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UPDATE: Generation Rescue Urges Comments to IOM

Update memo By Kelli Ann Davis

UPDATE:  Generation Rescue received a letter this morning from Dr. Judith Salerno (HERE), Executive Director of the Institute of Medicine (IOM).  As I indicated in my earlier piece today (HERE), it is imperative that our community submit comments to the IOM website before tomorrow’s cut-off date (Click HERE and scroll down to the bottom) in an effort to make changes to the current Committee membership and Charge.

The following quote from Kathleen Stratton during the November 18, 2008 Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines (ACCV) meeting clearly states that adverse events that are “important to the program” could be added to the list; suffice to say, incorporating autism into the list is within the realm of possibility: 

 “The specific adverse events that the committee will review have not yet been determined. That will be determined -- and Geoff or Rosemary would have to answer the process questions about this -- those will be decided by HRSA or the compensation program, with advice from the Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines. Obviously, they are to be adverse events that are of importance to the program, determined by the nature of the claims that you have in front of you.”

Please go to the IOM website (HERE) and register your comments.  Thank you and I will be submitting a more detailed piece to run tomorrow.

Kelli Ann Davis is the D.C. Political Liaison for Generation Rescue



Done. Thank you Kelli

Julie Penny

Done. Hope more of you register your comments. Kelli has made it easy for us to just cut and paste them in to submit.

michael framson

Salerno's letter makes this statement regarding committee membership:

"particularly when a specific expertise not currently represented on the committee"

In my opinion, what's not represented, is someone we can trust. The past IOM's have broken the trust. For that reason we need to insist on the membership committee to include someone from the vaccine-injured autism community to observe and report on the committee's deliberations.

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