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David Kirby on HuffPo: Patient Zero Identified in Mexican Flu Outbreak?

Swine flu kids Click HERE to read David Kirby on HuffPo, "Patient Zero Identified in Mexican Flu Outbreak?"

...Until now, the first flu death confirmed by Mexican authorities had been a woman in the southern state of Oaxaca, who died on April 13. But Health Secretary Cordova on Monday "suggested an earlier timeline for documented swine flu cases," the Associated Press is reporting.

"Cordova said tests now show that a 4-year-old boy contracted the disease at least two weeks earlier neighboring Veracruz state, where a community has been protesting pollution from a large pig farm," the AP says. "The farm is run by Granjas Carroll de Mexico, a joint venture 50 percent owned by Virginia-based Smithfield Foods, Inc."

Company officials said there were no "clinical signs or symptoms" swine influenza in the vast herds anywhere in Mexico, "But local residents are convinced they were sickened by air and water contamination from pig waste," AP says. "There was a widespread outbreak of a particularly powerful respiratory disease in the area early April, and some people reported being sick as early as February. Local health workers intervened in early April, sealing off the town of La Gloria and spraying to kill off flies they said were swarming through their homes."


Media Scholar

CNBC=GE=Autism Speaks.

Perhaps we can interupt this pandemic with a rift update? :->

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Can it be that people in Mexico are dying , not so much from the flu or whatever this disorder turns out to be- but from their poor immune systems that may have been damaged by mercury in vaccines which they may have been given? Just wondering. When modern medicines answer to infectious disease is to destroy the immune response though vaccinesthat contain mercury, a known immunotoxin, more sickness and death could be expected. Oaxaca is a coastal state and people may be eating mercury laden fish too.


Just saw David Kirby on CNBC, discussing his conversations with researchers and officials in the U.S. and Mexico.

Mr. Kirby mentioned that he's been investigating industrial agriculture for the past two years for his upcoming book. It's unfortunate to be validated in such a manner. Once again, he's proven a prescient observer of our world.


That makes more sense that the cases would have begun in February when Vitamin D levels are at an all-time low. Maybe the flu transmission will slow down now that the D from sun season is upon us?

Media Scholar


Check out "Snoutbreak '09"

" I like a good scare as much as the next guy, but for six mild cases of flu you're gonna turn 4 million square miles bright red?"

Be sure to also check out "Mistakes on a Plane"

I can't imagine how horrible that must have felt for you New Yorkers. I caught a glimpse on live TV and my stomach knotted up.


While the government goes into panic mode over swine flu, the true epidemic of autism is ignored.

Deb in IL

@ Media Scholar - CNN poll shows 65% of the responders think that the story is overblown.

Media Scholar

Is it unreasonable to suggest that the average American MD can not rightly divide a case of flu from a case of seasonal allergies?

This story simply isn't scaring Americans.

Maybe GAVI should send Mexico a care package of neurotoxic Thimerosal-containing Swine Flu vaccines? Not for the people, for the pigs.

Four legs gots to stick together, ya know? :0)

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