Autism and Vaccines Around The World: Vaccine Schedules, Autism Rates and Under 5 Mortality
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Al Xong

I am an adult of 52 years old with autism. I am not asperger and am not a high functioning autist, I am plainly autistic or completely socially blind due to being born with a huge brain tumor. I have never been able to hold a job because when people abuse me I don't let them, I'm autistic I cant. I have never understood why society protects evil people in their rights to abuse others. Psychiatrists are a bunch of people made to deal with mentally ill people. Autistic people are not mentally ill. If I see the world as a dangerous place psychiatrists claim I am paranoid. They better not go in seedy places at night or they might not survive. I am certain though they are aware the world is dangerous. How can they not be haven't they seen criminal statistics lately? Once you have passed the age of 30. they don't care if you have been diagnosed with autism or anything else they just want to prove they are holders of a knowledge that sets them above everyone else and all they try to do is try and prove you are mentally ill to force you to take pills that are often life threatening to autistic people. Someone should upgrade the knowledge these psychiatrists have and put them in their place. They believe they are protecting society against autistic individuals but in reality they just hurt us and offer no help.


Oh Laura Laura Laura,
This statement from you made me think of what you say are "personal attacks"....
First, all of this hostility, the personal attacks, and the inflammatory remarks toward both professionals and others on this forum are precisely the type of behavior I would expect from a ninth-grade cyber-bully on Facebook, not mature adults on an educational website. Perhaps all of you die-hard vaccine blamers could gain more traction by better articulating your case instead of crucifying someone for having an open mind. Second, unless you have had personal experience with Dr. Wiznitzer, you have no right to attack his character.
You may be right about the ninth grade bully mentality on Dr Max's part and the reason why is because Dr Max has gone out of his way to do the exact same thing to the parents of vaccine injured children. I have an open mind and I was never anti-vaccine before all of this. You see I was a brain washed nurse (please don't (anyone) take offense to that because this is true nursing school 101) for years. I thought you had to have your children vaccinated in order for them to be healthy. I was never taught about reactions or what to do in case of one or how to report it. What I was taught was how to look every where but vaccines when a child presented in the ER with fever and seizures. That is fact.
Second, Dr Max personally attacked children in a court of law by testifying against them. Squashing 5000 children under his God like doctor thumb. THAT'S MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE WITH DR MAX WIZNITZER and I don't care to have another one. So yes I have every right to attack his "character" and so do thousands of other parents. As far as I'm concerned, he personally attacked my son and I can guarant-G-damn-tee you that will get a reaction out of me.
My suggestion for you is if you don't want to read it then don't defend a venom tongued, lying demon on a board of parents that were "personally attacked" by Dr Wiznitzer. Take off your blinders and see him for the monster he is.
Sorry Kim and everyone else but it needed to be said.


What I loved about Dr Healy was her angelic face and beautiful smile. Then she nailed them. She did it with grace and style and poise. My mama always said "kill 'em with kindness". She is one smart cookie!!!
Thank you, JB (You sure are handsome) Jenny (fellow warrior), Jim (loved the new quote, "the parents aren't the problem, the problem is the problem", Dr K. (I'm so glad you're on my baby's and other childrens side). You guys were FABULOUS!!!

Teresa Conrick


Just catching up here and a couple questions for clarification. Laura, are you and Mark married and discussing your shared child or are you a whole separate family?

Also, after reading your post Laura, these comments seemed to summarize your mission here:

"Second, unless you have had personal experience with Dr. Wiznitzer, you have no right to attack his character"

--You know what, Laura...I don't need to know him as his deceit, malicious, harmful lies are a travesty of justice not only on LKL as he lied to millions of viewers about the Amish vaccination uptake, "diagnostic substitution",and the ever-popular "10%-15%" genetic crap, but in a court where a child's future is at stake. He gets paid to defend and at all cost. He is a liar.

"He is a wealth of knowledge, and you know what? I trust him."

Really?--that says a lot about you and your purpose here. What knowledge has helped your child?

"You need to also realize that there is a large contingent of autistic children (my son included) who do not fit into the regressive category. What about those kids who simply never developed typically? Or showed regressive behavior immediately following an innoculation? For us, the implication of vaccines is not cut and dry."

An immediate regression is not true for every child or would it be evident in a chronic environmental insult ie- mercury. The issue of treatments and lack of funding for them seems more appropriate for your anger but to defend the vaccine program and these 2 doctors who appeared more interested in defending the current practice of vaccination instead of responding in a "yes, we should look at vaccines."

That kind of nonsense cannot be acceptable in the current throes of an epidemic -- or do you deny that as well?

Broke Autism Parent

My son with autism is ten and here's the services we've gotten. Nothing, ever.

Our credit cards are maxed, a home now mortgaged beyond what it's worth anymore, personal loans beyond what we can ever pay back. I also had to quit my son to take care of my son because there is no daycare or after school program for autism. My son gets warehoused in an autism classroom and waves at the speech therapist in the hall. Virginia has NO services. Can Dr W tell me where all the money is. Before autism, we were doing very well financially, now we are in debt and broke beyond what I ever could have imagined. Let's not even go into the stress and despair that autism brings. I wouldn't wish autism on ANYBODY.

autism is mercury poisoning

I have been thinking about the comment on the LKL show that 'pediatricians don't want to treat children with autism any more'. I have to wonder if the reason for it, if it is true, is something other than what was implied. Perhaps these pediatricians are in an impossible situation with the AAP breathing down their throats - not supporting our children. Perhaps they are verklempt and wrought with guilt at the untennable position the AAP, insurance companies, and certain pharmaceutical companies have put them and our precious children in. How I wish they would unite and stand up for their patients.

The fact is, the results of the millions of children that have participated in the experiment known as the vaccine program are in and it isn't pretty.

What is it going to take?

I fear that once April is over, things will revert back to scant media coverage simply because of the stranglehold censorship this $90 billion (and growing!) industry has on the media.


"Laura" rails against heated rhetoric, then indulges in her own pejorative phraseology ("die-hard vaccine blamers"). As the saying goes, if you're not angry, you're not paying attention. She is -- and that's more than can be said by the media-anesthetized masses.

It's a huge cop-out to claim that AoA commenters will "scare us away with your aggression." Facts speak for themselves, regardless of the Internet sideshows. The intellectual challenge is internal, when reality breaks through one's selective filters of experience and preference.

One need not have personal experience with Dr. Witznitzer in order to suffer fallout from his actions and inactions. Children injured by vaccines are being deprived of NVICP compensation due in part to his Omnibus testimony. Sick children deprived of medical treatments, therapies, and justice. Hence their parents' justifiable anger.

Those parents already realize that not every child fits the pattern of vaccine-induced regression. The huge problem is that the CDC is not adequately studying the physiology and biochemistry of any of these children.

