Parents United Against Autism Appeal: The Somali MN Autism Epidemic
Martin J. Walker on the UK GMC Hearing: This Contemptuous Hearing

Autism is Preventable and Reversible. Watch Autism Yesterday Here.

Age of Autism is pleased to host the web-based premiere of Autism Yesterday, a 26-minute documentary exploring autism recovery through the stories of 5 families. 

By J.B. Handley

"AUTISM YESTERDAY" Autism is Reversible from JB Handley on Vimeo.

J.B. Handley is co-founder of Generation Rescue and a contributor to Age of Autism. 

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Very interesting. So you're saying that today's toxins including vaccines will be tolerated if one doesn't have Neanderthal DNA? Do you know of any data to show that people with autism have Neanderthal DNA? Also, how do you know that Tesla, Disney, Einstein, etc. that you listed, were autistic?

Trying to find the basis for the theory.

Re bipolar, I've only personally known 2 people to have bipolar disorder. One was the mother of a large family when growing up. The kids suffered terribly from her inability to function. She was in and out of institutions for their whole childhood. It was very sad. As sick as she was, I can't imagine that what she had was any kind of variation of normal. I don't know what it takes to get a bipolar diagnosis these days, but it seems that there is a LOT more of it now than when I was growing up in the 60's and 70's. I wonder if it's even the same thing because her episodes of mania and depression were incapacitating.

Elizabeth Hensley

I am VERY proud to say I was born Autistic/Neanderthal, a Daughter of Man. (Google "Autism+ Neanderthal theory" and then look at Genesis 6:2). I remember the vaccine that damaged me. We do not have an Autism epidemic but an epidemic of damaged Autists. Live virus Vaccines, the chemicals in vaccines, over-vaccinating, and/or toxins in the SAD diet, air and mercury fillings are damaging us. Notice that Nikola Tesla was brilliant until his old age. He gave to Humanity most everything to do with electricity that Edison didn't, including the internal combustion engine and the use of Alternating Current. Now whatever happened to Tesla (might have been too much Glutamate from too much delivered, restaurant food since he lived in a hotel) is happening to us as CHILDREN! So we are being damaged before Kindergarten, before we can give our wonderful gifts to the Universe! Titanics full of Teslas are being turned into Rainmen! If Big Industry, Big Food and Big Pharma gets its way and genetic tests are found so we can be aborted just so their products can stay on the market, say "goodbye" to almost all future Geniuses. Few will be left to invent faster than light starships, deal with killer asteroids or even (-: FINALLY :-) figure out how to stop dryers from eating socks! Do not forget many others besides Tesla, including, (to name just a tiny few of our multitudes in history) Disney, Newton, Einstein, Madam Curie, Coleridge, Thomas Jefferson, and William Wilberforce who did in England with his clever politicking and a few Horse racing tickets what it took a bloody "Civil" war here in the US to do: ended Slavery. Society needs to quit finding ways to get rid of us (or Bipolar People also for that matter) and start taking much better care of us! Bipolar "Disorder" for instance, is (as with many Autists) mostly a nutritional problem. People with this "Disorder" (and Dissociative Identity "Disorder" are often VERY intelligent and creative. Society had BETTER learn Neurodiversity Tolerance before it learns ways to do the genetic testing that can be used to get rid of potential Geniuses! As with Autists more Omega 3 is needed in the diets of Folks with BP, and many more trace minerals, only ONE of which is Lithium. Model Ts can run on Kerosene. Ferraris need much better gas. Our society tries to feed Ferrari brains on Kerosene and severely damages them. So only Model T brains manage not to be damaged. Then the dumbed down, "one size fits all" educational system, and medical practices suitable only for those with Cro Magnon style immune systems and stress endurance, finishes the destruction. Learn to cherish the diversity of Humanity that God wanted us to be blessed with! Deal with and cherish our differences, feed us right, protect us from toxins and bullies, protect us from insults to our more vulnerable immune systems, educate us by concentrating on our strengths not our deficiencies, give us the complete light spectrum over our school desks so we don't go into hibernation mode and can stay awake without fidgeting or drugs and then get out of way and watch us improve society!


I have 2 children with autism, but the ASD have many different types of autism. Autism can not be cured, just as down syndrome can not be cured. You can make things better for some. My children have done a lot and have grown, but no amount of natural healing can make them "normal". When you make statements like "I cured Autism" you really make many parents of Autistic children upset why their children can get better. I will mention that many "autism" cases or diagnosis is not correct, the "autism" diagnosis is easy for anyone to say, much like 15 years ago everyone was ADHD...

