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When You Call Merck: Mention This... Rubella Vaccine Death.

Sri lanka 2 Why do these reports come so quickly from abroad?  Click HERE for the article. When you call Merck about those single vaccines, mention this child. We'll try to learn more.

COLOMBO, March 20 (Xinhua) -- A 12-year-old female student of a leading school in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka died on Friday morning after some 27 students were hospitalized following vaccination against Rubella on Thursday.

Students of St. Thomas' Girls School in Matara, about 160 km south of the capital Colombo were admitted immediately after they were given Rubella vaccine.

H. B. Wanninayake, a Health Ministry official in Colombo said one of the girls died Friday morning.

Health officials in Matara had given vaccine to about 300 students after which some students had fallen ill and were admitted to the hospital.

The hospitalized students were given artificial respiration while their blood samples were taken to Medical Research Institute for tests.

Palitha Maheepala of the Health Ministry said further investigations would be conducted by the Health officials about the incident following a directive by Health Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva. 


Kathy Blanco

I just think the public can come around for than we think, wrapping their brains around the fact the vaccine are defining the new america, as in ADHD kids, AUTISM, and learning disorders/autoimmune of all kinds. This is done by sheer numbers of the damaged. Albeit, I will admit the DAMAGED are not aware of the DAMAGE being done. This is by design. In consequence of that, going to my dentist this morning to finally remove my amalgams, I was chagrined by a map of fluoride water in our city, and how damaged our city has become by it. All the while, touted as safe, effective. I put my two cents in, and watched my dentist go to a shade of red I have never seen. This is how it is done ladies and gents...by word of mouth, by honest effort and taking the time to explain to one more mom, what I have been through with my trust. On larger levels this can be done on our individal websites, talks, seminars etc.

We can be given the facts and make intelligent decisions. The point is, who is in the way of that? The AMA/CDC/NIH/IOM/AAP/FDA/EPA/ADA/ACOG etc. These organizations are my enemy...and how can they become the publics? I think we sustain our message...and sustain means, research it, enumerate it, publish it, do whatever it takes to awaken the sheeple. But you can't give mixed messages, this is my point. Why not paint these same people in the light that should be painted, on the levels of those who accepted bonuses by failed corporations and public money bailouts? Are they not on the same level? Failing our children? Killing and maiming them?

Below is exactly how I feel we cannot screw with the message. I agree in total to what this author states below.

.....the take home message remains that if the mercury is removed, vaccines will be safe. A BIGGER LIE HAS NEVER BEEN TOLD. The act of inoculating viruses into the body, bypassing secretory IgA (as explained in my documents at www.drcarley.com) causes corruption of the immune system leading to ALL autoimmune diseases and cancer. This disinformation is being put out there to further dupe the people; and anyone who promotes this garbage is contributing to the scam.

Now you see how many layers to the onion exist to confuse the FACT that there is NO such thing as a safe vaccine. Period.

Key excerpts from this fake "expose" include the following:

1. " Without mercury, flu vaccines are less effective than one cup of herbal tea. With mercury, the vaccine is very effective at killing nerve cells and more effective than one cup of herbal tea in preventing the flu. In fact almost as many vaccinated people get the flu as the normal population...."

Dr. Carley responds: WITH mercury, the vaccine is EFFECTIVE in preventing the flu? LIE. The inoculation of the flu CAUSES the flu; and the mercury in the vaccine is just another toxin in the witch's brew.

2. "Mercury kills nerve cells. When the nerve cells in the brain are die, the result is attention deficit, autism, behavioral disorders, bipolar, brain tumors and cancer, decreased intelligence, hyperactivity and memory problems. Flu doesn't cause any of these things. Before mercury was added to flu vaccines all of these conditions were very rare...."

"Immediately after we started adding mercury to the vaccines, the number of reports claiming children were developing asthma post vaccine increased several hundred-fold. The current odds are 13 out of every 100 children vaccinated with anything containing mercury will report asthmatic symptoms within thirty days. Once reported, these symptoms rarely remit. One out of eight children being vaccinated for flu will develop asthma, asthma-like symptoms and cystic fibrosis that remains with them for life.

Dr. Carley Responds: I predicted years ago that the powers that be would "admit" that mercury causes autism (via lawsuits won on that basis by parents and exposure of "insider secrets" by minions such as David Kirby, author of "Evidence of Harm"), to propagate the fraud that mercury is the only problem with vaccines...since mercury is toxic to nerve cells when directly applied to them in a petrie dish, that was a no brainer. However, mercury causing asthma, cancer, cystic fibrosis? The minions are getting desparate, folks...they cannot refute what I have realized and uncovered in my medical books as to what vaccines do to the immune system, so they are now scrambling to blame mercury for the very corruption of the immune system. Any person or group who promotes this garbage should be encouraged to explain this phenomena, and why this explanation, and not the one explained in "Inoculations the true weapons of mass destruction" on www.drcarley.com is the TRUTH. Please ask these disinformers to come on my internet radio show and explain this "mercury causes asthma and cancer theory" to the people. If they will not, figure out for yourself who they actually work for....