Don't be angry at Jenny McCarthy for not representing your child. That's your job; you can create your own website and inspire your own online army. And remember, to paraphrase Jim Carrey, those vaccine safety advocates are not the problem. The vaccine safety PROBLEM is the problem.

autism is mercury poisoning

Let me tell you what our child's diagnosis got us:

Poverty: Less than $600 per month TOTAL income - SSI.

Denial of physician ordered therapies: SSI Medicaid denied physician ordered therapies in 2006 (OT, PT, Speech).

Our school district refused to provide the same therapies, also ordered by a physician for the 2008-2009 school year.

There is autism support funding which varies in amount from $500 to $1000 PER YEAR and is based on most in need.

There is 30 hours per month respite hours available (that go to the sitter) IF you can find a qualified person (must be at least 18, pass background check and be certified in CPR), which we cannot.

All of this amounts to $7700 - $8200 per year TOTAL INCOME. Prior to the diagnosis and the regression and the seizures and all the then-new out of pocket expenses, our YEARLY TOTAL INCOME (in 1990!) was $17,300.

Boy, we have come along way with all these services the diagnosis due to vaccine injury made possible. A long way backwards! There is no price tag for the pain and suffering! Our pediatrician DID NOT FILE AN ADVERSE REACTION nor did she advise us about the process.

Insult (from uneducated outsiders, physicians, the AAP, the CDC, health insurance companies, the media, pharmaceutical representatives) along with your precious child's devastating injuries.

Financial devastation in the household.

That is what an autism diagnosis gets you.


I meant to say "after the Vioxx scandal and others" in my previous post.


I only got around to seeing the Larry King program late Sunday night on you-tube. I would just like to say that, finally given a chance to present our views in a fairly moderated debate (thank you Larry King!), the outcome could not have been better. The Generation Rescue team rose to the occasion and scored home run after home run. I don't know if they spent a lot of time preparing for this program but they did a magnificent job. I was particularly impressed by the occasional punches thrown in by Jim Carrey. The showing of the Rotateq ad in the Pediatrics magazine could not have been staged better. The whole autism debacle could be summarized by that moment and, after the scandal with and others, deep inside most people in this country know it.

Dr. Witnitzer and the AAP spokeswoman sounded a lot like the Big Tobacco chairmen in their infamous deposition to Congress: "I believe nicotine is not addictive". As Olmstead mentioned in his AoA post, Witnizer shot himself on the foot more than once. I'm sorry, Mark, we could debate as much as you want here, but I just can't figure out how you can trust someone that, at this time and age, keeps saying that there is no epidemic and that if there was one it could be due to anything but not vaccines. This guy has spent decades doing the same "science" over and over and, not surprisingly, getting no new results. In any professional field, humans prove to be more stubborn than mules time and again and often won't change their course for fear of losing face even if they are heading for a cliff. You can jump off the cliff with Witnizer if you want, but don't ask us for respect. At the end, his failure to see beyond his tired discourse puts children in danger for autism every single day. However nice he may seem to you, if he won't reconsider his views he will fully deserve his horrible place in history.

chrissie for laura

Are you "on the fence" on the vaccine issue because of what Dr. W tells you? Have you done your own research on the issue? Do you realize that he flat out LIED on LKL the other night? His statement that both Thimerisol and the MMR shot have been proven save are just that - LIES. The jury is still out on both of these issues, and he never mentioned that the amounts of aluminum in vaccines have increased since the Thimerisol became an "issue" and was removed. Has he ever mentioned to you that Thimerisol is still used in the manufacture of nearly all childhood vaccines, and is somehow "extracted" (although how this is done is still a mystery - the FDA allows the manufacturers to police themselves - no one really checks) from the product before packaging, still leaving trace amounts? Has he ever mentioned to you that aluminum makes mercury MORE toxic when they come in contact? How does he feel about the Hep B vaccine at birth? Does he tell you that children all over this country are dying from the measles? Did he ever mention that he was a witness in Vaccine Court, testifying against the families of injured children?

My son was diagnosed by a neurologist who "cares about children" as well. He was gentle and kind with my son while giving me a devastating punch in the gut. My problem with him and Dr Max (and all the other "autism specialists" like them) is that he was only interested in pharmaceutical treatments designed to make my son more compliant. I don't want him to be compliant (although once in a while would be nice), I want him to THINK! I want him to be able to answer a question he has never heard before, I want him to smile and feel good. Our neurologist couldn't give that to him, but our DAN! doc could.

What is it that is keeping you undecided?


A question for Mark:
Is Dr. Witznitzer supportive of your use of a DAN doctor?

On LKL, Dr. Witznitzer said: “Number two, families recognized the value of having the diagnosis for their children to get services and there's lots of services and lots of money that follows it.”

Does anyone who is supporting Dr. Witznitzer know what he is talking about when he says lots of money follows a diagnosis? Lots of money for what???? He makes it sound like they are handing out dx’s like candy. Is that true for the USA? Based on our experience it certainly is not the case here in Canada nor does it seem to be the case in the UK based on this news story and the comments that follow it:


"What's more, I have yet to see a case study in Jenny McCarthy's books speaking to this population." From Laura....

Hello Laura,

It would take well over 10 years to have a case study because you have to have at the very least 100 kids at the same age with about the same symptoms on the spectrum. You then have to look at their medical records to see what medical issues they have and document those well and then place them all on the same protocol treatment. There is more but I can tell you don't have the patience either.

This is why no one wants to do a case study because parents would remove their kids from the study because of no improvement (no parent wants to waste valuable time on a treatment that does not work) and worst of all if the study is proven in our favor the medical idiots would say it was faked.

If you can find 100 parents who would like to put their child on the same protocol then you have yourself a case study.

How about you Laura? Would you be willing to give up your child for the sake of science and waste 10 years or more of his life just to prove you were right?



It is my son who can't see the forest for the trees. He is so busy focusing on details he can't see the big picture. This is because of a vaccine injury, not because "better diagnosis" or any of the other lies Dr. W. spouted on LKL.

I am very curious how you reconcile what you learn from your DAN doc with what Dr. W tells you? It must be very uncomfortable sitting on that fence.


