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An Extraordinary Moment for Children in Florida – You Can Help

Florida plate By J.B. Handley
If you haven’t internalized what’s going on in the Florida legislature, now is the time to tune in. Through the efforts of a very active parent, Dr. Gary Kompothecras, Florida is positioned to potentially pass a bill that could become a model for future states to create a more flexible, open, and safe environment for vaccines.
The proposed Vaccine Safety Bill would do three things:
1. Ban thimerosal from childhood vaccines
2. Require full disclosure by pediatricians of the risks and benefits of vaccines
3. And, perhaps most importantly, give parents the right to choose the timing and schedule of required vaccines, so long as they are received by kindergarten.
Of course, the other side is circling, and we need the help of all parents to ensure the Senate of Florida has a chance to vote on the bill. Please read the below from Dr. David Berger, a Florida doctor who treats children with autism biomedically:

Dear Friends,
At this point, the Vaccine Safety Bill is ready to be sent for a Senate Floor Vote. It looks like there is enough bipartisan support to pass this bill through the Senate. Governor Crist, following the recommendations of the Autism Task Force (which he commissioned by executive order),  has endorsed the bill and has made it a priority.
Things are being held up in the House of Representatives, where Speaker Cretul has thus far not permitted the House version of the Bill to go forward. He has the power to send it for a full Floor vote, and if he does not do this, the Vaccine Safety Bill is dead.
We are asking everyone to contact Speaker Cretul (contact information below) as soon as possible and implore him to let the democratic process move forward.  This is not an anti-vaccine bill; it is a bill to improve vaccine safety and the confidence of families in the State's vaccine system. Thimerosal/mercury is toxic to humans, as is clearly indicating on the Material Safety Data Sheets published by the manufacturers of thimerosal. Every vaccine that still contains mercury can be purchased mercury-free. As a father I would not want any of this toxin injected into my child's body, nor would I have wanted my pregnant wife to be injected either. A parent should not need to ask a nurse or doctor if they about to inject their child with mercury. A parent has more important things to be discussing with their pediatrician.
Confidence in the vaccine system will also improve if parents feel that they have a say in, and are more comfortable with, how their children are vaccinated. Doctors recommend not introducing more than one new food at a time to babies so negative reactions will be identified. If a parent is more comfortable doing the same with vaccines, they should be able to do so. As studies are indicating that vaccines given at an early age are associated with a doubling of the incidence of asthma and a nine-fold increase in special educational services, parents should have the right to weigh the risks and benefits of giving a vaccine at a certain age. There are guidelines set forth by the CDC that explain how children can be safely caught up with their vaccines. As long as children are vaccinated by the time they start kindergarten, we will be able to maintain the "herd immunity" that keeps our community from catching these diseases.
Please call Speaker Cretul at (850) 488-1450, or email him HERE and tell him to send the Vaccine Safety Bill for a Floor Vote. Feel free to use the above points or express your own thoughts on this matter.
Please forward this email to anyone who you think would be interested in this information.
Take Care,
Dr. David

J.B. Handley is co-founder of  Generation Rescue.



Email Florida State Reps

[email protected]

ask to please remove MERCURY from our vaccines. And, ask him to please not allow doctors to turn away patients that decide on a selective/delay schedule. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD - EMAIL AND CALL!!!!!! ALSO CALL YOUR FLORIDA SENATORS



Autism Grandma

Dear Mr. Florida Pediatrian,

You definitely came to the wrong place to make this statement:

"Check your facts before letting your emotions and some misguided people (and the media) lead you astray."

The above description applies to the vast majority of doctors including you. You have all been led astray by your medical training which brainwashed you into believing that "vaccines are safe" no matter how many are given and no matter how much heavy metals and toxins are in them. Doctors are the largest group of "misguided people" in this category.

You are right about one thing: most doctors "don't let their emotions affect their judgment" because if they did they would have compassion for all of these vaccine injured children with autism, and be willing to look at this issue logically for the sake of over a million vaccine damaged children in this country.

