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11/4/79 60 Minutes Episode Exposed Swine Flu Vaccine Injuries, Lack of Safety

Autism File Campaign Presents: The New Jersey Moms

Autism File Magazine is running a campaign featuring strong, beautiful women also known as Autism Mothers. Here's a group from New Jersey looking better than Lady Luck in Atlantic City. Eat your heart out Dove soap with the women in their undies. We are Autism Moms! 

To join the campaign, send your photo to [email protected]. 

Autism File Campaign - NJ Moms 3-09  

The Mothers of New Jersey:
We are powerful.  Women.  Mothers.  Activists.  Professionals.  Citizens.  Patriots.  We demand transparency of legitimate choices.  We fight on behalf of those who were injured by their vaccines and will settle for nothing less than dramatic reform of a system that is broken.  We defy anyone who dares to define the boundaries of this battle in pro- or anti-vaccine terms or within the diagnostic realm of a behavioral disorder.  You crossed the line when you failed to protect our children.  The stakes could not be higher.  Or more personal. 

Bonnie McPherson:  "I was educated on the power of breast milk, taught how to lay my baby on his back while he slept, and guided in the proper way to strap a car seat in my truck...but no one told me that vaccines could damage his immune system and alter his development.  We need to be empowered to find a voice and band together, to again use sound judgment and care when making decisions that affect our children, our health, and our planet." 

Barbara Majeski:  "It is my mission to give a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves, to share their truth and find resolutions to the complexities of living and thriving with neurological impairments." 
Manette Loudon:  "This campaign is important to me because it supports parents who believe they are alone in their fight to protect their children’s health, including their fight with the system of medicine run amok." 

Claudine Liss:  "The numbers of ill children in the US and around the globe are catastrophic.  Drug companies and governments care too much about profits and disease management.  This campaign is important to me because we must help citizens of the world to wake up and take personal responsibility for their health and the health of their children.  We can no longer rely on governments or industry to protect us.  We represent the future."

Louise Kuo Habakus:  "I believe in the power of grass roots advocacy to create positive change.  This campaign is important to me because it is a high impact, visual reminder that we are all powerful.  Mothers at home.  Mothers at work.  Mothers both quietly and defiantly effective.  Mothers writing, filming, defending, researching and rallying for choice and truth." 

Hilary Downing:  "The campaign is important to me because it shows intelligent professional mothers seeking out the truth, and, in the process, changing society.  We are moms supporting other families, changing laws, greening our environment, healing our children.  We are moms demanding change because of the damage done."

Photo credit:
Al Chaudhri of Studio25, Inc. (






We are moms in NJ that know eachother; were moved by the Autism File magazine cover with the British ladies because the photo and caption spoke to us; and decided to be part of this campaign. Noone "picked us" for this photo shoot - we banded together.
Moms come in all shapes and sizes. We have the common bond of being in the "autism trenches" and fighting for our kids' health.


Jesus, even when featuring autism moms they have to pick only the ones who wear size 2? That doesn't look like the majority of autism mothers I meet here in California.

Kathy Blanco

Vaccines work alright, they work on damaging the immune system forever, and causes or initiates an autoimmune phenom that apparently you didn't get the memo for. It also loveingly damages neurons, gut health, and with one shot of MMR, your immune system lymphocytes are damaged for one yeah, they really do work...
They especially don't alleviate, amerliorate or protect you from disease. Sail over to and find the science yourself. And that's ok if you still belive in them, that's your right....but my right is to not believe in them, and I don't think hands up in a conference in the thousands are lying mothers...

I love a lot of drinks, but Koolaid ain't one of them, too much sugar and dyes. So I would say, get off the liquor....of the nation....which, apparently is so dumb numbed to think they are being told the truth about vaccines, they are willing to play with loaded guns and russian roulette tripe.

Maybe you should change your name to pill popper....because once you find out what they really do, you may need some ZANAC or HALDOL.

Maurine Meleck

I just love this; it's fantastic. Way to go, Hil.



You should stop drinkng the koolaid! Vaccines work! Yes I am the mother of an autistic child.

Kathy Blanco

As I was walking to my car from a brief shopping excursion, I noticed a finely dressed women coming out of her immaculant very expensive cadillac. I caught her eye. She was looking at me and my son, having a conversation on some rudimentary autism level as I was briefly telling him "how the world works" with cars in parking lots. I think I made her uncomfortable. I had on the usual attire...the jeans and a t shirt, mommy shoes, ok brushed hair, hardly any makeup...and I though....see..she probably thinks, I am low life...but you know what? I didn't think that way about me at all (yeah for me)...what I thought of, is there is a purity of spirit in us moms...a spirit of service, a spirit of trying, a sprit of coping, a spirit of hope. How do you describe such beauty? You can't buy it? You can't shop for it? You can't get it by an illustrious career, with mach adue attention on onself. No, it comes from being up in the middle of the night, still changing diapers, shaving your sons face, constant meetings with professionals and doctors, constant searching, constant going broke over the new treatment regime, etc. It it stemmed and refined out of the coal of our innerselves, that once had the ambitions of that lady I saw. And you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way....

Erik Nanstiel

My props to the Autism/Warrior moms! (not to forget the Dads!) :-)


Bravo Ladies! You are all working so diligently in your quest to heal your children and educate otehr families. More power to you!


Wonderful photo! And great statements! And outstanding ongoing work by this group!

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