11/4/79 60 Minutes Episode Exposed Swine Flu Vaccine Injuries, Lack of Safety
CT Rally for Autism Insurance Reform


Julie Swenson

Gee, now I know where the idea for Stephen King's The Stand came from...fear-mongering at its best! Or worst, whichever floats yer boat.

Ant Bethany

"...Dotty got the Swine Flu and she died.."


I felt bad laughing at this too..

Modern vaccine commercials make me angry...


I think I'll be safe this time around because I'm nowhere near that chummy with my mail man!

It just amazes me how much hype and propaganda plays a role in fueling fear and panic in people just as it has done in the past 5 days! Thanks alot mass media!




Ok, that was sickening.

And, they wanted the old and the chronically sick to get the shot - ah, to finish them off!! Amazes me how little they knew then and still how little they know now. Again, run for your lives!!!!


I'm sorry - is it totally inappropriate to be laughing out loud at these? No wonder my parents weren't vaccinated. I do have to say, though, having one who has serious immunologic issues and the fact that a child has tested positive for Influenza A a half mile down the road from us makes me a wee bit nervous. We'll see what his CDC testing indicates...what happens to nt child with chronic upper respiratory infections (shortly following an adverse reaction to DTaP at 6 months) who contracts 'said' swine flu?


I actually heard a story about the 1976 "over zealous" vaccination response on NPR yesterday. I was floored that they finally reported that the hyper-vaccination course of action caused neurological damage to patients.... of course, nothing like that could happen in this day and age (of autism). ;)


ROTFLOL, my dh showed me this little gem last night.

The "special effects" in 70's TV were always so cheesy.


If only the sound was working on my computer. On second thought, I think I'll go kiss my husband and thank him for breaking it. Just watching the video was enough - audio not needed.

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