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David Kirby on HuffPo: Mexican Swine Flu and Factory Farms

Factory farms Click HERE to read and comment on David Kirby's latest on HuffPo: Swine Flu Outbreak -- Nature Biting Back at Industrial Animal Production?

Officials from the CDC and USDA will soon arrive in Mexico to help investigate the deadly new influenza virus that managed to jump from pigs to people in a previously unseen mutated form that can readily spread among humans.

One of the first things they will want to look at are the hundreds of industrial-scale hog facilities that have sprung up around Mexico in recent years, and the thousands of people employed inside the crowded, pathogen-filled confinement buildings and processing plants.

Industry calls these massive compounds "confined animal feeding operations," or CAFOs (KAY-fohs), though most people know them simply as "factory farms." You have seen them before while flying: Long white buildings lined up in tightly packed rows of three, four or more. Within each confinement, thousands of pigs are restricted to indoor pens and grain-fed for market, while breeding sows are kept in small metal crates where they spend most of their lives pregnant or nursing piglets...



Jesus Ferrera

I am certain that the medical community will undoubtedly use this swine flu outbreak as an excuse to derail those of us who have been outspoken against vaccines.

According to the World Health Organization:

'The first batches of a swine flu vaccine could be ready in four to six months' time but it will take several more months to produce large quantities of it, Mr. Fukuda said.

Another vaccine to our growing list.

Alex Kalman

Swine Flu treatment, works better than interferon or ribavirin overlooked in the USA:

NOV-205, a second compound acts as a hepatoprotective agent with immunomodulating and antiinflammatory properties. Novelos’ IND for NOV-205 as mono-therapy for chronic hepatitis C has been accepted by the FDA, and a U.S. Phase 1b trial in patients who previously failed treatment with pegylated interferon plus ribavirin was concluded based on favorable safety profile. Russian clinical studies in hepatitis B and C patients showed that after relatively short treatment periods (1 to 2 months) with NOV-205, viral load was undetectable in a high proportion of patients and serum biochemical markers of liver damage were significantly decreased.

RM Rilke

I hope they don't make the Obamas get a shot. Remember when Bush got a shot for Anthrax or something and then his knees went out on him and he couldn't jog anymore.

Natural health for the Obamas-- no vaccines, please!

Kathy Blanco

We've had a pandemic for a while now-what, coming on two decades now..who's outraged? No one. Enough said. Every twenty minutes a child with autism is diagnosed. Twenty people with supposed swine flu...some are lifetime effects. Where is the outrage again? I bet the people who die of this, are malnourished, have poor hygeine, smoke or have other health conditions and or actually worked on pig farms, I bet, I bet, I bet...

My daughter went into today because she had the flu...viral gastrointeritis...IV fluids, sent home. I bet they will call her apartment complex a pandemic (a lot of kids were sick there)...who is fudging the that you "feel" that it may be important to get a flu vaccine? Me thinks something is fishy here...very fishy...all the kids are fine, even my grandchild. Hellooo (thankfully, HE is not vaccinated so he has a functioning immune system, and my daughter noticed it was a twelve hour bout, not a week long one like the vaccinated kids in her complex)...

Tamiflu, some horrible side effects too...personally, I would do HIGH MEGA VIT A/C (I mean HIGH HIGH), selenium and glutathione (possibly in IV), electrolytes/fluids, rest, and take my bets...if you have a good ND, get UVBI (ultraviolet blood irradiation ), that alone kills measles, polio, and other well knowns. It was used before the age of antibiotics so the quality of it's "very very effective" method, is being pushed down by money in it you know?

So the bottom line, since it was a light flu season this year...they have to get rid of their overstocked flu vaccines...I bet, they won't use a flu vaccine for swine, because if they did, they will cause more illness, death, maiming (guillian barr).

Welcome to the land of the overexposed and manipulated.


Look for the big M & Dr. Offit to soon seek billions for a fast track vaccine program to save us all.

They would need new federal funding for this of course. The 1976 Swine flu vaccine knocked me over....