Just a couple of points in response to the feedback surrounding the CNN special. First, all of this hostility, the personal attacks, and the inflammatory remarks toward both professionals and others on this forum are precisely the type of behavior I would expect from a ninth-grade cyber-bully on Facebook, not mature adults on an educational website. Perhaps all of you die-hard vaccine blamers could gain more traction by better articulating your case instead of crucifying someone for having an open mind. Second, unless you have had personal experience with Dr. Wiznitzer, you have no right to attack his character. My son is a patient of his and our experience has been a positive one. He is a wealth of knowledge, and you know what? I trust him. Finally, you may not realize this, but there are lots of parents out there who are on the fence about the vaccine issue, yet still look to this site as a resource. Must you scare us away with your aggression? You need to also realize that there is a large contingent of autistic children (my son included) who do not fit into the regressive category. What about those kids who simply never developed typically? Or showed regressive behavior immediately following an innoculation? For us, the implication of vaccines is not cut and dry. What's more, I have yet to see a case study in Jenny McCarthy's books speaking to this population. They are all stories of kids who experienced some sort of reaction following a vaccine, became "autistic", then, "recovered" with biomedical treatments. She does not represent, nor account for kids with autism who do not fall into this category. What's causing THEIR autism?


Dr "W" = paid omnibus witness AGAINST FAMILIES. Look it up.

The regurgitated lies he played again on Larry King were standard - but heart breaking.


Hey Mark if you are so convinced that Dr. Wingnut is so open and wonderful then why do you continually come here defending him? Move on if you think your son is in such good hands. Good luck to you and your son. You'll need it.



Thank you for making my point. Again.



If you really think that physicians like Dr. Max want to have open conversation and have any interest in understanding the vaccine issue and the biomedical treatment for autism, then I really think you are living in a fantasy word. Doctors like this are simply concerned with covering their ass and denying the harm done to children by vaccines. How you could take your son to a Neuro who would testify against parents and then try to convince people that he and others like him want to "work together" is laughable. You sound like part of the Autism Speaks gullible parents club who spend more time wanting parents to "see all sides" (what side?) and raise "awareness" (please! I think we are all aware). These type of doctors and organizations are doing nothing for the kids yet are certainly making a lot of money off of them.


I'm comforted to see that so many of you have taken to heart my invitation to rise above personal invective and to embrace the possibility that the answers we so desperately seek can be found through full and open debate and exhange of ideas, including those with which we don't agree.

Wasn't this the same sort of debate that Jim, Jerry, Jenny, JB, and Dr. Healy were advocating?

I'm sorry that so many of you are so filled with grief and anger that you can't see the forest for the trees.


To Mark -
No, it's really not necessary to use "base name-calling," like saying Dr. Max Wiznitzer has the looks and charisma of a used toilet brush. Not when a wealth of elegant disparagements can easily be found in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.

For example, in the July 2008 ruling on the Benjamin Zeller vaccine injury case, Special Master Richard B. Abell said that Dr. Max Wiznitzer's interpretive approach amounts to eisegesis, his reasoning is tautological, and his hypothesization is unconfirmed (pgs. 17, 22, 27).

Still, you must understand how profoundly offensive it is for parents of vaccine-injured children to hear the same specious talking points parroted by the nationwide network of paid vaccine promoters. So many shrill voices misdirecting the media away from the damage they've caused but refuse to acknowledge and rectify.

From the innocent, offers of aid are instinctively forthcoming. From the guilty, nothing but callous distancing.

Dr. Expunge

To Just Mark,

Mad Max is a Michael Savage abuse clone. The exact same thimble's worth of intellect seasoned with heeps of the bad kind of pride and plenty of ignorance as well.

80% of ASD kids are faking it? That's an old trick used by plenty of legal beagle malpractice-phobic doctors.

They botch records, make blood work disappear, fib on diagnostic reporting, and do everything they can to avoid detection to save their own skins.

Read this from the secret Simpsonwood meeting of June 7-8, 2000.

"Hepatitis B tends to be a bit low, and I think that primarily is because of capturing the birth dose. The hospital's HMO birth dose some times didn't tend to get into the data bases as well in the early years."

Do you know the reason why it didn't get into data bases as well?

Of course, this meant addition dosing with a Thimerosal-containing vaccine. Of course, this can explain why so many families are being misled to believe that their child was "born that way."

This isn't rocket science. It's criminology 101.


I am sorry, but I DO question Dr. Wiznitzer's motives.
This man said it is too expensive to see if vaccines are causing autism.

Mark Blaxill

I have to differ with you on Wiznitzer. I've never met him and don't doubt that he may be a well mannered and cordial person in his everyday life. But I heard him on LKL and have little doubt about where he stands. He repeated every vile lie that is required to maintain the edifice of denial that delays help for our children and the prevention of harm to future families. It's no longer a question of opinion; educated people have had plenty of time to sort out their choices. It's a moral issue now, and he has taken a moral stance that is not only vile on its own terms, but also provides the excuses that enable others in the perpetuation of this crisis.

I won't even go into the fact that he testified against our friends in court.

Get a grip man.

Stagmom for Mark

Hi, Mark. I was on Fox 8 news with Tim Taylor back in 2000 for Nov. sweeps. I was pregnant with my 3rd and had two children with autism. The segment was on autism and vaccines. Dr. Wiznitzer was also interviewed. You could flip that video on today and have heard NOTHING different from Dr. W. than you did two nights ago. And Tim, whom we knew a bit socially, told us they had to edit Dr. W. like hell to make him remotely likable - he's not known for his manner. He is known as an adequate doctor for meds and traditional autism information. And there's a place for that for many families. I know people who like him. And many people who have left his practice out of frustration for a lack of progressive treatment, even within confines of mainstream medicine.

Sounds like you have a mix of doctors working for you, which is great.

My girls were diagnosed at UH - and two of them were born there. Our personal experience was horrible (with their autism expertise) - long before I was an advocate of any sort.

Thanks for commenting.

KIM, Managing Editor, former resident of Hudson


To think I was worried about being pummelled in this forum. . .

Let's see if I have this straight. You think my wife and I have been brainwashed because we take our son to a "wolf in sheep's clothing." Taking your statements to their natural conclusion, I have to assume if you had a choice between Dr. Max and Dr. Mengele, you'd choose the Nazi.

For the record, Dr. Max is just one member of our son's team, which also includes a DAN doctor, ABA therapists, speech, OT, and private tutors. We'll do anything to help our son, as I'm sure you would do for your child, whether its GF/CF diets, vitamins, auditory sensory programming, PECS, etc. I happen to think including specialists with differing points of view, including those which we may not necessarily share, is helpful in equipping my wife and I to make informed decisions.

However, it is not fair to judge a person based upon the limited time you see him or her on t.v. or from what you may read in these forums. I agree that sometimes Max says things that make me cringe, just like I sometimes cringe when I hear advocates on the other side say extreme things. Max can be opinionated and abrasive. However, after having spent hours with Dr. Max, and having had him take the time to watch and observe my son interact with his sister and parents, and after he spends so much time answering our questions -- and yes debating these same issues, I do not think it fair that he be portrayed as "horrible" or a "pharma whore."