I will be sure to tell my grandson that you don't believe that his vaccines have harmed him, and that you are not concerned with anyone else who has been damaged either. (or killed for that matter) Thanks to his last batch of vaccines he can no longer speak, so I am tempted to speak for him, but the profanity would be too excessive to put into print here.


Ingested aluminum and injected aluminum are two very different things.

Consider this quote from Dr. Sears:

"We know aluminum is a neurotoxin. We also know that humans can ingest huge amounts without harm, since 99% of it passes out through the stools. I’m sure Dr. Offit knows that, so I’m curious as to why he’d use the “babies ingest tons of aluminum anyway” argument."

So only 1 percent of ingested aluminum is absorbed.

Now let's look at the amount of aluminum babies consume:
"Breast milk contains 40mcg/L aluminum, milk-based formulas contain ~225mcg/L, and soy-based formulas contain ~500mcg/L."
1% of each of those amounts equals .4 mcg, 2.25 mcg, and 5 mcg respectively. So their kidneys only have to filter about .4 to 5mcg of aluminum from daily milk/formula consumption.

However, 100% of injected aluminum has to be filtered by the kidneys. So, the amount of aluminum in vaccines is not just 'a drop in the bucket' compared to consumed aluminum.
.4 mcg - 5 mcg of aluminum from food sources pales in comparison to the 295 - 1225 mcg a child could receive in one day from vaccines (The exact amount depends on the brands given).

A very recent study found that at least 100 mcg of daily aluminum consumption was associated with greater cognitive decline. 1% of 100 mcg of ingested aluminum is 1 mcg, which would imply that breast milk at .4 mcg is perfectly safe, and perhaps soy infant formula isn't such a great idea. Here's a link to more information about the study: http://www.ageofautism.com/2009/03/aluminum-in-water-may-cause-alzheimers-disease-claim-french-scientists-i-wonder-what-aluminum-in-vac.html#comments

And furthermore, in the book, "Aluminum and Health" By Hillel J. Gitelman, the small amounts of aluminum absorbed by the intestines are usually excreted by the kidneys, and ***accumulation only occurs in cases of high chronic intake***. However, the aluminum in vaccines may not be as easily excreted. With the intention of defending vaccine safety, Dr. Paul Offit said that after 2 weeks, 85% of the aluminum from vaccines has been excreted (and that's for the average healthy person). But, unfortunately, that would mean that we still have 15% of 295 mcg - 1225 mcg of aluminum unaccounted for (equalling 44.25 mcg - 183.75 mcg from just one office visit). Has anyone done any studies to see what happens to the remaining 15% of the injected aluminum? Is it ever excreted, or does it accumulate in brain and skeletal tissue?

Also, here's a study that found that aluminum "seriously worsened" learning ability AND led to "diminished cholinergic activity, which is a characteristic of Alzheimer's disease"
"aluminium compounds seriously worsened the learning ability, and the aluminium content of the brain was elevated. Acetylcholinesterase activity increased and choline-acetyltransferase activity decreased, resulting in a diminished cholinergic activity, which is a characteristic of Alzheimer's disease."


I'm glad to see some action by the FL legislature, but this bill greatly concerns me. It still requires all of the vaccines by K. This is going to lead to many children receiving MORE vaccines in a shorter time in order to 'catch up' before kindegarten. If parents start arbitrarily delaying all shots until a later time, thinking their kids are completely safe after say, 3 years old, we are going to see a shift in the onset of autism to a later age. We also don't know if children with AS, ADD, ADHD, Non-verbal learning disorders, etc, that are normally not diagnosed until after kindegarten are really another face of vaccine damage sustained at a later age. It would be more helpful for the FL legislature to support a vaccine/non-vaccinated study. There's too much we don't know yet.


ped in florida: aluminum in formula is completely different - its ingested, not injected. and if you really knew anything about biology, you'd know the bulk of the body's resources to eliminate heavy metals is in the digestive system. The body is at an extreme disadvantage when the heavy metal is injected.