Just cause Obama is president the "New World " Ushered by the Bushes ( Father and Son), has been put in place.. I think the Flu situation was to have happened before elections so Bush co finally void constitution and be president for life. Way to many people ( just people nothing more) so sure I have pondered since I was in my 20's hwo US govt couls take out a large number of "undesirables" I thought it would be poison on stamps or return envelopes ( easy way to target) guess it is come to pass that this man made Flu will perhaps finally do the trick.. AIDS did not do so well. So in years America will again be a vast land mass with many less people ( just people) but bet the elite will be living. Make your peace, forgive yourself for past indescretions and if you die...well we are just people...Do something you enjoy..NOW


Thanks for all of this very interesting information. It's great that this is a topic you are already well versed on because of the research you did for your latest book, soon to be released.

But when it comes to food safety issues, maybe I would rather keep my head in the sand, like that man in the illustration to one of Dan's recent articles...

candace passino

merks profits released apr.21 st. down 57%..

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Oh Nomad, Where have you been the last some years? What planet do you live on? "Scare" and "Outbreak" - Those words are obsolete, arcane English. The modern English word is "Pandemic" and perhaps in a day or two you are going to watch an eager CNN employee asking some person of GREAT AUTHORITY , "So, how many millions are going to die!? " For heavens sake, dont be idle, Dont waste time. Go out right now searching for Tamiflu and face masks and maybe even duct tape- Anything, just anything that you may need to save your life in the year of the pig. You can do it !


The thought that came to mind after reading the short piece about the factory operation of growing pigs for the market at minimum expense is

Is the process in Canada and the US and different????????

Kathy Blanco

Go back in hirosty to the swine flu vaccine, and see also it did, it killed people, and it maimed them. No thanks. Rather deal with it on a rudimentary level, aka, wash hands, don't eat crap foods, don't work in pig farms, or for that matter EAT PIGS, and so forth. I wonder? Did that vaccine have mercury in it? Just wondering? Would love an answer on that one?

The opther question is, is the host. PEople in Mexico, most of them, are in poverty situations. Are they not more vulnerable to viruses like this? And, if you eat MSG all day, sugar, and kick the ant hill all the time, won't the ants get angry? Me thinks so? So, basically, are we not all kicking that ant hill, if we don't wash our hands, pay attention to what we eat, or pay attention to how toxic our bodies are, or overtax our livers so that we can't deal with viruses?

Somehow I think this is ill gotten gain stuff...Baxter put the AVIAN FLU VIRUS in their vaccines, for a time, did they start deep level shit? Can I consider my beloved United States, a terrorist state, if they consider putting these vaccines into my children? YOU BETCHA.


My husband and I (and now my daughter) are on abo ut our 7th week of pneumonia. I don't know if it was "influenza" or what but it hasn't been much fun. I still wouldn.t get a flu shot, though. My nana got one during that last swine flu outbreak and had Guillaume Barre and was hospitalized for 2 months-luckily recovered. Our fam doctor told us not to get a flu shot again. The hospital emerg dept's are a joke here in Calgary and it just makes you feel like you don't dare get sick. Take your cod liver oil-get some sunshine and don't run around too much and stress out. Take care of yourselves!


Thousands of people contracted GBS after the last swine flu scare and subsequent immunization of millions....


If CAFOs are a concern for breeding disease, then why exactly are they allowed to exist??
And I agree with Sick of this, that my first thought was OMGoodness, here's a new vaccine that will override an exemption. Scary. One more fear to feed the public, and make much-o dollars.


i'm hoping the Swine Flu amounts to as little as the other scares and outbreaks that have occurred over the last couple of years


Maybe a little OT but, I have a friend that contracted guillainne barre syndrome when she was 3 after receiving the swine flu vaccine. She was paralyzed to the waist and recovered. She's not allowed to get flu shots, has high functioning autism (she's very smart and successful) and has a child with ASD.


This is just a huge setup... the evil secret cabal is planning a propaganda campaign to tell the masses that vaxsins will protect and save us all. Please stop this bs. And of course the answer to the ''outbreak'' and ''pandemic threat'' is.... more scientific vaccines !! Madness running wild!
We have to stop them, because they are against us. They are damn scared by what the autism community and famous people are exposing in the medias. BUT there are alternatives to improve the immune system and cure infections. Its not coming from the Medical mafia however. Lookout for MMS, nano silver, rife generators (all overed-up by good govs)
But yeah, I guess this is just conspiracy theories... right ?

Alison MacNeil

I think I just ate my last piece of bacon

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