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A of A Contest: Angela Moore Autism Awareness Pendant

A of A Contest: Win Stephanie Hemenway's The Autism Mom's Survival Guide!

Survival guide Thanks to Stephanie Hemenway for giving us two copies to give away.  Leave a comment to win a copy.  Better yet, buy a copy HERE and support the NAA's FOUND program.

Learn simple, practical, and inexpensive techniques for surmounting the many day-to-day challenges facing the families of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders without demolishing your family budget. In a clear, no-nonsense style, the author provides effective (and cheap) tricks for organizing just about everything and making your home “sensory friendly.” She includes tips for getting your kids through the grocery store meltdown free, planning successful vacations, keeping your marriage strong, and lots more, all in a handy purse-sized and easily-referenced format. Since 2005, at least 14 children with autism have died as a result of wandering. A recent survey reveals an alarming 92% of children with autism wander. The National Autism Association’s FOUND Program provides county sheriff’s departments with Project Lifesaver equipment and tracking watches for children with ASD. A portion of the proceeds from each copy of this book sold on Amazon are being donated to NAA's FOUND Program.


Jennifer H

Please enter me in the contest. Sounds like a great resource.

Becky H-A

Thanks for the chance to enter and for letting me know about this book!

Carrie Elsass

If I won I would promise to pass it along after reading:)

Carolyn M

Please enter me in the contest. Thank you.


I promise to share it with others if I win!!

Diane C

This book sounds amazing. It is exactly what I need. Please enter me in the contest. Thank you, [email protected]

Stephanie Hemenway

You're right! No Autism Mom's Survival Guide would be complete without chocolate. My totally decadent (you'd never know it was GF/CF) brownie recipe is on page 81. Enjoy!

Jennifer Brook Weinzimmer

As a mother of two very little one on the spectrum and someone who still feels crushed by this impact, I could use all the help I can get. Thank you to the author for writing and thank you to Age of Autism for the contest...

Loreta Boskovic

Yea - another mom's book! We have a lot of knowledge.


This sounds like the best thing ever!

Leann Henkel

Looks great


Count me in... sounds like a winner!


If it comes with chocolate, it will be the most complete survival guide ever written;-)

John Ordille

I could always use some help when it comes to money. Two boys "wounded" Three with biomedical treatments and three hundred thousand dollars poorer. Anything would help. I finally know what works and we are broke.

Andrea Owens

Wish this book had been written 6 years ago when all I knew about autism I learned from the Rain Man.

Michelle Wandrack

Love to have it. Thanks.

Nancy Smith

Thanks for the chance to win...this would be very helpful!

Sandra McCarthy

It's hard to imagine that such a book even exists! Please consider our family. I always feel torn between managing my daughter's Type 1 diabetes 24/7 since age 3yrs old and my son's Autism 24/7...
I know there is so much more I want for my son and just need a guide that would help lead me, we won't rest till we get there!
Advocating every waking moment and we have miles to go before we sleep! Thanks for the opportunity. God speed!


Four and a half years undiagnosed, seven years since the diagnosis, and's that for a bid?

Stephanie Hemenway

rileysmom et al

All of us Autism Moms need a survival guide of our own, especially the "rookies"- I know I sure could have used one right after the “crash”. I was in the Air Force, and believe me, they take their survival guides very seriously - they wrote the first one back in 1945. Some of the advice in that one actually applies to us, like “don’t wander aimlessly if lost” and “avoid tight shoes” (I imagine this goes double for heels.) It also suggests “don’t grow a beard if you can help it”, which is really good government-issue advice, especially for an Autism Mom. (We’ve got enough to contend with as it is…!) But NONE of them tell you how the heck to get your kid through the automatic glass doors at Food Lion (I checked) or how to make a loaf of soft GF/CF white bread that a 3-year old will eat, so I thought we needed one that was geared more toward our special circumstances. The Autism Mom's Survival Guide is the book I wish I'd been given along with our son's diagnosis.
Please check out the NAA’s FOUND program, and call your local sheriff’s department and see if they participate in Project Lifesaver. It is an incredible program! (Trust me, we know from firsthand experience. Andrew still has this urge to go on walkabouts - if he didn’t wear his tracking watch 24/7, I’d be a wreck.)


I would love to add this book as a resource. I had never heard of it before and it sounds like a great one to have!

Holly D

Thanks for donating these 2 copies! Sign me up.

Lisa Clark

Looks like a great book


I could definately put this book to good use!! Thanks for the offer!

Ayden's Mommy

I'm hoping to win the survival guide!! :o)


This sounds like a wonderful addition to my collection...we share books,DVD's etc..especially to new moms struggling to find the first road to turn down...can't wait to read it!


I just left the DAN! conference and my head is swimming! I could use a survival guide!!


This is the first I have heard of this book. "Found" sounds like an excellent program, and the Survival Guide, an essential book for all families with autism.


I would absolutely LOVE to win this book!!


I promise, if I win, to share it with all of the families that use our resource library.... in Tennessee.... at Beyond the Limits, An Autism Resource Connection!!!!


This book sounds very helpful!

kristin bushey

I could really use this!!!


Ooo Oooo Pick me!! I never win anything!!!
No really, I'm desperate. I need a survival guide.

Leigh Ann Murdock

I would love to have a copy or this book!


Hey, folks, remember to contact your local library and ask them to buy it.

Paperback: 180 pages
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing
ISBN-10: 143922661X
ISBN-13: 978-1439226612


This sounds like a great resource book!

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