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Winners: Autism Treatment Contest from Lee Silsby and OurKidsASD!

Winner A of A Contest: It's Hip Hop Baby DVDs

Hip hop kids 1 Congratulations to Wendy Crumley!
Kiss the Teletubbies "Bye Bye!"  It's Hip Hop, Baby!  We're happy to have two DVDs to give away from this fun series that engages kids with a beat Mom and Dad will enjoy too.  We have "All Your Child's Favorites" and "Things We Do Every Day." 

Click HERE to visit the It's Hip Hop, Baby site and listen to a sample.

Buy your DVDs at Amazon: HERE. Great for the Easter baskets!

Candi Carter, the creator of educational sensation “It’s Hip-Hop, Baby!” had a very practical inspiration for developing the video that educates toddlers and preschoolers with fun and child-friendly hip-hop music. “When my 5-year-old was 3, he was severely speech delayed and I struggled to communicate [with him],” she shares. “...  When I was struggling with my son, I decided to beat-box the ABCs to him one day and he really responded to it.”

Soon, Carter was creating original songs to help in daily activities and it continued to work. “I thought of [educating] children using family-friendly hip-hop music [mixed] with educational concepts,” she says.

After receiving her bachelor’s in broadcast communications from Boston College, Carter worked at CNN and would go on to win an Emmy for Outstanding Children’s Programming. Carter has also worked as a producer for an award-winning nationally syndicated talk show, so she knew the dedication it would take to follow her entrepreneurial spirit. “It takes years to build a business, and that’s something that I’ve learned,” she says. “Fortunately, we’ve had great distribution — and parents love it.”

Her hard work has paid off — everyone from Gayle King to “Grey’s Anatomy” star Justin Chambers is singing praises for the video.


Barbara Bucknam

Please enter me in this contest!

Maria Buchta

Please enter me.


music and singing my son will love it!

Alaina Jensen

So Cool! My kids would love it!

Maria M.

My kids would love this!
Thanks for another AoA contest.
Too fun. :)


Seriously - I need these bad. My 5 year old already listens to hip-hop/rap music. I don't know how it started, but it's hard to find the songs without the bad words. Of course she picks those up!

Margaret Stewart

Please enter us in the contest.

Theresa Singleton

I would like to be entered in the contest for the Hip Hop Baby dvd. Also keep up the good work in all you do.


I found Stephanie's comment very funny.


This looks to be so much fun!!! I bet my little guy would love this video...

Cathy Jameson

Very catchy tune :) This would be fun to dance to with my kids.


I would love one for my daughter Ruby!!

Holly D

These look great. Sign me up pls.

Wendy Crumley

i would love to try this with my daughter. Thanks!


I am commenting on an awesome site!

Kimberly Linderman

i would love to try these for my son


These are really nice. I've been searching for some videos to get my kids excercising and moving more and these all fit their needs!

Teresa Conrick

Thank you! I need to kiss Barney and The Wiggles bye bye,too.....

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