By the way, while we're on the subject of discrediting the opinions of individuals who have may have some financial or pecuniary interest in this debate, should we not then discredit those DAN physicians who have ownership interest in the companies that produce the chelating agents those physicans prescribe? Or what about the individuals who sell books about their experiences and advice in recovering our children? Or those who receive money to make appearances at conferences or seminars?

I think it is unfortunate that we are all in this struggle together, and we have resorted to the most base form of name-calling and personal attacks. Just as in our political and legal systems, it is healthy to have a strong debate about these issues with people of different view points. These are not black and white issues. The reality is that no one has the answers yet.

We absolutely need to learn more. To do more. For the sake of our children and to spare future families the pain of having to live with this horrible disorder.

Attacking people who do not share all of our beliefs shouldn't be a part of it.

not fooled

Sorry, meant to say wolf in sheep's clothing! Dr. Max made my blood boil! Wouldn't bring my kid to him if he were the last doctor in the country.

not fooled


After watching "Dr. Max" claim on Larry King that we want our kids diagnosed to get the services (my God, is he kidding??) and do everything in his power to preach no vaccine link all I have to say is....I really wonder how parents can be so brainwashed by a sheep in wolves' clothing that is "Dr. Max." I feel for your poor son. I would run from that horrible man who is nothing but a pharma whore.

Teresa Conrick

I'm the one with the writing issue -- that last post should have said "wanted"...☺ zzzz

Teresa Conrick


No you're writing is fine--it was just the math part that I wnated to clarify--☺



i think our community needs to start using the language of an "autism outbreak" when the vaccine injury discussion quickly turns to the incidence of childhood diseases. apparently, that's the only term that matters since an "outbreak" of 10 measles cases is a crisis, but an autism epidemic of 1 in 150 is the new norm to be accepted. it could also highlight that autism is just as much a medical disorder as the diseases we are "trying" to prevent with vaccines so why not use their presently preferred terms.


My reply sounds insincere,and that was not my intent. My apologies. I should have left it at "I stand corrected".
Thank you.


At the risk of getting pummelled in this forum, I would just like to say that Dr. Wiznitzer is not a thug or a hired whore, however you feel about his performance on Larry King. I am the father of a 4year old autistic boy who is non-verbal. Dr. Max is Connor's neurlogist. And while Dr. Max is certainly opininated, he has been a wonderful resource. Dr. Max has encouraged us to ask question and explore various treatment options. He does, in fact, care very deeply for our children. You may disagree with some of his opinions, but do not question his motives. And by the way, Dr. Max has a child who also dealt with developmental problems.


"Autism has existed for a century, there is no argument there."

Thank Teresa, I see you "found the argument there".
Forgive me as I am not gifted with writing, and have had many years of memory problems. I appreciate your correction as there is a big difference between 70 and 100 years:)

Teresa Conrick


I am the one who asked re the years you posted and causation. Your statement was confusing re mmr, mercury, and all vaccines.

I am with you on concerns for children who are now adults and are still significantly in need of care. You can read about my daughter here:

I don't think any of us can say that even 1 vaccine could not harm a child, and especially a child who may be more vulnerable from other toxins (environmental/Mercury) or a genetic predisposition).

Your certainty that your child is somehow not in our "vaccine injured" camp has me wondering how you know? Have you done any testing? Does he have oxidative stress markers, mitochondria abnormaliies, a poor immune system, chronic bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, or any labs showing lead, aluminum or mercury? I also didn't get a jumpstart on this as in 1995, it wasn't known but continue to see improvements as we help my daughter's body function properly. Have you visited a DAN! doctor to see if inflammation is a big piece?

You both have not had an easy road and I understand that. Have you looked at the Autism One Conference in Chicago? There will be discussion on what I would like to call "community living" rather than "residential" for adults.
Not sure what day this is...anyone know, as I plan to attend?


Fonda -
I believe you are actually responding to Teresa Conrick's comment. On this web site, the name of the person who posted the comment is at the bottom of the comment. You seem to be attributing Teresa's comment to me, but I wrote the comments above my name, not below.

Fonda Watson

In response to Twyla, "indeed" I am the Mom to Zach who will be 26 soon who "indeed" does have autism. He now lives in a group home and I continue to be his strongest advocate on a daily basis. Why would I make this up? I suspected he might have autism when he was 2, in 1985. I received information from the ASA that listed theories of causes of autism. It said that recently, there have been studies about the link between the MMR vaccine and autism, but nothing had been proven at that time. It also listed genetics, Fragile X, PKU and unknown environmental agents. While there is better and earlier screening now, what I said was that the diagnostic criteria is DIFFERENT now. My son was diagnosed with PDD using the DSM-III-R which was published in 1987. I was told he didn't meet the criteria for autism, though he clearly was (and still is)"autistic". The criteria range was not as broad as the DSM-IV published in 1994). Also, Asperger's was not even recognized in this country until ? 1992, which is now also included in the PPD criteria. I believe there are different causes and types of autism. I questioned my son's development at 3 months of age because he wasn't hitting the milestones on time. He didn't babble, resisted cuddling was extremely fussy and resistant to change by 6 months. At that time, he had only received 2 DPT injections and 2 Oral Polio vaccines. That's all they did back then. His first vaccine was at 2 months, repeated at 4, then 6 months. He received his MMR late because of a cold (at 22 months). While I respect other's views, they don't represent us all--especially parents who have adult children with autism; and I think Mr. Handley could have chosen his words more carefully. Here is an interesting article in yesterday's Washington Post:, written by another aging parent. I for one would like to see just a bit of focus put on what is going to be done to CARE for the aging children that were not lucky enough to be cured. Can you believe I recently took my son to a neurologist that told me he sees children with autism??? Well, they do grow up. Thanks

michael framson

So Fonda's son would have been in the DPT cohort. The pertussis component is what scientists used experimentally to create brain damage in animals. It's quite effective at stripping the myelin sheath surrounding nerves. This brain damage could be created with no outward signs of stress (fever) or other inflammatory response. Might Wanda's son have suffered brain damage on a 10 vaccine schedule? It's biologically plausible. Could her son been given more mercury per dose than the very next child. Yes! It's been studied that mercury levels could vary by 100% per dose if the vials were not vigorously agitated. I know of a 26 year old girl in our community who is severely autistic and won their suit against one of the drug companies for vaccination brain damage. They made the parents sign a non-disclosure agreement in exchange for damages.

Many of our children have been victims of the largest uncontrolled, unscientific experiment on mankind. And Fonda's son may be another unrecognized victim like so many others.

The autism community is breaking down the doors of a corrupt industry. As has been pointed out before, the AAP is morally and scientifically bankrupt.