In service to the TRUTH, I AM,
Dr Carley
Court Qualified Expert in VIDS (Vaccine Induced Diseases)


Thank you for your insightful comments, Beth. How bizarre -- like Orwell's 1984.

I agree with Theresa's comment and for various reasons I think it's important for the monovalent vaccines to be available so that the MMR is not the only option, for example for those who wish to vaccinate or who wish to send their kids to public school in a state where there is not a philosophical exemption.

But, Ray, I do want to say that I certainly don't see you and Kathy Blanco as "the villians", even if I myself don't have a competely anti-vaccine stance.


See my earlier comment and now read this clip below from vaxnews today.

The media and health authorities are indeed very consistent and very predictable:

March 22, 2009 - Other Rubella vaccinated students recovering - The Nation on Sunday, Sri Lanka - "The 26 other students who were admitted to Matara General Hospital following the Rubella vaccination were taken ill due to fear and anxiety on witnessing a fellow student falling gravely ill following the vaccination and not due to any fault of the injection, claims the Ministry of Healthcare. Media Spokesman to the Ministry of Healthcare, W.M.D. Wanninayaka told The Nation that nearly 26 students were hospitalised due to fear after witnessing the complications faced by Peshala Hansala (12) who was a grade eight student in St. Thomas Girls’ College. ... 'Dr. Jayasekara also said that these students were admitted as they were suffering from headaches, breathing problems and dizziness."


Hi, Ray... Here's my thought on separate M, M, and R shots: if the monovalent shots were available, parents could avoid the rubella shot entirely. (They might want to, even without hearing about this girl's death, because the rubella vaccine is cultured in cell lines derived from aborted fetal tissue.)
Now, I agree with you that all vaccines are going to adversely affect some individuals. I think the whole childhood vaccination program in the US is based on a mythology (that childhood illnesses like the measles are highly dangerous to healthy children) that doctors perpetuate partly due to ignorance and partly due to greed. However, I don't think most Americans can change their ways overnight. Breaking up the shots and skipping some of them is a good in-between step. Perhaps a child who receives just the measles and mumps shots (at a much later age than recommended by the government) will grow up to have children that she doesn't vaccinate at all. We got to this crazy place (with STD vaccines for day-old infants) gradually; maybe we can get away from it gradually.

Raymond Gallup

This only verifies what Kathy Blanco, I and other anti-vaccine advocates have been saying. NO vaccine is safe if it can cause an adverse reaction leading to death or injury (autism, asthma, diabetes, etc.). Of course, anti-vaccine folks are the villians rather than the vaccine products causing all this mayhem.

What I don't understand is the article around March 19th titled "Ask Richard Clark of Merck to Please Return Individual M, M and R Vaccines to Market". In light of this poor child's death from the Rubella vaccine isn't that article to return individual vaccines to market by Merck contradictory?
Or maybe I live in Alice in Wonderland where up is down and down is up? Just an honest question here.

Ray Gallup

Maureen O

I couldnt agree with you more.. I suppose it doesn't help to tell them we only stopped using these poisons on our children when we were forced to not because the corporations wanted to.
Meanwhile our best and brightest our on spring break for the world to see doing what they do best--PARTYING--(sorry my oldest 2 r in college) Just wait til they all get out of college without brain cells and realize the US is no longer number one and all the jobs have gone overseas. And good help us when THEY have children.

curt linderman sr

I've stated on my radio show and web site for some time now that we (Americans and our corporations) are already viewed as terrorists in many third world and arabic countries.
For the last 60+ years we've been sending oour poisons over to their countries, beginning in 2000 when we "allegedly" began phasing out our TCV's...we didn't destroy them or even stop making them, we sent them to these countries.
Dr. Tayloe, (new president of the AAP) went on his first trip to the UAE and other countries in the middle east , apparently to start pushing the AAP and CDC poisonous agenda on their culture.
Can you imagine how we will be viewed as western civilization when the facts come out and these poor people realizewhat has been done to their people? The real terrorists are Merck, Sanofi, GSK, the AAP, CDC, NIH and WHO.
eventually there will have to be a serious revolution or we will all perish. end of civilization as we know it is right around the corner...

Maureen O

How can someone work for a company that knowingly injures children. It is amazing how we can be willing to sell our souls to pay our mortgage and keep our lifestyles.


Someone needs to gather the LOT Number and Manufacturer name of those vaccines and distribute it Globaly. Then get the lawyers ready.


Just watch www.vaccinationnews.com everyday and you'll see the same sad story play out again and again many times and in many places each year.

Keep watching and you'll see this story evolve as they always do...first it's very clear the vaccine was the cause...in the next report they are not so sure - the language turns to "allegedly caused by the vaccine" and then by the 3rd day, the news reports will cite someone in public health who will confidently state that it has been reviewed and determined that this is a mere coincidence in timing - the vaccine had nothing to do with this poor girl's death.

I've been reading vaxnews for about 6 years now and I've seen the same series of reports happen over and over again. The vaccine debacle is indeed a global tragedy.

Wake up, everyone, everywhere.


My husband knows someone who works for a vaccine company. He told my husband about "hot batches" stuff that wouldnt pass under US laws (like the hot batch of DpT that happened in the 80's) so NOW they get shipped to...third world countries.

Those poor kids.

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