IOM Meeting of National Vaccine Plan Discussing Safety Issues Meets Today
Michael Fitzpatrick's Inquisition Against UK's Autism Trust

Dr. Bernadine Healy on AAP, Paul Offit, Vaccine Schedule and Safety

Bernadine healy lab coat Here are two excerpts from Dr. Bernadine Healy's blog at US News.  Read the full post HERE.   Dr. Healy cites Generation Rescue and WHO comparing vaccination rates in the US versus abroad.  As a parent, you should demand informed consent and the right to a philosophical exemption - BEFORE vaccine injury earns you a medical exemption.

...pediatricians might do families a great service if they could work with them to loosen up the schedules to accommodate reasonable concerns and allow more choice. Some already do—say, by spacing out shots that are normally given in one visit, particularly those that contain live viruses like measles, mumps, and chicken pox and tend to deliver strong immune reactions. Or delaying hepatitis B until school age, at least. The goal is to get all kids appropriately vaccinated, but the pace for that might vary.

Finally, are certain groups of people especially susceptible to side effects from vaccines, and can we identify them? Youngsters like Hannah Poling, for example, who has an underlying mitochondrial disorder and developed a sudden and dramatic case of regressive autism after receiving nine immunizations, later determined to be the precipitating factor. Other children may have a genetic predisposition to autism, a pre-existing neurological condition worsened by vaccines, or an immune system that is sent into overdrive by too many vaccines, and thus they might deserve special care...

...Paul Offit, an infectious-disease expert from the University of Pennsylvania who has been a frequent spokesman and adviser on vaccine policy (and by his admission has become wealthy by developing the now mandated rotavirus vaccine), has said on more than one occasion that the infant's immune system can handle 10,000 vaccines. If that's where we're going—and it has been estimated that there are more than 100 new vaccines in the pipeline—the national investment in vaccine safety had better get on steroids fast.



Check out Dr. Healy's comment today in response to her critics.

Kathy Blanco

It's possible that an infection is driving a glutathione block, therefore, the children are already inflammated and glutathione lossed by the time they get injected. ANy infection causes reactive oxygen let's look at he double whamy...infection in utero (without inflammation or silent inflammation) and whamo....vaccines...finish the job. Me thinks so...most families with autism have mommies with CFS.MS etc..autoimmune diseaes which are caused by infections....else why are siblings also sick with variations on the theme?
Environmental factors don't always have to be so manmade...or are they? Look at lyme, is that something that is natural? I don't think so (bioweaponized crap)...


I am so grateful to Dr. Healy for being a voice of reason in the medical communtity!

However, I do have to ask, she mentioned the 3 Hib deaths where the children were not vaccinated. What about the 2 Hib deaths where the children WERE vaccinated?
According to Dr. Sears' "The Vaccine Book", the first few days following Hib vaccination, children are actually at a HIGHER risk of developing a severe Hib infection if they're exposed to the live virus. Unfortunately, doctors and nurses don't warn parents about this risk. If they did, then parents could keep their children quarantined at home for a week following Hib vaccination. Instead, since they are not warned about this, they probably continue to put their children in daycare which increases the risk of exposure.

I just keep thinking that there has to be a better way than the current method of trying to vaccinate against each individual disease. That's an impossible task. We just can't give children 10,000 to 100,000 vaccines.
That's why I keep asking about gamma globulin shots. Their immune boosting effects supposedly only last for 3 months so back when there were only a few vaccines (and it was believed that only one dose of the vaccine was needed), it made sense to choose the vaccines over the GG shots. But now that babies are being given 6 shots at 2, 4 and 6 months, we really need to reconsider this strategy. And now there's 100 vaccines in development!?! That would probably equal 300 shots since vaccines require an average of 3 doses. A person could receive 4 GG shots a year for 75 years before reaching 300 shots. And GG shots are supposed to boost the immune system instead of manipulating it.
I don't really advocate 4 shots a year, but people are already giving babies 22 shots in their first year of life (if they get the flu shot and the MMR at 12 months). And some people also get a flu shot every year. Should the flu shot be replaced with a gamma globulin shot? My family was sick almost all winter with non vaccine-preventable diseases. There has to be a better way.


There's a really good comment at the above site by Dr. Jon Poling "April Autism Armistice Day??" (Apr 15, 2009 13:38:38 PM).

CT teacher

Is there such a thing as a safe vaccine? I seriously doubt it. Just look at the health of our population. That should be a good indicator of the long term health benefits of vaccines. We are poisoning ourselves.

vaccines are to blame

why would she say "other children may have a genetic predisposition to autism, a preexisintg neurological condition worsened by vaccines..." Yikes, I was horrified by that. I don't believe Dr Healy is sincere in what she is saying. Sounds like she is working for pharma and paid to go around saying that vaccines are safe for almost everybody except these poor "genetically susceptible" kids. Afterall the condition is preexisting.. Where did she get that? I think she's not a friend to the autism community. She seems to spout genetics and not blaming toxic, untested vaccines. Time will tell how "safe" these vaccines are for everybody. Anybody see the cancer rates lately?


Dr. Healy, today you hit the nail on the head. Kudos!

Theresa Cedillo

just left my comments thanking Dr. Healy for her courage to speak out.


Kelli Ann Davis

My response:

Bravo to Dr. Healy on her thoughtful, reasoned and well-timed advice regarding the current, pressing, and serious vaccine issues/concerns in this country.

As I listened to the IOM National Vaccine Plan Committee discuss safety issues today, I was appalled by the lack of common sense among these top "experts" -- it was as if they were living in a different dimension where vaccine uptake is the primary focus and safety only enters in as some abstract “thing” to be discussed as an afterthought.


Hopefully, Dr. Healy’s common sense will rub off on the folks who need it most and we can get some REAL dialogue going on this important issue.

Kelli Ann Davis
D.C. Political Liaison
Generation Rescue

Kevin D

Here is the comment I left for Dr. Healy:

I applaud Dr. Healy for doing the right thing. Kudos! There must be some truth to all of these parents stating that it was the vaccinations that caused the damage.

Maybe now more parents will have a full understanding of what they are giving their children. Maybe now pediatricians will not 'force' vaccinations on the parents who are questioning the 'system'. Maybe now school systems and local governments will not be so quick to judge those parents who have withheld or stalled the shots.

Finally, maybe now we can move on to the vaccination studies that need to be completed - true, unbiased and without funding from the pharmaceuticals.

Open dialogue is a great start, but so much more needs to be done before more children are diagnosed with autism. So much more needs to be done to help the families suffering financial difficulty, divorce and depression as a result of this diagnosis. So much more needs to be done to help educators.

Thank you Dr. Healy for your voice of reason.

Kelli Ann Davis

Just sent this link to the Fineberg, Salerno thread that I started in regards to the IOM meeting.

Bottom Line: The issue isn't going away and they need to start engaging with GR directly.

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