When our prediatrician thought there was something wrong with my son (based on a questionairre we filled out at his 2nd birthday), he sent us to see an OT, DT and speech therapist. We asked, "shall we check back with you regarding the results, etc." he said, "No, they will take care of you." I said, "WE ARE DONE WITH THIS PLACE." Right then I figured out he never cared about my kid and he most likely figured I would not be a "one size fits all" patient again. 3 year later, my husband thought he'd go back and show this doctor what we had been doing and our journey thus far. He criticized everything biomedically, dietary and detoxing we had done. Told us it was snake oil and the only reason my son improved at all is because of the OT, DT and speech.

As Jim, Jerry, Jenny and JB said, these doctors DON'T want to know, they don't care to help us and they don't listen nor do they want to be bothered. They want assembly-line patients that come in, say ahhh, take a deep breath , get their shots and ask minimal questions. These doctors are an innocent child's worst nightmare.


I agree that one of the high points of the show was the one child on every block comment. I too have seen autism on every block and had never met someone as a child with anything like autism, food allergies, asthma, or seizures. I too had met someone with Down's, but his Mother (my Mother's sister) had been sprayed with cadmium sulfide as a child on recess in MN to test it as a biological weapon. Several of her classmates were unable to give birth (many still births). This is clearly unusual and the second son had severe issues from as I understand getting an ear infection immediately after birth leading to meningitis??? (Autistic?) and the 3rd son had ADD etc..(all boys around 40 now). My Mother's experience as a child may have something to do with why my son is sick as well as my over vaccination due to being in nursing school.
It's true we would have to start vaccinating the Amish heavily now before we start seeing sickness in their community in 50 years like our population IMO (low toxin community from vaccines, pesticides, to food). Also I think the accumulation of toxins are causing gene damage too. In my family seizures seem male dominant.
My second favorite comment was Jim Carey as well about the vaccine schedule being too much of a good thing.


Great job to the J gang and Dr. H. Those other two doctors got the smack laid down on them. I can't believe how dumb they looked. Woohoo. The low point for me was when the neuro said that we are seeking diagnosis b/c of the services available. Bahahaha- right. I'll give you your damn 1/2hr of speech back if my 4 year old can say mama or potty train. Insulting really. The high point was when Jim announced "there is one on every block" Certainly true in my n'hood. In my n'hood there is one SEVEREly affected kid on every block. Growing up, I never, NEVER met anyone like my son. I knew a couple kids with down syndrome, a child with CP, a couple kids with LD. Never did I meet any child so severely disabled. We are not blind and stupid as a generation- we know what we see with our own eyes. The rise is real and exponential and anyone who argues otherwise loses all credibility.

Terri Lewis


Best of luck to your sister-in-law and nephew-to-be.

Please remind her to never let her baby out of the sight (and arms) of someone who really cares--her, her husband, other family.

There are so many cases where newborns are given the Hep-B against the parents' wishes.

It's immoral and illegal to do so, of course, but there you have it.

Best of luck!



WOW! We had recorded the show on our PVR which was a great thing because besides the usual interruptions, we would have missed a lot of dialogue had it not been taped because of our cheering. The four J's and Dr. Healy did an impressive job.

However, at the behest of my hubby, we would like to give a special tip of the hat to Jim Carey. While some families with autism have been abandoned by friends and blood relatives, here is a man who walked into the situation and not only stayed and gave Jenny support, but has thrown his weight behind the cause too. Jenny and Jim worked well as a team to get out the necessary comments and observations under the pressure of limited time. Well done!

Teresa Conrick

To Kathleen-

Just needed to clarify your statement:

"Autism has existed for a century, there is no argument there."

Well I have to say I'll argue it and I'm sure many more would also. Dan has been writing about this here on AoA and back when he did the "Mercury Rising" series on UPI (you can see the link on the left margin for a good summary:

Dr. Leo Kanner was the first to see and then write about these first eleven cases of autism. His first words in that 1943 paper are:

" SINCE 1938, there have come to our attention a number of children whose
condition differs so markedly and uniquely from anything reported so far,....."

If autism were around for the last century, then there would have been cases since 1909, and that's just not true. It's important to make sure that we are clear on the roots and rise of autism.


Anytime mainstream medicine goes up against the common sense of DAN and GR, THEY FAIL. Last time it was Harvey Karp and that other AAP doucher. I'm loving it.

I'm also loving Larry King for hosting and airing the debate. The star power of Jenny and Jim is what is getting it on the air, me thinks, and a HUGE thank you to those two as they put their reputations and careers on the line for our children.

It's awesome to see the tide turning no matter what "news" the machine spits out. Our children's autism is speaking louder than the AAP, CDC, Max Wiznitzer and the rest of them. Just last week my younger, very straight-laced, very pregnant, sister in law called to tell me she is declining HEP B, and carefully picking and choosing the rest of them. I literally cried, potentially this could mean avoiding autism for my nephew. Wow, I'm making a difference, WE are making a difference.

The tide is turning, the market will speak on vaccines, and there's nothing they can do to stop it.


In case you missed Fox Friends this morning with Jenny and Dr. Jerry you can catch it online. It's about 3 minutes of conversation.


Fonda Watson, first of all my heart goes out to you for all that you have been through. It's hard enough to have a child severely affected today with so much more information and services available, but it must have been even harder twenty years ago!

I'm sure that JB knows that there are some adults with autism, but the point is that there is a far smaller percentage of adults with autism than of children with autism. A recent study at UC Davis confirmed that the increase is real -- not the result of factors such as better diagnosis. The point of this is not to ignore current adults with autism and their families, but to say that something is going on that has caused a huge increase.

Regarding the search for vaccine-related causes, I believe that:
- Not all autism is caused by vaccines
- But vaccines are the primary cause of the increase in autism we have seen in the course of the past 20 years.
- Some children are sensitive to even one vaccine.
- As more and more vaccines are given, a higher number of children have reactions. Some of the injuries we have heard about were to toddlers receiving 9 vaccines at one "well baby" visit.
- Individuals may react differently to a number of different components in vaccines. Some may not be able to excrete the mercury in thimerosal. Some immune systems may be thrown off track by the three viruses in the MMR. Some people may react adversely to other ingredients such as aluminum. It's not only about thimerosal. It's not only about the MMR. So, as Dr. Healy has said, it is difficult for large epidemiology studies to tease out what is happening.

But the bottom line is:
- The amount of autism (and other immune system disorders) has increased at the same time as the vaccine program has expanded.
- Thousands of parents have witnessed their children's vaccine reactions followed by loss of language, eye contact, etc. -- often accompanied by IBD, seizures, food allergies...
- There is a history of adverse vaccine reactions involving brain inflammation.
- Studies show a number of immune system issues in people with autism, including inflammation in autopsied brains, auto-immunity to the myelin basic protein coating nerve cells, imbalance between Th-1 and Th-2 cells, inflammatory cytokines in the spinal fluid, and more.

The evidence is there and needs a lot more study.