Joe the athesit

My daughter has autism. It is not a fun thing to have and experience. It is very stressful and hard to deal with. On the other hand, it teaches you that life is not perfect and you never know what to expect. I have to admit it is very depressing for the parents and can ruin relationships. I am glad I am an atheist and do not take this as punishment from an egotistic god.

Lorraine Harrietha

Wow! What an amazing video! I don't have children with autism, but I do work with them at school. I have been trying to educate these parents, but it's an uphill battle. I'll keep educating! I have already passed this video on. Again thanks so much for this valuable video!

jill r

thank youfor that jb.
i have never felt so part of something. i feel alone a lot and i think sometimes people think i am crazy. but this video proves this didn't only happen to me, it's happening to other people's kids too.

Heidi N

Yes!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like the heat is getting turned up, now let's see what happens next. Love and appreciation to all of you, fighting in this Autism Revolution.

Cathy Jameson

That was excellent. I watched it after dinner with Ronan while we were sitting on the couch with the laptop. He watched the beginning of the movie quietly and then realized the laptop had a keyboard with letters. Ronan recognizes letters and requests for us to say them outloud as he points to them in books, on cereal boxes, on his shows, everywhere. Only last weekend Ronan was able to sign his first letter. He saw 'a' and did the sign with a great amount of pride in his eyes. He did the same tonight while I watched the movie. The sun shone threw some trees into our living room right before that moment too. It was a great night for this movie with my vax-injured hero.


Awesome. Thank you Mr Handley and the families that shared their experiences in hope to help others.

CT teacher

JB, you are terrific. You are helping so many people. I want you in my corner if I should ever need an advocate! Oh, and by the way, I loved when you called Paul Offit a pussy!


This is a parent of children without autism, I felt I needed to talk to parents of children WITH autism to really confirm what I thought, that vaccines ARE a part of this epidemic and that there really is help for these children. I did talk to quite a few parents, but it seems most people don't. This video is the next best thing to talking to yoy, You're all so well spoken and really get the point across!

Maurine Meleck

Thank you, JB. I have forwarded this brilliant video to everyone I know on this planet. I love you!

Maurine, grandmother to Joshua, whom I WILL recover.


Awesome! Is there any way to link this to our facebook pages?

(Yes, click on the headline to pull the URL and add it as a link in your share page. Thanks. KIM)

Patti Carroll

I am happy to report that "Autism Yesterday" is being subtitled in Somali at this very minute, and will soon be broadcast on our local Somali TV station here in Minneapolis. Parents United Against Autism funded the software to do the subtitling, and a generous volunteer has worked to translate this beautiful film. Thank you, JB, and all who helped make this possible!

Julianne Boise

WOW !!! What an amazing video - I still have goose bumps (and tears in my eyes). This should be mandatory watching for every new parent and every doctor.
I think one of the most important points made was these parents are NOT doing anything which harms their children - NONE of these interventions are harmful. So, why would any parent pass up an opportunity to help their child? Hard work ? HELL YES !! Worth it ? HELL YES !!


"Loving our children is the foundation of our work" - lovely...
Thank you for posting this - I will sit with my husband and watch today...we have renewed hope for different reasons this week and this will help us feel less guilty (perhaps) for that.


IF we didn't have hope there wouldn't be a cancer center in America. Even if recovery happened in only a small percentage of kids - why WOULDN'T you try everything you could for your child? It's not chasing rainbows, it's your parental responsibility. We live in a world where pregnant Moms make their fetuses listen to Mozart to "get a leg up" on skills. Parents send their kids to reading classes, SAT prep classes, vie for the best preschools - why should kids with autism be told "DON'T STRIVE FOR SUCCESS. THERE'S NO HOPE." That's a dreadful message.

JB has done more to help families than a hundred people who just want to tell parents, "There's nothing you can do but love your child." Loving our children is the foundation of our work - we just don't quit there. (Yes, I've had plenty of coffee already - you got a problem with that?) ;)

Tanners Dad

Thank you JB. You will never know how much having support and hope given to the rural communities means to parents. I pray one day all families can get access to services. It seems like we travel a very lonely road with very little understanding of our situation. I love the line that it is not a matter of good vs evil, it is a matter of lets save the children. Through the tears, Thank you! TD

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