children and our children's children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done" - Ronald Reagan


"When Reagan became President he drove the Soviets crazy by quoting the communists’ own words against them..."

Ken, this is a brilliant article! And just as Reagan recognized in his strategy against the Soviets, we have oooh so many opportunities to use the medical establishments own words against them.

I have long felt this is exactly the stragey we should employ in proving our case to the parents of this country.

David Taylor

Thanks, Kent, as always for an insightful and provocative column.

One interesting outcome of last week's "tea bagging" was a YouTube video of a St. Petersburg, Florida, man who took the megaphone at one of the tea parties. He is a police officer and former Democratic candidate for a U.S. House seat.

He told of a phone call he received from a Washington lobbyist for the pharmaceutical industry. The lobbyist told him: "If you play ball with us, you'll get all the money you need to win this thing. If you don't, we'll take you down."

The police officer quoted Gov. Palin, "Thanks but no thanks," and within two months was successfully depicted in the media as a violent, wife-beating cop who should be indicted, not elected." He lost.

End of story.

It's our dogs against their dogs.


Diane Farr

I imagine not a sole will even get a slap on the wrist once it's realized that too many vaccines are causing auto-immune diseases like asthama, food allergies, and autism. It will be very convenient for them to hide behind the fact that the science was bad. What happened to the ten commandments? It seems okay these days for governement and businessmen to lie, cheat, and steal. I feel like it's being thrown in my face by the media. "Catch me if you can and if you do the Christians will forgive and everyone will forget. I'll have enough money that I've stolen to hire a clever lawyer who lobbied the laws to make sure there was a loop-hole for me." We're finding most of our bankers were crooks; so let's throw some more TARP money at them (that is impossible to account for); so they can steel some more. Only in America! Everone honest person is getting screwed; not just the autism community.

paula p proffit merckelos

This phrase from above beautifully describes the current vaccine sytstem.
"They denied the essential freedom of humanity in pursuit of their Socialist paradise."

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