Dr. Wiznitzer's comment that it is hard to find truly regressive children is such baloney. Yes, you may find some hints of autism prior to the last batch of vaccines -- due to either cumulative effects from vaccines that started at the time of birth, or an innate tendency (for example) to being less social, which would not necessarily have blossomed into a severe disability without receiving 8 or 9 vaccines at the toddler "well-baby" visit. It's maddening when the first year of development is scrutinized for the slightest hint of something amiss and then that is used as evidence that it's genetic and not the vaccines.


What a tremendous show! How amazing to see this on mainstream news! What Jenny, Jim, Dr. Jerry, JB, & Dr. Healy have to say is sensible, sound, important information -- and should not be treated like a potato that is too hot to touch!

The AAP doctor came out with the usual statment that "Diseases are dangerous." This is such a non-sequitor to the question of, "Do vaccines cause autism?" Yes, we have a vaccine program because diseases are dangerous. This does not mean that we just blindly accept all vaccine side effects with no study, no attempts at prevention or treatment, no questioning of whether every vaccine has benefits outweighing the risks etc.

Dr. Bernadine Healy spoke with such clarity and at the same time seemed passionate about this issue -- really wonderful to see.

Everyone on our side was absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for making this happen!!!

Teresa Conrick

Thank you to the "J" Team: JB, Jenny, Jim, and Jerry!

Also, thanks to Larry King as it appears that he is understanding the plight of our families and how the vaccine program is out of control.

The people chosen to defend the vaccine program, Dr. Fisher and Dr. Wiznitzer, sure look to be the bottom of the barrel. It must be hard to get someone to go on national TV and lie through their teeth. It is a mission many in the AAP must be realizing to be a difficult endeavor--present viable facts--thus, the 2 goons were chose (Dr. Wiznitzer is then revealed to be " a paid expert witness for the government against the families who file in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program."... how pathetic! You can't make these things up--like a bad reality TV show!

(I think CNN should include that in their scrolling news today ☺).

Also, to Fonda Watson: If you are indeed a parent to a child 26 years old, I can relate as my child was born before the epidemic numbers, but right when the increase in thimerosal took place and the numbers did start to increase (1993).

How though, did you 22 years ago (1987) start "reading about the MMR link; then the mercury link; now the huge vaccination link since you can no longer blame the MMR." I'm sorry but that is just not accurate. You could not have investigated as no one knew that vaccines or environmental factors (mercury) were the cause of autism in 1987.

Oprah next?

JB Handley, you look great on TV. Hope to see more of you.

Jenny, as always you looked and sounded great. Thanks for doing this yet another time, your energy is appreciated and unparalleled.

Jim, I loved your comments especially this one - "We are not the problem. The problem is the problem." Beautifully said. I rewound to hear that over and over again. And, "there is a child on every block." How true.

Dr. Healy, you were stupendous. For the first time ever, there was a mainstream venue for someone (outside of us) speaking in a reasonable voice for all the injured kids out there. They need it really badly. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Many times over.

Dr. K, I loved it when you said (paraphrasing), so what happens when you shrink the parameters for diagnosis, where will all the children go. They are not going anywhere, they will continue to have a problem.

Larry King, you really made us wait for it but thanks for the show. :)


My two older girls were diagnosed in Max's practice. They were out of date in 1999, handing me articles from the early 1980s. The first line on the first article in the blue folder they handed me said, "There is no cure for autism. You can only hope to make an autistic person's life something or other." Their diagnosis process was a joke. 1 hour to diagnose two girls with a lifelong uncurable disability? No speech eval. No OT. No PT. Nothing. I'd been to CHOP where they had a good procedure. I asked the doc in Cleveland why their diagnosis was nothing more than the DSM check off the boxes chart (which any monkey could skew however it wanted) and the doc agreed they were behind other hospitals. They still are. I have plenty of friends in Cleveland. If you are a parent who wants only heavy meds and a pat on the head telling you there's nothing you can do for your child but love her and call a group home, Max Wiznitzer's practice is for you. If you are a parent who has any in depth questions, not even about vaccines, you will be firmly chastised and sent on your way.

María Luján

Barbie, you were right
The transcription with the title
No Scientific Link Between Autism and Vaccinations
is now available
I wonder if the AAP and others realize how they sound from the transcriptions. The only one that really heard was Dr Healy, it is easy to say that they heard when they don´t in practice- multiple vaccinations at once, no mention of susceptibilities or subgroups, citation of epi only and no citation of the lack of the safety of the FULL schedule- especially when a child has received repeated doses of antibiotics due to infections...


Dr. Wiznitzer said that, a friend of his with the NIH is having a hard time finding victims of regressive autism. He claimed that the study is having a hard time getting off the ground due to a lack of subjects willing to be examined.


WIZNITZER: No. In fact if I could just make a quick comment from what Dr. Healey had mentioned; the NIH is doing research looking at regressive autism. One of my friends who's doing the research tells me she's having a hard time recruiting patients because when people claim regression, it turns out, when she investigates very closely, it wasn't regression.

Here's a link to a NIH clinical study regarding treating regressive autism with antibiotics.

I wonder what study there is about something other than sticking more crap into their beaten-up bodies?

But down at the bottom is contact information to find out:

Patient Recruitment and Public Liaison Office
Building 61
10 Cloister Court
Bethesda, Maryland 20892-4754
Toll Free: 1-800-411-1222
TTY: 301-594-9774 (local),1-866-411-1010 (toll free)
Fax: 301-480-9793



Fonda, No one would discredit what your family has gone through. I think the point was that the number of children is growing and it is not because of a better diagnostic criteria. Autism has existed for a century, there is no argument there. The argument, at least for me, is that the numbers of children affected is exploding.

Great show!!! And like Sign Lady, I wsa cheering like it was a football team:)
JB Handley...YOU ROCK!!!! OMGoodness, I didn't expect such wonderful comments and the showing of the rotovirus ad. A great show with excellent representation or my son,nephew, and niece.


Fonda Watson, I don't think Mr. Handley was stating that there are no adults with autism. I think his point was there there is not an adult population with autism in the 1 in 100 ratios that we are seeing today. If there is a study out there or statistics that evidence an adult population that match the current ratios I have not seen it. Nobody is denying the difficulty or challenges of raising an adult with autism or that adults with autism exist and require support and services as well.


Great program. If it were a prize fight, it would have been stopped after the first round. The autism community was very well represented. Thank you to Jenny, Jim, J.B. and the good Doctor. Did I hear the statistics right? That the US is 34 out of 36 first world countries in infant mortality? If this is true, I would have responded to Dr. Fisher's statement that the sole goal of the APP was to protect the health of the nation's children that obviously the APP sucks at its job. And finally to Dr. Healy, thank you, thank you, thank you. Your comment on the lack of attention to this matter was dead on. With more voices like yours, I have hope that our children will start getting the attention they rightfully deserve.

