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Autism One 2009, May 20 - 24 in Chicago

Ice cream scoops Our friends at Autism One report that, although the Westin guest rooms are sold out, they have blocked rooms directly across the street at the Chicago Marriott Suites O'Hare.  The telephone number for reservations at the Marriot Suites O'Hare is 1-800-228-9290. Be sure to ask for the "AUTISM ONE BLOCK" and specify the Marriott SUITES at 6155 NORTH RIVER ROAD. For more information about the Autism One 2009 Conference at the Westin O'Hare, May 20-May 24, please see www.autismone.org.

The Autism One 2009 Conference is being held in honor of Dr. Andrew Wakefield.

MAY 20-24, 2009 at the WESTIN O'HARE, CHICAGO 

Go to www.autismone.org to register.We'd like to share a few speakers with you...Well, over 130......

Lisa Ackerman
Tim Adams, JD
James Adams, PhD
Alanna Apap, BCBA
Lynne Arnold
Tappan Audhya, PhD
Carmen Augustin, MSW, LCSW
Jeffrey Becker, OD
Marion Blank, PhD
Mark Blaxill, MBA
Kenneth Bock, MD
Tom Bohager
Jeffrey Bradstreet, MD
Kerry Brooks
Gregory Brown, MD
Jeff Cantor, DDS
Megan Carrick, MOTR/L
Jane Casey
Ved Chauhan, PhD
Charles Chapple, DC
Lillian Chen-Byerley, MS, OTR/L, RCTC
Silvia Cheng-Kaplan, Esq.
Rob Coben, PhD
Ken Cook
Laura Corby
Mark Corrales, MPP
Lee Cowden, MD
Mary Beth Cull
Dorinne Davis, MA, CCC-A, FAAA
Dennis Debbaudt
Vicky Debold, PhD, RN
Amy Derksen, ND
Richard Deth, PhD
Lisa Dietlin
Mayer Eisenstein, MD, JD
Michael Elice, MD
Lark Eshleman, PhD
Angie Evola, MS, OTR/L
Seyyed Hossein Fatemi, MD, PhD
Barbara Loe Fisher
Richard Frye, MD, PhD
Carolyn Gammichia
Andrew Gammichia
Patricia L, Gannon, DDS
Mark Geier, MD, PhD
David Geier
John Gilmore
Kristin Selby Gonzalez
Dana Gorman
Doreen Granpeesheh, PhD, BCBA
Cindy Griffin, HD (RHom), DSH-P, DIHom
Katherine Guttshall, MA, BCBA
Louise Habakus, HHP, AADP
Boyd Haley, PhD
Elaine Hall
Paul Hardy, MD
Martha Herbert, MD, PhD
John Hicks, MD
Betsy Hicks
Sonja Hintz, RN
David Holmes, EdD
Mary Holland, Esq.
Devin Houston, PhD
Diane Isaacs
Laurette Janak
Pam Johnson, DDS
Michelle Lancaster, DDS
Raun Kaufman
Jennifer Keefe, Esq.
KP Khalsa, DN-C, RH
Cheryl Kilmer
Brian King, LCSW
David Kirby
Robert Krakow, Esq.
Arthur Krigsman, MD
Andrea Lalama
Mary Jo Lang, PhD
Lindyl Lanham, DSH-P, HD, (RHom)
Jeffrey Lewine, PhD
Carolyn Lewis
Allen Lewis, MD
William Long, MDiv, PhD, JD
Derrick MacFabe, MD
Cynthia Macluskie
Mark Macluskie
Jackie Marquette, PhD
Vicki Martin, RN
Julie Matthews, CNC
Woody McGinnis, MD
Mary Megson, MD
Joseph Mercola, DO
Claudia Miller, MD
Jim Moody, Esq.
Elizabeth Nickrenz
Mark Noble, PhD
Nancy O'Hara, MD
Melissa Olive, PhD, BCBA
Dan Olmsted
Valerie Paradiz, PhD
James Partington, PhD
Mitchel Perlman, PhD
Kathryne Pirtle
Jon Poling, MD, PhD
Tom Powers, Esq.
Sim Rankin, RN
Kerri Rivera
Rick Rollens
Mary Romaniec
Dan Rossignol, MD
Michael Ruggio, Esq.
Sarah Clifford Scheflen, MS, CCC-SLP
Harry Schneider, MD
Norm Schwartz, MD
Alice Shabecoff
Cliff Shoemaker, Esq.
Stephen Shore, EdD
Chantal Sicile-Kira
Terrie Silverman, MS
Allan Sosin, MD
Jane Sparks, RN
Kim Stagliano
Cheryl Steinberg
Carol Stott, PhD
Lisa Sykes, MDiv
Theoharis Theoharides, MD, PhD
Polly Tommey
John Turner, DC, CCSP, DIBCN
Anju Usman, MD
Sueson Vess
Aristo Vojdani, PhD
Andrew Wakefield, MD
David Warner
Vicki Warren, EE
Donna Wexler, SLP
Stacey Whetlow
Robert Weiner, PhD, CST-D
Amy Yasko, PhD

