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Lee Silsby Offers 8 Free Tickets to the USAAA Conference in Cherry Hill

Grant Helps Parents Attend S. Carolina Hope For Autism Conference & Vaccine Risk Symposium

Charleston From Dr. Renee Tocco, We have had the blessing of being the beneficiary of a financial gift given to us for the purpose of helping parents come to the Hope For Autism Conference and the 2009 International Vaccine Risk Symposium, May 15 - 17 in Charleston, SC.

We will give the half price tickets to the first 50 people that email or call and mention being a recipient of this donation.  You may call 843-766-1969 or email
reneetoccodc@yahoo.com . Please see www.hopeforautism.us for all conference details.

This conference features David Kirby, Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, Dr. William Shaw and Dr. Andrew Moulden of Canada.  In case you aren't familiar with Dr. Moulden, he is featured in a new DVD on vaccine safety.  Here's more:

Do vaccines cause injury including Autism? 

Dr. Andrew Moulden, says yes, absolutely, and discusses his findings in a video interview.

A New Explanation.

Watch our video interview as Dr. Moulden presents a new comprehensive and measureable physiological explanation of the underlying cause of vaccine injuries, including Autism.

Moulden says the fundamental cause is our body’s reaction to the vaccines themselves.

According to Moulden no vaccine is safe.  All vaccines carry the risk of major injury.

If we want to stop chronic disease, including Autism, says Moulden, we have to listen to the many thousands of parents who say their child was normal before receiving a vaccine, and clearly damaged after being vaccinated.

Moulden, an MD, PhD, holds degrees in Biological Psychology, Developmental Neuro-psychology and Language Development in Children; Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience, Neuro-electro Physiology, and Functional Brain Imaging.

His clinical training is in Psychometric Assessment of children (MA), Clinical Neuro-psychology (PhD), and Neurology (MD clerkships) and Psychiatry (residencies in Ottawa and Toronto).  His PhD comprehensive exams were on post-concussional syndrome and acquired brain injuries.

Dr. Moulden and other critics and proponents discuss this issue in excerpted video interviews on our Website.  Our goal is to inform the public as we produce an investigative documentary on vaccine and mercury safety.  We invite you to visit our Website: HERE.

Lee Silsby logo 09 The treatment category is sponsored by Lee Silsby, the leader in quality compounded medications for autism.


Richard P. Milner

Dear Friends,

We are happy to be included on Age of Autism. Here is a bit more on what we are doing:

“Sick Nation: Do Vaccines and Mercury Cause Chronic Disease?”
A documentary film currently in construction

by Public Affairs Media, Inc.

Is there a problem with vaccines and mercury fillings or not?

If not, why not?
If there is, who and what might be responsible?
And, who should pay?

We are in an epidemic of chronic diseases -- including Autism -- that were rare decades ago, but today affect tens of millions of adults and fully one-half of our children. Moreover, thousands of adults and children die each year from sudden unexplained causes. Many doctors and scientists say that clear evidence links the escalation of chronic health problems to the increases in the number of vaccines given to children and the increased use of mercury in dentistry.

The US Public Health establishment maintains that study after study show only rare and moderate health damage from vaccines; that they are in fact, very safe, especially when one weighs them against the high cost of the potentially fatal infectious diseases they are meant to prevent. And, that we are not in an epidemic, at least of autism – it is only better reported than it was in the past.

However, a very large number of studies document that vaccines are capable of causing many of the diseases vaccines are meant to prevent. Vaccine proponents claim the benefits of vaccines far exceed their risks and state that without vaccines we would experience massive disease and death.

Others say the evidence links damage only to specific vaccine ingredients – including mercury, whose long and controversial history of use in medicine is well documented, and is also present in dental fillings of millions of people.

Who should we believe? Who should we trust?

Please visit our website: www.publicaafairsmediainc.org to view interview excerpts from the film currently under construction “Sick Nation: Do Vaccines and Mercury Cause Chronic Disease?” Dr. Andrew Moulden, MD, PhD, and Dr. Paul Offitt, MD, discuss both sides of this important controversy.



Richard P. Milner
Public Affairs Media, Inc.

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