Peditrician in Florida if people knew how really stupid and weak most of you are they would be appalled. Vaccines are very much harmful to children and that is why you cowards do not do the vaccinated unvaccinated study. DO NOT come onto this web site like some high and mighty medical deity talking down to people.You bottom third of the class, unassertive, just get by in medical school, looking for an easy job pediatricians are clearly not as educated or as committed as many of the parents who visit this web site are. Further you have no ETHICS NONE. YOUR OATH IS FIRST DO NO HARM AND BY GIVING THESE UNTESTED PATHOGENS TO IMMUNOCOMPROMISED HUMANS AND ALL BABIES ARE IMMUNOCOMPROMISED BY DEFINITION ( I'M SURE YOU MISSED THAT LECTURE) YOU ARE EXPERIMENTING ON HUMANS AND YOU HAVE VIOLATED YOUR OATH TO THE POINT OF CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR. I AM A SURGEON DOUBLE BOARD CERFTIFIED, RECERTIFIED AND FELLOWSHIP TRAINED AND I AM SUING MY PEDIATRICIAN RIGHT NOW FOR HER RECKLESS BEHAVIOR AND THIS IS RECKLESS AND I WILL HAVE MY POUND OF FLESH AND MY DROP OF BLOOD. FINALLY, I WILL BE ATTENDING LAW SCHOOL AND AFTERWARD LOOKING FOR PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU






i will do everything i can to pass this bill, i have a vaccine damaged grandson,

For PedsDoc

Dear "A Pediatrician in Florida" -

You can say what you want but we don't believe you anymore. You see, you think oral injestion of aluminum is the same as injecting it into the bloodstream. Even some of your colleagues don't agree with you, and they are becoming more and more vocal each day. Good for them, at least they are upholding the hippocractic oath. Unlike you.

Take a look at this TV report. Another epidemic, lyme disease this time. Take a listen to how many mainstream doctors got it wrong. And see how the parents have turned their kids' lives around by taking matters into their own hands. That's what we are about.


PS: Hope you are appropriately ashamed of yourself. Even if you are not, I don't particularly care!!

PPS: We do have the appropriate emotions - and they are contempt, anger and deep regret that we ever listened to the likes of you and your kind.


There is no proven link between ASD and vaccines. Delaying vaccines is harmful to children, and the elderly and immuno-compromised adults they come in contact with. Completely avoiding vaccines is even more dangerous.

Babies are exposed to more aluminum from formula and even breast milk than they are from vaccines.

Check your facts before letting your emotions and some misguided people (and the media) lead you astray.

All around the state of Florida, pediatricians are calling and writing to the Governor Crist, senators, and representatives to not allow SB 242 to be passed.

A Pediatrician in Florida


Sent an email this morning. Will follow up with a call tomorrow morning.

Personal risk factor

"Require full disclosure by pediatricians of the risks and benefits of vaccines."

Will this full disclosure of risks and benefits of vaccines take into account the child's unique risk to vaccines as evidenced by their individual familial medical history? At least along the lines of the Brimacombe paper posted earlier on this site (given the fact that there is absence of scientific data since the CDC disclosed that it "does not track and follow kids with ASD"), which by the way, continues to boggle my mind.



Florida DOES allow exemptions from vaccinations. Floridian parents ALREADY have choice.

The Florida law can prohibit unvaccinated children from attending school, only during a declared virus emergency.

What all states need is vaccine reform.

Something has to stop this vaccine abuse.


I agree that states will have to legislate choice to protect parents who want to make different choices for their kids. And I'm all for it. But unless I'm misunderstanding this bill, I'm not sure how jamming in all those shots before age 5or 6 is any better than while under age 3. It's still a lot of shots, some of which may not be necessary. I'd rather see a bill push for exemption rights so parents have real choice. This just delays the inevitable as far as I can see.

What about Al?

I would have liked to see the exclusion of aluminum in the vaccines as well. Any idea why there is no mention of aluminum?

Kent Heckenlively


I will be calling Speaker Creutal today and urge everybody reading the Age of Autism website to do the same.

All the best,
Kent Heckenlively

Holly M.

Honestly, are there any parents of ASD kids out there that are even vaccinating siblings let alone their ASD kids? I can't imagine ever putting any needle into any of kids ever again.

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