Autism and Vaccines Around The World: Vaccine Schedules, Autism Rates and Under 5 Mortality
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Barbie Hines

Dr. Berandine Healy ROCKS!!! Dr. Fisher just flat out lies...Dr. Wiznitzer is going to make my head explode...JB, Dr. Kartzinel, Jenny & Jim were, of course, awesome!

Lisa in Texas

I am thoroughly enjoying this show tonight. Thank you JB for completely and utterly quieting the 'very informed' Dr. Fischer from AAP.
She did not answer you question because she had no answer. Dr. Wiznitzer is completely uninformed. We are finding 10-50% of cases are genetic? He is so wrong! He just sounds completely out of touch and has a 1990s viewpoint.

Theresa Cedillo

We LOVE you Dr. Bernadine Healy! You are the voice of reason in the medical community!!

Theresa Cedillo

Max Wiznitzer is a paid expert witness for the government against the families who file in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

Sue M.

Dr. Wingnut looked like a total idiot. I would be horrified if I was on his side :)

And Jim with that Grab 'em and Stab 'em comment... LOL!

Good job guys!

Stagmom Loves Dr. Healy

Dr, Bernadine Healy just BLEW AWAY Max Wizniter and the doctor from NJ. She literally shot their words to sh*t.

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