One for all

I nominate Dr. Bernadette Healy for Autism Czar.


Why doesn't Dr Fisher know what other countries are doing? Shouldn't she be interested, since she is part of those that decide which ones to use here? You would think someone that is in the position to decide would know other countries schedules, their success rates, how many deaths per year of a given disease, etc.

Paulette Long

I really enjoyed the show and was impressed by Dr. Healy, she seemed very informed and opened to all necessary research.
I would like to comment on the genetic theory of Dr. Wizniter, though.... if autism in genetic why have the cases increased as they have and what testing is being done with families that have autistic children to prove this theory.


Great show...Hope it airs again for more people to see.

During his wrap up Larry said something that there will be many more shows about this debate over the next few months. I hope I heard that correctly and if I did....and big thank you to him!

CT teacher

Thank you to all for your courage and determination to get this issue out in the open where it will now become part of the public discourse. Many eyes were opened thanks to all of you. I thought Dr. Healy was very courageous. I hope she doesn't become the next Andrew Wakefield. Larry King is to be commended for putting this issue before the public, too. Oprah really missed her chance to do so.

Robin Nemeth

Jenny, Jim, JB Handley, Dr. Kartzinel,

Super job. Thank you so much.

If people can look at the Rototeq ad in Pediatrics, and wonder how unbiased the information contained within it’s pages is, they must also be looking at the medical stories on their nightly television news programs (in between pharmaceutical commercials), and wondering the same thing. Although I will say that I thought that Larry King did a good job, last night.

Who was that woman on the computer? And why can’t they give her a computer that speaks more clearly? Was she the ND representative? About all that I heard clearly was something near the end of the show about how parents need to stop paying attention to Jenny and Jim and pay attention to their children instead. Pish-posh, what nonsense. It’s those women who get dressed up for benefits like Christmas trees in their shiny clothes, who think that they’re helping their children by doing nothing other than hobnobbing with rock stars, who need to shape up and start paying more attention to the legitimate needs of their children, imo.

Speaking of which..

I saw Bob and Suzanne Wright on MSNBC the other day. Didn’t catch the whole interview, but I believe that I saw enough to get the gist. “Complex disorder.. no place to point the blame..” Yada yada,

In other words, the SOS.

Shame on you, Autism Speaks. And just when I thought you were coming around. Here is what I think of your organization

XOXOXOs to Jenny, Jim and JB. (Maybe XOs for Larry next time, if he covers this again and does the same great job.)


Loved the show. I liked it when Jim Carey said "we're not the problem (pointing to Jenny and himself) the PROBLEM is the problem." The AAP looked so stupid. Can't they hire better people to represent them. I was almost embarassed for them. Jenny made a great point about the medical schools being controlled by pharma. Most doctors have no idea that mind control and brain washing was used on them in medical school to push vaccines and drugs. Also, sad to hear how little pediatricians care about autism. They don't care to treat it and don't want to be bothered with anything but vaccinating and writing prescriptions for antibiotics. Must be an empty job - no wonder they are so angry.


Thank you Jim, Jenny, Dr. Jerry, And JB (the J Crew) and a special thank you to Dr. Healy.

That woman is amazing- so softspoken- so articulate. We need to hear more and more from her.

Geez, the AAP is pathetic- that Dr. woman from NJ- that's the best they got? I guess it doesn't matter who they prop up for what interview- they all sound the same and none of them listen.

And that Dr. Wiznitzer- Oh boy...what a piece of work that guy is.

One of the best shows on autism to date.

Theresa Cedillo

For "Sign Lady" - I agree, it should have been disclosed about Wiznitzer.

L:indy Smith

Jenny, Jim, J.B. and Jerry are inspirational! I just watched the mini doc. about Autism Yesterday online, and seeing is believing!!! I have been back and forth on the whole diet issue. I really believe that this does work. I have not tried it, but I tell ya, I sure am going to try to afford it. I need to do this for my son, I am so scared that time is ticking far too fast! He is 9 years old now.

Fonda Watson

Mr. Handley discredits families of adult children with autism! He stated tonight on the show that there are no adults with autism! Shame of you for spreading your lack of knowledge. My son is 26 years old and has a diagnosis of autism. And shame on you for ignoring the years of hell our family and others like us has endured. When he was diagnosed 22 years ago, the criteria was so narrow that only the most severe could fit that label. Although my son was severe, they would not label his as having autism, but only "characteristics". Many children had autism back then, but were labeled MR! Go to the instituions and you will see the truly autistic adults that were mislabeled MR and mentally ill.
22 years ago, I started reading about the MMR link; then the mercury link; now the huge vaccination link since you can no longer blame the MMR. Well, when my son was vaccinated beginning in 1983, there were less than 10 vaccines in the schedule. And guess what??? He is still autistic as are all of his former (now adult) classmates!

Craig Willoughby

JB, you were fantastic. I must tell you, though, how expressive your face is. Your facial reactions to Dr. Fisher when you asked her why other countries didn't have as many vaccines was priceless. I was practically falling off of my bed laughing because I know EXACTLY what you were thinking;
"OMG, this lady is so full of sh*% that it isn't even funny."

High 5, JB and Jim and Jenny and Dr. K. Awesome job!


Thank you so much Jenny, Jim, JB, Dr K and Dr H for all that you do! You were all amazing tonight.

sign lady

Fantastic show! I was cheering the TV like it was the Super Bowl and MY SIDE WAS AHEAD BY 10 TOUCHDOWNS!

Thank you for a terrific job, Jenny, Jim, JB, Doctor K and of course, Doctor Healy who was like an angel from heaven after those two thugs. (Watching her face while they talked, you knew she was going to decimate them. And she did.)

About this revelation...
"Max Wiznitzer is a paid expert witness for the government against the families who file in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program."

...that should have been disclosed. I e-mailed Larry King and thanked him for the excellent coverage, but plan to write him again and respectfully suggest that such information be disclosed in future shows. America deserved to know that.


Best interview I've seen. Great job everyone.

I'm shocked at Dr. Fisher's response when JB Handley asked her if it concerns her that other countries haven't picked up some of these vaccines. Her answer was "No." REALLY????? That's funny I thought these horrible diseases are only a plane ride away.......(Are their children dying horrible deaths because they don't vaccinate for these diseases??? MMMMM no!)

So apparently we don't care what other countries are doing in terms of the flu shot, rotavirus, varicella. I guess we don't care about polio or measles, mumps rubella etc either, because all of the vaccines on the schedule are equally important, don't deviate from the schedule!

Yep, as long as we keep pumping our babies full of every shot imaginable we'll be safe here, no matter what the rest of the world decides to do.