Lee Silsby logo 09 The treatment category is sponsored by Lee Silsby, the leader in quality compounded medications for autism.


Cindy Waeltermann

And the best part?? Autism Speaks isn't invited and/or welcome.

John Fryer


Great list of fine people.

Is there anywhere a list of people who might not have the correct ideas about autism, what it is and how it is caused in spite of their years in the field and their use by the government to deny organomercury vaccines may be harmful to one day children?

I would like to put Max Wiznitzer at the head of this: Not at the conference list of autism speakers.

I ask this as there are definitely people who I am uncertain of their expertise in autism and its causes.

This would include everyone who hold the belief that autism is genetic.

I note that there could be a list of people who should be invited to speak but weren't and I would put Jenny McCarthy and Don Imus on this list.

Finally there are many on your invited list who I would like to know more of their expertise in this field.

Will the conference address why the governmant has allowed 1.7 million children to become autistic from a base of nearly ZERO twenty years ago?

Biomed mom


Here's what I think - there will never be an Autism Czar because nobody is going to want that particular job. Even if someone chooses to become one, no matter what he does he will be crucified.

The autism world is too divisive. If this is to work, there needs to be one Czar for the "behavioral" treatments for all and another Czar for the "biomed" treatments for people who want biomed. Only then can one hope that this concept will work.


Gee John, I hope you're not questioning/insulting the value of Autism One. We firmly believe we parents can do far more for our kids than the gov't, which has proven over and over again to ignore the epidemic.

Just as one political leader can't appease every voter, one autism czar would never sit with the entire autism world unless all he or she did was hand out cash.


John Kirton

The 'Hope' and 'Change' that we need? A lot less talk and a lot more action by our government leaders.


Julie Swenson

I am looking into chiropractic work for my son--he not only has a dx of autism but ataxic CP as well (his CP symptoms starting 'mysteriously' just a short time after his 12-month shots...hmmm)and I am certain that chiropractically (not a word, I know) tweaking his little self is going to help tremendously. A friend of mine is reading the book that Dr. Erkfritz recommended and is going to lend it to me what she's done, but I think I have to go buy it tomorrow...I can't wait.


Thanks, Dr. Erkfritz - chiro neurologists are doing terrific work. We have one near me in Fairfield Cty CT. It was a chiropractor who turned my immoble 14 month old into a child who started to hold her own bottle and then crawl and finally walk at 23 months. That was Dr. Bobby Doscher at Oklahaven Children's Chiro in OK City.



Dr. Gary Erkfritz

You might want to check out Dr. Robert Melillo's book "Disconnected Kids". Dr. Melillo is an internationally renown Chiropractic neurologist who can shed light on autism that no one else has (to my knowledge). You might want to consider asking him to speak at one of your conventions as well.

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