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A of A Contest: Angela Moore Autism Awareness Hair Tie

Angela Moore Hair tie The Winner of the necklace and pendant is S. Sanford. Congrats! 

Our friends at Angela Moore have generously donated four items from their Autism Awareness Collection to Age of Autism.  We'll be giving away one item each week in April! The Angela Moore "Autism Awareness" collection was created to help increase awareness in the treatment and understanding of autism.  15% of the proceeds from this collection are donated to the Autism Society of America including The Rimland Center.

For ponytails or pigtails, you'll tie things up perfectly with this Angela Moore double bead hair tie.  Leave a comment to enter. (If you've any trouble commenting email kimstagliano@gmail.com)


Gabriella True

Did I sign up? I love this hair tie.


Hi, please include me in the contest. Thanks!


I know someone who would love this!


My daughter would love to wear that and in support of her brother (and look adorable, too!)

Delores Goneau

I would love to get one!

Maria Durci

I would wear it everyday!

Barbara Bucknam

Enter me please!


looks pretty~


Well, I'll just keep trying! I would appreciate anything I would win.


My Riley has long hair...can I use these on him too? lol. If not I have long hair too and I'll be proud to sport them!!

Cindy Chavez

That is so cute. I would love to win that for my daughter and granddaughter. My granddaughter says she never gets anything because her brother has Autism. I would love to be able to give her something. My daughter and granddaughter both have long hair and would be proud to wear it. Very cute. Both of them wear their hair back all the time.

Denise McQuade

This hair tie is going to look adorable in my granddaughter's hair.


Cute! Lots of long hair at my house,too.


I'd like to enter please. Thanks.


always need another one - lots of long hair in our house!

Leann Henkel

How cute


These would look adorable on my little princess :)



NYT Style section last week, the ponytail is making a comeback. Pop over to the Angela Moore site and get af ew of these - and don't forget Mother's Day is coming, DADS!


I've got an adorable little gal who is recovering under the care of Dr. Mumper at the Rimland Center. I'm sure she'd love a hair tie--and if she doesn't have enough hair for it, I do! Enter us, please.

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