Max's Mom

JBH--you were awesome! Thank you!

Barbie Hines

I just checked...the show is airing again at 9:00 PT..

Barbie Hines

Craig, you asked:

Damn! I missed it! Any chance of a post of the show online? Please?

Keep checking this link:

Last show with Jenny, a written transcript was available within 24 hrs.

Also, check your TV listing...last time the show was aired again a couple hours later...

Christine Heeren

Someone please buy JB a drink!!!!!!


loved it when Jim and Jerry showed the ad for rotateq vaccine in the "medical journal" and said that the pharma industry runs the journals and med schools. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Theresa Cedillo

GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Jenny, Jim, JB, Jerry and Larry King too! You are all amazing! It was an amazing show tonight! This debate is NOT over!

LJ Goes

For the first time, in a long time, I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Thank you ALL for your extraordinary efforts!

They are ON THE RUN. They look nervous. And best of all THEY KNOW. And people watching know they know.

Can't WAIT until tomorrow.

Tim Kasemodel

Not sure if anybody else caught it but Dr. wingnut said something about comparing autism and environment to a baseball team;

To parphrase he said "take a baseball taem and PUT THE BATTERS ON STEROIDS and you get autism..."

Not sure what he meant to say but it sounds like what I tell most people - mercury takes out some of the immune system effectiveness, it removes some of the out fielders. You throw in a too many baseballs, its like 2 guys trying to catch 6 balls at once. Not gonna happen.

I have told many of our MN State legislators - I don't care who hit the ball, my window is broken. I look out my window and see the mercury team - vaccines, coal power plants, light bulbs, fish, high fructose corn syrup, even cosmetics for cripes sakes,
it does not matter - they all have bats and they all act like the typical kid - IT WASN'T ME!!!

Tim K


Some criticisms of Dr. Max Wiznitzer, written by a Special Master for a July 2008 Vaccine Court ruling.

pg. 17:
"the interpretive approach urged by Dr. Wiznitzer amounts to eisegesis..."

pg. 22:
Dr. Wiznitzer's "reasoning is tautological at best. ... Accepting Dr. Wiznitzer's argument requires disregarding the contents of the medical records based solely on the Dr. Wiznitzer's conclusion."

pg. 27:
"Unconfirmed speculation by a few treating doctors, as with Dr. Wiznitzer's hypothesization, were unconfirmed by testing in the first instance, and unsupported by the medical records in the second."


Jim, Jenny, Jerry, & J.B,
I am so proud that you represent our community and you are fighting for our kids. J.B., you truly did a FABULOUS job. I am so thankful that Larry King has given our community a voice. I could hardly believe that Dr. "Wingnut" accused families of abusing an autism diagnosis to get all the free services. What free services??? I wondered how he slept an night until I saw here that he is a paid spokesperson in vaccine court. Makes sense now. Kim, I hope you don't mind that I used one of your photos for my own blog.

Craig Willoughby

Damn! I missed it! Any chance of a post of the show online? Please?


Great show. My dh and I watched from beginning to end. Thank you, Dr. Healy, for being the voice of reason.


JB: Good job. I wish there was a better "last word." The last word was not clear.
Can we have 2 hours next time?


Dr Healy: I LOVE YOU

Check out Autism Snooze Beat and BloJ

Kenny Boy Reibel and ThoJ must be having a sleep over. They posted the SAME comment going after JB's non-autism business on the Larry King Blog.

Lisa in Texas

Jim, Jenny, Dr. K. and JB,
Thanks again. Truly a pleasure seeing you educate the 'perceived to be educated' mainstream. I wonder if they realize how ignorant they are appearing in front of the public...and they wonder why parents are not trusting of AAP, CDC, big Pharma?????
I thought it was just me, but friends who are not in our world said they looked guilty and ignorant- like they had no answers only rebuttals...


I think what is so utterly pathetic is that Dr. Wingnut claims that maybe some other environmental toxins out there may be a contributing factor in autism, however he also wants parents to believe that the toxins that are injected directly into a child from birth and beyond can not possibly have anything to do with autism. It is simply frightening how far they will they go-aka as lying through their goddamn teeth- to avoid the elephant in the room!



Thanks to Larry King and his staff at CNN

Jake Crosby

Dr. Wiznitzer(earlier in the show): Thimerosal has been disproven!

JB Handley: "What about the study examining California numbers showing that there has been a real rise in autism."
Dr. Wiznitzer: "I read the documents and they said you can't use that database(CDDS) for epidemiological study!"

And yet, the CDH Immunization Branch used it one year ago to "disprove" autism causation by thimerosal. You can use it to exonerate one causal factor for the growth but not another? This is utter hypocrisy.

Kent Heckenlively

To Jenny, Jim, Dr. Kartzinel, Dr. Healy, and JB for getting this train going I have to say AWESOME JOB! I was shouting at the TV with how they were finally getting a national platform to talk about the tragedy which has happened with our children.



Dr. Wingnut did seem biased (and now I know why if he indeed is a paid winess against the families in vaccine court). Dr. Bernadine Healy's grace and honesty easily outshone the other two thugs and I LOVED jenny and Jims' honesty and enthusiasm. "The problem is the problem," indeed!!!! I'd be pretty embarassed if I were a doctor or pediatrician right now.

Barbie Hines

JB, Jenny, Jim, Jerry (holy 'J's!):

Our "Larry King Party" is currently raising our glasses (we are drinking 'Handley Hurricanes') to all of you...this is BY FAR the best 'autism show' we have watched to was calm, clear, dignified...cheers to all of have undoubtedly helped thousands more, yet again...truly, the most influential hour in years...

Theresa Cedillo

I wonder where Dr. Wiznitzer is finding these "genetic" cases of autism because to date there is no gene for autism. Only genes for "susceptibility" , but NO GENE FOR AUTISM.

Tanners Dad

Generation Rescue winners in a debate we wish we did not have to have. The Other side Doctors looked like mumbling idiots. How will they recover from this one. Get ready for new laws and personal attacks. This is going to get nasty


When Dr. Max said that the amish community that he treats are vaccinated... they should have asked HOW were the vaccinated? Did they receive ONE vaccine- That would certainly mean that they were vaccinated. My second child, Max (ha ha) was birthed and raised in Finland for the first year of his life and is "vaccinated" because he did receive two vaccines- one at 6 months and one and one year. He is 4 and 1/2 now and he is fine and perfect in every way...

Sue M.

Dr. Wingnut is going with the it's any environmental toxin other than vaccines theory... So lame.

Tanners Dad

VICTORY IN 2009! Awesome! wow GO JB DR Healy

Lisa in Texas

P.S. I love you Dr. Healy, and if I ever have the pleasure of meeting you in person someday, I will kiss your feet.
Let's study vaccinated vs unvaccinated!

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